Friday, September 30, 2005

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I got tagged by June

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eems simple enough.

So here goes.."I was watching a silent movie from Charlie Chaplin and I got inspired."


El Señor Treviño

Good day!!


Thursday, September 29, 2005

Love for Dummies: My Deja vu.

Lovers Posted by Picasa

Before something happens this image is taken from (funny place!!).

These two stories have something in common, just a little disclaimer I am mentioning this situation only because it happened to me but that doesn`t mean that I have something against some beliefs on the contrary sometimes is weird how people see me at times.

I met this girl some time ago in fact I mentioned her before, She is a dentist and She is even in the same class where Caramel Eyes is btw Caramel Eyes is just in another plane of Existance no interested at all or really concerned in her life, well this Dentist girl is nice I have to admit that her Family issues really scared me a little because as I was telling a friend some hours ago It is really hard to understand people with Family issues when you really have a semi nice Family, hard to relate indeed.
Well that is not the reason why I stopped to see her I invited her out some times..the main reason I stopped was because of her beliefs. She shares the same religion I have but to be honest I am the type of guy who really knows his own religion so I am so opened and happy doing what I do, I mean I do believe as an act of Faith but I think that religion is a private issue and it is about being a nice person no matter what religion you are the point is to have those moral standards that creates the concepts of what it is right or wrong, but She was the extreme I mean She is a really uptight girl and has a very squared way to see life.
One of the reasons I didn`t continue was because I know that for her was difficult to accept the type of work I do for Comics and besides that my way to see life that in some part are against to what She thinks and believes.And of course now She is a little upset at me because of course She doesn`t know the reason why I stopped going out with her and I won`t tell her for sure.

Funny but the same situation happened recently, I met this petite girl, damn young in her early teens (to be exact 19),really great in spirit, firstable the issue of ages is a concern, my friend tells me that love is love but the way I see it is that I just can`t get in her life because there are many things She needs to learn and I can not be the one stopping her progress in terms or maturity, I do not want to mold a person I just want to share who I am, She is so fresh and plucky, sometimes We even have those kind of sights at eachother and well the other day was telling me that She had a different religion, to be honest I just told her that I do not really care about it I care more about the person, but her religion doesn`t allow people from other religion unless they convert and for funny that it sounds I do not like some parts of the structure of my religion but I am really happy and pleased with it... as my Grandmother used to tell me "You go to the mass not because of the priest but because of the ceremony".
So I just decided that is a case lost and I`ll just keep my mouth shut for the time being and I will start having some distance with her!
And here is the same Irony I am okey with any religion these two girls have but I am sure that I will be trouble for them to understand who and what I do in the long term..(Do I make myself understood?).
For instance once I had a girlfriend who was a nice person but She really couldn`t deal once when I was assigned to draw an Erotica story that was really really explicit.

hahah dating and loving is so complicated!!

Have a great time!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My True Horrible Story.

My THS! Posted by Picasa

Last time I wrote I was telling you guys that I was told by the teacher that is helping me that I had some problems to finish my career due to the time I let spent.
Well I was like crazy looking for the paper work and my Kardex (kardex is a paper with all my grades from my studies to prove that I have done all of the reticula).
Well I arrived One Monday to talk to that teacher lady that supposedly had to pass in my paper work to the Commite that has to approve my situation).
Well she stupidly didn`t show the situation to the Commite because as She said I was missing two semesters to study (thing that obviously was wrong), so She told me that an answer rejection letter was for me in the Office.
In that letter said that I was not having the chance to finish my studies because of an internal clause.
I asked her If She could help and She said She couldn`t do anything in fact She even dare herself to tell me straightly to pick up my rejection letter aside my Kardex and to finish my studies somewhere else.
I just told her that I can not afford to finish my studies somewhere else and She just replied that It was not her concerning.
After that I went to talk to one person above that stupid girl and He was kind to listen to me and He reviewed my case and was quite frank. He said that by the regulations and policies I wouldn`t have the chance to finish the last part of my studies but considering I was done with all the Subjects and I was missing only the Social Service and Residence to start the course I am preparing so He would reconsider it).
I am still waiting for the final resolution so please keep praying for me.
Also I am chekcing my schedule for the Social Service tomorrow morning.
4 weeks and I am in the same point well only in my country happens....I keep Faith!!

About love life....Gosh expect so many Love for dummies soon!!
And hopefully more comic work over the weeks!!

See ya and keep in touch!!


