Saturday, March 31, 2007

Me Smash You!!!

If you agree.. This is the best Hulk Cover I have seen in years!!!
And it was done by David Finch.

Have a great day!!


Between Carnal and Angelical Flesh.

I have been having a lot of changes lately, specially personal ones for funny that it sounds I feel good even from the fact of some important decisions I have to make in the personal front, as usual I ask you guys to pray for me so I can keep the track of everything specially my plans and try to be as coherent as possible with life itself.
Last Tuesday I went to have my annual chakra´s and spiritual´s checking with some friends of mine, and I really feel great because in that evaluation I was checking that in less of two years I have learned so many things and obviously more are to come, for the first time I learned the purpose of some things I couldn´t figure out before.
Just wish me luck and I hope that by Friday to start talking about the first part of the changes I am making and I have received.
In case you ask me about the image aside the post, yeaph!!!... it was drawn and inked by me and it is just a tiny tiny sneak peek of the project called ROJO.
I selected the image because I was talking to Nik and a friend of his wants a tattoo of an angel and I will work on it in some months and because Nik knows I believe in them what a better excuse to show you the image of one of the characters from ROJO.
About Comic Work:
I am waiting for the link of the interview I did last week for Silver Bullet Comics so I can also send it to my contacts to start working of Comic Work gigs for this year and forth.
I am drawing over tomorrow afternoon and Monday some stuff I owe to friends and on Wednesday I am starting the paneling work of THE UNWANTED and I am planning to explain how I work over the pages of THE UNWANTED here in the blog.
I am also waiting for the questions of the second interview from the Mag that was so kind to ask me for it.Also I am becoming the former translator of a very good friend of mine and his work from now on, so no complaints at all.
About my thesis I will work on it the week that I am on vacation so I can show it when We return from vacation to my advisor and see the word on the approval or rejection to start tramiting my paperwork.
Have a great day!!


Friday, March 30, 2007

Nerdy or Geeky.

Enjoy the show! They are in number 11!!
Have a great day!

The golden petals.

Today has been really great!! I am organizing the proper deadlines for Rocket Girl 3 and from what I know I am starting to draw Rocket Girl in a month and days and the deadline will be FOR NOW JULY 1ST!!
So I think that Rocket Girl 4 will be also ready on AUGUST 1ST!!!! And after that We are also planning CHALICE that is a great vampire story for the rest of the year and hopefully thinking in a Rocket Girl 5. (If dates change will be only a bit).
That gives me the right timing for all the other projects I have in hands!!Wow!!!
Also today I approaching a friend to talk about Cover Work in the company where He is...Great day indeed!!
About the Second interview for the Magazine, I am waiting for his questions to start it!!!


Also remember that I have music here!!
Tracks I selected in Spanish or English and also THE PITCHFORK selections!!

Have a great day!!


Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Little Conspiracy.

I am in love of this Cover!!!!!!, If you have the chance buy the comic Ed Brubaker and the incredible artist Sean Phillips have and it is called CRIMINAL.
It is the most powerful Cover I have seen over this year and I wish them the best!!

Have a great day!!


My Big Conspiracy.

As knowing I am having for now my timings reduced for networking and get contacts I rather do this again so people interested can approach me.I have seen some new people visiting the place and I do not normally self-promote my work but as knowing that from NOW I will devote myself to Comic work again and finish my thesis at the same time, I want to start again my networking of friends, editors and artists, so They can see what I am able to do.I am already with some work in wait, and talking to friends and editors (my kind friends specially Nik, Pedro, Ron, Dan, David and Victor are really so great in waiting for this little bastard of me to finish my Bachelor´s to start working again in our own works). But it is always good to have new more contacts and friends.
About proposals sent my way:If you have a proposal be realistic about your winnings and your loses, send a formal proposal addreseed it to me (I do not like general proposals without my name on it) and please as many of the professional friends know...
I just have a family to support. Money is not the deal, it is the professionalism involved in the contact also I can risk myself when it is in a reciprocal way In case you ask me about new projects besides from what I have on line and the ones I produce, but I always check the writing and if I am attracted to the writing I am sure i will be on the project and please with a contract involved.Other point... I already have my agenda of work and In case We can booked an idea by mid 2007 or just ask me about it... that would be great!!.
I am open to receive any Cover or illustration work and Comissions!So If you want me to draw your Covers or you have a fun illustration that I can get commited in terms of time let me know!.And Yes, I am a writer too in case you want a story!And as a friend of mine says "You get what you pay for.."

I recently got a sour time with a person who didn´t approach me in the right way, and the funny part is that He even got upset when it was ALL his fault.I will delete mail that I do not recognize as a friend or that I consider spam.THAT IS WHY I ENCOURAGE YOU TO WRITE THE PURPOSE ON THE SUBJECT OF THE LETTER AND MY NAME TOO!!!!

