Monday, April 28, 2008

Dr. Mascara.

Pencil and ink work by truly yours!!


Sunday, April 27, 2008


This is the official invitation for COMIKAZE a new Comic Book´s Magazine distribuited everywhere in my country every three months.

Have a great day!!

PS:I am not still sure If I can go there all depends on my Mom, literally!!!! :)
Because the day for the launch of the magazine is MAY 10th!



Mario Guevara is one of the few that is a really neat and nice guy and also a professional in all the terms of the word.
This is his new proyect SOLOMON KANE for DARK HORSE!
So Expect news soon from him!!


Saturday, April 26, 2008


Expect some news from this image!!!!!!
Stay tuned!!


Friday, April 25, 2008

My first proper signing!!!!

La tienda de Comics LATVERIA ha invitado a RENE CORDOVA a su servidor JESUS ANTONIO para su Free Book Day. Editorial Acervo regalara revistas de Republika Lucha y dara algunos freebies.
En el poster estan todos los datos y deseennos a ambos buena suerte!!

The Comic shop LATVERIA has invited RENE CORDOVA and truly yours JESUS ANTONIO for its Free Book Day. Editorial Acervo will be giving aways some issues of Republika and also will be giving away freebies.
In the poster all the info!!!
Wish us good luck!!


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some panel work from Sergio Bleda.

The amazing amigo Sergio Bleda is showing a page of his new work with Soleil: Dolls Killer so enjoy the way Sergio Bleda works...
I wish to use my inking as He does his!!!!

Get your copy if you are in France!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Daniel Rosales is a graphic designer an a nice guy always attentive to be in help and He was so generous and so kind to color these two pieces I did recently using my characters from BODOQUE that are called El Señor Blue and Capuchitas!!
This is the final result I am hoping to have some of them to sell over the Expo aside my other comic luchas work posters!!

Be good and in case you want to contact him go here!!


Have a great day and thank you again to Monoguru for the time and his kind help!!



Republika Lucha did this special poster for the people going to LA EXPO LUCHA LA EXPERIENCIA.
So stay tune they will be selling the poster there and remember I will be aside Rene Cordova there!!! :)

Have a great day!!



Hey guys I wanted to share the Cover and BackCover of the Tenth Anniversary of El Baile del Vampiro that is a compilation of the Work of the Incredible SERGIO BLEDA!!
If you live in Spain get your copy!!! :)


La Wagnermania II

I want to thank the guys at La Wagnermania because they were so kind to load one of my photos with Wagner and my nephew!!
Thank you so much to the guy who did it and also to Diego for all his kind support loading the recent Lucha work I have done over the site!!
Remember that I will be in Expo Lucha: La Experiencia so see you there is few days!!

Quiero agradecer por este medioa La Wagnermania porque han sido muy gentiles de poner una foto tomada por mi de Wagner y mi sobrinito.
Y mil gracias a quien tuvo la amabilidad de poner la foto y arreglarla y ademas al buen Diego por poner mi trabajo mas reciente de Lucha en el mismo sitio.

Have a great day!!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Remember I will be there with the Compa RENE CORDOVA from REPUBLIKA LUCHA!!!!
As soon as it is confirmed the place I will let you know...from what I heard There would be even some especific signings schedules.

Alla nos vemos!!!!
Ya saben que voy a andar con el Compa RENE CORDOVA de REPUBLIKA LUCHA!!
Busquenos vamos a llevar cosas!!


Monday, April 21, 2008


This is the new work of the amazing artist and friend SERGIO BLEDA for Soleil!!
Good luck Sergio!!!
More news soon!!


Sunday, April 20, 2008


Well The Wagnermania has a blogspot site that has Luchas reports and also is helped by many fans of Dr. Wagner Jr with reports where He is wrestling.
One of them a nice person who attends Arena Queretaro every Luchas time was so kind to load my pin up for Super Luchas Grafico in the official page of Dr. Wagner Jr from the fans..
Thank you so much Kalel!!!



Friday, April 18, 2008


Have a great day!!


Thursday, April 17, 2008


Jose Marzan was so kind to pass this information so I am spreading the word!!!
Jose is one of the best professionals I know....Good luck Jose thanks for the gesture!!



