Monday, January 30, 2006

Acme times of joy.

Well I have a horrible pain in my back and I will probably go over the week to visit a "Huesero" (Huesero is just a guy who lives in a little town near my state who does the same work of a quiropractic, and believe it or not is really effective, so He will set the disc from my spine in the correct place because it is really hurting me while walking).
Please watch Grandma`s Boy done in 1922 and beautifully directed by Fred C. Newmeyer and the lovely Mildred Davis.
I really loved the way the story was told.
I am behind schedule because I have been a bit sick(flu and now the back) but I need to focus over this week to catch up with Social Service and My Residence, I was about to start week 3 today but I couldn`t stand the back. I only have about 10 days to finish at least half the work, I know I will.
Also because I was kind of slacking (remember I do not have my regular quota of work) well I was getting some weight over my belly but I started again my regimen so I hope in two weeks to get in my regular weight.
I have some news: I received two packages today in the mail, so expect news about them.

I am also working in a splash page that will start a big plan I have in hands.
Great time to you all!!


Sunday, January 29, 2006

30 times 30. What should I do?

Guys!!! issue number 30 of La Kodorniz is out as We all know!!
Visit the great work of the greatest spanish cartonists over there.
Check the work The great Magnum does there in his section!!
And visit the next two page installment of Bodoque written and drawn by truly yours!

Great day!!!


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dark Planet.

There is a nice exercise some friends are doing again so I hope to show in some weeks the complete exercise work.
This is my take the powerful Kal-El.

See ya later!!!


Friday, January 27, 2006

Dreaming Children`s games.

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Well I have sent the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.

You already know that the new strip will be shown next SUNDAY


!!CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..I am and I still honored to be among them every week.These are the first two pages showing Bodoque as the new Hero Mexico was in need called Sr. Blue and his sidekick Capuchitas Vs The Mataviejitas.
Enjoy the next 2 pages of the story next Sunday!!

Great day!!

Ladies I am writting some responses tomorrow..thank you so much Nice, June and Bonita Anita!!


Dreaming Children`s games.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Love for Dummies:Don`t tell anybody!!

Ohhhhhh My God!! It has been ages that I haven`t talked about this, right?
Well, let`s get into the topic...You know who again sent me two mails a couple of weeks ago, and me.... the same way I do not see clearly her point of view and I do not give a shit!.
I saw her on Saturday and as usual I took my distance and continued talking with a friend of mine. I am happy I am making big steps in relation to that situation, I do not even feel sad or sad She provoked this.

Caramel Eyes no sign and well ......gone!
Do you remember the girl that was living away and even You( The kind June) told me to give a try to at least be open to the options.(Last time She was here We were talking about what We feel about eachother and She kissed me goodbye when I left her house).
Well She came back to my hometown and to stay for granted, We went out last Saturday and I had a nice time, I like the way She is but to be honest it is really hard to open myself as usual, We were talking again about the chances to start dating, well She was telling me She is afraid of losing our nice friendship and that She doesn`t want to screw things up as the last time that her ex-boy was extremely jealous and that it was a pain in the ass.
I was telling her that for me my main fear is to see how fast or slow I can open my walls and show her who I am, I mean I like her there is no doubt about it, and I really like the way she is with me and cares. I am trying not to have walls with her.
I decided some time to be opened to the options but I have to be honest as I was telling her I do not really know what is going to happen with us, that is my main concerning.
We agreed at least that no matter what happens (to continue the friendship or go farther into the relation) We will try to keep the friendship intact.
I have to say that I am a bit afraid to start something and then realized that I won`t be involved or viceversa that I will get involved.She also told me that She needed to solve a personal decision before talking again about the matter(I still do not know what it is but I can have my conjectures: She is waiting for a job decision or to see the situation with somebody else).
I will try to see how it evolves and to stop or continue as soon as I know how everything is heading to and tell her that also. (I do not know if this is kind of selfish.)
I just told her that I won`t stop her in any decision or plan She has, because I do not want to feel I am stopping her on doing something and She said "Likewise".

Is it wrong to keep checking my alternatives?
e.g. Today I was in a coffee shop and the waitress started flirting at me (nice petite brunette girl with a beautiful rack and smile) hahahah I do not normally do it but I responded back the flirting (I mean those kind of sights back and forth). I was honestly feeling flattered. After the coffee a friend gave me a ride home and a friend in common (a very nice friend and girl) tried to kiss me I didn`t but I was about to.
And some minutes ago I received the phone call of someone I thought was lost, and probably having a coffee next week with her.

Anyway I am trying to give myself the chance!

Great day to you!!!


I have some news but tomorrow will be the day to do so!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The tattoo and the Affiche.