I found the virtual Paradise again

Cinema Paradiso Posted by Picasa

Guys and Gals!!!!!!!!!

Hello I am coming back from my long absence and I hope to catch up with everybody in the following days.
Things are a little revolted here but everything has a much better shape.
I haven`t drawn for some weeks so I guess that this week I will start doing it again.
Well let me guys recommend you some movies I saw in this time I was in real life.

As usual watch at least for once in you life CINEMA PARADISO.
It is my favorite italian movie.

I hope in about 3 days to send all the mailing to people. I still do not have schedules but I will move with the little info I have in hands.
Nik I received the packages finally!!! And as usual I am so thankful.
Pedro L. Lopez send me an email asap
Anita send me an email.
Victor I checked my mail and I saw your message.

Guys as usual let me get in track and I will finally set the word on my comic work for the year and next one.

I really missed you guys!!


Novo 2002

Novo 2002 Posted by Picasa

This is an incredible concept that is decently handled over the movie, it is the typical work of Jean Pierre Limosin and well the actor Eduardo Noriega really amazes me.
The plot a guy that after a karate hit has virtual memory (that means that He doesn`t remember what it was in his past and also He loses all the information gathered in a matter of days so He has to write down his normal itinerary to remember his love life and work).
I really like it!!

ps:Irene is so beatiful!!


The Green Butchers. 2004

De Gronne Slagtere 2004 Posted by Picasa

Wow!! Watch this Danish movie

Anders Thomas Jensen
Anders Thomas Jensen
Line Kruse, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Mads Mikkelsen, Nicolas Bro, Aksel Erhardtsen, Bodil Jørgensen, Ole Thestrup, Lily Weiding.

I had the time of my life watching this movie that it is really well handled. It is hilarious If you like irony and dark sense of humor.
Swend Sweat has a nice psycological background.

Watch it!! Watch it!!

Damn!! it is so great to come back from the shadows!!


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nowhere Land.

No internet at home.
No news
No drawing as I would like.
Not many things solved yet!!
I am a little pissed off about everything.

Yes, I guess I need to chill out!!

Kino take care.
Sorry to the cuties for being so absent but I continue trying to solve things.

So see you guys when I solve part of the Ethereal equation.

Have a great day!!
And keep praying for me.

JESUS (desperate soul only for today!! :) )ANTONIO

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Leaving my body to face the eternal distance of no contact.

Hey cuties!!!!
Thanks for the concern keep praying for me I need some solutions from a person so in about two days I will have a clear idea, and I do not want to write anything not to jinx the situation.
Also I have no internet for a couple of days so I am so sorry for being that brief today but hopefully in two days I will have time to write everything what happened.
I have at the moment no solutions yet but I hope tomorrow will shine my day!!

See you later!

Btw. I really hope that by Friday I will start contacting my team works!
So Nik,Pedro,Victor,Anna and Ron expect news over Friday or during the Weekend.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Just in case.

I already came from the School I have some news but because I really want to give the complete story, I hope that today at night or tomorrow afternoon to post everything what happened there.
Just keep praying and sending me the good vibe.
June and Wondy thanks a lot for being in spirit with me!!


Sunday, September 18, 2005

19091985......Where I was?

20 YEARS AGO Posted by Picasa

I remembered where I was 20 years ago.
My father woke up really early around 7:05 to wake us up to go to the school (A Salesiano School) I have to say that I was really fortunate because the school where I studied all my childhood was in front of the house where I used to live in those times.
I remembered I told my Father I was feeling a little dizzy and my Father thought that I was just trying to avoid school but We saw a lamp in the room that was moving.
Yes, 20 years ago it was the Tremor in Mexico City around 7:30, thankfully the state where I live is around 4 hours from Mexico City and I am still amazed that We felt part of the tremor.So many stories I have heard from friends who were there.
That is one of those changing lifes days you as a country can and need to remember.
After that probably 30% of the population of Mexico decided to migrate to the states around.

See you tomorrow and wish me luck to convince the Academia from my school!
Funny to say but I need their help and I will be totally frank to them.
I hope to write solutions in the next post!!

Have a great day and value your life!!

I went out with Alfredo and We talk about the usual stuff later on I will comment on that.


