Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Orphans and Bytes.

The great guys at Calico Electronico have a new cartoon with the substitute of Calico and Niki his sidekick has to chose the new guy on the next corner.

Sorry but the link is in spanish!! Enjoy!!

Have a great day!!


The Devil is taking names.

My computer will be home this weekend!!!! Yay!!! Finally!!
Before going to sleep I was talking to my teacher the one I am working for the Workshop and I was telling him that for the Monography to get my degree I am going to design the interior space of the office of my brother and I told him I will use MURALISM, that means I will paint a mural in the office and obviously I will load the whole process in designing the pieces 3 in total so I will load the final idea concept and hopefully in less of a year to start painting the mural in his place and also I told him I wan to use Medieval Symbology and Esoterica (similar to what Hindu Architects are doing by using Vaastu spaces that is the basics to Fen Shui in the design of the office and I got the PERMIT!!!!!!
I will update this post tomorrow because I am going to bed now!!

Great day to all of you!!


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Liberate te ex inferis

Today was my last day of my Social Service and I had received my letter of liberation from the Goverment office and after almost 3 or 4 weeks of being busy as hell with the planification program I am finally done.
We, our team, worked these weeks so hard that We slept almost 12 hours a week and weekends were just to stay up till 6 in the morning and start again at was really hard but I am finally over it!! Yay!!!! And I am proud of the results of this Urban Planification.
I still have not received my computer home but I hope this week to have everything solved, and about love life....well June I will do what you suggested me once, to write a LETTER.
So by Friday I will give and scope on that....

Have a great time and see you in some days!!!

I am free!!!!!!! No more sleeping late well at least not from Architecture..Yay!!!!


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tabula rasa

In some hours the new installment of La Kodorniz will be out!!
Number 47!!

Enjoy the political work written and drawn by truly yours!!

I am not writing till Monday or Tuesday because I am still working on the Urban Planification but I am really near to get done with it!!! Yay!!
Wish me luck and see you pretty damn soon!!


Miles Gloriosus

Sad News the greatest inker, artist, and author ALEX TOTH has passed away at seven on the morning of May 27th.

Sad news because He is one of my all time favorite artists!!
A real legend and a Great Soldier!!


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dum vixi tacui, mortua dulce cano.

"Living, I was mute, dead, I sweetly sing."

Tiny notes..... I have not received my computer home yet, probably around Monday or Thursday and If a lucky strike comes over the weekend.
I have so many things to say but short time.
Days are busy as hell two days ago I was working overnight on the project and hopefully by this weekend to end once and for all the project. I am quite happy specially for the effects of this project because it is going to help the zone and the greatest part is to help in the dark.
I was talking to one of my friends and We will have a meeting on June 8th to talk about spirituality and things that have been bothering me over these months only to concentrate my path because as I was telling her it really concerns me about not knowing if continue looking for love or just to wait love to knock my heart.
What She could tell me with the little time was that I have to complete the circles and as soon as I can to get back to my steady process of learning and She again confirmed some things I knew from long (things that I will talk in some months because right now it is not the moment to do so), the great part is from what I learned is that I need to keep listening and trying to help people around me and also to have my voice listened and that I am in good track in fact some results are coming ahead.

So well sleep tight and I hope to start loading material (Some writing,drawing and painting) over next week!!


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ars longa, vita brevis

I really love this expression that means ART IS LONG AND LIFE IS SHORT

I will devote again the space to promote friends or to recommend sites I normally enjoy to read.

Borja Crespo
Javier Olivares
Planeta Pop

Teddy Kristiansen
Dave Johnson (my favorite site in terms of design)
Jeff Matsuda
Mike Wieringo
Casey Jones
J. Scott Campbell
Sun of Gelatometti

Wondy the Ginger Storm!!
Pinky June
The lovely blanket of my inner orange desires!
La Chula Nuala.


Monday, May 22, 2006

In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas

Well I have just slept some hours in over two days and I am about leavinG my house to continue working on the memory of the Urban Planification that We need to finish in less than 3 days.
Imagine 3 people working with two computers (their computers, I am getting mine in some days) and not going anywhere but inside my house working on that (aspirines and cokes are good I never thought they really work and they do).
So I am still behind schedule on working with the notes of the Workshop but hopefully this is my last busy week.
About red head...well long story for another day!!

A little change I was told some minutes ago that today is resting day and tomorrow We will continue with the plan and project and very possible that next Saturday and Sunday will be the same heavy workload and again this will be the last hard week. Yay!!
So my pillow is now waiting for me!!!!

Thank you to all people concerned for me and for the mails sent my way.

See ya and expect over this week new work to show.

Great day and nite!!


