Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Little Conspiracy.

The amazing blog of my House (AACE) The Association of Comic Book Authors of Spain has posted an article about the blogs of the proud members and Well the one of truly yours is there too!!
Thank you so much AACE (Annita Bonita you rock!!).

The link in Spanish is here!!

So I decided to promote also the blogs of these incredible artists and friends so enjoy (SORRY THE LINKS ARE IN THE MAJORITY IN SPANISH, BUT ENJOY THE ART!!)

David Braña
My friend and writer of Evil War (You will see this week or weekend the first part of the work to show to editors, He is an amazing, amazing writer.)
Ioannes Ensis
One of my best friends and for me that is enough..He is a very good artist!!
Fry Navarro
Fry Navarro is a very good artist that I hope with the time to call friend!!!
Enrique Carlos
An Institution in the medium and an example to follow!!!
Dani Cruz
A great funny guy and a great artist and friend!!!!

Guys enjoy the blogs!!!

Great Day!!


Flags in Dusted Ashes

Hey guys!! I am still tired for the long wait I did in the line to buy the tickets for Las Luchas, so I am hoping tomorrow to catch up with things around.
Enjoy this cover I did some years ago and watercolored it!!
In case you ask me, Yes, I burned the paper to give the detail of the fired hole!!! :) (the crazy geek of me !!!)

Have a great day!!!!

It seems I have a Love for Dummies but until Sunday I will speak up! :)

June good luck in finding a new place!! Take care and I wish you the Best.



Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I predict a Riot.

Some news before getting into the topics:

Dan: I already recieved the idea for the Cover (it rocks!!) I am starting today night with it!!
David Braña: I am sending the images to the colorist in two days, so stay tuned you and Toño :) to see the images here in the blog and sent your way.
Victor I will probably load 3 more pages over next week as soon as I have a dead time.
Nik I am receiving the masks next Tuesday and I will probably send you the next teaser by Saturday or Sunday.
Wondy: I hope you are done with the book I want to see your thoughts about it!!
I will work on a piece for a friend over the days!!

Sergio Bleda my friend has an incredible advance on the second part of his graphic novel "La Conjura de Cada Miércoles"over his blog you will be amazed of the inking and watercoloring skills He owns :).
About Sergio If you live near the area of Valencia go and visit him next Feb 1st in the FNAC (C/San Agustin) talking about "Comics from Valencia" more info on his blog.

I was bored while checking my mails and I was playing lousily with Photoshop and a photo I took myself with my nephew (Yes!! He is again home :) ).
I bought my ticktes for the Luchas and this time was a real pain in the ass, in fact It was a Calvary to get them, let me put it this way for the first time there was about to be a quarrel on the tickets line and a fight, sadly I couldn´t get more tickets as I was expecting but I got mine and two more.

I am sending some mails I owe so take care all of you.

In the happy note:

I forgot to mention some months ago that a funny thing happened in the public school were I work. Once a very hyperactive and mischevous little boy (who sadly didn´t continue the course) was participating incredibly well, answering and structuring good examples and after the class I congratulated him asking him why He was behaving so good...He just told me..."It is because I am sick..When I am sick I behave properly!!...Can you believe it!! :).

Have a nice Day!!


Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Faithful Departed.

When My brother told me that this movie was extremely good and in a way resemble some of the things of Pulp Fiction I was thrilled and also because I knew this was a Movie of Martin Scorsese that means pure quality.

After watching it I can really recommend it a lot...but there is only one thing that really bothered me BIG TIME, while watching it I knew the plot or I was following the leads so easy, then everything came so clear to was the remake of a very good movie I watched over 2003, it was called Infernal Affairs and was done in Honk Kong over 2002. In fact there is Infernal Affairs II that I still need to watch.
The only thing that I can say is that I enjoyed the asian movie more than this one!!!
When is it going to stop this kind of swap???.
It is a very good movie but when you know the Real McCoy....mmmmmmm things that make you go hmmmmmmm...
Have a great day!!

Where Do Dead People go...??

