Thursday, November 30, 2006

From The Slumber

Well as you know I haven´t slept in the proper way because of the sickeness of my Mom, thanks guys for asking both (Mom and bro) are much better, the past days have been a bit harsh but at some point everything is going back in the right track.
Yesterday I had a coffee with a nice friend and I guess I was really tired from the recent days because I was sleeping at some parts of the conversation with my friend, poor her She understood totally my situation and from what I know She will invite me dinner next week and well after all the turmoil I am just planning to devote the whole day of tomorrow that by the way is a freeday to SLEEP and TO SLEEP!.
In case you ask, Yes, I bought this mask last time I went to Las Luchas, Mistico was so nice to sign it!
I already bought my tickets for next fight!!!!!! and YES!!! DR. WAGNER is against ATLANTIS, I realy hope I have a great time next Tuesday, in fact I have tickets for the first row...Yay!!!!!
I need to SLEEP so see you in two days with a report on the work I am working on!!!

Enjoy the photos I posted!!! :)

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Cords and Championships.

Have a great day!

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Cords and Championships.

Great Day!

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rough Day and Tough Day.

Well I went to Las Luchas yesterday so I hope to post some images today late night or tomorrow, I have to say that for the first time in ages I did not like the way Mistico fought and everybody started shouting at him "Fraud, Fraud..!". Just imagine how lame it was the fight, He is a great fighter but He was protecting himself too much...anyway, after the usual hamburgers with the Family I returned home and My Mom started feeling bad again so We spent the night over the hospital till 8 am and to add more sick people, my younger brother had an infection on his hear so He was in the hospital too.
They said She had a bone in a bad place and They ordered a radiography, She had her lungs a bit swallen and some black spots appeared on the study so the doctor told her to stop smoking.
I was asked today to draw a benefit piece for something I will comment in the following days and it is my pleasure to help.
I was planning to go to Mexico City this Friday to Las Luchas but accordingly to the friend I was going with and from two militars I have a friendship, We agree not to go there because of the political situation in fact and off the record one of the them was in told that They (army) will control the riots in a very hard way, I can not comment more on what they told me but it is really concerning.
I am a little tired and tomorrow I need to wake up really early to buy some tickets and to cash and save some money.

Have a great Day!!

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Little Conspiracy.

Pedro L. Lopez a great friend, partner, my writer and secretary of the AACE is informing us the several projects He is starting to move and get them into the light of publishing.
This December, the editorial Arkadin, will publish the book SCREAMS, and here you can see more info fandecómix.
The same printing company will publish a book with the subject From Comics to Movies and from CUPULA, The great Pedro L. Lopez will launch the serie Belvedere written by him and drawn by Jordi Bayarri.
And to finish He is trying to gather a project with Sergio Ariño called TENEBRE!!

Great luck to you Pedro I hope our In Nomine sees the light too and also the other projects I hope We will do in the long run....I am really happy for you... Hurrrayyyyyyy!!!!!!
Pedro has been working really hard to get things his way and I am sure next year will be his year..finally effort pays off!!! Yay!!!!

Info in Spanish.
Pedro López, socio y secretario la AACE, nos informa de sus numerosos proyectos que, muy pronto, verán la luz.Este Diciembre, la editorial Arkadin, publicará el libro SCREAMS, del que podéis obtener más información en la web de los amigos fandecómix . La misma editorial nos brindará, de la mano de Pedro (y de su incansable pluma) un nuevo libro en el que se tratará el controvertido tema de ¨Cómics llevados al cine¨.¡Pero esto no es todo! Hablemos, pues, de cómics. En el terreno de la BD pronto disfrutaremos, gracias a La Cúpula, de la serie ¨Belvedere¨(guión de Pedro López, dibujo de Jordi Bayarri). Esta serie constará de cuatro episodios, pero ya podemos conocer el nombre de los dos primeros: "El Cáliz rojo" y "El Toro Sagrado".En el campo de los "posibles" cabe destacar los esfuerzos por llevar adelante otro nuevo proyecto comiquero, bajo el nombre de "Ténebre", en colaboración con el genial Sergio Ariño.

