Wednesday, November 30, 2005

We are here to invent and create Reality.

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This is the best quote I have ever read or listened in quite a few time. "We are here to invent and create reality", it is from JZ Knight, this is the only mention I will make but If you do some search You will find who She is also in case a nice fellow can get me some books from her it would be Awesome.
Well I didn`t go this time to Las Luchas of the CMLL firstable because the Cartel was not as attractive as You might think, El Hijo del Perro Aguayo and Hector Garza are incredible figthing but Universo 2000 is a horrible wrestler, He is the only reason I didn`t want to go this time, I mean to lose my money I prefer to keep it for the next time.
About the Luchas of the AAA I went on last Friday..... well it will be aired this Sunday at 2:30 by Galavision to be honest If your case was to have a nice time that is for sure what It was accomplished but If you really went to watch nice wrestling battles I have to say that the show was not good, I mean they used fake blood and didn`t fight well because they just kept to the script this network is working on them so I honestly didn`t enjoy the show as I thought I would be.
I am catching up with mails and checking some stuff I have behind schedule.
Well see you tomorrow!
The nice Rulo Treviño already mentioned my comic strip in his blog (Gracias Rulo!!).!

Talk later!!


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Viva la Meme!!!

The Favorites, Have-You-Evers.. and Last Times! Oh, the variety!
What is your favorite..
restaurant:Los Generals in Monterrey and in Qro...A taquitos stand called Chon Garza
drink:Diet Coke and Pepsi really cold, btw someone recommended me to drink a cold bottle of a Tequila but I can not remember which one i need to look for the info.
type of weather:Cold and cloudy
thing to do on a half day:sleep
late-night activity:draw
sport:soccer but not play it
store:In the past a Comic shop now no more maybe Mixup

When was the last time you..
cried:some months ago...and you know for who and why
played a sport:7 months ago with Caramel eyes
laughed:Some minutes ago.
hugged someone:Last Saturday a girl and Today my Mom
kissed someone:Last Saturday.....I also need to write a Love for Dummies section but that is going to be on Thursday.
felt depressed:Last Friday
felt elated:I do not remember now.
felt overworked:last Thrusday
faked sick:3 years ago...I did not want to go to a place.
lied:I do not remember that maybe it was today a person wanted me to sign something to help him but to be honest I do not sign or give my signature to anything.

What was the last..
word you said:voz de pito...*hahaha I can not say now anything....
thing you ate:toasted ham with some hot sauce.
song you listened to:My Hump my God that friggin Fergie is really hot.
thing you drank:water
place you went to:to Office Depot
movie you saw:A tin tan movie.
movie you rented:Casablanca
concert you attended:Molotov some years ago.

Who was the last person you..
cried over:I guess in front of you know who I was about to crack but I just could not do it.
kissed:a girl on Saturday
danced with:hahaha alone in my room I really suck at dancing
shared a secret with:always with Aidee, Mariana and Alfredo
had a sleepover with:nope
called:I do not like to call people...probably business stuff
went to a movie with :Mariana
saw:The Exorcism of Emily Rose...and hate it!!!
were angry with: a fucking guy that is jus teasing me but I do not give a shit about him or his life ..really.
couldn't take your eyes off of:I saw today a girl with a incredible personality, and yes I was looking at her rack.
obsessed over:Comic Artwork.

Have you ever..
danced in the rain:Nope but done some other stuff in the rain.
kissed someone: yeaph!!
done drugs:Nope!!
drank alcohol:yeaph!! but I do not drink
slept around:nope.
partied 'til the sun came up:yeaph!!
had a movie marathon:yeaph!!
gone too far on a dare:yeaph!!
spun until you were immensely dizzy:hahahahaha yeaph!! And I have some injuries for doing that.
taken a survey quite like this before:If June said yes that means that So do I

Great day to you!!


The abandoned heart having vain beats of joy.

Hey guys hello to you!
This time I want to talk about this group that is really nice and I have to say their music is just fun lots of fun.
They send some info for the groupies...

In Mexico these are the places to find their CD


They are still recording the next album in Los Angeles CA, as they said almost done by the End of Dec.

Visit the site of these guys!!

Have a great day!!!


Monday, November 28, 2005

From the Sky white clouds fall apart.

Guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Starting December 4th (next Sunday!!!!!!!!!).
My comic strip called BODOQUE will be presented in La Kodorniz.
This comic strip will be all political and It has been an accomplished goal because I always wanted to talk about my country and well this seems to be the best way.
And you will see for the first time the cartoon work I do aside my painting and my realistic classy way I use for comic work.
The Comic is in Spanish (sorry guys!!).
I am showing you the only sneak peek I will load here of the main character, why simple because it will have its own web site so you can visit and know the characters and the strips.
Later I will send the link.
About my Comic work I am working in Luchador! as everybody knows and in El Clan!
Tomorrow I will ink the Comission I have and the piece of Capitan Trueno.
More stuff to talk but later!!!!!!! :)


Sunday, November 27, 2005

Chè-ck this out!!

The nice José María Varona (better known as Ché) has been awarded alongside 3 more spanish cartoonist in the 14th Daejon International Cartoon Contest from Korea (under the topic "Crime and Punishment" and won with this piece..!!

Felicidades Chè!!
Kuddos to you


21 times 21

There is the new issue of La Kodorniz 21!!!

Extreme humor to moderated people.
Link in full Spanish!!

Have a great day!


Virtual times of laughs and giggles.

I was the other day saying incredible things about Calico Electronico the aspaño hero, and as Annita wrote If you understand Spanish watch the last episode that is a Homage to Calvin and Hobbes.
I also include some others webtoons that are in English!
If you know some more let me know so I can update this post once in a while and it would also help me this list to have some laughs in my free times.

The happy tree friends.
Cálico electrónico
Julius and friends
Angry Kid

Have a great day.... I have many news to talk about!!

See ya!!


Saturday, November 26, 2005

El Dogma de la Lujuria.

A friend asked me for a photo aside my Bio to be published as the presentation He would do in his webpage so we can start with the work of Bodoque the first days of December so stay tuned for more info about it!

Have a great day and now I am going out with a friend to drink some Toritos (Yeah I do not drink but I promise this girl I would do it as an exception, Torito is a beverage from Chiapas).
See ya


Love for Dummies. Am I weird? Or is it just my Universe?

Well, Yesterday happened something really weird again (well you know weird in my Universe).
As you might remember I have been quite frigging busy with life and I was really stressed out a couple of days ago so when that happens normally is time to eliminate the crap that is affecting or at least grab the crap in a plastic box.

Also do you remember the tiny,religious girl I really liked a lot,well last Monday I asked her to come early (If she could) just to talk as soon as possible.
Well She arrived late so I had to talk in less than 7 minutes and summarize the whole thing.

This is the conversation.
Tiny:Ooooopppss! sorry for being late but I took me ages to get the bus!
sorry, sorry!!
Me: Mmmmm, well You give me no room of time to talk but firstable can you go with me to the Cafeteria to buy a bubble gum for a friend of mine and then We can talk?.
Tiny:Yeah! Why not?

So We went to the Cafeteria and I bought some chewing gums to my friend, to her and to myself, then I took my school bag and I left the place with her heading to an empty room
Me:Firstable there is something I want to get out of my chest but I do not know how to start or from where to start.

Tiny:well just say it as it is.
(I was just a bit nervous and my voice started to tremble and I can not remember If I sweat).
Me: Haven`t you noticed anything yet?
Tiny:mmmmmmmm not really is it something wrong with you?.
Me:Well firstable what I have to say just keep it to yourself because my only point is to say it and take it out of my chest. Last time I asked you to come early to talk and I guess you remembered I didn`t tell you anything after all just saying that there was no point.
Me: Well since that time I really wanted to tell you that I LIKE YOU, I really do!!
Tiny:I do not know what to say this is new to me?
Me:Well I am not asking anything back I am just saying to you that I like you but that is all I am not expecting anything only to say that and not to have it on me any longer.
Tiny:mmmmI do not know what to do or say?...I haven`t heard something like that since 3 years ago.
Me: I do not get it?
Tiny:Well I always thought of myself as uggly and that I could not call the attention of anybody.