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Love Equals Death in Minor Strokes

Well news and fast ones...
As you have noticed number 45 from La Kodorniz had an involuntary problem so it was published on Wednesday, well now it is number 46 out!!
So please be my guest and enjoy the new strip of Bodoque and a funny strange character.
Ricardo Thank you.. Thank.. you ...Thank you!!!!! I will send you a mail by Friday!!

About work I have not finished the project yet and it seems it will be a long long long night, from the timings We were working We suffered a delay so it means that I will be the next 3 days working at night and also trying to get done with the notes in the following mornings from my Workshop where I have a tiny delay and I need to combine this with my new teaching schedule and a private class I have.
Thanks God this will be the last busiest week of my life at least in terms of my career.

About Love Life well I will try to start talking about the whole scope on my classes and red head and cell phone girl but till next Friday when I receive my computer at home...Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!

So If nothing wrong happens by Friday I will start snooping around here with a lot of things to talk and report.

Great day!!!


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cruel jokes at my expense.

I will get my computer the early days of next week and this is probably my last post of the week due to the load of work I have from the Workshop and the Urban Planification.
Well today my friend called me to let me know that I will give classes to red head and cell phone girl for sure you can imagine how dumb I feel now...anyway I will just give my class and that is all. Funny how life insist in mocking at me...
I got the photos of my nephew but until I get my computer back I will post them.
Thanks June for the words...

I have some minutes to write this.
There is nice girl (that usually posts on another blog from a great fella and dude Treviño) that is really concerned about getting into the comic medium and I thought that these lines will be helpful to her and others (If I have some time I will translate them into spanish). I sent the same lines to an old friend of mine who was concerned on the same matter.

These lines can be useful for any profession but I will focus in the Comics.

1.-Define what is what you want to reach and obtain in the medium.
Make a list of all the activities you want to do in the comic industry and also why do you want to do them. It would be great if you write down 10 goals and chose only 3 of them just to concentrate your effort.
Be especific about Where do you want to work, where is the right place to move and what are the relations you need to get what you want.
Try to scribe (write down) the plans and goals as objective and accurate as possible. Be especific.

2.-What do you want to achieve? Personally and professionally.
Consider the resources you need and ask yourself If you already have them and If not how are you going to get them.
Define the question... How will I know that I reach the objective and goal? So you can have a clear idea on when to stop and reagroup the next plan.

3.-Take care and protect your goals
When you make the list always write them in a positive way if you write them in a negative way your brain will not accept what you are trying to accomplish.
All the planning will depend on only You and nobody else do not depend on others to obtain what you want. (You are going to depend on the approval of others but I am talking about your work and your craft do not expect others to encourage you or to tell you your flaws).
Stablish goals that are possible to reach (not small one but not so big that at the end only frustration arises).

4.-Make sure of.
To be willing to SACRIFICE and TO PAY THE PRICE from chosing to be a comic creator.
Watch out about the way you and your decision IMPACTS OTHERS. Make sure If you are okey about the way your decisions will affect your beloved ones.
If you follow all of this the main point is coherency and also that you have a big amount of Harmony that will built up your Essence. And by default you will learn your limits and accept them.

To be a comic creator is a hard decision to make...

Have a great day!!


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Vaudeville laughs.

Quick lines as usual and I guess by next week to finally get my computer home.
Wondy and June thanks a lot for being so great to me, and I appreciate Wondy you wrote those lines in spanish...I understood the core of the lines and I appreciate that.
Kino mail me to send you the address.
Nik do me a favor...prepare the scripts 3 and 4 and send them next week to my mail...So I can start as soon as possible with the scheduling of Rocket Girl!! Yaaaaayyy!!!!!

News....My nephew is already born!!!!!
His name is Carlos (Charles) so I hope to load some photos over this week or next.
I will be really busy this week We have not finished with the work from the urban Planification because there is a lot of information missing so this week will be hell and now I got a tight really tight schedule because I still need to finish with another week of the notes from the Workshop so well I am just enjoying my last day of quasi resting.

Well love life notes for you all (thanks for asking Wondy) after all what happened with red head and the other girl I just got that sour taste in my mouth and now I am just in the mood of not really caring or wanting anything with Anyone, I am not even with that eagerness of seeing or looking for someone, not for now or for the long term, I mean I was really affected in fact I gain some pounds that I will lose over the month and I do not like that for sure.

(I think I will be open to love but not looking for now) For what I am going to comment, my friend from the school where I work just called me some minutes ago to inform me about my new 2 groups the ironical part is that in one of the groups is going to be red head, so I will take this as my job and not caring if She is there or not, but I am now calling a friend of mine so She can reach red head and the cell phone girl so they both know that I will be probably around, it will sound stupid what I am saying but for now I am more concerned in the fact of not affecting the learning of red head, so I am telling the mutual friend to tell her that I will just be there giving my class and giving the best I have as a teacher and only that, I just decided to block everything from my mind so She can be open to accept the teaching because I know how minds work and when there is someone you do not trust (you already know what happened girls) the same happens in relation to getting knowledge or learning from.
Ironic, is not it?

