Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Buster Keaton...finishing the month.

This is my last Nostalgia time from the month!! I hope in a couple of months to do something similar with some Icons I like but now from the pop mexican culture.
I have to say that from all the comedy men of the silent era, I consider Buster keaton was the best, I still do not believe the kind of grace he had and the real athlete this man was!!
I hope one day to become a Damfino..what is a Damfino??.
Go and check this place!!..Best.JESUS ANTONIO
Movies from this guy I like.
The General


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Monday, August 30, 2004

Another one!!

Today was a simple day I already sent to mail office all the stuff I needed to send, catch up some mails and have time to draw.
This is the official site in case you guys want to have some fun!!

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Charlie Chaplin and a good freakin day!!!

Today has been a good day indeed..In some few hours I will send my submissions, some gifts to a very good friend of mine in UK, and a piece of art I was owing to send.
I was also in a good mood to do this during the night, yeah You might guess I was watching a silent movie from Charlie Chaplin and I got inspired.
Today I watched.
Dog`s life
The Cure
I also received two good mails with some news good ones in terms of reinforcing my idea that I have a good bunch of friends....Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO
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Friday, August 27, 2004

Nosferatu time!!!

This also another of my favorite movies ever!!..This movie is a really cult one done by F.W Murnau.
This link has a good summary of why Nosferatu is one of the greatest horror movie I have ever seen.


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Thursday, August 26, 2004

AVENGERS Submission in process..!!

Color cover for my submission I will send this time.!!.
If you have some time drop by this incredible site, it has some of the Best silver age covers.
Have a god creative day!!!.JESUS ANTONIO Posted by Hello

Yesterday was almost a lame day!!

Have you ever been in a open argument that you do not really want to be part of it?
Well I was yesterday in one.....
I define myself as a guy who prefers to be out of conflict, because there is not even a nice way to finish something thas has started badly.
I am starting to abhor my daily 3 jobs (non comic related,giving classes), sad is the only way to continue getting money till I hit big with comics.
And also the funny thing is that I was not even interested in giving answers to the person(the stupid argument I had yesterday), I mean ...I am starting to learn that I have no right to start giving answers to people, I am not trying to say I feel quite mature, not in that way but with the track of the years you start developing a nice way to see life, and I still believe I am not entitled to give answers and how`s to a person that is not even respecting you.
I also learnt to set a limit and not let people know how to attack me, there is the old spanish saying "Das la mano y te agarran la pata" ("You give the hand to help and instead of that you are grabbed by the feet to make you fumble").
Well I can not believe drawing continues being my refugee, I guess you have an idea of the great pleasure that means to use a pencil or a brush, after this crazy day I returned home and finish the last page before sending my regular submissions hoping to get it this time!!
I already posted the image so I hope you liked the detail...as soon as I send the packages I will start posting the work I sent!..have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Submission....keeping busy!!!

I am finishing my last and third page for the submission I am preparing so wish me luck!!!..JESUS ANTONIO Posted by Hello

Monday, August 23, 2004

Kill Bill

Quentin Tarantino`s films are also part of what I like to see.
In case you have some time visit his official site. I still need to see number 2!!!.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004


In case you do not know that I have a great love for Silent Movies since being a little young boy, My grandmother used to have the great idea of getting me into the great fun of comedy short films and later on I got deep into other kind of movies specially noir sense of design.
I remember my first films I watched were the flicks from Stan Laurel and Hardy, Charles Caplin, Buster Keaton (in my humble opinion the best comedy actor),Harold Loyd (I still remember the classic scene where He is hanging from the long hand of a big clock!).

And I gotta confess that one of my best movies was Metroplis filmed by Fritz Lang and I can say one of the best german directors that ever existed. And his silent work is incredible!.

In case you want to know more about him go to this place.

And to learn about Metropolis there is this beautiful Brazilian site.
If you start knowing about my work you might recognize many elements used by him that I really want to use and evolve.His sense of design is Awesome!!

Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Saturday, August 21, 2004

This is our new title from Pickle Press!!Nik Havert is the writer, I am the penciler and Joe Fuentes is the inker with a beautiful lettering done by Tim Shea!! Wow!! what a goodway to start the day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO Posted by Hello

Rocket Girl number one!! only to fresh up your memory...JESUS ANTONIO Posted by Hello

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Page two..!! inked and drawn by me. Posted by Hello

Music,people !!!