Have a great day!

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Monday, November 27, 2006

The Joke was on me.

Carlos is damn cute, isn´t He?. Well,I was using this weekend for some things mainly to start having some plans for the future, I still haven´t heard anything from a proposal a friend and I have in reviews to be approved, I am more than sure that it will happen, just a matter of time and only when everything has thumbs up I will start blogging about it, in the meantime let me give you and inside of what are facts and what will happen by the mid part of 2007.
I always wanted my artwork to start being published overseas, and well next year Spain, USA, Italy and France are my priorities, and for a funny situation, I guess in 2007 my work will be also published over Argentina. I have two proposals in Argentina, both of them from some solid and great colectives and that is great because I can explore some ideas I have on my mind and well I am showing the dummy cover of a HORROR title I will write and draw called PIEL in English "Flesh" as soon as I have something more to show I will do so. I also started a comission for a friend of mine and I will finish it by next week and mailing it flat straight to my friend.
Have a great day!

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dave Cockrum passed away!

[ From Newsarama : 11-26-2006, 04:55 PM ]
According to several sources, legendary X-Men and comic book artist Dave Cockrum passed away in his sleep last night, his death a result of diabetes and its resultant complications. He was 63 years old.
Cockrum, a fixture of the American Comics scene in the ‘70s was born in Oregon to a father who was a lieutenant colonel in the US Air Force. As a result, Cockrum traveled frequently as a child, which allowed comic books to provide some semblance of stability from city to city.
Following his father into the military, Cockrum served in the Navy for six years following high school, and then entered comics and publishing, first at Warren Publishing, and then as an assistant inker to Murphy Anderson at DC Comics.
It was during this period that Cockrum’s art became known with the Legion of Super-Heroes, helping them to move from their Silver Age roots into a more modern look.While his Legion work is widely known to Legion fans, Cockrum will forever be known as the artist who, with Len Wein, and later with Chris Claremont, created the new X-Men, and redefined both the existing characters and revitalized the world of the mutants and the franchise for Marvel. Cockrum had two major stints as artist on Uncanny X-Men, from Giant-Size X-Men #1 in 1975 through 1977, and then from 1981-1983.
Though he had worked less and less in comics in recent years, Cockrum had never left the hearts of his fans, as they rallied around him when it was announced in 2004 that he was seriously ill due to complications from diabetes and pneumonia. A benefit book and action was held, while Marvel Comics announced that it would pay Cockrum retroactively for his work in design and co-creation of the new X-Men.
According to Clifford Meth, a family friend of Dave and his wife, Patty, there is no information about a funeral service at this time.
According to his wishes, Cockrum will be cremated, and those wishing to send messages to Patty are asked to e-mail them to: rather than calling.
Rest in Piece Mr Cockrum!.

Sad News!! :(


Those electric evil eyes!

The first is the flyer of a presentation the nice group Electrocute will have in MEXICO in Tentaculo Bar, this December 1st in the City of Mexico, I am still thinking if going or not, I know that there are 70% of chances I go to Mexico that day but to go to Las Luchas, a friend of mine promised me to go with me, so If I can I will convince him and go to see the chicks of Electrocute there!!
And this is my recommedation of the day!!!...It is not because of her eyes, it is more because of her music!!!.
Melanie Pain has a great sour tone of voice! French girlie girl!!!!

Have a great Day!!


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Project: KILLOLA ))

This is a kind of behind the scenes!!
This is the preliminar talking to KILLOLA (yes the amazing band Sergio and I like!!!!!) to start having our own brainstorming and because of that I am keeping some information reserved to us.
I have sent the rough sketches so We can define the right choice or the possible solution based on the previous work.
These rough sketches are for me a simple way to send some ideas and at the same time not to waste time and effort.
I have 4 options but these options can be melted into one or can be the first step for another idea KILLOLA or I come up with.
I already have my fave but it is up to Lisa, Dan, Mike and Johnny from KILLOLA to choose the right option.