Great time!!!


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pipis y Gallas.

Guys tiny lines again but hopefully in about 9 days everything comes to normality.

I am sorry for not catching up with loading images of the advances from new work of friends but I will add the links till I have time to load the images.

Well Raul Treviño one of the few guys here in my country who is just as nice and great person as his work is and now is celebrating that his Novelty and Opera Prima in terms of long story is going to be out for sale over the Salon de Comic de Barcelona.

You deserve the great things coming your way Raul!!

also the great Paco Najera is with a new baby comic for sale that is TARTESSOS.
He continues with the second chapter of TARTESSOS.
Even Saramago the great writer is in notice of this great pal!!

Now my turn as usual tomorrow you will have the next installment of Bodoque, I am ending the Saga of Sr. Blue and Capuchitas to continue with the regular story with the kids on the strip.
So enjoy tomorrow Number 45 of La Kodorniz !!!!!!!!

Today I did the English Exam from my school and I am sure I will pass it, also I am waiting for a letter from the Goverment office where I am doing my Social Service to inform the School that I have ended my Social Service (I am still working on the project and by may 24th to get done with it)...One step closer to finish my studies of Architercture...yaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!

Great frigging day!!!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Negatio e Affirmatio

Quick lines as usual but some of them are nice ones!
Please Kino send me a mail to send you the info and sorry for the delay but you have seen I have been without a way to reach people.
Today is Mother's day here and well My Mom could not celebrate it with all of us, because one of my bothers is out of town because his wife is expecting a baby, so probably in some days there will be another Hernandez in this great and cruel world....!!!
I am now writing the report for the Urban Planification and on Friday We have the first revision to the project and in less of 10 days We have the deadline I am happy because I will get over with my Social Service and only devote myself to the Workshop and the Monography that I have to finish to finally get my degree in Architecture.
I need to pay over this week the Exam of second language that I will have on Saturday!.
Starting next month I will start my networking again and start planning the last part of the year to kick ass and get full time and full life into creating comics.
In about 7 or 8 days computer will be finally home...I have some new art to share so stay tune.
I have painted the cover for the project Wicth and I will have a kind of contest with it.

Have a great day and kisses and hugs to everyone!!


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Unholy Relique.

Quick lines...
Tomorrow is the new installment of Bodoque and I have to say I am quite happy with the result! 3 pages.
I have not solved the situation with the computer but I had the chance to send the collaboration so please be my guest and check tomorrow the new number of La Kodorniz. Number 44!!

Enjoy the day!!
And thank you to the people who are just around and caring for me...!!!


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Post Mortem from the Resurrected.

Long time without posting...right? Well I continue in limbo terms.
No computer for about two more weeks. Hello to everybody and thanks for the words!!!
These are the tiny updates.
I am trying to advance more workload from the Workshop, I have redone the information that was lost from the computer break, and I have advanced the material for May 20th I hope over these 3 days to get done with the material that the teacher will show by May 27th.
Because there are so many probabilities that by this Saturday and the next two weeks to be devoted only to get done with the Urban Planification. I have two deadlines one that will be for the director to check the material around the 13th or 14th and the last one that is about the 23rd of this very month. So wish me luck to get everything on time! I have not heard from my team mates so hopefully by tomorrow or Friday to know exactly their whereabouts.
I have not gone out from my house for about 5 days so tomorrow it will be my first day into the sidewalks...I need to send some paper to get paid and have money to pay for the fix of my computer.
Love life well not even a tiny mini advance... I do not want to give up but I guess it is maybe the smartest thing to do for now... I got a mail from an ex (she is incredible!!!!..I mean I do not see my path with her but I can totally recognize She is a great girl) In case you ask me why not to return to her...well I never come back to a relation, I am afraid to reply the mail, because after We broke up that is about 6 years of more We have not seen eachother in total I guess 10 mails in over these years and just one or two times to talk face to face but last time was 4 years ago, I do not want to harm her...(She wrote a cheerful mail asking me for what I have been done all this time and She was expecting me to finally be working in an American company, married with tons of children and happy and I dunno know what to answer to her) Maybe I am overthinking as usual but I mean for the first time in many years and after what it has been with the last attempts to have a nice relation I guess now I am a little fed up and not looking for now to get or bump into a relation.
That is what I did not wind up but I do not want to complex my life more I had enough with feeling like an ass about red head and my perspectives and feelings.
I asked again a friend to use his computer and He was nice to let me do so..well I had to pay buying him some beers (No, I am not drinking with him).
Great day and see in some days or about a week.

I really miss you guys and also blogging...

Hugs and kisses