San Diego, CA — April 14, 2008 -- Inker Jose Marzan Jr. received double nominations for The 2008 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. One nomination (along with penciller Pia Guerra) for Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team for their work on Y: The Last Man (Vertigo/DC Comics), and a nomination (alongside his fellow creators Brian K, Vaughan and Pia Guerra) for Y: The Last Man as Best Continuing Series.

Y: The Last Man tells the story of Yorick Brown; who along with his capuchin monkey Ampersand are the sole surviving males after a devastating plague has killed all other males on Earth. Accompanied by the mysterious Agent 355 and Dr. Alison Mann, Yorick begins a worldwide journey to unite with his fiancée, and find out the reasons behind the plague.

Marzan is a 24-year veteran of the comic book industry, having started as an intern at Marvel Comics in 1983 at the age of 16. Following his internship, Marzan attended The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. During that time he worked as an assistant to various comic book professionals, and as an art assistant (or Romita Raider) for 2002 Eisner Hall of Fame recipient John Romita Sr.

He has continued his career in the comic book industry doing work for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Crossgen, and Disney Comics. He has worked with many notable talents such as John Romita Sr., Alan Weiss, Carlos Pacheco, John Byrne, Adam Hughes, Stuart Immonen, Greg Land, Steve Ditko, Bob Layton, Jim Starlin, and Mike Wieringo. Some titles from his long list of credits include Dr. Strange, The Silver Surfer, GI Joe, Marvel Comics Presents, Roger Rabbit, Time Masters, The Flash, Action Comics featuring Superman, and The Adventures of Superman.

Marzan recently completed a five year run on Vertigo Comics’ Y: The Last Man, having the distinction of being the sole inker on the title over its five year, 60 issue run.

Marzan’s illustration work was exhibited at The Society of Illustrators Annual Exhibition for the years 1989 and 1990.

El Señor Blue y Capuchitas II.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Horror, Horror, Horror!!!!

These are the movies that are in my hands so I have a long long weekend to watch them with my girl!!!
Expect some reviews in case they are good!!!
Have a great day!!


My Little Conspiracy!

I haven´t had the time to post any more news about comic artwork recently so I hope to get back to giving some news on work from friends.

Mario Guevara is penciling THE LONE RANGER AND TONTO and I have to say that it is a must to have...his angles of camera are amazing and delightful!!!

Rulo aka Raul Treviño has printed the second album of "La Danza de la Conquista" edited by Norma Editorial and from what I know He is working on the third album already!!! Go and get your copy!!!!

The Compa Rene Cordova is as usual working for Knickelodeon Mexico and starting to work in the third issue of Republika Lucha...and You will hear some incredible and amazing news about Republika Lucha soon!!!

Sergio Bleda will be in The Expo comics in Barcelona and promoting his compendium for the 10th Anniversary of "El Baile del Vampiro".
Go and find him, He has some especific timings for signings!!!

Have a great day!!


Monday, April 14, 2008


I bumped into their music by accident!!
I like the new single Nneka has(I am not still sure If there are starting to be wide listened and exposed over Germany or France at least is my idea).
The song Heartbeat is really powerful I love the chorus line of "blood blood keeps rushing"!.
Beautiful sound!

This is the single HEARTBEAT

Have a great day!!


El Señor Blue y Capuchitas.

Have a great day!!


What the fuck...? Portishead is back!!!

Yeaph I know I said I will not write more about music but I found some of the new songs of my favorite group ever!!!!

PORTISHEAD New Album called THE THIRD is released on April 14th!!!
Todayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! (well some other people say that the day will be the find out by yourself the day you can get the album).

This is the song THE RIP!

And this is MAGIC WORDS!!

I am a happy man!!!
Please look for the new video called MACHINE GUN...!!!


The Guillemots.

My third is this group that has grown in the sound amazingly!
I can even listen some of the Glam! sound I like to hear in the song Get Over it!



This is the frist cover I heard from them...the video well good idea but too forced if you ask me!

Have a great day!!



If you love that style of New Order or Oasis this is a pic you may like for sure!!