I imagine Lisa sitting on the grave while the rest of the guys are behind her, not necessarily standing still in fact we can think in the way you will be portrayed but I would like everybody at least for option one to look at the front part of the camera or in this case the Cover.
Lisa can be holding a gun, or a bat or whatever She may like.
The grave will be showcased in the way to say that you damaged the friggin grave..

It is a similar version the first one but it is more concentraded on the look of you guys, Lisa is embracing the grave with a bad ass look and you guys in the same attitude at her back.
As some of you might notice I am triying in both options to create for the viewer a triangle shape that permits me to concentrate the attention in what is the main motto of the design!!
In the grave You can also tell me If you have an epitaph to design over the grave.
The idea has to be as IRONICAL AS POSSIBLE.!!!

This works as a gag, You guys are attending a funeral and while everybody is mourning the loss, you are just having the ball and making fun of them!.

This is a sarcastic version and you are in the cemetery and looking to a digged hole where the grave is going to be and you guys are pointing at the hole trying to say that MAYBE THE NEXT ONE IS YOU!!

Normally the rough ideas look childish but as soon as We agree on which is the best option, You will start to see the drawings in a more professional way.

Thanks again to KILLOLA!!!!

Have a great Day!!

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Friday, November 24, 2006


David Lafuente is one of those guys who I really admire and only and just because of his storytelling...yes, David is the Nice and Insane guy who likes to draw a whole comic in 24 hours!!!
Check his new project aside Pedro J. Colombo and Aintzane Landa.

Good Luck David!!


Plastic Phony Patitos.

Since yesterday these two political cartoons appear in La Kodorniz in my section, I will work on the new cartoons by tomorrow Saturday!
I hope you guys like it!!

Remember to keep visiting daily

Have a great day!!


Do not screw things up by thinking negatively.

First things first!
You are right June, I mean to watch the movie Toi et Moi way!! But to watch it to see different approaches to movies it was really fun.
Amigo Sergio I am so happy you like KILLOLA!
Stay tuned for the news on the Cover work for them!!!
Dadicus great to see your lately coloring work!!
Amigo Nik....I just saw the mail today so I hope to get in touch in a couple of days!!
Wondy as usual an eternal thank you!!
Heather I am working this weekend on what We talked lately!!.
Christina I am responding in this week to your mail!
Chuck.....I am so happy to hear from you again!!!
Dan I hope everything is going well and that you are much better!!

Well the tittle was the recommendation that my spiritual guide gave me yesterday and I will follow the advice, and in fact I have been much better and with less pressure...I was talking 3 days ago with my teacher and advisor of my thesis and I will have the Xmas vacation to get done with my Thesis~Monography. So according to him I need to check the paper work I need over the first days of Dec or the last week of Nov, so in January to have all the paper required to start the tramit of my thesis, and my main goal is to get it done by December 20th, and not to worry any longer about it so I can get involved in my comic and design work the first week of Jan.
I even talked to a nice friend and He will kindly pass my plans into Autocad so I will work on my Monography without worries on that matter.
Mom is a little sick again but I hope She recovers soon in her posibilities.. She suffers some neurophaties complicated with artritis and diabetes!.
And I was promised some comic work from some great friends so everything is going really Damn Fine!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Toi & Moi 2006

I was invited by a friend who is really nice as a person and used to live in France for a while to watch a movie.
It is a chick flick and quite corny...I mean If you are used to the way french people tell stories this is a nice option. I had a nice time even from the fact of the usage of some corny photo montage part of the way of telling the story.
The script was good in fact I have to recognize some (two lines to be specific) incredible clever lines on the script.
The movie is Toi et Moi 2006.
The director is Julie Lopes Curval.

I am warning you it is not for every taste and probably some might say that the movie in directing aspects is quite lame but I can not complain at least it was not like the regular french ending where I just finish confused as hell.

Have a great day!!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Classical Music??? Really?