I just kept quiet because I didn`t want to inflate her Ego and also because it has been the weirdest reaction I had seen in someone.

Tiny:Yeaph! I never thought of that. In fact right now I do no like anybody...I do not like anybody.
Me:Okey let me set this clear.....right now I can not do anything but I have two options
The first is to wait and when the year ends to ask you again to see If there are chances of something or Two just to continue living in my Universe and pretend nothing has happened.

Tiny: Mmmmmmm...Please continue in your Universe!

Just a jaw dropper that answer, isn`t it'
And well after having that weird clarification I just thanked her for listening to me, and I know myself firstable I liked to do what I did, not for the situation by itself it is more that I didn`t kept shut this time and it help me to take this thing out of my chest.My interest was more in saying that and I was not really expecting anything so the blow was less harmful.
I know myself and from now on I would take an enormous distance between her and I.

Second part: I was talking to a friend of mine and she made me think about something I still do not know what to think but I will really consider it "It is because you are a young boy in the body of an adult, and you always get inmature girls because You always get attracted in the physics (her opinion I have to add) I am not saying that If the girl is uggly you do not go with her it is more that You just haven`t gotten a person You want to get and/or You are willing to be involved".
I over intelectualized everything maybe because of the fact that at least 30% of my friends are intellectuals,Psycoanalists, or shrinks so I never get into the surface, I guess you can imagine the talks We have sometimes.
Well,Today I talked to a person I know and starting next year I will attend some therapy with this psicoanalist just to learn what is my prototype or the flaws in my idealization of Love so I can structure myself better. I am not saying I am wrong or that I want people to tell me what is right, is it just that I want break some walls I know I have.

Have a great day!!!


Thursday, November 24, 2005

El Viento Negro Adosa Mis Sueños.

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I was dusting my room and I found this photo I like.
Well........ Have a nice day and see you tomorrow!!

Update:(link in Spanish)
Coño que he caido en la manos del
joder que me he cagado de risa!!
The best thing about the chapters are the sound by itself....great site!.


Il Terrore Comincia

Well I was working some days ago this piece that is one of the New characters from Enrico Teodorani.
It is only this cover and I need to send him a long e-mail to him to clear some stuff Iwant and planify some work but I guess it will be for the second semester of next year.
I would continue with a short story I was doing to him but Next Year using his characters D-Justine and Satana.
What I love of the italian market is that I can play with Gore and some stuff I like but in a more risque way.

I still need to ink this but it will be done by Feb next year.



Lucha for Dummies II : Dedicated to Nik and Victor!!

Nik , my English speaker friends and Victor this is the show I will attend tomorrow and Well expect a little scope about it but in the meantime I am posting the words of a nice Essay I read some time ago, I am still looking for the Essay that was written by Carlos Monsivais that is one of the most famous intelectual minds in my country but in the meantime You are going to enjoy this description done by Ricardo F. Macip.