This is the second single promoted by the Group and the first that is starting to sound here in my country!

Have a great day!!


Post Scriptum..
yeaph in case you wonder why the post at this time..I am finishing with the political cartoon I have to send today at noon.

Vampire Weekend

I have not recommended music since long time ago, basically because I have not had the time to keep my hears open for new music.
This is my first recommendation of the year, I like the way they play with the drums and the guitar.
If you like Flaming Lips or Kasabian or Modest Mouse or The Coral this is the pic for you!!!



This is the single that is having exposure now in my country!!

Be good!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Saturday with Clotario Demoniax

I am coming back from the theater and I watched a delightful dark comedy called The Repugnant Story of Clotario Demoniax based on the book of the same name written by Hugo Hiriart, I have to say that it was amazing the way that the actors perfomed with the puppets.
Sadly that from the 3 presentations they had to cancel one because there were not enough people so They had to wait for more people to fill the theater (only 30 people or less went to the show I attended), so sad how people in my town do not acknowledge good perfomances.
The Sceneray was so smart and I was so impressed with the actors, I am still in doubt if they were from Tijuana or Mexico city because my girl and I heard the two versions. Despite the electricity shutdown and no good audio the presentation ran out so fast and I can really reccomend the Play so If the Play and company are near your area go and attend it!!

I will also try to learn more from Hugo Hiriart and try to read the book!!

Have a great time!!


Friday, April 11, 2008

Lone Ranger.

The piece I am loading today is part number one of two of something I want to give to my father that is a huge fan of Lone Ranger and Well I want him to have two things hanging over his office.
By the way please but The Lone Ranger and Tonto drawn by Mario Guevara...c´mon it really rocks!!!
This piece is also helping me for some stuff in works!!

Be good!!!


Monday, April 07, 2008


Today was a link and comment done by Jose Miguel Alva Marquina (thanks dude!!) talking about the interview that the amazing Aldo Bonanni did to me several months ago!!


Thanks Aldo and thanks Jose Miguel for the reference!!

By the way the amazing Alvaro Pons is starting to post journals from European comic to the site of Supercomics. Nice going Jose Miguel.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Well Today it was officially mentioned the announcement that a pin up done by me will be part of the New issue of SUPER LUCHAS GRAFICO!
And it has an image done by truly yours and beautifully colored by Raul Manriquez aka Raulman. His color work is quite impressive and also He is a great guy to be with.
I have to thank My great amigo Everardo Ferrer for the opportunity to be in the pages of this magazine!!!! Remember I will be in the EXPO LUCHA LA EXPERIENCIA on May!
Also I have to apologize for the horrible watermark that is in the image, I had to do it only to prevent my pirate pal (El piratón) to steal the image and start making a business of something He didn´t produce or sweat, well only to visit the site and take the image for sure.
At least as I have written several times If my friend El piratón (The pirate) wants to get the copy, at least He has to sweat hard writing an email directed to me to send him the image in hires!!!! :)
Get your copy of Super Lucha Gráfico over the following week!!!.

Bueno hoy se anuncio oficialmente my participación con un poster para la revista SUPER LUCHAS GRAFICO!!!
La imagen esta hecha por mi y hermosamente coloreada por Raul Manriquez aka Raulman.
Su trabajo de color es impresionante sin duda ademas que es un tipo a toda madre el buen del Raulman.
Tambien tengo que agradecer al increible amigo y hermano Everardo Ferrer por la oportunidad de participar en las páginas de dicha revista!! Recuerden que voy a estar en la EXPO LUCHA LIBRE: LA EXPERIENCIA en Mayo asi que ahi nos vemos!!!
Por cierto tengo que disculparme con ustedes por la horrible marca de agua en la imagen, lo tuve que hacer esta vez solamente para evitar que mi amigo EL PIRATON robe la imagen y empiece a hacer lucro de la misma y de algo que no sudo en hacer, bueno si suda cuando copia la imagen desde el sitio!!!.
Como lo he escrito varias veces por lo menos si mi amigo EL PIRATON quiere su copia pues minimo que sude escribiendome para que le mande con todo gusto su HIRES :).
Adquiere tu copia de SUPER LUCHAS GRAFICO en la semana o en la siguiente!!