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Talking about Corpses and Blood

Keep away from it! Posted by Picasa

Trying to distract myself and not trying to think about the situation that I need to face on Monday (keep sending all the good vibe you can), well I was invited by the nice friend I have that is going with me regularly to Las Luchas to go this time to the Movie.
She was really eager to scream and start pinching my arms as She said this movie would scare the S**t out of me, considering it was the same director of The Ring (I haven`t seen the Ring yet because I really want to see the Japanese original version first).
Well The plot is quite nice I am not saying is a jawdropper but it is a nice decent story sad that the director stupidly set some hints at the first minutes of who`s who so the problem is that the rest of the movie looks predictable, the funny part is that in the story I wrote some time ago called the Flame is using a similar ritual that was portraited on the movie, funny to see that my research was in a way good.
Well right here I have to say that the only one to blame that the movie is not working is only from the Director: What a horrible setting of angles of camera, He didn`t even use some resources to keep the people interested I mean with two fingers of forehead He could at least used sound effects to scare , I really felt bad also by the lame usage of some of the processes of Fiora Sigismondi (In my consideration one of the best art directors that exists, let me put in this way even the new video that She is directing with the White Stripes is scarier that the lame shots from the movie).
It is a decent movie to watch but only If you really WANT to spend some money to entertain yourself.

News! I guess I will be an uncle soon!!!

Have a good day and take care!!


Friday, September 16, 2005

Sometimes I need to remember how fragile Life is.

First Watercolor Posted by Picasa

I have a horrible headache by now, well today that was a free day in my country I received the visit of My Teacher the one who is helping to continue with the process of the last part of the studies well He was really concerned because in the school the person that is in charge of my paper work had a rejection letter to me because She says that I can not be able to finish my career according to that stupid and inept girl I still need two semesters to cover when In fact I have done everything and I am only missing the Social Service, Residence and the Course to get my degree, my only fault is to let all these years and not finishing before but I got so many things to pay attention first (Obviously I won`t comment the situations that didn`t make me finish my career before but I can only say that I had to pay attention to my Family first).
Well so after He said that I was just looking like crazy all my old papers and I just found what I knew that I had finished everything and missing only those 3 steps to get done with it.
So that means that I will be Monday morning defending myself I mean I won`t lose those years because as I was told today If there are no solutions I will only receive my papers from the last semester I was. I think it is not fair but this is again a situation where I can not do anything till Monday.

So please keep praying for me!

Well looking like crazy for that paperwork I found a watercolor I did when I was in Kinder Garden.

Take care!!


Thursday, September 15, 2005

My little Conspiracy II.

La ruta del Estaño Posted by Picasa

The great Paco Najera is showing me his new baby work. so If you are near Spain get this comic or you can see If you can order this by the link that is above.
The comic is in spanish.

This is the message He included.
Tartesssos the series is making it own first step with the title "LA RUTA DEL ESTAÑO".
I trust that above all the enormous difficulties in the spanish market this anual series can make an space.We did and will do our best on this new working task.


Great day and good luck to Paco Najera.!!


¡Viva Mexico Ca............!

Fiestas Patrias Posted by Picasa

Well today is the Independence in my country, politically things can not be worse but the people in my country know that no matter what the situation is I We have to survive and keep gooing.
The place where I live is where all the reunions of Conspiracy started, and funny to say again that the Independence was a lame .Why? Many people considered that Criollos (Spaniards born in Nueva España or Mexico) wanted the Liberty of the country but not at all it was more a movement against the situation that was ruling in Spain in those times remember that one of the children of Napoleon reigned Spain so the movement started for two reasons Criollos trying to get complete power from Spaniards and the other not to be to the command of Napoleon III, and as fate came became a powerful movement to liberate the people in my Country.
I love my country a lot so sad Culture and Civism are things that are just fading away.
I am one of the few who knows every stage in Mexican History seems that for me was neccessary to know where We are from to know where We are heading to.
I have no plans at the moment, my Mom and Dad are going to Guadalajara today so that means the house will be for one of my brothers and I.
Tomorrow my Dad is asking for the permission to the Father of the girlfriend of one of my brothers to get married.
Can you believe it? my Brother is going to get married pretty soon!
I got really mad the person that is sending the paperwork hasn`t sent any paper so that means other week and now with the celebrations in my country means that till Monday I will know what is going on.
Expect more news today!!!
Comic work:I guess that I will start getting in contact to my teams of work by Monday to stablish every aspect of our work.

Have a great day!!!

And ¡Viva Mexico Cabrones! :) :)


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My little Conspiracy.

