Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lost Battle.

Gallos lost the last game what it means, the team is going back to 1a Division, sad to say but They got so confused and frustrated that the last thing they did was to play to WIN.
Sad day, it even rained today in my hometown!!!.
Gallos perdieron su ultimo juego y van de nuevo a Primera A, no se que paso pero por alguna razon desde el minuto 17 del primer tiempo ya habian perdido el partido. Y para coronar el dia tambien llovio en la ciudad.
Have a nice day!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Carve on me those lines to feel alive.

I have always loved tribal tattoo work and I decided to do something tattoo-related that is helping me to use it...
1.- for a tatto proposal for an amazing company. (I am sure they will be interested).
2.-for tossing some ideas for the t-shirt business I am starting to work on
3.-and for warming my hands to start drawing later on.
Those designs are based on some prehispanic previous designs of a skull, some ritual masks, a hummingbird (my favorite in terms of simplicity) and Tlaloc (The God of Water,Probably it doesn´t really work as I expected but helps me to see what it works and what it doesn´t from the visual perspective).
I am just exploring some sort of work I do not normally do but I loved to work on...

Friday, April 27, 2007



Have a great an orgasmical day(the image merits the word..hahahah)!!!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cálico es la leche tío!!!

A little late this post, sorry.... Calico is my favorite Spanish superhero ever and they finally took the decision to have their own comics, right here you can buy the two titles.
Good luck as usual guys!!!
Have a great day!!!

My Little Conspiracy.

Who is Lupo Valpurgis??? Do you want to know??? Visit the great place of Ángel A. Svoboda and his project Secretos Arcanos!!! SORRY LINK IN SPANISH!!!!
Amigo como siempre te deseo mucha suerte!!
Have a great day!!

My Little Conspiracy.

The friends and great guys at Bedeteca de Beja from Portugal are sending me this information so If happens that you are in Portugal from May 5th to May 20th this is your chance to see people like MAX,MIGUELANXO PRADO AND THE COLECTIVE FROM GALICIA!!
Good luck guys!!!!

Info in Spanish!

Entre los días 5 y 20 de Mayo tendrá lugar el III Festival Internacional de Banda Desenhada de Beja, en el Sur de Portugal, con exposiciones de Max, Miguelanxo Prado, y la colectiva “Desde Galicia” (en la que participarán David Rubín, Diego Blanco, Emma Ríos, Kike Benlloch, Kiko da Silva, Miguel Robledo y Victor Rivas.)
Exposiciones con autores portugueses: Alice Geirinhas; André Lemos; Artur Correia/António Gomes de Almeida; Augusto Trigo; Gisela Martins e Sara Ferreira - Mangakas portuguesas; José Manuel Saraiva; Maria João Worm; Pedro Rocha Nogueira; una exposición del colectivo “Toupeira”; y la retrospectiva “Bedeteca de Beja – dos años”.

Exposiciones con autores extranjeros: David B. (Francia); Max (España) – com el apoyo del Instituto Cervantes; Miguelanxo Prado (España); Ulf K. (Alemania); y la colectiva “Desde Galiza”.

El Festival se celebrará en el casco histórico de la ciudad. Tendrá 15 exposiciones, y 8 núcleos asociados - Casa da Cultura, Conservatório Regional do Baixo Alentejo, Galeria do Desassossego, Museu Jorge Vieira - Casa das Artes, Museu Regional de Beja, Núcleo Visigótico – Igreja de Santo Amaro y Pousada de S. Francisco.
El Festival tendrá parte de su programación paralela en el Teatro Municipal Pax Julia.

Brevemente tendremos site disponible

Organización: Câmara Municipal de Beja Aparcería: Museu Regional de Beja Apoyos: Edições Devir, Goethe Institut, Instituto Franco-Português, Alliance Française, Instituto Cervantes Otros apoyos: EDIA, Pousadas de Portugal, Conservatório Regional do Baixo Alentejo, Galeria do Desassossego, CNBDI Patrocinio: Região de Turismo Planície Dourada

Luchas on Monday?

Damn right!!! I already bought my two tickets first row for next Monday!!
I really want to see Cien Caras, Anibal and Tinieblas and Rey Misterio Señor fighthing I really hope it becomes a nice show!!
hahahaha and on Tuesday I am going again to Las Luchas!!!...tomorrow I tell you who I will see for next Tuesday!!Yay!!!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Luchas Night...!

Yesterday was great!!!
Have an amazing day!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This is my recommendation for the week...If you like Rapture or The Battles this will be of your taste!

Have a great day!!


I hear in my mind all this music.

Enjoy The new video of Regina Spektor!!

Have a great day!!


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Me and Visualizing.