Over the weekend I was watching a program from the BBC talking about the Mozart Effect and in fact I remembered a conversation I had with a nice friend of mine (teacher and shrink) and told me about the benefits of listening to Mozart specially the K. 484! (I still need to find it!)
So yesterday I was in the mood to buy a CD and well I got my first classical music ever, I guess I selected my buying very well because I have always had a strange fascination for the Clavichord and the Salterio and this gem came to my hands.
I have to say that believe it or not has soothed me.
I know my taste in music is good and to be honest for the classical music I am just a newbie or a wanabe so I do not even understand too much about classical music, I only know I like Wagner,the music from the virreinato from my country, some of the Japanese Opera done in the 50s and now Mozart.
The CD is called THE SECRET MOZART and the artist is the german Christopher Hogwood.

So that is my recommendation of the Day!!

About me well I hope in the following days to post about it!!

I also bought a book to use it in my Monography called SPAZI PER LAVORARE so this weekend was my intellectual weekend. hahaha!!
And I received a book from a friend of mine to prepare my classes using the four skills of knowledge called Gimnasia Cerebral and I want to start using it!.

Take care!


Monday, November 20, 2006

My Little Conspiracy and KILLOLA NEWS

Well today in the morning I was sending my recommendations of the day...right?.

I have GREAT NEWS.!!!!!!!

KILLOLA is now working in the new Cd they are doing and from what I know they are recording it by now and part of 2007.
The good news is that in the following Weeks I will be designing something for them and I hope that for their new CD!.

So expect news on how I develop the Music Artwork for KILLOLA here in this place!!

And thanks to KILLOLA (especially Lisa!!!)...You rock guys!!



Well knowing that many of my friends are showing theirs pieces of the Catalog 5O YEARS OF CAPITAN TRUENO.
Sergio Bleda has an amazing piece done by him.!!!!
Remember the presentation is in Almeria, Spain over the 24th and 26th of Nov.
Scroll down to check the information!
I know some of you have already seen the piece but I just could not help loading the image again!!

Great day!!

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Terra Naomi.

My last recommendation of the Day!

Lovely music!!

Have a great day!!

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Emilie Autumn

Damn I love the work this evil naughty girl does!!!!
Send one of those at home!!

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My first recommendation of today!
Nice band!!
And the girl really cute!!

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Love for Dummies: Now is the Age. Ha!

This is not what I was about to post today but something happened to me and well it is just confirming everything and nothing again about my lovelife.
Yesterday, I entered to check my mails (btw I have tons of mails to answer back) and as I know I NEVER enter to the Messenger mainly because I do not have the time or the willing to do so, but yesterday while trying to recover from my back ( I have a severe pain in the back mainly for being in my classes all the time standing up, btw I will enter into my normal eating regimen tomorrow).
Well the case is that I entered into the chat room and I saw someone that I haven´t seen in ages, I have to add that I know this girl since She was 15 years, literally!!, now She is in her nineteens or twenties, and what I was amazed from her was the fact of being a really nice girl and intelligent, I can say the word AMAZINGLY SMART, and really earth centered in few words I always thought that If I ever had a child girl I would love to raise her as the girl I am mentioning.
I can not totally say I had a crushed on her it was more like an admiration, I mean I know I have my own boundaries and in this case I have to say that I liked this girl in a nice way.
Well in the track of the conversation She just told me that I was one of her platonic loves since We met eachother, and for the first time I didn´t know what to do or how to react.
I mean, I have also to say that I guess by now She might be really gorgeous because when I met her She was cute... but as far as I know The age was the issue for her to tell me her feelings in the past...and now well time has passed and that itch She had for me just faded away or at least the intention to start something.
So my regular question comes..why the people who loves me, or sees who I am truthfully or has a crush on me has a problem or maybe the situation it is not the right one or for instance in this case the issue is the age?.
She also said that If I were her age She would be crazily in love with me!!!

Hahahahahah!!! Who might wonder that, right?