I am including another page (number two of the project).
I am quite happy with the line work I got, I am not really satisfied I gotta confess but I am sure people might like the final result, tomorrow I am organizing everything, some calls and some mails to friends and hopefully I will send the work on Monday to the writer (Pedro L. Lopez) and If everything works this will get into the hands of a nice person in Spain to letter the work.

And now I will start to work full time to the project that My Dear friend Nik and I have (The luchador!),and prepare the Cult!.

Today was a good day, I bumped into some people I never expected to see again down the street! and I need to catch up some mails.

I started again to listen to my CD`s and In case some wants to listen to my fave list now is..

The yeah,yeah,yeahs.
Kelis (I can get that friggin song "trick me" out of my head)
Mando Diao (this group really rocks!!).

About other music that I want to buy....
Massive attack
Faithless (the song weapon of mass destruction is great)
Franz Ferdinand
Morrisey (the single that is in UK is quite good)
The Streets

have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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Okey I hope to have done everything tomorrow morning, I got an stupid delay because I got sick!!..here is the design of the cover!!..Have a good day!!..JESUS ANTONIO Posted by Hello

Monday, August 16, 2004

When to stop?!

Today was a lazy day I was honestly I little tired so I decided to use the day to just rest.
I received a nice message from a good friend (I hope to answer the message to him tomorrow..thanks buddy!!), and gave me a nice topic to rant.

Q.When to stop?.

Well I mean not to stop pursuing the goal to be a comic book creator, is more about what is the real motif that makes you want to continue creating, One of the things I learned since some time ago and I guess was proved again with the mail I received.
When you decide to draw,ink or write and You really want to do it professionally, sometimes the motif is the one that can help you reach the goal and keep at it.
For example I have seen over the years incredible artists stopping their careers just because the motif was economical and instead of having more and better work they like to nurture themselves in the big harms of doing what they are said to do or follow what they think is their mark or style, so they lose the Fire that helps you continue with.
My point is that If you really know what you are and also what you really want to do with the medium then it wouldn`t be any way to Stop you.
That is the spark that some artists just have or do not have, the ability to try to surprise THEMSELVES everytime!!.
If you expect everytime the recognition to what you do You won`t evolve, set your standards of quality and also what you are really expecting from the medium.
The best encouragment comes from within.....Have a great day!!!

A.If your motif is a real one You will undertand that you will never stop no matter what is around.

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

This is part of page one inked and drawn by me!! I am starting page two so there are two more left!! Posted by Hello

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Eating at home!!!

Well I had sometime to load a detail of the inking I am doing, I am in a little rush because I have a couple of days to finish 3 pages more(I already started one so I hope to have 2 at the end of the afternoon tomorrow), I am sure I will do it.
I am afraid a little because is my fist time I ever ink bluelines over my own work, and the material (paper) is not the best it bleeds the ink so fast and doesn`t get as I want so I will use some of my tricks to make it work!!
Today was a normal day I had a BarbeQ here at home with my folks!!..Well food was delicious!!..Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Friday, August 13, 2004

Detail of the inking I am doing Posted by Hello

Thursday, August 12, 2004

IN NOMINE (the project.)

Well I finally took the bluelines to ink the first 3 pages that will be printed soon(I will keep the info till I have everything in print I do not really want to jinx it!!).
I am involved in some projects In USA with Nik Havert a great friend of mine and an incredible solid writer, we are involved in the creative process of Rocket Girl a lovely project (I will show the work of it later on), Luchadore or The Luchador, and We are also developing a project called the Cult.
Well in spain I am involved also with a great person Pedro L. Lopez an incredible writer, He would be the perfect blend for a Vertigo book, and I am sure soon he will get one,IN NOMINE is a great story with lots of black magic,vampires, and deep, deep concepts.
I started today night to ink the pages I need to finish before Sunday!!.
With this great friends and writers I really feel protected, is very difficult to find damn good writers and they really really rock!!.. I include an image of an interior back cover..Hope you guys like it!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I finally know what I want to do with my blog. :)

Well after another day of insomnia I finally got the basic idea of what I want for my blog, I want this place to be my own reminder, my own X-mas wishing list (I mean if this can help others to find the right answer..that would be cool but If it doesn`t happen I am fine with it).
I guess I also found the answer of a question I had ever had for so long but that will be part of a next post.
Questions to myself the "Quest to be a comic creator". (interview with myself) (I mean I guess there would be at least some months till I listen from people in this place) If someone wants to answer the questions please be my guest...