Sergio Bleda Posted by Picasa

Guys pay attention to this great comic done by an incredible human being and Amigo Sergio Bleda.
He has a new comic called "The Wednesday Conspiracy" edited by SAF
The comic is appearing in the previews page 316.
So What are you waiting for to reserve your copy?
Sergio is one of those comic creators that never lets you down.


The wall contains my inner joy and sorrow.

Walls Posted by Picasa

I woke up very early to go to a private class where I go 3 times a week (I am working to a company) the only bad part is that I waste over 1 hour and 20 minutes over a bus, well returned from the class and slept for some hours.
Tomorrow I need to go to my old school to see how the process of my permits are going along.
Today I received some good comments on my Comission work, I never expected it!! (thanks in advance for the gesture Mike!!!!).
Tomorrow I am having all the envelops with the proposals to the post office so Nik and Pedro wish us luck eachother!.
September 16th is coming and There is our Independence Day I really want to go out downtown this day. I will keep you informed in case I go out.
I need to go The mailman arrived!!!!!!!!!!! and sometimes that means good news or just bills to pay!



Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Futura walks above and beyond

False Maria Posted by Picasa

Wondy you are not weird in fact you have an incredible taste.The image below is part also from Metropolis, happens that Freder is waiting for Maria in one of the scenes in a very gothical Cathedral and goes to the altar to the Death that is around the 7 sins.
An incredible metaphor about the struggle of life and Death.

Ohhh My god today I was a little sick (some flu) and then in the school they told me that I have to wait another week to see my schedule.
As a person said over the office It is not when I need it is when they want it..So well let`s wait till Monday.

See you and have a great day!!


Blades around my Sins

Sins Posted by Picasa

Hey guys!
I am still trying to figure out what is going to happen over the following months, and I really hope that today I get some resolutions about my Service and I hope to have time and advance in some work I need to do with the teacher that is helping me.

My comic work is in hold till knowing what is going to happen with the schedule, I am a little irritated because there`s been about 2 weeks like that but I guess it is usual in my country to have everything so slow but as I normally think there is always a reason so I will just await and later take the final decisions.

As usual If you know my artwork promote the work that the great Nik Havert and I are doing everywhere.

btw My amigo`s site

In case you are a musician or you have a group just remember that Nik and I would love to work on the artwork for your music.

See you at later on!!


Monday, September 12, 2005

Head and hands need a Mediator, and the Mediator is the Heart.

Metropolis 1927 Posted by Picasa

I found a restoration done by the W.Murnau Fundation and it is Amazing there were even some shots I never saw.
As usual to remind you to watch this incredible movie at least once in your life directed by Fritz Lang in 1927.
After watching this movie I finally watched another one called "The Shadow of the Vampire" where is told the way that Nosferatu was done by Murnau. I loved the movie!!!.
In fact I have now a lot of questions about the movie.

I will update this post later on but for now everything is said.

School:I went and I was told to come tomorrow to see the Schedule for the Social Service so that means another day to wait.
Love life:Nothing to say probably that I am taking Caramel eyes out of the equation, She said that She would call and never did it, so I have to understand She is or very busy or not interested.

See ya!!

June and all Have a great day!!

JESUS (worker 11811) ANTONIO

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Happy Gray day and Gray times.

Final piece Posted by Picasa

As you might notice I was in the cover more concerned about the technique that I used that is ink over goashe and it really worked I still know that this way can be better in the following work.

Well Have a great day!!
:) :) :)

PS:My friends over USA receive my sympathies about this sad Anniversary.


Update: My amigo Nik Havert has the new update on his website with tons of the incredible writing He does.
Boys (Editors) hire us ! :) :)

The Dancer, The Sack and The Chit Chat

Advance Posted by Picasa

This is an advance of a Capt I am doing just to practice seems that my fingers are stiffy so I am hoping to draw in my level during this week, in fact I liked this piece even though I found some errors. I will post the final piece over the week.

Yesterday was Awesome...A nice friend of mine wanted to have a talk and also wanted to show me some places in my town.
Well I need to say that I am a sack of potatoes in terms of dancing and my friend knows how to dance pretty well, Imagine the view An old Train Station from the Porfiriato (Porfirio Diaz was the president-dictator in our country and loved the Art Noveau French Architecture) transformed into a cultural club.
Alfredo was telling about his dancing classes an wanted to show me this place happens that every saturday is packed from 4 to 9, full in the majority by the elderly but I saw many families and couples dancing.
I was impressed to see so many people dancing Tango,Danzon,Cha Cha, some Mexican Rhytms suffice is to say that it was one of the loveliest times I have ever had watching people dance.
I even considered to attend some classes, well Alfredo started to dance with some old nice ladies, after that We went just downtown and had dinner having our classical topic: Girls! :).