Spanish version.
Por ahora tengo mis tiempos muy pesados y no puedo estar haciendo mis contactos como quisiera asi que repito la información para que las personas interesadas me contacten.
He visto ultimamente nueva gente visitando el lugar y bueno casi nunca me autopromociono y mucho menos mi trabajo pero sabiendo que el de AHORA en adelante me dedicaré solo al tebeo y al comic ademas de la ilustración y el arte y terminar mi thesis correctamente, quiero empezar mi red de amigos, editores y artistas, y que vean lo que puedo hacer en el futuro.En este momento ya tengo trabajo en puerta, y estoy hablando con amigos y editores (mis gentiles e increibles amigos especialmente Nick, Pedro, Ron,Dan, David y Victor por esperar a esta aberración bestial de mí mismo a que acabe my Titulación para empezar a trabajar en nuestros proyectos).Pero siempre es bueno tener mas contactos y amigos.
Acerca de propuestas y proyectos que me manden:Si tienes una propuesta se realista acerca de lo que vas a perder y ganar, manda una propuesta formal dirigida a mi (piensa si me gustaria recibir propuestas que son mandadas a un montón de profesionales y yo encluido en ella y si lo vas a hacer asi por lo menos escribeme eso para estar al tanto), y como muchos profesionales saben..
Tengo una familia que mantener :). El dinero no es el factor para involucrarme profesionalmente en el proyecto y si me puedo arriesgar si la otra parte se arriesga de igual forma, si tienes algun proyecto nuevo aparte de los que yo ya tengo siempre checo la escritura y si me atrae es muy seguro que me involucre.Otro punto.Ya tengo mi agenda de trabajo establecida y en caso de que nos arreglemos en algo sería para la segunda parte del 2007..porque no me preguntar y vemos que hacemos.
Si quieres que te ilustre Portadas o algo, yo encantado porque no me quema mi tiempo de trabajo en los otros proyectos.Y si también escribo, si quieres que te escriba una historia para comic solo dime!Solo recuerda como dice un amigo "Uno recibe lo que Uno paga.."

Otro comentario mas POR FAVOR CUANDO MANDEN EL MAIL VA DIRIGIDO A JESUS ANTONIO Y CON EL MOTIVO DEL CONTACTO. Recientemente tuve una experiencia amarga con alguien que me contacto de una forma no correcta, y lo chistoso es que se enojo cuando TODO lo que sucedio fue su culpa.Voy a borrar los correos que no reconozca como amigos o conocidos o si creo que son correos spam, POR ESO PONGAN TITULO Y MOTIVO DE CONTACTO!!!.


Changing my thouhgts for granted.

I really thinking and thinking about my life recently and I am going to make some changes starting now.
Probably If the following things seem like nonsense for you, do not worry, because for me They are not.

My Family and All my close friends, all my lurkers, all my students,all my friends here in the reality and in the virtuality that I will see one day again or face to face, I am sure of that.
I want to thank the work I have and the people around me.

Mi Familia y a todos mis amigos, a los que me visitan por este lugar, a mis alumnos, a todos mis amigos en la realidad y en la virtualidad que los volvere a ver o los vere por primera vez de muchas, de eso estoy mas que seguro.
Quier agradecer el trabajo que tengo y a la gente a su alrededor.

Finally I am having the guts to provoke the changes I want to feel good.

Be good and Have a great day!!


I am still pending the permit to start my paperwork but I am sure I will get it for no news on the matter till returning from the Easter break.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why are people so Mean?

First a Meme and then my comment...
Four jobs I have had in my life
I worked in a chain of English schools named HH for Seven years.
I worked in Catastro a goverment office for a year
I worked in Sedesol another govermente office for a year too.
I am working in the school were I am now and this is my year number 8.

Four movies I would watch over and over
Los Tres Garcia
The General
Cinema Paradiso

Four shows I love
Mad About You
Six million Dollar Man
Comet Baton Girl
The Wonder years

Four of my favourite foods are
Picadillo that in English could be Meat Balls
Enchiladas Verdes

Four places I have been on vacation for a long time
Mexico DF
Sierra Gorda Queretana

Four places I would rather be right now
USA (Indiana, Texas, Los Angeles)
Brugge in Belgium

I was having my class and one of my students told me that one of his teachers reffered to me as a nice guy that He likes, but the majority of the coworkers there do not!!!...*sight*
I do not feel bad to be honest but only confirms my thoughts of certain people around there, it does not make sense that because I am always on time, I do not compliment anyone in order to get extra bonuses or attentions and do my work I have to receive that kind of comments.

I hope Karma does its own work at proper time!!!

