Monday, February 28, 2005

Inking and Watching

Blueprint Posted by Hello

I forgot to say some stuff
I already have my blueprint ready to ink it, sad I do not know when I will ink this drawing probably in some weeks!!
Please go and watch CONSTANTINE!! The movie is Awesome!!!!.. (I am not very convinced on the look of Keanu but in the overall the Movie is so good that you even forget that part of the equation)......have great time and see you in a couple of days!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Just a girl in front of a boy asking him just to love her.

Wolverine Posted by Hello

I was about to draw to distract myself from the work I am doing with Nik and trying to recover from my flu, I am much better.
Many things happened this weekend, let`s go for parts the drawing was based on one of my favorite comics ever drawn in the Uncanny X Men.
This Saturday a girl (not Lupita)... did I forget to mention there was a girl that wanted to be my girlfriend and I was just treating her as a friend?, well She had enough and just told me that She wouldn`t wait for me anymore (I never told her to wait for me or flirt with her in case you ask) so well I guess She is now heart broken, thing that doesn`t make me happy in a way I feel terrible because I can not correspond to her love but as a person told me " Do not make happy a person against your own happiness". I really hope She understands that I can no love her!.
I love someone else!! (Well you know the story).
Carol took some photos to me on Sunday for my new portafolio so I hope in less of 15 days show some of her work She did to me.
I took last week to work on my real life jobs, so I need to speed up a little all the things I have to do.
About Lupita well again no sign from her today, I in fact dated someone else this Saturday but I know myself I do not work in that way so I guess no dating to anyone till I solve everything with her...Well
BTW Nik... I have some comics and a T-shirt to send you!!! You will be thrilled and happy I hope to write tomorrow I tell you the story behind the comics.....

Take care all of you!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Friday, February 25, 2005

The Man without......

43 Posted by Hello
Again as usual if a person can help me get this original comic (English version) and also the same with Avengers 28, let me know I can gladly do a comission to compensate the effort.

Well this is the second comic that make me want to become a comic creator, I still remember how Murdock was feeling about his girl Karen and try to think is something else by figthing Cap.
A great Comic done by Gene Colan. (maybe I am a bit dramatic because of all the comics I read hahah..I mean let me say that in that time I was also reading when Peter Parker was suffering for Gwen Stacy. Do you remember the last panel where is Peter looking at Gwen leaving in an airplane to Europe?...oh my god!! good times indeed!)
BTW I have seen some recent comission work done by Gene and it is just Awesome!!
I wish I had some money to asking for a comission myself..
I am much better (at least no more headache)
thanks for the words..see you later!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Thursday, February 24, 2005

In Rome do as romans do.

I continue a little sick (I have a kind of mild headache and flu) so I will wake up a little late today!!
I was helping some friends to study for an English exam today.
I am considering to start dating other girls, I mean Lupita seems not to care or not to have the right time to consider my company.
I was talking to Aidee (one of my best friends) and adviced me to do it, the funny part is that there is a girl that is really cute and I will ask her out. I have to honest in a way I feel as If I were cheating on Lupita (I am sometimes amazed as how our mind works,because We are not boyfriend or girlfriend), but as Aidee says "Yes, You really care about her but how would you feel If she is not being recitprocal to you..."
I hope to experiment with ink wash this weekend.
I just need to recover!!!..

hahahahahaha on the lamest note...Vicente Fox our President said yesterday that this year Mexico was better in our Economy than the Economy of USA...hahahhahaha (can you believe how a naive man can have his mouth connected to the a$$!). If our Economy had been that good I wouldn`t have been working in 3 different places at the same time.
Almost 33 percent of the population is without jobs or working having more than two shifts to survive.hahahahahahahahahaha sad indeed...:(

Have a great time guys!!..JESUS ANTONIO

My flesh turning in cold black stone.

This is an experiment I did a pair of years ago I wanted to give a different depth value by using single cross-hatching work.Yes I drew and inked the piece. Posted by Hello

I woke up today feeling a bit sick so I will continue sleeping!
Yes I know I haven`t load new work but guys believe it is going to be incredibly worth the wait..!!!:) :).
My cartoony heart today is feeling dumb and numb (but everything is much better)
Hope you guys like this piece...JESUS ANTONIO

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Patriotic Design.