Today a lazy day to practice drawing and hopefully I will finish this cover If not this is at least helping me to practice.

Take care all of you!!


Saturday, September 10, 2005

Create Faith

I was meaning to link THIS since some days so I hope to send my two cents of help over next week.

Why not to help.


Create Art and defeat Death

Blue times blue cards Posted by Picasa

Today is Saturday and I am coming back from my job giving classes and it was funny indeed I enjoy the majority of my groups in fact all of them and I say hello to many people by the way I found the girl I said some days I will invite her out...hahah was awful because She was with her boyfriend (I didn`t know She had a now I am quite embarrased, so for now She is out of my limit so no more asking out to her :) ).By the way I saw today Caramel eyes She said she would call me tomorrow but honestly I do not trust on that I mean She has had so much time to do so and Hasn`t done so I won`t insist any longer or at least for some time.
Well I forgot to mention that two days ago a group was asking me to be again their teacher thing that made me proud because Obviously there won`t be any change but the word spread about my classes is what I am happy for.and I got a grade of 94 in my classes from the school.
Today after taking a little nap I will draw a cover for fun so hopefully tomorow or Monday I will load some new work.I will ask an editor friend of mine If He can get me illustration work to get some extra money and get also some exposure.
Monday I will see what happened with my Social Service and on Tuesday I need to organize the info for the course I will help prepare to get my degree in Architecture well in fact my Bachelor.
Thanks Wondy for the words about the last dusty drawing of mine.

Have a great day!!!


Friday, September 09, 2005

In Between rivers you can face your fears.

Nuff said! Posted by Picasa

A suggestion there is a group called "Entre Rios" (argentinian pop electronic music). It is incredible its music.

Studies report:
I need to wait one more week so the Dean passes the paper and see If I can get the permit to continue the studies, Social Service same bullocks.

Comic Work:
I started drawing again and I will plan to color two more pages of Luchador!, I will draw a dummy cover to send to a top notch company.
The same as usual Dear friends just wait for me till I know my schedule to start programming our work. In the meantime I can only say that I am taking the last color copies and copies from our works (Nik and Pedro) so probably Tuesday that is my free day I will send the proposals finally to 3 companies.
Nik no sign yet from T.N.!
I made the first part of the interview to the Pro penciller I talked some days ago I hope He likes it.
Anna can you send me a mail I need a little help and also to comment on something that I have in my mind.
I send a mail to a person in country to see If He is interested in an idea I have.

Lovelife: Nothing to say today :) :) !!

Great day to all!!


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dust in my eyes

Dusting my room Posted by Picasa

I was cleaning my room and I found this beauty I did in 2002.
Great to see how my work has evolved from that time to the present!
I am still proud of this piece I did for fun using my favorite characters.

Well have a great time all of you and see you with new more work over the weekend.

Have a great time!!


Saving a naive thinking from Reality

Lisa I am not Milhouse!! :) Posted by Picasa

Lisa I liked your post of Today about Lisa :).
I was thinking about my similitude with MilHouse and I only found that I wear glasses and probably getting in love of the wrong person but that is all. So my conclusion is that I am not MilHouse. :). Nice poem also.

Wondy!!! Wondy!!!Great to see you back and missing you tons well June, I and a big bunch missed you tons!!

Today I tried to paint a little but as usual having some days without drawing I feel rusty so I normally know that the first drawing sucks but the second will be incredible, I hope to post new work by the weekend.
Well I started my teaching again good point is that I will be free Tuesdays and Thursdays for my Social Service and Comic work and on Weekends to start gathering the information for the course I am helping a teacher to prepare.
I arrived home at 9:00 pm Yestersday and started to check my mails and the phone rang (yes ..You know who was calling me) happens that her English course will be closed and She call me only and just for a telephone number, She is looking for more people to get into that course so it stills open, and I just told her that I didn`t have the info She was in need and then She asked me how everything was going on with my studies and life, I just told her the surface of everything and then When I asked her about her life She got a bit upset telling me that I always wanted to know everything about her life and that it was sometimes tiring, the funny part is that She never opens up, in fact and for instance She likes to say what She wants me to know She never does as I did (to make her know me in full).That was really odd, in one part of the conversation She even told me that She would hang up the conversation in case I continue asking her about her life and well I only answered that She was more than free to do what She considered the right thing and that I would not care about her decision then She stopped and changed the topic.