Be good!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I sing of Arms and Heroes

When I was young there was a total invation of all the work that John Byrne was doing and in fact I love his work and you can see that in my anatomy work that resembles the one from Byrne. One of the mysteries never solved is to understand why his title The Next men (I loved his work on that period) did not reached something huge as the guys over Dark Horse like Mignola or Steve Rude.Probably his worst attempt was to recreate everysingle origin in the Marvel and DC Universe or to ink his own work with technical tools.
I still remember those years when He was inked by Austin or Jerry Ordway. This is one of my favorite ever entrances and splash pages done by him.
One day I will be drawing Avengers from West Coast...I am sure of that!!!.
JOHN BYRNE is still my HERO though!!!!.
I am waiting for the questions for the second interview and I received a nice comment from a professional writer about my work and He kindly stored my info in case He is in need of an artist, so I can not complain about my day!!!
Also I am going to buy something that I wanted since I was a child..I will let you know when it reaches my place....!!



Monday, March 26, 2007

Tina Modotti.

Assunta Adelaide Luigia Modotti was born in Udine, Italy on August 17th, 1896 and it is one of those cases that because of her art became Mexican or at least She really knew how Mexico was in those first after years of the Revolution Period.
She learned photography with Edward Weston (an incredible photographer).She settled in Mexico in 1922 after being in Hollywood, and signed herself into the Partido Comunista where Diego Rivera and Siqueiros were active members of that ideologycal party.
Then lived in Germany and Russia for a short time.
She was in Spain in the period of 1934 and 1936 to help in the Brigadas Internacionales.
She was expulsated over 1930 from Mexico accused of being involved in the killing of a Mexican President and in 1939 returned to Mexico after being forgiven by Lazaro Cardenas.
Died after a hard attack on january 5th, 1942 and it is remembered for her incredible Photography Work done in Mexico.
About the nude...can you believe that Tina Modotti was the model...Damn She was beautiful!!
Have a great day!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Little Conspiracy.

Second interview in the works!! :)

Have a great Day!!

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Little Conspiracy.

Juan Jose Ryp is probably one of my favorite spanish artists ever and now aside Warren Ellis and their bizarro superhero concept called BLACK SUMMER. I can predict that Juan Jose Ryp will start gathering the attention He deserves in a big scale!!!!

Have a great Day!


My little Conspiracy...The Best Campaign.

This can happen only in Madrid....I consider this as the best marketing campaign to promote a Comic, to use the poster way aside the internet, what a better way to have some artistic and innovator taste.
Sorry link in SPANISH!

Have a great day!!

Got Milk?

I am taking tomorrow to rest and finally answer some emails, inteviews and drawings I have to do for the day!!
Have a great time and Yes, It is Harry Houdini!!!


Friday, March 23, 2007

Daydreaming Magic Lines.

Quick comments that I hope to talk about them over Saturday when I have some free time...
The amazing friend Sergio Bleda loaded the two versions I did of his incredible character Violeta so here is the link, He also loaded a beautiful piece of a hilarious and fantastic concept that happens that Raule (who has been kindly posting here too) was involved in helping the creators of The young Lovecraft to gather other artists to work in a Homage book that is based on the work of José Oliver y Bartolo Torres creators of the character called The Young Lovecraft. *Thanks for the especification Raule and sorry my mistake, but everything is in order now!!!! *Corrected amigo Raule!!!
I was requested for my second interview for the american market so besides the one I am already answering (thank you again Scott), I will soon be on second interview for a magazine promoting Indy American Comic Work and Paul is behaving kindly as usual with me and my work.
I am still waiting for the approval or rejection from my letter to the Titulation Staff, so I am in a limbo so as to speak, I hope to have news on the matter next Tuesday.
Answering the interview done by Scottyyyy!!! I wanted to polish some stuff I have for THIRD DEATH (You know the character who talks to spirits via a pendulum to find himself in a chaotic world) and this is my design created for the story and also to be a key turn point in the plot of it. So enjoy this image in fact I was also thinking in using this design in the design of the office I will do for my Monography in case I rescue my paperwork.
Be good!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Perros are barking.