I am eliminating the info that I consider irrelevant.
Lucha Libre
The interior of the arena is beaten up. Its construction materials (cement and iron) are sturdy and cheap and are covered with dull oil paint. White and color beam lights that are missing too many bulbs constitute the poor lighting that illuminates the ring. The arena separates audience from performers establishing the ring at the center; then seats are further divided into three classes: ring side, general, and popular. Fans at the ring side are very close to the action, can shake hands with the wrestlers and experience the danger of the fights that spill out of the ring. These seats are the most expensive and the people who use them tend to dress up. They are objects of jokes and insults by those in the popular seats. General seats are located in a second level a little above the ground. This area is the safest and the matches can be appreciated with a good sense of detail. As with the ring side seats there are chairs to sit on. The popular section is on a second floor and lacks individual chairs. This is the cheapest area, is not illuminated and is also separated from the rest with a chicken-wire-fence to stop the projectiles that people throw. It is the most raucous section and in opposition to the other two areas. The arena has seen better times but is still able to attract a regular crowd.
The arena has the atmosphere of a fiesta. Cotton candy, sweets, toys, masks, and other memorabilia are sold much like in a fair. Whole families attend bringing three-generation households together. Children and women are the most notorious spectators, the first because of their great numbers and the second because their prevalence in the verbal exchanges with the wrestlers. Between the matches children enter the ring to wrestle but run away once wrestlers enter the stage. Then women take the led engaging the wrestlers with insults and cheers.
At eight o'clock the matches begin. A function usually has four or five matches that proceed in a crescendo. The first match is hardly noticed because people are still coming in and it is usually reserved for beginning wrestlers. Usually a hand-to-hand match, the novices that perform in this appetizer tend to cover their whole bodies in part because they are still teenagers who have not developed muscular shapes. Like all matches, it takes two out of three pins to decide a winner. The second match gets much more attention and is usually reserved for promising wrestlers in teams of two against two. The audience recognizes the characters and follows them with interest. A brazen display here, a fantastic movement there, these matches stir up the emotions. Wrestling still takes place mostly in the ring. The third match should put people on the edge of their seats based on the histrionic skills of the wrestlers: the moral forces of good and evil engulf the audience. Wrestling takes place inside and outside the ring once passions have come to dominate the match. The wrestlers run after each other, some of them using chains and other outlawed objects. It is not uncommon for the audience to get involved and hurt in the rumble. The match reaches a high point of stress and, independently of the outcome, the abuse of rudos (evildoers) is prevalent. This match is usually fought in teams of three against three. The fourth and usually last course includes the local heroes. It can be a match of teams of two or three wrestlers or a one to one, but in any case it is the last hope of the night to restore order and achieve catharsis. When there is a fifth match it is usually filled with an extra element of attraction such as a royal battle, a caged ring, or a bull terry match.
In lucha libre wrestlers perform dramas that ambiguously play with cultural and political contradictions dear to the audience. This carefully choreographed art represents and plays with Mexican realities by mixing elements of subversion and dominance. The audience is aware of its theatrical value and they engage it as such, as a performance that has to touch their emotions. It is common to see children sobbing in distress when their idol is beaten up as well as to see old ladies with sewing scissors trying to stab a particularly hated character. Men who go overboard and push or punch a wrestler are severely hurt by the rage of a wrestler who needs to be truthful to his character. This violence in the spectacle is related to the everyday violent life of home and street. The arena is the temple where violence is sublimated into a discourse of morals and justice. The arena is the temple where the asymmetry between divinity and mortals is established; the spectators are the mortals, the wrestlers are incarnations of divinities.
To look critically at and compare wrestling and politics presupposes the use of two visual metaphors commonly summoned in Mexico: mirrors and masks. Both refer to specific gazes inscribed in a visual regime of truth and disguise. The mirror is the object that reflects images of reality, but the image can be tricked or distorted. If it is tricked it has an array of preconceived purposes. If it is distorted it simply reflects the imperfection that any artifice implies. Lucha libre can be appreciated as a mirror and collection of images reflecting Mexican society. It is a collective creation of the urban underclasses and the heroes who confront each other week after week. The images of lucha libre are imperfect, they are distorted reflections, and they are versions of reality in which several stories about their own makers can be seen. This evocation of mirrors is a sine qua non for the comparison and interpretation of lucha libre and politics. According to Hernandez(other Hernandez not me) :):
To be reflected in lucha libre, to think that this can be translated into every day life is an elemental part of lucha libre. Things that happen in real life are reproduced with shifts in wrestling but there you have a reflection. The arena is the reflection of many things you cannot find, or see in society, that you cannot find out because you have no access to power domains. But in the arena you can. People see political candidates every six years when they are proselytizing. On those occasions they can touch them, shake hands, talk to them, and be close to them, but this happens every six years. In the arena you can do it every Sunday. Every time you go to the arena you have the chance to approach the wrestler, to know that it is your hero who is struggling amid good and evil and he can greet you and you can touch him. Lucha libre is parallel to power domains. People in charge of the administration of justice, those in charge of social development programs, all of them, if you tranfer them to the ring the same thing happens, the same domains of corruption. The most evident is the referee. He who has to apply the law is the most corrupt and favors all outlawed moves from rudos. The same happens in the governmental system. Somebody with power cannot be condemned even if he steals, rapes, or rustles. Impunity is associated with power, until they lose power, of course. The parallel of those people who are disguised as common folk during the day and those who by night are disguised as aberrant beings is quite strong. However while the wrestler tends to be truthful to people, the politician does not care. Both disguise and fool people but with different consequences. -Alejandro Hernandez (interview November 1999).
Lucha libre is a spectacle that combines athletics and theater within a framework informed by the incarnation of power. Mexican wrestling fans use the word pancracio (from the Greek pankration) as a synonym of wrestling and by doing so they refer to a classical conception of power that associates a disciplinary form of body empowerment and the projection of this power to the rest of society. Pankration refers to a form of power embodiment in which the mastery of body and mind are parallel achievements with sociopolitical resonance. The power achieved by disciplinary methods--training, exercise and performance--is regulated to exert power over other men. This power is also institutionalize in society. Pankration conflates the differences between political and corporeal domains. It is an organized assertion of male dominance.
The most distinctive feature of lucha libre is the coding of opponents within an oppositional moral field. One side is evil, the other good. They receive the names of rudos (rude, fierce, brute, coarse, evil) and tecnicos (technical, schooled, skilled, fair, nice, polite). Each match becomes a play in which a moral confrontation takes place. The characters of the wrestlers, the structure of the matches, and the separation between good and evil, rudos and tecnicos, borrows symbols from theater, myth, religion, and popular legend. The spectacle is not conceived as an athletic competition but as a play in which several sorts of meanings are deployed by the wrestlers and picked up by the audience.
Rudos and tecnicos are not only moral opposites. They also have corresponding wrestling styles. As their names suggest one is sinister while the other is technically dexterous. However there are exceptions: some rudos are masterful Greco-Roman wrestlers and some tecnicos are very limited. A better indication of their difference is the attitude they project towards the audience. The low moral character of the rudos is expressed though meanness, betrayal, disdain, abuse and the like, while the tecnicos act under the moral codes of the "goodie-two-shoes". According to Eslabon Perdido:
Of the two styles, I am more attracted to the rudo style. I feel that to be a tecnico is to be weaker, softer, more submissive. It is easier to please people as a tecnico. The applause or people's admiration for a tecnico is for me the shouting, the whistling, the cursing. (interview October 1999)
Good is violently threatened by evil and its restoration or defeat is the outcome of the struggle. The audience witnesses an encounter of necessary opposites and takes positions of identity by supporting one or the other. The wrestlers, as actors, play with the magic of this moral field and with the emotions of the audience, generating a catharsis. The pursuit of this catharsis is the dominant aim in the arena. In order for this to be achieved the wrestlers have to be good athletes and superb actors. In a set of four or five fights one or two reach this cathartic stage. The most important fight will be remembered by the audience throughout the week or, in some cases, for life. The catharsis purifies the spectators:
Lucha libre, I think, has elements of sports, but what it represents for society is very different from soccer or baseball. Lucha libre assumes a function as a spectacle of good versus evil. There is no revenge, just the plain implementation of justice. It is where everybody experiences equal circumstances, where all are equals. (Alejandro Hernandez November 1999)
Even though people remember who won and who lost, this memory is less important than the reputations and personas of the wrestlers. People approach the wrestlers before the match to ask for autographs, to have them touch their kids, to be photographed with them or simply with the desire to be near an idolized figure. Once the match begins people shout all kinds of things, from candid cheering to obscene insults. The audience yells, coaches, and runs during the match. If the audience does not participate, the match is a failure.
One of the most notable elements in lucha libre is the widespread use of masks. Masks are not used exclusively in wrestling but are an important element of Mexican popular culture. The use of masks is a constant in rituals and festive ceremonies as well as in popular mythology. Rural and indigenous villages preponderantly include masks in their religious celebrations, dances, and didactic evangelical performances. Longstanding stories and myths of bandit-heroes, outlaws, and tricksters include the use of masks as necessary paraphernalia and a source of fascination. Outside Mexico well-known characters include Zorro, today a Hollywood icon, and Subcomander Marcos, the spokesperson of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation. However the range and array of local heroes and characters is far more generous and vibrant. Some essayists (Criollo 1999:46) have suggested links in this practice to pre-Columbian cultures living in historic Mexican territory. Although provocative, this suggestion only presents fragmentary evidence of masking and body painting, and fails to consider the dramatic transformations of colonialism.
The most evident effect of masking is the hiding of the identity of the wearer. In a visual culture where the face has come the means of knowing and learning the true identity of a person, where the face contains the fundamental information on who is who, the space where day to day phrenology is exercised and meaningful elements for ranking a person are negotiated, the mask has the power to confuse. Mexican society has a hierarchy of phenotypes based on the colonial discourse of castes. Profoundly undemocratic, Mexican society has, in face to face encounters, an arena where privilege and prejudice are negotiated. Each time a person meets a new acquaintance a wide array of resources are mobilized to negotiate ranking. The power of identity masking, of veiling a person, is therefore a mighty resource. Wrestling journalist and essayist Gaston Garcia Miranda has written succinctly and with eloquence about the effects of masking in lucha libre
The mask reflects the ferocity that every warrior has and at the same time it hides the identity of the person creating a mystery that scares the challenger. The attraction of the mystery is passionate for the public, transforming the user of the mask from a simple mortal into a semi-god. It is amazing the power of seduction that a mask has. In short, the wrestler who wears one stops being the person next door and becomes idolized, admired, almost all-powerful. Of course, it also has a very important meaning for the public. To see your favorite wrestler in the ring is a big deal already, but to see a man with an spectacular mask has a formidable appeal. Why? Because the public is not seeing a common being. The eyes of the public are observing a body who makes wonders in the ring and the air; and, on this body is a face that is no face; in other words it is a hidden face, a mystery that is jealously kept under an attractive mask. Whoever wears it is a big deal. It can be any man who walks quietly all hours of the day; but at night he puts the veil on his face and the metamorphosis is completed. So, the nobody is now the center of attention for all the gazes and all the aspirations. In his interior a fantastic change has occurred. It leaves behind the quiet and pacific citizen and lets out a fierce animal or wonderful athlete with technical powers.
The mask of the wrestler builds a credibility and loyalty in itself. Masked wrestlers have to be truthful to their masks. Eslabón Perdido, defines his relation with his mask:
If you decide to be a masked wrestler, the mask is everything. I mean, I wouldn't dare get into a ring without the mask; I wouldn't dare do a lot of things that I do in the ring without the mask. In addition to giving you security, the mask is your treasure, your trophy, something you are going to defend. It is nice to be masked. The fact that nobody knows your personality, your identity, that's nice. When you are fighting, some people approach you and yell that they know who you really are, and they have no clue! To carry a double personality is pretty neat. All of us who wrestle are a little crazy, we like to complicate our life, we do not want people to know us, but to live a dream. When I put on the mask I experience a change of 360 degrees. It is a very strong change. People who know me and who are aware that I wrestle, or at least figure this out, tell me after they see me in the ring, it is not possible that that is you. The same person who drank a coffee with us yesterday cannot be that fierce. (Eslabón Perdido October 1999)
Through masking, the person becomes anonymous as an individual and is replaced by a public persona who has a life of his/her own and which can be immortalized and become a legend. The mask is a public face and wrestlers have to behave in a coherent way, honoring the persona they have built through the mask. In a masterful argument Subcomander Marcos (1998), a masked hero, demands that politicians and public men be truthful to the masks they have built for themselves. He also demands that the public request some congruence between the politicians' public faces, their masks and their actions because, he argues, one day all politicians and public people will be unmasked and brought to trial to confront how they have honored their masks.
Within Mexican wrestling no other event attracts more attention than the betting of mask against hair (known as Mascara VS Cabellera) when the mask veils a tecnico and the rudo is defiantly barefaced. The winner has the opportunity to unmask or shave the opponent. The unmasked one has to reveal his identity while the shaved one faces public ridicule. The unmasked one becomes frail by loosing his mystique while the shaved one is symbolically castrated because the shaving is an allegory of scalping. In this case the rudo asserts his power with arrogance, as he is literally barefaced (descarado--shameless), without mediation.
The mask in lucha libre has several readings including its relevance as a dramatic resource in which the whole spectacle is a masquerade. Lucha libre is an elusive flamboyant performance in which political culture is critically (re)produced. Wrestlers are tricksters who are able to translate cultural and political fields. They have the ability to make evident, and at the same time to mystify, the relations between those plateaus through reflections, analogies, and representations. Lucha libre masks power domains.
Mexican wrestling is a phenomenon of the 20th century. It developed in a modernizing, industrializing, and urbanizing society. In this century, the country experienced a radical change from a rural to an urban order, developing its own sense of the modern, urban, and industrial. Mexican wrestling derives directly from the US catch-as-catch-can style. As they appropriated it, Mexicans transformed the spectacle, creating their own styles of performance and types of spectators. Today lucha libre is a central element of popular culture and imagery in Mexico.
It was between the 1940s and 1950s that wrestling achieved a prominent status in popular culture and acquired the definitive features of its Mexicaness. Lucha libre was not only a spectacle but a powerful media industry that included comics and movies. However, the most enduring products of lucha libre are the idols. Lucha libre gave to Mexicans the idols that have defined generations, cult objects, and profiles of dominant masculinities. Among them, no one matches the power and appeal of El Santo, the silver masked one, a real life hero of unabashed Mexicaness. El Santo and his cohort of foes and friends are the embodiment of subaltern male power (Monsivais 1995).
Recently a group of scholars of Mexican cultural studies identified and labeled the period between 1940 and 1968 as a "Golden Age" of Mexican life. The works edited by Joseph, Rubenstein, and Zolov (2001) provide a very rich sense of what was previously overlooked as an unbearably gray and dull generational period (Bartra 1993:13). A Golden Age seems ironic and provocative, but it is appropriate for the crystallization of lucha libre as a generative phenomenon of mythmaking. Lucha libre's greatest idols and profiles were framed in this Golden Age of nationalism and mass-mediation. Every golden age implies a dark age, usually that in which nostalgia and selective memory for the golden past are anchored (Williams 1973), and I will suggest the Mexican "crisis" (1982-2000) is the corresponding Dark Age.
The 1990s brought important changes for lucha libre. The most notable has been the transmission of matches on TV by a company searching for broader audiences (see Levi 2001, Macip 2001). Molded after the WWF in the US, the AAA succeeded in reaching watchers that had no arena experience or interest in wrestling. Wrestling became more popular than ever by mixing the usual crowd of arena goers with TV watchers. It also introduced financial problems for local arenas and non-TV wrestlers who were partly abandoned for TV idols. The AAA company generated a new kind of spectator bifurcating the audience into classicist and novelty fields. It certainly invigorated the spectacle by catching the attention of larger and more heterogeneous groups of potential audiences. Different kinds of fans still disagree on the merits and costs this has had for the spectacle. On the one hand, a hardcore group of older fans maintains arena-going as the essential form of appreciation and enjoyment while demanding classic wrestling styles "close to the mat". On the other hand, new fans focus on and follow the rise of idols through TV transmissions. The combined outcome is a lively debate and a renovated interest in the spectacle, which has become a favorite with video-makers, photographers, and essayists.
The fascination with the spectacle moved from a hardcore audience to a larger one that looked to it for symbols and meanings of authentic Mexicaness and a vibrantly codified political culture. In the words of Ruben Cruz:
Some of us who [became interested in wrestling in the 1990s] were there because it is a phenomenon of our own, it is a carnival of joy and color which is quite contagious to the sight. I am part of this contagion which was possible because we were looking for our roots but not in the usual way which means to go as far as becoming an indigenista. No, we were looking for closer things. I do believe that we certainly are a product of the mixture of several cultures but there are important elements that have been neglected, which are part of our recent history. It is in the end a search for that history. (interview November 1999)
This encounter of wrestling with broader audiences happened in a generation crossed by the contrasting processes of an embourgoisment of proletariat tastes and the effective proletarization of the petite bourgeoisie (Bartra 1984). A Dark Age indeed! In her analysis of lucha libre Levi (2001:345-7) finds this generational search and appropriation of popular-urban symbolism as a "neopop" discovery of a (new and authentic) Mexican sensibility. Levi (1999) states also the great ambiguity regarding rudos and tecnicos in the 1990s. Although the basic characterization of good and evil remain constant, the fans have changed and rudos and tecnicos have similar groups of fans and they win as many matches on either side. This change reflects an inherent ambiguity in the spectacle, but I will argue that it reflects also the very basic changes in Mexican society under the crisis and the neoliberal transformations.
Echoing these generational shifts, lucha libre can be seen to have more than one narrative. I have found three narratives and named them as narratives of dominance, subversion, and fatalism. I reconstruct these narratives from conversations with different fans that critically engage the changes within the spectacle. Friends whose youth corresponded to the Mexican "Golden Age" mentioned above first brought me to the arena in the early 1980s. Most of them are retired now and tend to be very critical of the stagnation that wrestling underwent in the 1970 and 1980s and they are scandalized by the clownish and cheapening effects introduced by TV in the 1990s. Younger arena acquaintances have milder perspectives sharing some of the nostalgia of the "old timers" while remaining open to innovations. To a certain degree the narratives follow generational correspondences but not strictly. The same person can use different narratives to appreciate separate matches and the same match can be interpreted with more than one narrative. In a sense the narratives are different lyric genres available to the spectators. Although they are all dramatic, there is space for variation between epic and tragedy.
The narrative of dominance identifies the tecnico as the heroic representative of society and state, as the incarnation of Mexican values. The tecnico is a mortal who fights all kinds of beasts and monsters and restores peace. Based on his disciplinary technique and dedication, the tecnico can overcome any excess of ferocity. Wrestlers of this kind are the likes of Blue Demon, El Santo or Huracan Ramirez. Nationalistic and patriarchal, they restore the order of things hand to hand, inch by inch on the mat. This narrative and kind of tecnico have clear temporal and generational referents. They are associated with the crystallizing moments of wrestling mythmaking and the corporate state from the 1940s to the 1960s but remain a vigorous model today (see Demon 1999). Offspring of a social dynamic that feeds the authoritarian political system of the state-party, these tecnicos represent the state and each time they appear justice is imparted. In opposition they face debauched and degenerate rudos who represent alien forces such as primitivism, foreign influences, homosexuality, and low moral character. Against the roughness of some barbarians, the charges of Chicanos, Gringos and other strangers, the exotic sexual energy of queers and punks, the tecnicos answer with modern forms of body discipline, the strength of Mexicaness, and patriarchal roles. Well behaved with children and grannies, these role-models are ideal citizen-politicians. This narrative mixes elements of dominant masculinities belonging to the household and the public. On the one hand, the tecnicos are supposed to be good sons and parents, and on the other hand, they act like ideal politicians. Few rudos have a chance against these embodiments of heterosexual and patriarchal law.
In the subversive narrative the tecnico struggles against odds and defeats the evil rudo. The tecnico pits his abilities not only against the rudo but also against the referee (usually a former rudo) who sides against him. Here the tecnico represents the quiet and docile citizen who is abused in everyday life but takes a stand against injustice. The tecnico has to invert the unfair, unequal, and abusive state of things into a moment in which a dream life is possible, when things are properly done and justice is achieved. This "do the right thing" narrative is subversive because the Mexican state--the main referent of the play--is profoundly unfair, unequal, abusive, and against the little guy. This narrative, in which a common person is able to become a hero and put things in order, is perceived as a remote wish found in lucha libre. The referee and the rudo act as villains within an organized structure comparable to any branch of the Mexican state after 1968. The rudo and the referee are insulted constantly by the audience, the first focusing on personal traits, the second on corruption. In this narrative it is possible to reverse the order of things to a more fair and merit-based reality. Every time a tecnico wins there is hope for life. Common folk can win; lucha libre offers a struggle in which they can achieve victory. In opposition, the rudo acts with impunity using prohibited moves and weapons. He is able to do so because authority is on his side and he, indeed, may become a referee. The rudo is a ruffian who represents all the evil of society using his outlawed resources for torturing the tecnico. In every match the rudo has a greater chance to harm his opponent. The rudo performs a didactic role making it evident how difficult and insane it is to challenge organized power. The rudos are immune to justice. In order to have hope, in order for good to exist, there is the need for evil to manifest itself and the rudo performs that role. Life is full of unbearable obstacles but the tecnico has the individualized power to restore hope: hope that is only found by transcending everyday life.
In the narrative of fatalism, the tecnico arrives to the ring with the allure of good. It does not matter what he is really like. He fools people by wearing the symbols and assuming the attitude of a good guy. He is masked as good. He pretends to be good and by doing so he fools people, increasing his prestige, fame, and personality cult. The tecnico is a public figure like politicians who deceive people through masquerades and disable them. The tecnico takes people's aspirations and leaves with all those hopes. In opposition, the rudo cannot do anything but survive. He has to be bad, to betray and be hated but he cannot do otherwise. He is condemned and everything he does will be perceived as wrongdoing. If a tecnico uses a forbidden move the audience covers it up, whereas they don't with a rudo. The rudo stands for those wretched ones who have been condemned to a low life and moral opprobrium. The rudo represents the petty thief and the crook, unredeemed to the point of assuming evil as his nature. He does not represent any source of power but coarse crime. Unlike the tecnico, the rudo has no gift of choice--he only fulfills the drama of his life. This narrative of clear hopelessness points to the masking of public figures and the criminalization of impoverished masses of young men. It has a political overtone in its desire to unveil the lies in politics and calls attention to the ever-growing criminal lifestyles of children of the street, male prostitutes, pick pocketers, and bums. Behind the mask of good there may be a real criminal--a criminal who wants to commit crimes--while in the rough and reckless petty crook there can be a victim. This inversion of values over an already distorted image has important implications. It is a protest against cynicism and mystification: we cheer for the tecnico because he is powerful and blame the rudo for being a jerk.
This narrative asserts that tecnicos are worse than rudos because they fool people, while the rudos are only doing what they have to do to survive. This narrative as a generational reading of people who lived their youth within the cultural framework of "the crisis" sees and reflects disenchantment, cynicism, and hopelessness in lucha libre and Mexican society. Fatalism is based on the common experience of neoliberal transformations and is part of the larger justification for rule breaking, which is also explicit in the glorification of narcos (evident in popular music). Fatalism is embedded in a hyper inflated individualism that has meant the abandonment of collective alternatives.