Good news come from the AACE (my house) the next January 26th is the opening of The Angouleme Festival in France.
And We have some authors and colleagues from our Association being the great fella Jose Maria Varona as the coordinator to have this important step and to make our Association AACE to be a presentative standing of our labor and work.

the invited roast of authors are:

So great luck to you guys!!!!


The link. Liste des auteurs presents

29 times 29. The Saga starts.

Guys!!! issue number 29 of La Kodorniz is out as We speak!!
Visit the great work of the greatest spanish cartonists over there.

Check the work The great Magnum does there in his section!!
And visit the new two page installment of Bodoque written and drawn by truly yours!

Great day!!!


Friday, January 20, 2006

Big Business 1929

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The house still exists and where " Big Business " was filmed I am sure it is in Los Angeles, and it is probably my favorite Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Movie done in 1929.
There is even an anecdote I like to listen from the Owner of the house taking a trip with his Family and returning home checking their house in total wreck, seems the story was a fake because Laurel said never happened but I like the story even if it is a phony.
Enjoy an extract about the Movie I saw sometime ago.

"Laurel and Hardy are selling Christmas trees door-to-door in southern California with little success, not even to getting advance orders for the next year. They decide to use all their salesmanship skills with James Finlayson, who proves to be adamant in his refusal. A few simple mistakes quickly develop into a ritual of mutual destruction that ruins their business, Fin's home and the boys' car.
William K. Everson calls Big Business "The apotheosis of all Laurel and Hardy films," and goes on to call it "one of the comedy classics from any star, any country and any period." It is certainly one of the tightest edited films of Laurel and Hardy.
According to Barr, the ending to the story is appropriate. However, it would have been more fitting if the canister of film contained the silent Laurel and Hardy classic, Big Business. What better source in learning about man than sitting for 20 minutes, observing in Barr's own words, "pain and joy, authority and subversion, aspiration and disaster, generosity and ill will, with the directness of allegory." I am in total agreement with Mr. Barr, feeling that Laurel and Hardy were the most universal of all comedians. Every walk of life can relate to these two innocents as they struggle with humanity, trying vainly to sell their considerable stock of Christmas trees to a most uncooperative public. As soon as they ring the doorbell of their third prospective customer, James Finlayson, we know that all of their efforts are foredoomed to failure, resulting in the quintessential battle of "reciprocal destruction."
Studio publicity for the Hal Roach Studio at the time claimed that they would use the home of a studio employee with the express purpose of wrecking it for the movie. The employee would also be awarded a vacation with his family while the picture's filming was in progress. Supplied with a house key and a photograph of the dwelling, the studio technicians located it (or thought they did), trying vainly to open the front door with the said key. The director, James Horne ordered, "Break the door down! We're going to tear the place apart anyway." After a few days filming, things were running smoothly, until a man and wife came driving up the road with two kids in the car. The woman fainted and the man started yelling at the film crew, causing the studio people to realize that they had destroyed the wrong house!
This was a story that Hal Roach loved to tell interviewers in his later years. In the early 1960's, when he appeared on the Today Show, Roach again regaled television audiences throughout the country with this wonderful anecdote. Unfortunately, Stan Laurel would later comment that the story was a mere fabrication concocted by studio publicists. As it is through, Big Business must certainly rank as one of the boy's best films, along with Helpmates and The Music Box. As soon as the first title, which reads, "the story of a man who turned the other cheek and got punched in the nose" flashes onto the screen, it soon becomes evident that this is an unforgettable classic for the holidays!"

Have a great day!!


Big Business 1929

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A favorite of mine!!



Oh My God I wanna puke my guts out!!

Well I have sent the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.

You already know that the new strip will be shown next SUNDAY
Here!!!! !!

CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..I am and I still honored to be among them every week.

This is the Cover showing Bodoque as the new Hero Mexico was in need called Sr. Blue and his sidekick Capuchitas Vs The Mataviejitas.
Enjoy the first 2 pages of the story next Sunday!!

In another matter:
World is becoming Wacko!!!
I have seen the video of Prince called Te Amo what is wrong with that? That is directed..Yes!! you heard well directed by Salma Hayek.
Who told her She is a director, hahahahahah I was about to laugh harder about the camera shots and angles and some of the props She used over the video, damn!!!! Can nobody see She is just selling a cheap image of what Mexican culture really is?

Oh My Good that is not even close to representing out roots!!
Btw the photography is really good that is the only good thing from the video, about the comments. Prince is just being Prince.

The Wacko in this story is not Prince is The director!!!
I have heard so many times friends loving the Movie Frida done by Salma, but to be honest Salma is only presenting 2o% of all the beauty and Culture from that period, it is just a mere parody of what those years of Diego Rivera, Dr.Atl, Siqueiros even Frida were.

Have a great day Baby!


Thursday, January 19, 2006

My little Conspiracy XIII. Who killed the Radio?.