Guys!!!! (Specially you Nik!!!! :) ). I had the time to buy the new CD of Kinky "Reina" and it rocks a lot!!!!!!!
It is maybe the best They have done in terms of the mastery in the skills (probably in the soul the keep the same kind consistency on the stories) and in a good way They wisely oriented the CD for the english speaker and european speaker. The only tiny thing that They have to be cautious is not to fall in the Santana´s tune in the next CD, I wish they could use more of the norteña music they are used to use in their music.They were so smart to have some songs that If you are a fan of groups like Block Party this Cd will be of you taste!!!
Amazing songs like Monday Killer or A donde van los Muertos. This is a fucking rocking CD to dance!!!!!
These guys and Zoe probably form the Royalty of Mexican rock music without doubts!!!.
Get the music now !!!!

Have a great day!!!

The Soul on Dead Matter.

As some of you might know my favorite ever book is The perfume written by Patrick Suskind and when I first heard of the movie I was really terrified, mainly for the memories you have when you are young when reading this book (I read it when I was in junior high school) that really got me some pointers on life, and I guess my fond for red head girls is also part of this book :). The book is an incredible journey to the olfatory world, We at times miss and it is a reminder of taking the best on the little things We do not appreciate. The story of a selfish assassin that The only thing that envies is what He can not possess (The odor He would never have) and how that tiny thing makes him be nothing or everything in the eyes of the beholder in this case the nose of the beholder.The Odor Collector that indeed transformed the way horror writing was handled after.
Well this movie will BECOME A MASTERPIECE, specially for the one who never had the time to read the book, If you haven´t read the book yet I am pretty sure this movie will become your favorite ever. I am amazed that the director of "Run Lola Run", really had the time to beautifully work on this movie, He respected the soul of the book and his way of telling the story tru the hour and a half is AMAZING!!!!!.I was really glad that He captured (not totally) the filthy ambience and rotten state of that period.
I was not dissapointed of this film, it is a great homage to the book and I encourage people to watch it!!!!!.
BUT if you can please read the book first you will notice the nuances that makes the book MY FAVORITE EVER!!
Have a great Day!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Stars and Waves.

A much better day!! Thank you to the guys asking about Mom´s situation.
The scope is the following: Dad and Mom arrived around 3:00 am from the place off town and She´s still in observation but it seems this was just a matter of crossing drugs, She got some X-rays plates and The doctor discovered that She has aside her diabetes and Artritis an advanced Osteoporosis case and because of that She has to extreme her care I mean not aggressive movements or hard work, in the overall are good news in the bad ones but now She is continuing her treatment and according to that We are moving.
My Nephew is also sick but just a simple case of flu!! :).
About me nothing further to say only that I am welcoming Heather from her trip,saying hello to Bonnita Anita,missing June and thanking Wondy for the mention on her blog and I hope more people help me vote to win that Contest!!! :) :)
Have a great day!!
In the following days I will load the characters of David Braña and I for Evil War to show to the editor and Next week over Thursday I am starting the sequentials for the proposal Dan and I have.
And I will work in a pin up for a Wrestler that from what I heard was interested in my work (something different from the proposal you recently saw) so only time will tell...

Great Day!!


Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Man of No Answers.

Wondy thank you so much for the words about it...I am loading the inking of the piece!!
Please guys promote this Contest and help me win!!!!!

On other matters it seems I am becoming a bit sour and a cold hearted guy, My Mom is now off town to visit her doctor, it seems today She lost part of the sensibility on her legs (And because of that She was hardly walking) and We only hope that it was just a matter of crossing drugs and not neurological, I mean I feel bad for Mom, She is a well spirited girlie girl with no tools for life (I am talking about the karmatic and darmatic aspect in case you are in my same vibe), She is awesome and it is a bit sad to see a little child like her scared, I see the process of sickness and Death as a normal path and I mean Mom was expecting me to show my worries but I am more like a literal and practical guy who worries but in his own way.I mean it really hurts but I am trying to have solutions rather than you understand what I mean?
That is probably something related to what I was talking some weeks ago with Dan, He absolutely understands what I mean, I guess I also talk to some professional comic authors over the years about fears (losing a hand or being sick of something terminal and the expectations of life and the way to perpetuate you own art and skills). In my case at this period of my life I am not worried to die or getting sick I mean I know I can battle and battle hard, because I am really stubborn, happy and steady in my own way of thinking, I wish I could start getting that economical stability I am really pursuing so I can fix in my possibilities things like the ones happening to Mom (I know I am really near it is just a matter of just waiting to harvest). Dad is really concerned right now, well it is part of life...isn´t it?.
I am trying to focus on the work I have (Thesis, daily job and comic work) to help Family in the possible means...that is my way to give a solution.
And please I am not trying to make people feel bad or pity for me and Mom about the situation, I am just telling you what is going on and I am really grateful you are taking your time and read this I appreciate it a lot....!!!