Really long but beautifully said what I feel about Lucha Libre.

Have a great day!!


Purple Voids

I guess everybody is busy in their own lives but I just decided to take this day off only to rest, I know I have so many work behind schedule but I really need to take this day for me, I will worry tomorrow about my duties.
So well I bought a tiny box of Cacahuates Japoneses (I guess it only exists in my country this kind of junkfood), the legend (yeah right! legend!) says that this junk food was discovered by an old singer from my country that after not getting more work as a singer decided to open his own company of junk food and this was his best creation, Cacahuate japones is just a mixture of Wheat Flour and Soy Sauce covering the Peanut, and well If you really feel like a conesiur the best way to eat this junkfood is with Lemon juice and Salt with Salsa Valentina (hot sauce).
And devoting myself to answering my mails today, finally!.
So expect some posts over the day and one of "Love for Dummies" while I enjoy my junkfood.

Have a great day!!


Happy Hate-Givings and some delicious leftovers.

I forgot to keep sending my list of people I want to thank, in case you are not here is just part of my lousy and lame memory.But If I remember your name it will appear eventually here.

Robin,Stacie,Elayne,Doya,Jen,the other Alan,Mike,
Big John, Rodrigo,Felix,Paco,Joe,
Rulo,Los Oscar,My house the AACE,The Enricos,

Well enjoy this strip from Prickly City.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oral Sex

Today I just woke up a bit mellow and forgot to mention that I watched again a Beautiful movie done in 2002 and was again aired on a Cable channel. In the morning I started to watch The Thin Red Line I haven`t finished to watch it so I will comment on it when I have watched it!
About Tne tiny Love Stories.
Rodrigo Garcia is the writer and Director of this movie He actually wrote "Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her",
The plot...quite simple Ten girls talking about the way the are and they react towards love.
I have to say that is it one of those movies You love for the writing.

Watch it!!!


Happy Hate-Givings.

Just kidding!!!...seems nobody here in my hometown celebrates Thanksgiving so please Have a great thanksgiving to you all and obviously to.
My amigos Nik Havert,Mandy,Josep de Haro,Bleda,Pedro,Victor,June,Wondy,
Kino,Cesar well Everybody!!!

Enjoy the The Boondocks by Aaron McGruder.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A big Hunk of Love to be filled.

Comission Final Version Posted by Picasa

And with all the modifications I made... This is the result...I only need to ink the piece!
In case you asked me why I haven`t worked on the thicks and depths of the piece...simple that will be done with the inking.
I still need to ask him If he wants me to add something else on the piece or correct something.
Great day!


A big Hunk of Love

Comission Posted by Picasa

Well a friend ask me to do a Comission I was thrilled specially knowing that his taste in art is Amazing!.
And also about the think He asked me to draw.
2 or 3 weeks ago I sent him the initial work that was the image on your right and He told me He would like some modifications on the position of Elvis and the microphones.
He also suggested me to draw a kind of Cartel (pin up) of a wrestler or to use some splatter at the moment I will ink the piece.
I am so happy because all the suggestions made the piece really strong.
He helped me a lot in the final product.
Now the final piece is above this post.
I still need to work in the resemblance of Elvis but that will be covered when I ink the piece in another week or so.
Have a great day!!

Yes! I am available for Comission work.


My little Conspiracy IX.

Now is the time to pimp the work of a very nice friend and regio (regio people from Monterrey).
Well Raul Treviño is maybe one of those guys that will really change the spectrum of the professional work in my country I hope to be in that list soon too :), I mean there are many incredible artists in my country but for a strange reason We are so divided, I guess Ego stuff but Raul is such a nice person and I am sure that The new work He is working for Norma Editorial (In my opinion one of the best If not the best printing companies in Spain).
I have to say that I am sure He has some plans with Marvel comics so....
Keep your eyes open with the work He does.
My recommendation check his official Website for this incredible story "La danza de la Conquista".

Have a great time!!


Lines,happy lines in my hands.


It is a confirmed fact....In a couple of weeks (As soon as I have new work of this comic strip and also I want to have a backup of work for at least some weeks covering Feb of next year), When I have all the work of Bodoque done I will start collaborating in the web page of humor for moderated people really really soon...."Bodoque" means "little boy".