I still do not remember If I ever loaded this piece I did some time ago. This is not dust work because This is part of my new set of submissions I will be working starting May. I am planning to use one day of every week to work on my proposal to the Top Ones.
And I am damn sure I will get some surprises to comment and post on this matter.
Have a great day!!


Full Glass.

I am today writing a little summed up of all the things that are happening and will happen over the days in case I disappeared again from blogging as usual (but only to work in my comic stuff and my thesis).

I was told to come over the early days of the week to see what the person in charge of The titulation staff will say about my situation. I am sure I will get my permit so tomorrow early I have a date with a friend of mine to start talking in the way He will help me in the thesis plus My advisor will tell me also what is the scope to finish as soon as possible.

To be honest I feel quite good with her right now...I am REALLY pleased with my election so far *J*!!!!!!

I have this week or next our first approach to develop some design for the school I studied and I am sure I will be in charge of at least 50 % of the project because my advisor will have the other 50% share. The Dean has been really supportive so I am expecting a lot from him.
Some architectonical designs I will do over the days and I am planning with one of my best friends to start our own construction and design office.

Well Antonio Torres is going to be busy coloring the profiles I loaded in a previous post and I hope David Braña will show this to the editor as soon as possible to start working and for me to know what is the work and my timings for the rest of the year and the years to come.
I am now working in what I owe to Victor Alos a very nice and very patient friend of mine and I hope to have good surprises over the month.
I will be told about the day that my interview in Silver Bullet Comics gets air in the internet.
I am expecting the questions for the second interview I will do to a very good friend and editor of a magazine talking about Indy work.
I started working in the details of the Poster of KILLOLA and I need to buy an airograph early this week to see results faster.
I am working with the work of THE UNWANTED and Dan Deprez over this week and the following one so the Editor see it and get the thumbs up for the project!!!.
Nik Havert and I are going to be this month involved in everything related towards Rocket Girl, Luchador, Chalice and some other work.
I am contacting an editor of a very good company over Spain to talk about a proposal with my own concepts and also the concepts that my great amigo Pedro Lopez and I have in hands.
I am also working with a great writer and a great guy in a proposal with a nice concept, He is having right now a very good professional moment and He is going to share that moment with me so I appreciate the trust a lot.
The Covers of New Nation are going to be done this week.
Also sending these new pieces of art to my contacts and friends to see what is the scope to get Mainstream work load.
Shrivers and horror anthology I am invited and the pencil work is done already has been in a mild delay but as soon as it gets print or I get this inked by me or a friend of mine I will let you know how to get it.
I am also sending a proposal to some people to see future involvement in terms of poster and illustration work.
And this week I am finally taking the first steps to stablish my own brand of T shirts so as you can see I can not complain.
Wish me luck as usual!!
Thanks Timothy for the post, thanks Scott also for being such a great dude,June I love you and Well I really miss Wondy being around here!!!

Please an special favor... Pray in the way you know for my Family so some members take the right choices of life.
My little nephew will be out of town for some months and I will miss him tons!! Well such is life!!!

Have a great day!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


YAY!!!!!THANKS NIK YOU ARE A GREAT AMIGO!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Picasa

Mark McKenna just turned 50!!!!!!!

Funny to say this but for better words describing what Mark McKenna is for some of us.... go here!
Daniel wrote the words in a much better way I could do myself on his blog!!!
Mark, Have a GREAT AMAZING BIRTHDAY!!!! :) :)
You know I wish you 50 more to come...
ps:I am another one who fell in love of Mark´s work when I bought those Punisher War Zone issues He was working on some time ago!!
Have a great Day!!


David Braña and I are working (a little slower and all my fault but that is about to change so fast I promise that) in a very good concept that is also my first attempt to get into a more Japanese approach I want to explore with this title EVIL WAR.
This is the first part in the design of the characters of EVIL WAR, I hope over the month to work in other 4 more but in the meantime this can keep Antonio Torres (Our colorist) busy and also as the first sneak peek for the editorial that will see this with the incredible writing of David Braña.
Have a great Day!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

When Mom rocks!!!!

Today my Mom gave me this book as a gift!!! ESPECTACULAR DE LUCHA with the photographical work of LOURDES GROBET.
Is not She great????!!!
To end I am recommending the recent video of KILLOLA))))!!!
I am starting also the poster work of them on Thursday or Friday as soon as I am done with things I owe!!
or maybe you can see an acoustic of them!
Have a great day!!!

Dare to believe

This is the cover of the new work that NIK HAVERT (my amigo) and RENATUS (a great guy from Brazil) have published recently via Picklepress.
The book is listed on page 3 of SPACE's premiere comics list (
Great luck Nik!!!!
Responding your mail on Tuesday!!
Only 8 your copy!!!