24 de Feb Posted by Hello

Well Tomorrow is the day of our National Flag. I just wanted to share the design of the Flag from a illustrator aspect so right here is the tiny explanation.

Green in your left side: The Independence Movement and Hope
White: The purity of the Catholic faith.Purity
Red in your right side: The Spaniards that joined in the quest for Independence. The blood of the National HeroesUnion
The emblem-shield symbolizes the Aztec heritage. According to a beautiful legend, the gods had advised the Aztecs coming from Aztlan that the place where they should establish their city was to be identified when they saw an eagle, perched on a prickly pear tree, devouring a serpent. They saw this mythical eagle on a marshy lake that is now the The old zócalo or main plaza in Mexico City.
This flag was created in 1821, when the Independence movement had ended victoriously.
El Día de la Bandera or the Fiesta of the Mexican Flag is celebrated on February 24.

Have a great time!!..JESUS ANTONIO

The Gothic Wall

I am a little angry to myself in a way so well I decided to take tomorrow only to sleep, I was writing also part of the second poem for the Story The Flame
The only nice thing that happened to me is that I received a copy Of El Batracio Amarillo a great spanish magazine full of incredible cartoonists.

I am expecting the third one to be darker that the previous ones.

My face is feeling the wall
The wall is crying
I am dying
both hands of mine on the old black stones

Please " Do not make me fall"
Please " Do not make me fall"
Dark is embracing me
I can hear Regret and Despair.
Tiny hands touching my heart.
Sorrounded by these walls
One hand is holding the sword
the other one is holding my soul.

My face is hitting the wall
The wall is laughing
I am dying "I can hear only its voice"

Today I saw my bones
and a cold graveyard
piles of bones belonging to him
The Architect recognizing his work
and laughing at me
Ancient Mechanism dozens like me.

I need to polish it , (Now I have a headache so see you later)..Have a great pleasant day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Girls are from Mars. 1924

Girls are from Mars Posted by Hello

I am checking my mails today so I hope to modify this post in case something happens.
Well If someone can help me get this movie I would work a comission for.
The movie is called Aelita The Queen of Mars 1924 done in the Soviet Union, I have seen some extracts to be honest and I really want to see more of the designs used in the movie.
Now I am listening to The killers and Peaches and a new cover of an old song of Timbiriche!!
I am still half the way of the color work I am doing so I think that I might be awake late again..:!
So see you soon!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Dulces and Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams! Posted by Hello

The sad part is that I can not really mention anything about this project yet!
I only can say is a proposal to Spain.
I haven`t sleep well today in fact I haven`t done it yet, I continue working in some Luchador pages and this project at the same time!
I just couldn`t resist to share it...I hope you guys like it!!
I need now some sleep...JESUS ANTONIO

From My job to Home

College Posted by Hello

I am drawing Luchador stuff and I will probably stay late drawing what I have to do!.

Well Lupita finally told me what She wanted but is so odd what She said that I won`t even care in repeating it. I mean what for?.

Again in case I never said it if you have time watch "College" or "Seven Chances" with Buster!!..:).
Have a great time!! see you in a couple of days!!..JESUS ANTONIO

The White skirt of a girl.

Girls Posted by Hello

Well today not very much to tell, I am today finishing with a proposal (Cover and one page penciled) the project in Spain. I will post them just at the time the project is having some thumbs up.
About Luchador well having lots of fun drawing it and reading the sypnosis the great Nik has provided me!.
I am asking for some money tomorrow, about the scholarship I wanted to get no word on it, so today I willsend my last mail to them, just to know If I need to move on.
It really looks like today is going to be great the same as looking a good white skirt!.
My tiny cartoony heart is today in good shape! :)...Good day...JESUS ANTONIO

Monday, February 21, 2005

The force is with you.