Gracias Magnum!


Lines just plain lines in my hands.

As you noticed I was a bit down so I rather talk about something else before talking about me. Now I am still busy really busy and a little angry at some things but everything looks really fine.
Let`s get into the topic.
I bought my tickets to go to Las Luchas this Friday, as I posted I love to go when the event is organized by the CMLL, but this time I am going to AAA that are the Wrestlings organized by maybe the most important TV network in my country and I really want to go this time because it will be broadcasted what means that this time all the Wrestlers might fight better even more than in a regular fight so I am expecting some surprises.
I am coloring some pages more of Luchador! and continue drawing El Clan.
Pedro L. Lopez finally reached me by accident it was funny but I am writing down to him in a couple of weeks.
I still need to ink the cover that will be published in May over sapin with Capitan Trueno.
I am also coloring the pages of Fair Blues to send to the contest.I really need to finish today those pages because I am really short in time, but well I try to finish at least one.
Btw maybe you are wondering what about a Cartoon on the left side of this post, well this is an old idea I had when I was about to enter to work in a newspaper in Guadalajara, They couldn`t give a position on that time as the cartoonist because Calderon (an incredible cartoonist) is the cartoonist in staff, but they offered me a position in the art department, thing that I refused because They wanted me to change places and be living in Guadalajara, and to be honest I like a lot the place where I live.
Well I am in talks to star colaborating with this cartoon for a web site in Spain, more news when everything is much solid.
I would love to use this character because is my chance to talk about internal politics and show my dark sense of humor.
Residence well I haven`t seen my teacher so I guess I need to visit him tomorrow in the morning, and I have the meeting with the Social service at 2:30 and see finally what it will be my project to work for them.
I was about to say more things but I do not remember expect and update over the day!!

Have a great time!!


Monday, November 21, 2005

Universal Truths

Funny but I found this strip from Feb 12th, 1918.
Done by the great George Herriman the creator of Krazy Kat and the most famous mouse Ignatz.
So true was is being said on the strip.


Those bleeding hands full in blessings

Mmmmmmm yesterday I watched this movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" and well there are just a few sequences that are really good and the rest so predictable, nothing new under the sleeve.
I have to say that the script and the story are the solid parts of it but in the overall I wouldn`t like to watch it once again not even on TV.
Nothing scarier on the film... mmm ....well remember that after watching the new horror movies done in Korea and Japan this is just a simpe game show.
Other of the lacks of the movie are the close ups, full of them the movie specially horror movies work better having the complete wide space of a open shot of the camera.
A fine movie but that is all!

Have a great day!!


Sunday, November 20, 2005


DC Posted by Picasa

One of the not known fact about me is that I hate movies about Comics in fact there are some scarcely exceptions about movies that I really enjoy.
SIN CITY for instance.
I decided some time ago to never watch movies that are using properties that I love.
But I am really eager to see both movies I really hope that they do at least part of what Batman Begins accomplished:
To give a decent and serious imput to the icons.

I really want to watch them!!

And let`s DCide later!!



DC Posted by Picasa

I do not like the actor selected to be Superman and also c`mon Kevin Spacey playing Lex Luthor!!
Well I want to watch it I only hope to be wrong and to love the film in the overall.

Great day!!


20 times 20.

It is available the number 20 from La Kodorniz, Yes Today!!!, November 20th-Are you going to miss this date?
Remember that La Kodorniz is a link full in Spanish!! (sorry to the non-spanish speakers).

Magazine of Extreme humor to moderated people.

The spanish version.
Revista de humor extremo para personas moderadas.
Ya ha salido el número 20 de La Kodorniz, hoy, 20 de Noviembre. ¿Te lo vas a perder en una fecha tan señalada?.

Revista de humor extremo para personas moderadas.

Have a great day!!
btw I have some surprises regarding this link just in some weeks I will start talking about it!!


My little Conspiracy VIII.

Let`s continue with the news El Ayuntamiento de La Alcorisa is editing the comic "La alcorisa que hizo la villa" as a testimony of the Celebration of the IV centennial of the village.
The album was done by the incredible minds of Pablo Leiros and the nice David Braña, the comic tells about the times in which Alcorisa (the village) got independent from Alacañiz in a very peaceful and creative way.

That is one of the things I really envy from our good friends in Spain, the goverment really helps to nurture creative works as this comic, thing that never happens here in my place.

David as usual Felicidades!!!

Have a great time!!


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Garabatos en el influjo de la Noche

Okey The Dear Bonita Annita started a new game and what I understood is that She sets the beginning of the Story and We have to create the Ending of it. (let me know If I understood well Annita).I still need to think in the tittle according to the Ending.
I will try to figure out a nice wrapound for this Story so I will update the post with the Ending soon.
If I have some time I will translate the whole story that is in Spanish into English but it will take me years to do so.
Sorry in advance for the guys who can not read the post in Spanish.

Llegó a casa cansado tras un durísimo día de trabajo. Dejando las llaves en la mesita de la entrada caminó hacia la cocina, allí se hizo un café mientras esperaba a que las fantasmales luces verdes del reloj digital del microondas alcanzasen el cero absoluto cediendo toda su energía a los espaguetis carbonara del día anterior. Si estuviese acompañado, abriría una botella del Rosado que guardaba en la buhardilla y lo serviría en copas altas a la luz de las velas. Pero no lo estaba.
Desde la puerta del salón un maletín de piel sintética lo vigilaba con ojos voraces en forma de trabillas metálicas dejándole saber que esta noche tampoco podrá dormir.
-¡Ding! -Se atrevió a anunciar el modernísimo horno de fabricación taiwanesa.
Mientras dejaba el plato sobre un salvamanteles de metal con motivos florales y echaba mano al mando a distancia comenzó a pensar en Isabel, la nueva chica del departamento de finanzas. Era más alta que él, pero apenas se notaría si no llevase tacones, aunque esas botas de cuero hasta la rodilla contorneaban sus piernas de un modo enloquecedor. Cualquier hombre pedería el sentido con tan sólo remontar los rápidos de esas sinuosas columnas de suave alabastro o recostar su cabeza en el regazo de anchas y acogedoras caderas... ¿y qué decir de sus pechos? Dos colinas de perfecta forma guardando el más delicioso de los valles.
-¡Era un jinete sin cabeza! – interrumpió Johnny Depp.
Isabel desapareció de sus pensamientos a medida que su flujo sanguíneo subía hacia su estómago. Un índice indeciso jugueteaba con los botones del cambio de canal, serpenteando entre las sesiones de teletienda y las peores producciones del porno italiano de todos los tiempos.
En su sueño Isabel llevaba zapatos rojos y bailaba desnuda alrededor de una guillotina, sus ojos azules como los deseos del frío Atlántico lo miraban fijamente a través de un velo de lágrimas que teñían su cara con largas espirales negras de khol. La blaquísima cabellera de la reina de la repostería se giró hacia él y congeló su expresión mientras la voz de su profesor de historia del colegio le llegaba desde un punto muy lejano de su mente:
-Y el cabello de María Antonieta se tornó blanco en apenas un mes en la cárcel...
-Despierta – ordenó la monarca con desdén, cegándolo con la luz de su piel de porcelana.
El sol inundaba todos los rincones de su apartamento, como un invitado no deseado revolviendo en los pormenores de su vida privada. El plato de pasta y el café seguían frente a él, ofreciéndose como patético desayuno. Con la sensación de albergar el cadáver de un pútrido roedor en su boca se levantó y consultó la hora. Las seis de la mañana, justo a tiempo para llegar al trabajo.
Apagó la televisión, probablemente víctima de algún fallo de emisión, pues todos los canales proyectaban una vívida luz azulada acompañada de un molesto y continuo pitido...