See you tomorrow!!

In case you ask me about what I will do MY ANSWER IS : NOTHING. :) (I guess it is just a matter of common sense) :)

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Sr. Blue.

This is the Third Chapter of the Adventures of Sr. Blue and that will be published tomorrow or the next day after tomorrow by La Kodorniz as usual.
I wanted to show here something different in the work and as a bonus the Cover.

Enjoy the Day!!

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Just a Matter of Life.

Firstable a warm hello to all of you guys!!

Secondly to answer some questions:
Antonio Torres: Yes, my favorite wrestlers are Dr. Wagner and Blue Demon Jr, I really like the way they are with the audience. I have to say that Mistico, Santo and Maximo are really cool and nice.
About Rocket Girl well you need to wait till 2007 when it hits the newstands over February or March . Nik and I have great plans with Rocket Girl, Luchador! and The Chalice of Dracula and some other ideas We have for the long run.
Also the work I will get involved again with Pedro L. Lopez, Ron Fortier, Victor Alos, Oscar Camarero (I really like the writing of Oscar and I can not wait to get us in a project, I hope He wants us to do something together), Nick from the Shrivers Anthology and now David Braña, and two more guys that sent me some movie scripts and scripts to convert into a comic and without mentioning the secret great project We (a friend of mine and I) are waiting to be approved soon!

I know I have been quite silent over the weeks but there are some reasons mainly I guess I hit bottom again in terms of personal matters, I am happy in my job but not really satisfied and to be honest the couple of months have been really demanding from them and I haven´t had time to rest or to devote time to me, specially knowing I am still behind schedule with my Monography, thankfully I have advanced something over the weeks but I am still behind and I hope next week to see my teacher and finally ask for the advice about the proper way to end up the Monography, it is scary to know what to do but not really how to do it!. That is the way I have been feeling lately.
I will dedicate tomorrow and Monday to draw the plans for the Monography so over the weekend to ask a friend of mine to pass the plans in Autocad (Due to my job I do not have time to do it myself), and to use wisely the time to continue working in the written Monography.
Probably another reason I was not posting more was that I have seen many people getting into the blog and I was a little hesitant to talk about me in more personal matters but to be honest I say to myself...what the heck?. This is my own tiny place to face my demons and I will talk about me and what makes me who I am as a person and as an artist.
Plus, I have been so busy with my Monography and my daily job that I have been turning my personal and love life to ZERO.
For the first time in ages I miss getting laid as I used to and besides that the main missing is not to have someone to share what I am and care. (Expect a Love for Dummies for a complete report over tomorrow).
Also I have been suffering from insomnia again because of the load of work and helping family, also I am a little stressed out because there are some decisions from some other people that will affect me in a good way mainly professionally, but till not knowing the resolutions I can not even talk about it or even want to think about it. I just will let time do the talking.
I will use some hours of tomorrow to work on my next political cartoon and for a comission I am really eager to start because it is for a very nice friend of mine...thanks in case you are reading this!! :)

I have started talking to many people about future work and well it seems next year will be a great year for me.
About love life need to wait till tomorrow..because I am almost leaving to give some classes to my family and friends.

Take care and thank you so much for asking How I am!!
I really appreciate it!!


Friday, November 17, 2006

Insominia and Misteries.

I can not sleep!
So I decided to start my X-mas gifts for the year and I started with this piece of Rey Misterio Jr. that is for one of my brothers who really likes him!
I still do not know at what time I will sleep today, maybe I am just thinking and overthinking about something too much!

Great Day!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

The New Coach.

At last!
Hugo Sanchez Marquez has that kind of prophet tongue.He always wanted to be the coach of the Mexican Selection and today He has been elected.
This is going to be his great Triumph of His worst Failure... I just hope He works instead of talking...!
I am happy with the decision but I am a little hesitant.
Just time will tell!


Post Scriptum.

Guys tomorrow I will answer the posts and I will try to talk about the things going on recently..btw
Thank you as always to Wondy and to June!!
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