ink Posted by Hello

Reminders to myself
I am writing my mails tomorrow night.
I am writing the next poem for The gothic story tomorrow.
I didn`t see today Lupita...she says She has to talk to me..(I just hope is something nice to me) :).
I am liking what I am doing in the panel work for Luchador!!...(hahah it is going to be worth the wait!!!)
This is a gift I gave to a nice person in 2003. I inked and drew this Yoda!!!
Have a great time!!..JESUS ATNONIO

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Del Claroscuro a la Luz.

one Posted by Hello

I had one of those days that starts so awful but ends nicely.
I had a coffee today with a nice friend and Photographer (Carol) and ahd a nice conversation btw, and next Sunday she will take me another set of photos as an studio to me.
This is one of her photos taken to me some years ago.
I will start sending Nik some work of Luchadro in the middle of the week..
Have a great night!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Holy Moly!!

robin Posted by Hello

Now is time to tell you some of the recent music I am listening.
If you guys can help me get these CD`s I would appreciate it tons!!

Fioria Sigismondi
Sparta (this group is great!)
It`s not not
Paola Turci

Now a have again a mild headache, I already finished to draw page 6 in total from Luchador!, I need to finish a splash page from page two and hopefully I will finish today at night another page so I can start coloring it!!
My cartoony heart standstills (no changes today,samo!).

This is my last post of the day!! see you in a couple of days!!..JESUS ANTONIO

The Circle of Destiny 1921

Der müde Tod Posted by Hello
This is the movie I am basing my gothic story!!..
I didn`t find the movie before because I was looking for the English title when it was more simple to look for the German one.
Well This is another movie done by Fritz lang in 1921.
It has one of the best and most beautiful scenarios.

Wanna know more


Astrologically cheered.

to cheer me up!! Posted by Hello

Yes, I did this today to cheer me up, once in a while as an experiment I draw things that in normal circunstances I wouldn`t draw, I am no saying I do no like Manga on the contrary I love Manga but is not that kind of work I do everyday.
So right now Enjoy ASTRO BOY!!!
Yesterday I had something that cheered me up, well happens that I was talking to a sweet nice girl (a beauty!!)I met and btw I know her boyfriend ( a very nice guy I have to say), well I was telling her about my situation with Lupita and she told me that If She hadn`t had her boyfriend she wouldn`t think twice and would have started dating me!!.hahah It really cheer me up that
I am working today in Luchador and tomorrow I will devote myself to other work I have in talks...Have a great day!!.JESUS ANTONIO

Friday, February 18, 2005


LULU Posted by Hello

In case you do not know about LULU She used to be one of the greatest silent stars from Germany and the movie that drives me nuts from her is Pandora`s Box a must to see from 1929.
Wanna know more about her..

I haven`t found the info about the movie I commented earlier but as soon as I get it I will give a short vew on it!!..JESUS ANTONIO

ps:did you see the trailer of Constantine???!!!
Vertigo rules!!!

The Gothic Flame

Since some time ago I have been working an idea for an story in fact the story is already written and I am just polishing it.
I have always tried to write a Gothic horror story called The Flame.
I will give more time so this story grows and gets stronger in my head. I based the story in one of the greatest films directed by Fritz Lang, I can not recall right now but the movie is "The Circles of Fate". I am not very sure but next post I will give an insight on that movie.
Well I wrote a Gothic poem (in fact there will be 3 poems in this story).
This is the first as a prologue for the story.

The Dark Rose has gloomed in my bare hands,
falling red beads of pain and blood.
All over my face,
Over me, inside me.

Sad circle dividing my Path and my Joyment.
Strange cruel lined forms driving all over my lives.
Weird diversion I have found.
Fortune wheel of emotions signing me purple and red doors, around me, before me,
Silver seal to be opened.
Tiny box and silver dagger.
Tiny box my fears...silver dagger The only Path.

See my hands! See my hands!
No traces, No lines!.

Do hear my voice!, strong shout at the void of my soul
Shattered broken heart.

The Dark Rose has died in my bare hands.

Hopefully I will have some images from Luchador next week!!