Open your eyes and see the fly

I always loved Aeon Flux and well visiting Wondy`s blog I saw the updte from the movie.
Sad that for a strange reason the next work of Peter Chung author of Aeon Flux called Alexander never took off.

I am really waiting for this movie to come!!

update:Kino it is a promise this week you will hear from me!! :)


Saving the world....No way!!

You're the United Nations!Most people think you're ineffective, but you are trying to completely save the world from itself, so there's always going to be a long way to go. You're always the one trying to get friends to talk to each other, enemies to talk to each other, anyone who can to just talk instead of beating each other about the head and torso. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, and you get very schizophrenic as a result. But your heart is in the right place, and sometimes also in New York.

Funny what this quiz said because today was really weird and exceptional, I started selling the tickets for the raffle I was organizing (thanks June for the wishes) and I sold 31 in one day!!! I just can`t believe it!! As I said the other time I never expected to feel loved by so many people, as I was saying some time ago for me is really easy to help others but it is sometimes weird to receive help an it was a rare sensation but really nice.
I hope to sell all the tickets soon.
Well Lovelife: many gossips this time.
1.-I knew why Caramel eyes dropped the course where She was and where I see her regularly happens that She got a job that was on Saturdays and also She was being stock by a guy who wanted to be her boyfriend (hahahaha I was not the stocker in case you ask!), so well She is out of the map till she appears by herself.
2.-I was about to date the girl I would like myself to give myself the chance to treat her in a more romantic way but She canceled the date because She went on vacation so until She arrives She will arrange the day for a going out with me.
3.-The tiny toon girl I like (yeah the religious girl) well nothing further and nothing will happen, that is a fact.
4.-I saw today again You know who and well She again wanted to start a conversation so I only kissed her goodbye and left as fast as I could. I mean what for!?

Well aside that many people from Spain has been thanking me for talking about them but in fact I did nothing exceptional or special I just shared my real feelings for this people.
I love what they do If not I wouldn`t even mention them...but thank you for your kind words my friends over Spain.
I finally called the business girl that I was mentioning well She is the wife of a very important mexican wrestler and We have some plans in hands so next Friday I will call her to arrange a meeting for the next day, and from that reunion I will start talking to Nik about possible work in the long future with her.
I will catch up some mailing over this weekend.

Social Service well I have a reunion next Wednesday to check again the place where I will be working.
About my residence well I am about 30% done of the work I need to do so Tuesday will be a long day devoted to work on my Residence.

Have a great day and see you later!!


Friday, November 18, 2005

My little Conspiracy VII.

Paco Najera Posted by Picasa

A compendium of the serie CHUNGO from the nice Paco Najera that was published 13 years ago in the pages of the magazine Mortadelo was presented en Las Jornadas de Comic de Almeria.
The album is formed by autoconclusive stories of one or 2 pages that have been colored by his wife and will be available in comic book stores over Spain at the price of 10 Euros.

Good luck Paco!!

Una recopilación de la serie CHUNGO (de Paco Nájera) que se publicó en la revista Mortadelo hace 13 años fue presentada recientemente en las Jornadas de cómic de Almería. El álbum está compuesto por historias autoconclusivas de una o dos páginas que han sido coloreadas por la esposa del autor y se podrá conseguir en liberías especializadas a un PVP de 10 euros.



Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thunders burnt that circle.

And after all the process I described below. VOILA!!!!!
Here you have the Cover having Capitan Trueno at the center full in thunders ,Goliath being the first to confront the people and at the backup Crispin, all of them and Gargoyles.

Have a great time!!!


Thunders in that circle made of water.

As I promise and knowing I will be really busy tomorrow doing regular life stuff, I decided to write down the post about the way I design sometimes, as you might know I normally place Covers as a gathering of shapes, colors and forms and also as you know I never draw a first raw sketch in fact I do not even draw a semi idea, but I drew more or less the way I was foreseeing the cover this time.
The Cover is a Homage to the great Character done in 1956 If I am correct in Spain. Capitan Trueno (Captain Thunder) and his fellows are Goliath and Crispin.
So here you have the image of the elements I used this time and in the second post I will load the pencils.
In case you asked me yeah it has the character a little vibe from the work of Foster and I have to say that Capitan Trueno has his own story and really rich.

Have a great time and see you later.


Alphabet of Malignity.

A - Age of your first kiss: 7 but a good one till I was 18
B - Band you are listening to right now: Goldfrap
C - Crush: Caramel Eyes
D - Dad's name: Antonio
E - Easiest person to talk to: Aidee
F - Favorite ice cream: Mamey or Zapote(They are regional fruits)
G - Gummy worms or gummy bears: I do not like them.
H - Hometown: Queretaro
I - Instruments: pencils and brushes
J - Junior High: Salesiano
K - Kids: No yet
L - Longest car ride: Over ten hours everytime I want to go to Monterre
M- Mom's name: Elvira
N - Nicknames: Not that I know people call me Chucho that is a derivative of Jesus.I am sre I had many niknames but not everybody dare to tell me.
O - One wish: To develop my skills in success and joy.
P - Phobia: Some art displayed in a hometown museum I start in panic when I see those pictures.
Q - Quote: "Divide and conquer"
R - Reasons to smile: many.
S - Scent: I was about to say the same as Wondy:Sex and also incense burning.
T - Time you woke up today: 5:25 am
U - Unknown fact about me: I believe in God but I do not like to go to the mass.
V - Values: Loyalty is everything.
W - Worst luck with: Lovelife for now, but everything seems heading well.
X - X-rays you've had: Head and legs
Y - Years since you've been to church: Years years ago.
Z-There wasn't one for this: Z is for the word Z-E-X I am right, aren`t I?.

See ya!!


Eye for an Eye.

Yesterday I got sick there was a hard pain near the appendix, I still have the pain but I guess it is not the appendix. I have an appointement with the doctor today.
About news.
I called today the girl from my Social Service and told me that yesterday was the meeting with the social workes so I need to call today again (I told her that I was looking for her and I was also sick), she has to call my contact to start the work so I am expecting some busy days soon.she says I need to catch up with all the work.
About my Residence well I realized I have done only 30% of the data processing and tomorrow my teacher will send me more work to load and I am starting to edit the work I have during the weekend. He has to present a booklet before the month is ending but I am sure We won`t have it will December so I will take part of my vacation time to work on that.
Comic work:
I finally finished the concept idea for the Pin Up I will do for the famous Spanish Character .
I will work on a X-mas card with a nice writer.
I will work on the Comission I have over the day.
Also sending Annita the work for the Contest.
Calling today the wife of an important guy to see If there are chances to get a business using his image and getting an appointment to see her over next month.
Working on Luchador! and el Clan as usual.
Also drawing a cartoon to an spanish web.
Sent a mail to a nice Editor, well in fact to Editors.
Saturday will be used to develop the T-shirt business.

So really busy as you can see!

Kino I am reporting myself soon,sorry.
June, yes is weird and creepy that you saw recently Rosemary`s baby!!!
Nik sorry for the absence, you have read how busy I am sorry,depending on the calling to the business girl I will tell you all the situation because in the long term you and I will be working some stuff for her (If everything gets solid).

Have a great day!!


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A hamburger with a talk.