Have a great day!!

Keep Mom on your prayers!!!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

That Abandoned Contest.

Los Abandoned have started a Contest to design the Cover of their album called Mixtape and well, I really like the guys a lot because they are nice fellas so I decided to have my own take on the Contest and this is my piece.PLEASE GUYS VOTE FOR ME!!! AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE FOR ME.!!!!

I really want to design this cover and the interior design.

What I really wanted to do is to respect the color pallete The good guys of the Abandoned have on their website and at the same time to play with the tapes trying to say that " WE ARE OUR OWN MUSIC TRACK AND DEPEND ON US WHAT MUSIC WE WANT TO LISTEN FROM OUR OWN HEART, I think that with this concept the process came so easy!!!!!

Have a great Day!!


Glory Box.

Yesterday was maybe one of the best days of my life and not only because of the Luchas Night I had.
I enjoyed the show a lot I even have to thank one of the organizers over next week because I truly enjoyed the event a lot and at the same time I will send him a project I have in hands for him and his crew. Well in the morning and noon everything was perfect I was working in the last details of the pages I send to Blue Demon Jr. and I even had time to design the cover (the one in blue) using his own mask.
About the Luchas as I said I ordered the mask to that mask maker, I had the time to have some good photos of the show, some indeed nicely posed for me (Amapola, hahaha poor her probably She thinks I am a stocker because everytime She is in my town I try to at least ask her for a photo..hahaha...but in the overall She is nice with me and Satanico), I took a photo with Blue Demon and He behaved so nicely with me, agree to sign a magazine I had with his Portrait and well I hope He had the time to check the proposal, and from I was told another wrestler got interested in my work so only time will tell.
Have a great day!!
Probably If I can I will load a Cover for a CD that I want to send as part of a contest.
And I hope over the month to have news and advances in the Poster I am working with KILLOLA the amazing rock band who trusts me to design it!!!
Take care all of you!!

Something Different and Similar.

Nik this post is for you!!
Well Yesterday was an amazing day but I will not say anything till later night when I have more time to write.
I just wanted to show something different I did and in fact the first experiment, you know that The great amigo Nik Havert and I have the comic Luchador! in works probably before half the year to start selling the comic nearby you are.
Well I asked a nice guy who sells masks to make this mask for me... in fact two masks, one for me and the other for Nik, so We can have something to wear when We attend Conventions together promoting the Comic.It won´t be a professional mask because are really expensive but I got him to make them of lycra.
So I am loading the image that the mask maker required to work and enjoy, please also enjoy last post where I loaded the sequentials I have been working all past weeks.
So Nik in about 20 days I will have news on our own masks of Luchador! !!! :)

I am starting the plans for the Thesis I need to finish and my deadline is Feb 6 or 7 so I will continue working in the work I have with my friends writers aside my studies, and I am starting another proposal of sequential pages (The Secret proposal yes, The proposal Dan and I have in works and They need cover and 5 sequentials, I will probably only load the dummy of the Cover because I am not allowed to show the sequentials till there is an approval or something clear...sorry guys).

Have a great day and see you later if possible!!


Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I finally got the pages done... I am happy but not satisfied!!! :)
Just a little disclaimer and the only comment I will do till I get formal contact from this incredible wrestler in case I have it (I know I will have it for sure!! :) ).
I am not having this proposal for a comic in my country in fact it is a proposal I will move over Europe and Japan that are the markets where I can move and it is my own project.
Simple because I really respect the guys who are working on the comic of this wrestler over my country in fact I can say that the artist behind the official comic of this wrestler in my country is a truly nice friend of mine and an example to follow because of his endurance.
Have a great day and please wish me luck!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ohhhh My God!!! I am still sick but I do not give a shit.

Yes, I know I said I would not post more advances till the good one but I just couldn´t resist in fact I guess it might be helpful for some people around.
I normally set the perspectives before the shots of camera but this time I worked viceversa and now I am just polishing the perspectives and details (shadowings and sequences) that seems the hardest part.
I still do not know If I will finish on time probably I will not sleep tomorrow but it will be worth the result. I still need to work in the cover the good part is that I planned a design that is more about the style and I can get done with it in a couple of hours.
So...See ya in a couple of days!!

I can hardly wait to hold you.

I will continue in the same dark mood so please enjoy my favorite band ever!!
Damn!! I want the new CD so badly!!!

All mine
Sour Times

And this is my favorite song from her solo career.
Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man with Mysteries

Great Day!!


Saturday, January 20, 2007

I foresee over those inked papers.

Guys!! It is really strange to see a Japanese movie that works and "Yogen" that means "The Prophecy" and directed by Tsuruta Norio done in 2004 works beautifully, I know that is a little slow but it seems to work with the story and the plot!!
I mean after watching the lame japanese movie called Infection, this is a beauty!!!
If you have some time watch it!!!

I need to get back to my desk and finish those pages!! Take care all of you!!


Friday, January 19, 2007

Video Killed the Radio.

This is another show I like to hear...The show of Huw please enjoy!!!

Have a great day!!


Ohhhh My God!!! My Sore Eyes and My Exploding Head.

This is another advance of the pages I am working on...I hope this is the last sneak peek before I load the pages here over next Wednesday.
I am having a blast shadowing the work (long time I didn´t shadow or lined my work as I am doing with these pieces).
I still do not know why but I prefer to work many pages at the same time (mostly 5 at the same time), seems following that system I protect myself of inconsistencies on the storytelling or in the likeness of the characters...seems to work for me but for some friends is a pain in the ass because they never get a grip of what is going to be the work at the end.
I always panel the situation I am going to draw and when I write it, for example this case, I sometimes twist the pages a little and add more panels...and add more and more...and add more and more.
I am still sick big time and I am having those sore eyes and that leaking nose!!

Have a great Weekend!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ohhhh My God!!! My eyes and My head.

Ohhhh My God!! I am really sick in fact I was almost all day long on my bed with a terrible headache and the cold.
I was supposed to do many things today and I did ziltch, nada, zero.
I was about to talk to my advisor and teacher about my Monography (He sent us a message that We have reached the available time to start the paperwork and I haven´t done anything yet, so tomorrow I will ask him the best option: To start tramitting the paper work with the advance I have or to ask for an extend on my paper. He says We have to get done by March with everything, scary indeed). We were also talking in trying to have a kind of business but as I was sick today We just couldn´t do the talking besides a logo He and I will work for a contest.
I was also in need to get done with these pages to show to many people around as a proposal to a person but also as new paneled and sequential work to show. I have the idea for the Cover and I have the first three layouted pages and one in works, so hopefully over the weekend to have this done to start rolling some balls, and devote myself to the work of Nik, Dan, David and Victor (not in that order :) so do not worry).
My head is about to explode so see you When I feel better!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Iron Masks.

I am still sick and to be honest today I will post just no brainers, I just wanted to share the mexican wrestlers or wrestlers that are fighting in my country that I really like a lot.

Blue Demon Jr
Negro Navarro
Los Villanos.
Dr Wagner Jr.
Mil Mascaras
El Canek
El Trio Dinamita (Only Cien Caras and Mascara Año 2000 because Universo 2000 is a horrible wrestler).
Los Brazos
L.A Park
Dos Caras
Gallo Tapado
Pirata Morgan
Rayo de Jalisco Jr

Have a great day!!
I hope to be better tomorrow to report the comic work I am doing now!!
Be good!!