Have a great time!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Thursday, February 17, 2005


verdad en triunfo Posted by Hello

This is my last post of the day, well I am incredibly fine today!
I am still in talks to something pretty good in Spain,aside the great Luchador project We Have (Nik and I).
This is a design I did to my brother, he needed something He could relate and this is what I came up with. In case you wonder my brother studied law.

Sin and Regret.

Sin City Posted by Hello
I drew one of the characters from Sin city some time ago!..Hope you like it!!..JESUS ANTONIO

The bloddy Sin of Life.

Fran Miller has to be happy!!
Wow!!! did you already see this!!

Have a great time and a pleasant tomorrow!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A comission done some time ago.

Peace out Posted by Hello
This comission work was done to a nice person who loves Bob Marley!!
Yes, I accept comission work!
On a side note I am in talks to a person about a nice project in Spain if everything works out I will start talking on the matter.
Have a great time!!..JESUS ANTONIO

La inerme magia de la tinta.

Noveau 2 Posted by Hello

Well dusting my room I found I piece I am very happy with, I hope to do something in the month using the same approach!!
Hope you guys like it I inked and drew the piece with Vampirella..JESUS ANTONIO

Loving, Art Noveau and Plan.

Noveau Posted by Hello

This is one of my favorite drawing I had done, is done in an Art Noveau style in fact Alphonse Mucha is one of my references in terms of quality I really want to be half of what he had done over the years. Also see the work done by Klimpt.
My tiny cartoony heart is incredibly better after the conversation of yesterday I realized I can not force situations and also to be honest She is important in my life , so I will try to be more like a pedestal so she can rest, and If time says were are mean to be together, I will be such a happy man.
I am in talks with a project now, I will give more details soon!.
I have nice surprises in reference to Luchador! so stay tune for the advances in color!!
Have a great time and thanks for all the people reading and seeing my work!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Love for Dummies second part (or how to destroy your heart in 10 minutes per day)

Love for Dummies: hahahahah...Now what?!

Recapitulation for the new reader.There is our main character Jesùs after dating the little Lupita for some months knowing She can not make her mind about accepting him or return to her old love (In this case the villian and rival of our hero.)
Now there is a new twist on the plot happens that Is not one the rival there are several now!

Page one of one: NINE panels

The first panel shows Jesùs having a talk with Lupita,Jesus holding a tape recorder, Lupita As we saw in last issue is the girl our hero likes, Both of them sitting down over a step in the corner of a place near Lupita`s house.

Jesùs:Can I tell you something?, after yesterday I just confirmed that I am not a jealous guy, I just want you the make a desicion as soon as possible, I understand I am going to be hurt..of course I will!!!... but I really want you to be convinced of what you are doing, I am all mixed up and I really know what I feel for you, I love you, but that is just me!!
Lupita is wearing those earings and that necklace our hero gave it to her last Saturday and keeping her eyes looking at the floor silently moving her left hear to continue listening to what Jesùs says.
Jesùs:I was thinking and the best option is to stop seeing us as We normally do so you can make up your mind and I do not interfere with it and your plans, as I told you I want you to start moving your own goals, let me help you doing so, If it is not possible at least let me be with you.
Lupita: I understand what you feel, I can clearly understand how you feel, I know you are very clear in what you want and also in your feelings but I am not, I have so many things to think about.

Cap: In that moment of the coversation I was feeling kind of guilty because when you start talking about this in a way is to pressure a situation, so I tried to change the topic.

The second panel is the same sequence having Jesùs playing with the buttons of a Taperecorder while Lupita is holding her books with both hands and leaning her head on them.

Lupita:I do not know what to do?
Jesùs: I am so sorry, why not do We continue seeing eachother in the way we see now and I will stop talking about my feelings and I try to help you with what you want to do with your own plans.
Lupita:I wish you could do it, and please just for a while stop asking me out, I really need that time for things to do at home, yesterday I arrived so late and well my parents scold at me.
Jesùs:What does your family tell you about me and the other guy?
Lupita:Well now They do not know exactly was is going on, the same as I.
I am confused I only want to first solve my problems with my plans and later on solve the emotional aspect.