Today is gossip day!!
Did you see in my last going to Las Luchas MIl Mascaras was wearing a glove on his hand well I asked some friends and They confirmed me that He was hiding something on his hand and also that He is a bit sick, also I didn´t comment on what happened to me when I took a photo with Mil Mascaras He thanked me after the photo and from what I heard He didn´t say that to the other people waiting in line so I feel a bit proud of that gesture from him, El Hijo del Santo was banned to work in The CMLL and also the independent wrestlers and wrestlers from the CMLL are prohibited to be in shows with him so I am guessing things will become really weird, the gossip is that after the contract He signed for Televisa He was also asking for more money and The promoters decided it was not logical, other gossip that is becoming true is that Mistico, Mascara and problably my favorite wrestler Dr. Wagner Jr are going really soon to the WWE!!.(I really hope they Dr. Wagner decides to be in Mexico and in Japan).Negro Casas continues in Japan wrestling
So many divisions are coming into the independent and pro wrestling world, sad sad sad, also I am working in a proposal to a wrestler and I will draw an painting for one wrestler as a Homage some people want to do to him so I am honored to do it because He is a really great wrestler.
About my day on Las Luchas it was really fun, my advisor recieved a spit from one of the girl wrestlers and I really enjoyed the moment..hahahaha!! I enjoyed a lot the fights because Los Perros (Perro Aguayo, Damian 666 and Halloween were really good yesterday) and also they signed a T-shirt that I am going to frame and hang in my room, so I can not complain it was a fun day!!
Have a great day!

New Nation Cover.

The guy in your left is Craig Deboard and it is a very good friend of Nik (in your right) and I.
Well happens that I will have a day or two free in two weeks when We have the Easter break and I will work on a Zombie Cover of a nice story Craig has called NEW NATION!!
So also stay tune for the Cover development!!

Thanks Craig you rock...!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007



I will star working in a couple of weeks in the details of a Poster I have to do to this amazing band called KILLOLA...Thanks Lisa you rock!!!
So stay tune and check this place in some weeks to see that advances in the Poster!!
If you my friend reader happens that you have a band and happens that You want me to listen to it to see If I like your music and happens that you need some me!!


Black lines said by Black Lips,

This is a Japanse movie that I saw some months ago but till now I am giving the review, It is a quite decent movie done in 2006, I am not saying is that good because for a strange reason the director set the speed a bit slower and the ending is not good enough but in fact is a very good horror movie with some highlight scenes.. The movie is 29 FEB.Watch it!!!
Please stay away from this horrible movie is a real shame that the Murder of this cut in half girl with a lot of problems became just the awful subplot of a lame movie, I was really dissapointed of the script and the way De Palma directed this movie...nothing worth to mention..well yes....the coffee that I drank while watching it was good...!
Have a great day!!

Monday, March 19, 2007


I took the liberty to add another playlist that is not mine..I already asked for permission and I hope They grant me the chance because....
THE PITCHFORK playlist is the LIST for indie and alternative music in my humble opinion and from others (In fact a friend of mine recommended this to me)!!
Check the great tracks and new music They always discover!!

Have a great day and Long Live to The Forkcast!!!!.
Wondy you will love this playlist for sure!!


Hard Luck.

Other flick from Buster and Eddie Cline is HARD LUCK from 1921 and you have to watch it to understand this photo!!
Please enjoy this silent flick called CHARACTERS STUDY and I hope you can recognize at least 3 famous people there...Enjoy!

Or Enjoy this One...
Have a great day!

Federico Bertolucci, Ispirato dalla bellezza

This is just a piccola image of all you can find on his blog!!
He is amazing! Yes, I stole it from the Blog of Mike Wieringo!!

Have a great day!


What is a home without a Mother?.

I am really amazed of finding new movies I have not seen, I had the incredible fortune to watch these two short flicks of Buster. The first I recommend is PLAYHOUSE done over 1921 and is another great example of what Buster and the great Eddie Cline did.
And the other recommendation is THE SCARECROW from 1920 and another work of Eddie Cline and Buster Keaton. I loved the meal scene!!!.
Have a great day!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

His Big Fat Wednesday Conspiracy.

Buen Amigo Sergio pues ya te debia esto desde hace mucho tiempo solo espero que mi trabajo este algun dia a tu nivel...Un gran abrazo y pues mandame un correo cuando tengas tiempo solo para saludar...!!
Sergio has an incredible serie called The Wednesday Conspiracy" and I decided to this as a tribute and homage to an Amazing Friend and his beloved character Violeta!!!

Luchas Night! The Relic Night!

These are the pictures from last Friday!
I have to say that it was a decent show not the best but a decent one in fact the stars of the night were Negro Navarro (the bold wrestler, and it is really amazing!!), El Hijo del Diablo (He was fooling around and it was fun to see that)and Black Terry the old guy with his head shaved, We even got some superheroes fighting...hahaha I felt for a moment that I was in Six Flags (an amusement park in my country) hahaha....!
About the night with Mil Mascaras well I couldn´t get a signature from him but I could have a picture with him and I will post it tomorrow, I have to say that Mil Mascaras is a person to admire I mean He is not anymore in his splendor but keeps himself fighting (I do not know if to write about it but I am sure He is really ill but maybe is just the years, I mean Mil mascaras is reaching his 70´s) but I could see the great respect all the people (wrestlers and included) had for this amazing wrestler.
Have a nice day!!