50 years ago.

Yeaph 50 years ago Pedro Infante died in a airplane accident, one of the versions I would like to believe is that when He traveled from Yucatan to Mexico He was about to be in jail acussed of bigamy so He faked his death, well at least is one of the versions that are around similar to The Elvis Presley Myth but everything seems that in fact He died in that accident (Pedro Infante is maybe the most important actor and mainly singer that the 1950s generation gave to my country), I have to say that I include myself into that devotion to the great movies and songs He did over his short life.
I wanted to post something different and I decided to load the image of one of his passports.
Be good...tomorrow again back to reality!!
In case I can not post over the following week is because I am really busy drawing,working and preparing my thesis!!!
Missing you tons!!


Friday, April 13, 2007

Gothical Detective.

I was visiting the blog of Mike Wieringo and I got fascinated by his rendition of Sherlock Holmes and that He loaded on REMAKE/REMODEL subject in the Engine that is a great place from Warren Ellis (Do I have to say I like his work? hahahah He is pretty smart and I like that from his writing).
Well I tried to load the image on the forum but I do not why I never know or figure out the proper way to load images on forums so I gave up and send a link to my Welcome new people reading this....!!!
Mi casa su casa!!!

Well this is my take on Sherlock Holmes but a bit futuristic and gothical!!
Have a great day!!


Luchas Night.

These are some of the photos I took last time over Las Luchas and it was again a so so Show, not the best because there were 2 wrestlers who didn´t attend the show and one of them the guy who I drew the poster you saw some days ago but I manage myself to send him via one of his team mates my data and the piece so I can not complain at all.
I even had an autograph of Ultimo Guerrero (He is a very good wrestler) and I am showing the photo.
Next week is full of changes and there some great surprises in terms of my Comic Work and I will let you know in the following days!!
Be good and Have a great day!!


I continue amazed on the nice groups that WarpRecords have and another great example is Clark.

Check this video from Clark in 3D from the recent album Body Riddle, it is the Surrealism and Dadaism taken to 3D.
Amazing and beautiful work!
Have a great day!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I said it was my last post of the day but sorry I could not resist to post this one...This is my recommendation of the week the first time I heard from them was over THE PITCHFORK (below in the music links) thereafter I had the chance to see the long video of Atlas and yesterday I had the chance to see the short video of Atlas and I think this guys will rock in the short time!!
Enjoy the video!!
btw Good news in my end from what my advisor said I guess I had the approval to continue with my paper work so busy days are coming but very productive!!
Dan thanks for calling!!!!
Cheers and wish me luck as usual!!
Wondy where are you??
Have a great day!!

Intacto 2001

My last post of the day!
I really want to see this movie done in 2001 by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo!!
Have a great day!!



Did you listen to the new CD of NIN?

I am impressed of the hidden tracks on some of the songs...mmmmmmm.....I have been listening to the preview, Why can not I say I am impressed with the album, I mean it is a really solid, round and great album full of industrial but I guess He could take it farther If He wanted!!!
Have a great day!!



I decided to load some tracks of THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS so enjoy them, check in the English tracks at the end, there is a song called MODERN ROMANCE do not worry the track is complete, there is only a little air pause, it was like that because it is one of those hidden tracks at the end of the album so there is a second song after that one and it is really great!!!
AIf you can also check some of the tracks I like from Korn unplugged.
I do not like the last 3 albums of Korn for me they sold themselves to the status quo but this Unplugged has some gems!
Have a great day!!


Hope 7

I have another friend of mine who is having a nip tuck over his site!!!
Enjoy and see the news about his project Hope 7!

Have a great day and good luck Tim Shadow, you rock!!


El Vecino

Pepo Perez is one of those guys who is a GREAT PERSON and He is promoting over Madrid and Bilbao the second Album of EL VECINO done by him and Santiago Garcia.
I loaded the info in case you are near Bilbabo or Madrid this weekend!
Good luck Pepo!!!

Info in Spanish
El segundo álbum de EL VECINO (Astiberri) se presentará en Bilbao y en Madrid este fin de semana.BILBAO: viernes, 18:00 horas, en la librería JOKER. Presenta Juan Manuel Díaz de Guereñu, catedrático del Departamento de Comunicación de la Universidad de Deusto en San Sebastián. Se expondrán también páginas del tebeo.MADRID: sábado, 20:00 horas, en FNAC Callao. Presenta Fernando Castro Flórez, profesor de Estética y Teoría del Arte en la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, y crítico y comisario de arte.
La semana siguiente, el fin de semana del Saló, se presentará en BARCELONA.
Have a great day!!