Cap:I really thought I would start feeling bad when I heard that but I started to realize that in fact she is very confused and doesn`t even know what to do with her life, At this point I feel like I want to help but at the same time I have to be really smart not to hurt myself helping.

The thirth panel shows Lupita looking at her cell phone to check the time, while Jesùs feels a bit hesitant to continue with the emotional talk, so He decided to stop the talk.

Lupita: It`s too late again my parents will be mad at me!!!

The fourth panel shows Lupita walking in the right side and Jesùs listening to all her thoughts and plans (We saw in the last chapter Lupita wants to continue studying a career but she feels sad for thinking She lost some precious time studying something else).

The fifth panel shows Jesùs and Lupita getting nearby a taqueria (a place were tacos are sold:editor's note), and bumping into 3 people, old friends of Lupita.
Lupita suddenly starts acting a bit anxious and telling Jesùs to stop to say hello to those boys.

Lupita:Let me say hello to someone!

She approaches one of the boys and shakes hands:

Lupita:How are you?
guy: Fine, what about you?, I dropped by to eat some tacos with the fellas!

Then a odd silence is around, the other two boys feel weird for not having more conversation, the guy that seems to be shy doesn`t even know what to say.

Lupita: Well, see you later!!Take care!
Guy: Same to you Lupita!!

Sixth panel shows Lupita so excited, grabbing Jesùs` hand to her heart.

Lupita: Can you listen to my heart beat?, it is beating so hard.
Jesùs:Why..why are you like that?
Lupita:do you really want to know?
Jesùs:I guess so...
Lupita: He Is an old ex-love.

The Seventh panels shows Jesùsthat now is more confused after the talk He had with her, and after listening to that doesn`t even know how to react and touches his forehead and start scratching it.

Jesùs: mmmm Lupita just do not play with my feelings, don`t do that.
Lupita:That is what I am trying not to do.

Jesùs grabs her hands just to say goodbye.
Jesùs:I am leaving have a good day !!

The eight panel Lupita is heading to her house and shouts at Jesùs.

Lupita:Just promise me you won`t walk, take a bus or a car.I know you like to think and walk at the same time, your house is far away just take a car.
Jesùs:I am not going to walk home by my own.
Lupita: is it a promise?
Jesùs:Yes, it is.

The 9th panel Jesùs finally walks in the left side of the sidewalk to take the bus.
Cap:I guess is better for me not to give her more problems and forcing a situation, I feel more confident on what to do.I guess now I understand why Lupita reacts like that.I guess I will support her more as a friend.

End of this romantic story at least for a long long time. END

Editors note.I finally understood the point She really is a great girl but She doesn`t even know what to do, call it inexperience or whatever, Now I need to chill out and not to see her just as a person to love, I just wish I can at least help her out in a sort of way.

I do not know if to call it a happy ending....



Boom!! Posted by Hello
It happens that I have received some minutes ago the magazine that the great fellas and colleagues from the AACE are doing in Spain and in which I am a proud member, I consider the place as my house for long long time in the forseeable future.
A warm hello to Josep de Haro a friend and organizer which I really owe him many things that are happening in my life (thank you Josep I have not enought words to thank you) and the incredible cover is done by a great human being Sergio Bleda.
These are the artist presented in the first issue, I AM GOING TO BE IN THE NUMBER TWO WITH MY FRIEND PEDRO. L. LOPEZ!!

Me acaba de llegar unos hace unos minutos la revista que han publicado mi Amigos y colegas de la AACE de la cual soy parte desde ya hace dos años y ademas de considerarla mi CASA, es el lugar creativo por excelencia en el cual me veo y me vere por mucho tiempo.Un gran abrazo al el increible amigo Josep de Haro que coordina todo y tambien a la increible portada del increible amigo y ser humano Sergio Bleda.......un abrazo!!!..JESUS ANTONIO