A big Hug!!


Saturday, April 05, 2008

My teaching.

I was today at the school where I teach and an ackward feeling has been bugging me lately...I am starting to lose the spark of teaching, not the students to blame If you ask me, maybe is the enviroment (I am not feeling even related to some people there) plus the moment where my craft is coming and going, and it is becoming like a burden at least today was like that.
I consider myself to be one of the best teachers in my town and I am giving my clases with the same standard as in the past but something has changed and well I am trying to make my living illustrating and designing and I depend on some external decisions as usual to start having some stability in terms of my economy and my craft.
I have used all my savings as We speak and I am depending on some talks and plans over the month to start receiving a decent paid for what I do.and to be honest I am a little pressed and overwhelmed.Anyhow..
I hope some plans concrete over the days and I´ll speak up about my decisions soon!

Be good and Have a great time!!


Friday, April 04, 2008

Original Sin. Pencil work.

This is the final piece in pencils.
I need to work on the inking as We speak!!

Have a great day!!


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Original Sin.

This is the advance of a Cover for a magazine that I am working on now!!

Have a great day!!


Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Guys some days ago it was published in internet the interview that the amazing journalist Aldo Bonnani did to me some time ago while I was in the last TNT Convention, I want to thank him for his time and his kindness towards my work...(SORRY LINK IN SPANISH).

Bueno amigos hace unos dias aparecio una entrevista que me hizo el increible columnista Aldo Bonnani para la edicion de LA JORNADA PUEBLA y le quiero agradecer su tiempo para conmigo durante la ultima TNT a la que fui y donde me entrevisto.


Have a great day!!



Guys check this link to vote for the Inkwell Awards that is a great way to recognize the work of ARTIST-INKERS over the medium.


This part is taken from the site and I am leaving you in the own words of the great BOB ALMOND. Hoping He doesn´t mind :)

Welcome all!
Have you ever noticed that the work of a particular inker adds that extra flair or polish to the jobs they do and you find yourself pumped to discover that a favorite story or series of yours is being inked by this artist and not someone else?
If so, this is where we'd like you to express your appreciation for that quality work. We're not here to over-hype the status of the inker.
Inkers enter this biz understanding that they are not going to draw the same attention, or 'super-star' status, as other crafts but will probably fall below the radar.
But, like almost everyone in the community, we do it for the passion for the art form. And while most industry awards have a 'best or 'favorite inker' category (but not all) we'd like to draw recognition here for the ink artist, his craft, and his history. This has been, through various efforts, my intent for a while now and it was in my upcoming "Inkblots" column in Blue Line Pro's SKETCH magazine # 35 (March) that I came up with a much smaller-scale version of the Inkwell Awards you see here. (And we truly want to certify that we make these gestures without any intended malice or agenda against any specific publisher or their editors.)
It was after seeking input from my inking brothers on the Yahoo 'Inkwell' mailing list that some more ideas developed and I proceeded to gather others who shared my passion and concept and restructure the awards together. It's a huge thanks to them that this function is active as it is...and it is to the unsung inker that this awards proceeding is dedicated.
Please take a moment to look over the categories as well as the creator database links on the nominees page as a reference. Open to both the public and the industry, please feel free to vote for every category or only those you feel informed enough about (some are more 'shop-centric' for the creators). Categories not specifying a 'retro' or 'modern-age' designation is open to any eligible inker.
Voting will run until May 30,2008. Results will be tabulated and posted here, my own website, as well as my column, if not elsewhere at a later date, and subsequently, award trophies distributed. Committee inker members are exempt from voting for themselves or other members but are otherwise valid nominees.
As a general rule of thumb, please choose ink artists that have inked more work in their career than penciled. But nominees will not necessarily be held exclusively to this standard. The committee will ultimately judge eligibility of all nominees.
All advertising revenue will be used to fund the site and awards expenses and any surplus to this will be donated to The Hero Initiative (
If all is successful we'd like to make this an annual event. And if not, we're simply happy to inform and reward our own this time out. Someone has to.
Thanks for voting! And please visit our generous sponsors!

Bob Almond

Have a great day and vote!!!