Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How I have been and what is in works.

I have been really busy with family and personal stuff trying to figure out a proper way to keep my agenda full.

This is what I am planning for the weeks and end of the year besides the eventual work from The Architecture Office I am in.
I am always able for Cover and Ilustration work in case you want to hire us (Me and my teams of work). The email is 01portaveritas at gmail dot com.

I can make this official I am only devoted to the Comic Sequential work I have been commited since some time
Rocket Girl 3 and 4, I am starting over the week the pending work (I started today the Cover and the ad for the publicity).
I am in works in a secret project with Eduardo Ancer (poor him He had to bear with my timings instead of the contrary but I am makig this official here so He sees that there is also my word to have the project done and pretty soon).
I have to work in some sequentials of a Lucha Project I have in hands, secret for now but as soon as I have something decent to show after being approved I will speak up.
The Unwanted, well this is now really out of my hands because the proposal is being wrapped to be shown to the Company (worst scenario is that If one project is approved or with thumbs up to print I will need to talk to my writers about timings, that´s why my intention is to get done with Rocket Girl 3 and 4 and also The project of Eduardo Ancer before I get some more approvals to have some frame of time to finish everything on time and not to procrastinate as I have been doing lately not my fault the normal pace of life).
About The story of Victor Alos (I need to talk to him to see If He is happy if I jump again into the story I owe him, and that is totally my fault that the story is not in print), and also I need to talk to Sean Taylor to see what is the scope of our story Last Chance School for girls.
There is also one person that is talking with me about having a story drawn but I will tell him today my schedule and If He is up to waiting for me I guess there will not be a problem at all, but at least for now it is a project not for the short time by itself.
About Gothika, in my free times I will do the panels of Gothika so there would be weeks with no delays and weeks with no sign of it.
About short stories in the future well all depends on the script, and the approach and this schedule I am showing you guys :).

This week and next will be again the publicity for the third issue of COMIKAZE so stay tuned for all the information. You gotta see the beautiful color of Renato Guerra.
Also wait for the Special of Los Estridentistas published by TIERRA ADENTRO and released in some months.

Be good!