Pharentesis:At this part of the Conversation I got a little tiresome I mean I was having that kind of conversation that you have with a girlfriend and I mean She decided to be nothing in my life.So I found that conversation a kind of hilariousand really dumb.

Well She told me She felt sorry again for making me feel She wanted something more and even felt sorry for all but her decision was already taken and She was okey (damn! Believe me I didn`t even ask her about her feelings so it was like a none asked explanation.)
She said that She doesn`t want to become a stranger in my life! (I still do not get her thinking and I do not care really because in my inner heart I do really want to be a stranger in her life..I can be naive but not stupid (sorry for taking your lines Lisa :) ).

I do not know but for me that call was kind of unnecessary, by the way I was not feeling blue this time probably I finished in my head thinking "What the heck is going on with her?"
I am starting to know that it is not me and I just told her also that everything that is going on in her life is her own responsibility and I am not the one to blame.

Really sad to understand that It`s only her problem. And I continue thinking that enough is enough and planning to be away from her totally.


Have a great day!!


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Juera, Juera!!!

Nik check the name of the wrestler. Posted by Picasa

"I think your brave going back to school to finish your degree.It will be worth it eventually.Hugs June"

Before something happens Thanks Dear June for the words I am sure that this little sacrifice will give me more things I am in need, and by the way do not feel bad about the loss.
There is always a reason for the things If you couldn`t be there is for a reason.

Yesterday I went Las Luchas again with Mariana (a nice friend and thanks to you by the way in case you read it).
This time the show was more or less. The first Two battles were just lame, and the last Three specially the Prime fight was absolutely Great!!
I had a blast again I even bought a T-shirt (quite expensive but I like it).
By the way there is a Wrestler called Mistico (familiar isn`t it, Nik? I am writing to you in a couple of days as soon as I know the timings for My old School and the Social Service) well this wrestler didn`t fight because He suffered an accident fighting another wrestler over the weekend but the Substitute that was Atlantis was a nice choice much better from the last time I went.
Comic work today at night I will start drawing again!! Yay!!
I am starting my courses of English today!

Have a great time and see you later!


PS:About School nothing is said yet, but as my Father said just wait till facing the situation and then act do not act before. So keep patient with me (Nik,Pedro,Victor and Anna).

PS2:I tittled the post Juera because it was amazing to see many children shouting to one of the Wrestlers Juera,Juera! I mean what they wanted to say was Fuera,Fuera! that means Out,Out! but they couldn`t pronounce the F so that was really tender and corny to listen! :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Noir in white tone Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 05, 2005

Choose your battles.

Figth lazy workers!! 1931 Posted by Picasa

I went to the office of the person that would give me the Social Service and well no word yet about timings so I will hold decisions for tomorrow.
My Father gave me a nice idea about waiting so in case the idea of my Father is effective I will start talking about it.
So please my friends Nik,Pedro,Victor, Anna wait for some days more till I have the schedule authorized so I can start talking about our work.

See you tomorrow and keep praying for me!
For weird as it sounds now seems to be brighter!!


Sparks and Giggles

Incandenza della mia vita Posted by Picasa

I woke up early and well to be honest a little nervous, in a couple of hours I have a reunion in my old school to see the inner work over my Social Service and depending on that I will start moving my timings for this year and next one.
A friend who used to hired me in the company where She works called me today to say hello and also to tell me that 100 bucks that I still need to be paid will get my way in some weeks.
A person that I admire tremendously (A professional artist from USA) allowed me to interview him so now the list is like this.
2 Professional illustrators that are incredible fantasy artists.
1 Professional inker (and more coming)
1 Professional writer and 3 more to come
And Now this incredible professional comic artist.
The rule continues being True "The bigger the artist the better person"
That really made my day, He told me that it would take long to have the responses but in fact He will be willing to help and wished me luck in my artist work Wow!! I am taking tomorrow to send him the interview.
About the other interviews expect them soon happens that I really write long interviews so as I know these are just busy people they are taking the time to answer properly as I am saying to them I do no want to make a vain interview in fact I want to learn from them.
Wednesday I will continue drawing for sure.

Wish me luck in my reunion.

Next Wednesday I will ask a girl I like out so well I am trying hard to mend my mistakes.

Great day to you fellas and see you soon!!