Beautiful Show! Posted by Picasa

Well yesterday was the Wrestling and I arrived late because I was checking the computer in my house and well the technician was really nice. Mariana ,my friend who I go to the Luchas with and I entered just in time at 8:30 and We know the process. The first fight is normally boring so we take that time to catch up with gossips and what is new in our life, and starting the second fight is when the fun starts.
As usual the best fights are the 4th,5th and 6th (being the sixth the main event).
In the 5th fight Tigre Metalico decided to fight Although knowing He had a severe injury in the lower part of the crocth and leg ,fought and couldn`t finished the fight in good shape, the doctor admistrated him a drug to deal with the pain while the fight was on and Tigre Blanco tried to finish the fight as soon as He could.(Even taken as a show You have to admire the courage of working in that situation
It Main event was El Hijo del Santo and Ultimo Dragon vs Blue Demon Jr and Tarzan Boy.Santo was celebrating his 23th Anniversary as a fighter so you might guess it was a celebration with a cake and Mariachi before the fight started.
El Hijo del Santo undoubtely is much better fighter than his Father and uses all the repertory of his father but really polished, Blue Demon is an amazing fighter now is playing as a rude but is one of the best technical fighter I have seen.
Poor Ultimo Dragon and Tarzan boy, They couldn`t really shine in the fight all the attention was with the 2 idols (Santo and Blue).
They were fighting the first round in a very technical way pressing after pressing a very elegant show. Obviously Santo won.
Just for that fight it was the money well used.
After that She paid for the hamburgers in a place nearby (delicious, delicious hamburgers).

That was my night yesterday!!

Take care and peace out!!


Fixing home in a sepia tune.

I finally got a technician to check my computer so everything is okey.

Tomorrow I have so many things to do at home and also in my school I hope to find my teacher to get more work to process and finally this weekend I will start the editing of the book of notes.

I attended Las Luchas and it was incredible but tomorrow at night when I have some time I will write the whole scope about it.

Have a great time and See you later!!


Those roses bleeding in sour and sweet dreams.

Yesterday I was really annoyed and I just decided to chill out and it really worked!
Today I am going to the Luchas El Hijo del Santo and Blue Demon Jr are fighting against eachother ,Yay!!!!

Comic news: I was invited to participate in a homage that will be done to a very nice and amazing spanish character, so expect some posts about the procces of work, I have the intention to paint the piece!.
I sent some mails to some people hoping to receive nice surprises.
I am waiting for Pedro L. Lopez to reach me.
I need to talk to Annita to arrange the last part of the work I need to submit to her for the contest in France.
I am working in Luchador! and El Clan.

I have the feeling that today it might really change my life!!

About the movie Rosemary`s Baby is one of the best suspense horror movies I have ever watched. The main and strong plot is not to show the baby ever.

Have a great time!!


Monday, November 14, 2005

My little Conspiracy VI.

Next Thursday November 17th 2005 will be the presentation to all audiences of HIS PAGE in the Forum Fnac Bulevar in Alicante Spain (In case my English speakers friends and Spanish friends that are around to have the time to go).
At 7:00 pm.
Angel A.Svoboda writes in a funny way "If you do not dare to darkness come, I shall warn you that what you are about to experience can drive you insane! "

Good luck to you Angel!!!!!.


The Slow Motion of Life.

3rd update!!

check this link!! It is amazing!!!! (wOW!! Nice taste on art Wondy!!)

2nd Update: I just came from my school and the dumb person that has to tramit my paper work of the Residence hasn`t done is about a month and She didn`t move anything...damn!!.
I couldn`t find the teacher to receive more info and I call the people from my Social Service so I need to wait till they report themselves to start working.
so yes I lost my entire morning!
Now I am a little annoyed, well since yesterday but at night I will talk about it.

1st Update:
I am busy today in the morning with the work from my school, and I will get more work to load and edit all the week, about me everything is just quite slow I need so many things to do and so little time to do them.
Well later I will write down a long long post.
Right here is the character done by the French Author Guido Crepax called Valentina and as you know is based on Lulu the actress from Pandorax`s box.
A beautiful piece of art.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

29 steps and wish!

I couldn`t watch The face hopefully in a couple of days!.
I went to San Miguel Allende and I got some contacts and tomorrow I will start the mailing back and forth to see If I can do something with an agent.
Instead of the Face I watched the Third installement of Whising Corridors called "The wishing stairs". A beautiful horror movie.
I loved the elements repeated in the movie like the girl Soo He. I want to watch the number two that is called Memento Morti.
I got today a kind of down and blue but I will talk about it tomorrow.

Have a fantastic day and June thanks for the wishes!!
Annita congrats on the hug. I mean to be hugged by the rare man is really incredible!


Saturday, November 12, 2005

Facing doble images of my dark thoughts

I am about to watch this movie in some minutes so expect a review. I will also watch another Korean movie from the saga of Whispering Corridors I guess it will be the number 3 in the series.
The movie is called Face and is from South Korea.
This day was very good in some aspect, do you remember the idea of having a raffle to gather some money soon and the prize will be a painting in any technique they want me to use?. I have seen many people,friends and students being willing to help me I will have some friends to help me sell some tickets by their own, I am really amazed because funny to say but I really feel loved by people, I have to say that I was a bit ashamed of asking for help but they really behaved nicely with my idea.
Tomorrow I am calling this girl that has an idea for a business (Well is my idea but She has some strings to move so the idea speeds up really fast).
Comic work well tomorrow I am continuing in the afternoon to draw the pages of Nik and Victor!. I have some other interviews to make to some great artists from Spain, UK, USA and even some from my country, so expect news soon!.
I am traveling tomorrow to San Miguel Allende that is like an american colony because probably the 70 percent is controled by foreigners and also is a nice place if you are a painter, tomorrow I will try to ask people about selling work via an agent, I will try to focus some other work but no comic related is more about some ideas I have.
I also need to speed up some stuff that I have in hands (Well with Nik, Pedro and Victor ) in Spain.

Have a great day and see you later!


Dates: I have one next Thrusday with the girl taht has been so nice with me lately (the girl that I was talking about last week) I well that is all for now!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Facing great colors in my Aura.

Gone with the Wind Posted by Picasa

I am going to watch this movie in two weeks just to remember If it is that good as I remember it is.
I will watch this weekend another horror movie called The Face (I still do not know If it is Korean or Japanese) but expect a report soon.
I am in a hurry I just couldn`t reach the people of My Social Service so that means Monday I will be really busy visiting the people from it and from my Residence.
I am continuing with my work with Nik and Victor, and waiting for My buddy Pedro L. Lopez to report himself.
I also need to finish a Comission.
I will pay now some bills (water and taxes again) and I will also try to prepare a kind of raffle here in my hometown I will sell tickets to get some money, I will raffle a pastel portrait of the winner in the raffle (I want to have an surgery probaly my eyes because as you know I am shortsighted, and in case I am not a good candidate for the surgery I will use the money in the broken knuckle I have in my right hand). :)
I will be short of money for 3 weeks because I need pay some expenses and to send freebies and stuff to many people but It will be worthy.
Something else to say....Well not really!!

See you later and have a great time!!


ps:Kino expect a mail over next week and thanks a lot!!
I will also check your blog tomorrow to see the Phillipine superheroes you are doing :)
Great time to you!!

My little Conspiracy V.

Today I have only news from Spain and some are really good!
I want to be part also in the celebration that the members of my Association are having.
So there are some candidates to win something in the next Expocomic 2005 and are :
Sergio Bleda for Bloddy Winter (a great friend and person) Planeta DeAgostini), Victor Santos for Pulp Heroes:Bushido ( Astiberri) (this guys has a great style kind of Manga kind of European, incredible work He does). And the nice and great Mart! as a revelation as an author!

Wow!! Great news!!

The Corner...Che!

Well there was a long time I didn`t post this section and I am so happy to re-start this with the work of José María Varona or as everybody knows him Chè.

Chè is just a great guy in all the senses!!
And his work is really good!!
I like a lot the work of spanish cartonist and Chè is a great example of the great work Spain does on that matter.

I hope He doesn`t mind for posting this cartoon that is one of his recent work!
I loved the way He used the Picasso concept on it.

So If you want to see his work in a periodical basis this is the link you can visit.
Also you might see more incredible artists using their sense of humor to make you laugh!
Chè and the nice people from La kodorniz gave the permit to link them! (Thanks Chè!)