News and updates:
As usual working in the comic Luchador! with Nik hopefully finishing some colors this week or weekend. (In fact I have a many pages already done in pencils and some panels in color).
I received a proposal today from a person(not sure If in my country or in Spain), I will firstable check up the info.
I am waiting for some mails I sent to some editors (wish me luck!!).
I will take today to answer some mails I have been delaying.
My tiny cartoony heart continues the same. (Sad Lupita is not facing reality..sad).
Today a saw the names celebrated in the Calendar and today is Jovita`s day, that used to be the name of my grandma.(she died some years ago, but I am sure She is just taking care of me where She is)....Have a great time!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Monday, February 14, 2005

Love for Dummies (or how to destroy your heart in 10 minutes)

Love for Dummies: Never give your heart out.

Recapitulation for the new reader.
There is our main character Jesùs after dating the little Lupita for some months knowing She can not make her mind about accepting him or return to her old love (In this case the villian and rival of our hero.

Page one of one:10 panels

First panel shows our main character in the middle of a reunion from the school where He works (remember He works as an English teacher to cover his real identity:Comic creator).He in fact is celebrating with his students and some others Valentine`s Day.We see people celebrating and commenting about the day and their experiences.
Jesùs looks at Lupita at the right side of a very bad lighted room and many people is around.

Jesùs: Hey Lupita I need to talk to you before you leave!
Lupita:Yes, I need to talk to you too!!
Jesùs:What about?
Lupita:I can`t come with you after the school, somebody is coming for me?
Jesùs: the person I think?

Second panel. Lupita and Jesùs continue talking standing behind the door.Lupita is directing her eyes to the floor and keeps an akward silence.

Jesùs: and I suppose He is outside waiting for you!
Lupita: mmm Yes.
Jesùs:Well anyway just wait for a couple of minutes to give you something I brought for you.
Lupita: yes, I also brought something for you.

Third panels shows everybody starting to leave the place and We now see four people.Two students just fixing the place and gathering everything as possible to keep the place clean, while Jesùs and Lupita now are directing themselves to one of the rooms next door.

Fourth Panel: Shows Jesùs and Lupita opening their own respective boxes, Jesùs has a little green box with some candies on it and a little letter that He previously wrote some minutes before. (As We saw in last issue 35 panel 4).

Jesùs: I brought you this, please do not open it till you get home!! There are some candies and an envelope with a letter inside.
Now We see Lupita with that kind of guilt sight people have when they are doing the wrong thing.
Lupita:Tha...Thanks!. I brought you this!

Fifth panel: We now have a close up showing Lupita with a pair of chocolate bars on her hand and giving those to Jesùs.
Lupita: You can keep both of them!
Jesùs keeps silence because He is afraid of hurting her feelings telling her that He is not that fond for chocolate. (Seen in the previous chapter that chocolate makes an odd reaction to the superpowers our hero has).

Sixth panel: Now We have an open angle showing the whole empty room with both figures holding themselves on a long hug, no kiss in the mouth, just a little warm kiss Lupita gives to Jesùs in the cheek.Jesùs whispering in her ear
Jesùs:Please take care, just take care!!
Lupita: Yes, I will.
Jesùs: Let me know what happens tomorrow at night?..please do so!!
Jesùs kisses her forehead, and gently careses her eyebrown,and turns off the lights to leave the room.

Seventh panel We see that Lupita now is leaving the building aside Jesùs while They are approaching the fence of the school.He signs the shift paper to leave the building.

Lupita:I just need to leave!!

Eight panel we see in the open shot in the distance Jesùs turning his head and looking at Lupita receiving a bouquet of flowers and Can also see his rival.
Off panel: we hear the rival saying something to Lupita`s ear while holding hands and giving away that little bouquet. (why are you.....)
Jesùs: (though). If you could understand Lupita.. *sight*

Nineth panel: We have wide shot showing Jesùs walking in the opposite direction where Lupita and the other guy are going. Lupita looks happy. Jesùs grabs a cab an leaves the scene, heart broken.

Tenth panel we see how the cab dissapears in the distance directing Jesùs to his place trying not to think too much on the matter.