Who are you? I am a regular guy, now reaching my 30`s ..well in some months, now I am 29, I studied Architecture and actually finished all the subjects but I haven`t gotten my thesis why? I guess I already proved what I wanted to prove to myself, I finally understood that the only person I have to please first is myself, I am a guy who develop a hard and thick crust towards critics to my life style and vocation that is to DRAW,PAINT AND ILLUSTRATE. I always learn from people and take what is worthy.Sad I haven`t seen my own country as the place to nurture my craft. And so ironically I am so happy I have found praise to my work overseas.
I have started to work professionally in comics, some independent work in USA with a friend I trust (thanks Nik..if you read this some time down the road), also some work is starting to be in notice by the Spanish market, and some editors in USA, now I guess I am waiting to finally start making my living drawing full time, and hoping an editor trust my work enough to protect my career, in short terms I am still waiting for my big break.
What do you expect to do in the medium? nothing and everything.
I mean being honest If you had asked me this question before I would have said to become a mainstream artist and make everybody to be in notice of my work, but as realistic as it sounds, the dream changed its name now I called this dream a "Goal", since some years I made amends to myself, my point is that firstable Money is not the key factor (Obviously I am trying to make money with my craft but who doesn`t ...do you?.)
I want only to receive the right compensation for my work and in the long run to have the liberty that economical stability offers you. If money had been the key factor since long time ago I would have decided to do something else or at least play safe and prostitute myself and my art(artistically I mean...to work with the only excuse to have money ). I understood that trying to be a comic book illustrator is the same as hitting the jackpot, If I get rich and famous is fine to me, but If I get broke with this I am also fine with it. Why? simple because I am doing what I love to do that is to DRAW, and also because I will die in the line....I learnt not to chicken out and I won`t for sure.
If you are a guy wanting to be a comic penciler,inker,writer etc. please know yourself enough to know what you can lose or win, what you are able to sacrifice and to receive... stablish a plan B or C.
I do not have plan B or C but it is my case, my own stubborn perspective that I do not need it and that I will reach the goal pretty damn soon...!!!..have a good day!!!.....JESUS ANTONIO

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Tuesday kind of boring!!

Today nothing special, probably only one thing, I received a phone call from a company (non comic related) to tell me there was a class open, so I accepted.(I am not really pleased but means extra money).
About comic work tomorrow I need to blueline some work(3 sequentials) to start inking it!!I hope today at night to start an alternative cover for the project IN NOMINE that I need to ink.I already have the idea so well If I get some inspiration I will send some scans into the blog!!.

playing with the image loading!!

Well as many of us insomnia is a great helper to try understand how this stuff works..so here I am!! Posted by Hello

Monday, August 09, 2004

why the price,cost and value of being a comic author?

Everything started some days ago watching an interview, there was a wise artist talking about how difficult is to stablish a price in a new play or piece of art and He described that for him it was difficult to stablish the prices because the question is always....
In what terms?.
What is thevalue you give to something you created?
Waht is the cost of piece in terms of what you are using to create it?(your time,your social life,your own life or sight or strength)
what is the price you consider your work is valued by yourself and others?
I wish you could tell me which are your own answers to the topic!!....Bye..JESUS ANTONIO

Well I am starting my own blog!!

Since some time ago I was trying to have my own blog, specially to have my own loaded virtual universe,reality and agenda.
So this is the deal English is not my own native tongue but I guess I can defend myself on its use, so in case I have a mistake on my structure just let me know.
I will also have in every posts a mini tiny blog in Spanish, which will be dedicated to my own personal opinions from my country.
Well I will let you guys know more about me little by little so If you have a question just fire away!!..Best to you...JESUS ANTONIO