Have a good day!!...(loves sometimes sucks big time)...JESUS ANTONIO

Where the Ignorance is a bliss---

Valentine`s Posted by Hello

Yesterday I watched the Navigator from Buster Keaton, this is one of the rare movies that He didn`t direct for entire.
The movie is from 1924 If I recall correctly, and it was a great Way to celebrate this 14th.!!
Be with the people you know I tell them you love them, do it ! is much better to regret for things you said that for the ones you never said.
Now I am hesitant in writing a letter to that tiny Valentine`s I have, so well I do not know, in fact I gave her last Saturday a my Valentine a set of silver chain and some silver earings.
Comic work well I am full time working in Luchador!! and expecting some mails with good news!!
Have a great Valentine`s in my case I do not know how this day woudl end up.!!:)...JESUS ANTONIO

Sunday, February 13, 2005

In Nomine.

news!! Posted by Hello

I forgot to mention but the great friend Pedro L. Lopez and I have been working for some time in this project called IN NOMINE and our Association in Spain will publish a 3-page preview that I have loaded previously on the blog. (If you have time look in the archives in the first pair of months If I can recall right!!).
I will give more news as it happens so you friends in Spain can have the time to look for your copy in some months!!
This an alternate cover I worked in case We have an editorial interested in printing the concept.(that by the way is incredible!!)...
Have a great time!!

Luchador! characters part 3.

almost done!! Posted by Hello

I am almost done with the piece but I still need to work in some areas of the drawing and the background.
Yesterday was a great Birthday!!...later on I will write a whole scope on my birthday so see you later I need to write down to Nik now!!...Ciao...JESUS ANTONIO

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Today is my birthday!!!!!!

30 years old and well I am eager to see what comes after this year!!

Good day to you and to ME!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Friday, February 11, 2005

Inking. (Kino inking my work)

Kino`s ink work Posted by Hello

Hey Kino sorry for taking the liberty to post your inks over the pencil I did some time ago and you kindly offered to ink.And I can not thank you enough and enough..You really rock and you are such a nice soul!.
Firstable I will comment MY errors so I can give a good perspective on everything.
I guess I should have given more information about the way to cross hatch, giving more info about lighthing source and the textures part, I didn`t give all the neccessary information because I thought I will ink it myself sometime the road or ask a friend to do so.
Sometimes is hard for an artist inker to undertand or try to decode the way the pencils are and when that happens is always the penciler`s fault.
I have incredible artist inker friends to clearly understand the great mastery and also the great imput they make in my work or somebody`s else work.
An artist inker will be my 5o% ticket to hit in the medium (I accepted it without shame...sad many people diminish the work of an artist inker..AND PLEASE AN INKER IS NEVER A TRACER!! NEVER A TRACER...... SO STOP TELLING AS A JOKE THAT LINE)
I always love and respect when an artist person takes his or her time to ink something done by me because that means He or She is willing to lose some time an invest it on my work so is always a bless, so thank you again Kino.

Kino your work is good, obviously looks a little flat but as I told you was my fault for not giving the info you were in need, the same happens with the wrinkles work and the source of light.(when there is a pro-inker sometimes this information is not neccessary but in your case that you are learning how to the same as I am, so it would be better for me to have a more clear approach)
I wish you had worked in the tick and thin of your line work so you could give us the impression of depth, you forgot my signature (yes that s in a circle) hahah but is not a problem. You forgot to sign you work, be always proud of what you do so in that way you also create a commitment to the work you do and also helps you to see the tiny and great developments you work can have.
When people tell you that you have to work inking as much as possible, my piece of advice,take time in everypiece do not jump from one to another so You can clearly give more time on the piece.
Finish your traces.
I know that what I will say is a sacrilege but anyway I wish you had set some of your own personality of the piece, and not only to follow the piece as it is!
I know editors say that the artist inker has to ink what it sees and improve it...but for me I just love when a person gives its personality in the an example is the work that Mr. kevin Kwolan does, you can recognize his inking eveywhere.
Kino you did a good job!!

Have a great time and thanks for the nice surprise!!!...JESUS ANTONIO
ps:always at your disposal and you know that...:)