After two years of a none-voluntary haitus of 2 years the magazine of Rock, Comics and other herbs :) "Radio Ethiopia" is back. With cover of Nicolas, includes stories from Fritz
comics from Lola Sánchez and Álex Romero, comics and drawings of Bebec Istif, Davín, Francisco, Gato, Gustavo Sala, J. Kalvellido, Juan Carlos Contreras, Mart, Martín Favelis, Pavel Ortega, Pelorroto, Pere Olivé, Rafa Infantes, Rodrigo Terranova, Javier Rovella, Sonia Puga, Antonio S. Alarcón and Patricia Garzón and many more articles and stuff!!
If you are in Spain get this issue Now!!!

Have a great day!!


My little Conspiracy XII. Execute!!!

The Amigo Nik Havert has great news!!!

Taken from his blog...

"I did a 10-page story for a guy named Mark Starks a while ago, and it is now available in print from The book features Mark's character, Martian, an intergalactic cop who patrols the galaxy with his female Earthling partner, Terra. My story is called "Dark Executioner." You can order it here:

Good luck Nik!!!


Hit me but remember I like it rough.

Firstable to June, Betzi, Kino, Chuck, Jeff, M1 and all the nice guys sending me mails about the last subject! I am still in need of more points of view but let me tell you what I have thought about it in the following days!

There were some ways I have been considering over this time about the way people see at my work.

People who liked my work.
People who liked my work but think I won`t get to the high profile level.
People who doesn`t like my work.
People who doesn`t like my work but care about me.

Well I learned and I normally give the advice to the artists who ask me for one so I always give the advice of

"Never please anyone only yourself"
I mean I can not really worry all the time about what people consider my work is going towards to, because I do not have stomach enough to deal with it, is not that I do not care but it is more in the way I see it I am just representing a sector who thinks in the same way than I (let`s call it similar background or taste), Art is so subjective so I am even myself having problems about deciding when the work is good or bad, I know there are many standars that makes you be a professional.
I am also grateful to a mail I received I have to say that it made me think about some stuff I never realized, the person told me that there are some people with a natural skill or gift and people who no matter what professional the work looked, they are missing that spark.

"Set yourself a limit or accept the consequences"
Let`s assume the two options.
1.-In case I have the skill or gift. I need to still nurture it by working and trying to evolve every single day and prove the people that even though I have a gift I need to prove myself that is not going away and getting in the same level forever, I have seen so many people with great gifts but too lazy to evolve, I do not want that.
2.-In case I really do not have any skill, Well I really want to continue progressing and evolving with my work I know that by practicing and discipline I can get into the level I want, so anyhow the goal keeps in the same way.
There is a third one..So to the people who think I have skills but think I won`t get into the stardom, I only ask for a little piece of faith on me to prove myself that I am desperate more than You the viewer to see jumps and leaps in my work as fast as I can, as I said to someone I am not an underachiever and sometimes the ways We see success changes from person to person. I also decided to make a personal deadline in terms of evolution in my work, If in the time I set to myself I do not see any improvement in my work ( I need to wow the viewers and future employers with my work) I will be the first to admit it and throw the towel for sure.
Everytime I listen my work is not good enough, I really appreciate it because you motivate me to be greater and better.

"Never justify your work"
I do not know If you have seen this I never justify the work I learned from a nice friend that no matter what the reader is thinking You can not help to change the subjectivity on his approach, happens to myself sometimes I really do no like the work of an artist but based on his personality or style. It is quite normal...
Work always speaks by itself, the key word is to find a kind editor that believes in what you believe and helps you to grow. Don`t play the smart guy here...

"Believe in what you are"
I learned in the past days this with a great friend of mine,thanks buddy!!!!.... "I am a Professional Comic Book Author", I can write, draw,paint and ink my own work.
If I do not believe and accept that I am one... already, I am lost. Act like one the person you want to be.

"Respect and Accept".
Respect yourself but also respect the people around you. I am really fighting to not to have masks or interact different depending on the person, I want to treat every guy and gal in the same level.

"Don`t do something that hurts you, do not sacrifice".
If you see that something is bothering you speak up, do not get a sour taste of something that sometimes is far and beyond your possibility to choose.If you can not help great but just say it be frank. Example: I have been so many times so close to get a great gig but sometimes a decision that is not about you or your work is done, you still suffer the consequences but deal with it or overcome it.

"Be loyal to yourself and to your friends".

I have more to say but maybe later!!!

Thanks and News!
In case you are in Spain.
Boom 2 is a comic horror Anthology that my house AACE has done, well IN NOMINE is finally out (the preview!!!!) with the great writer Pedro L. Lopez aside the incredible authors showcased in the magazine.

In case you are in USA.
I will be showcased finally in some months in a horror magazine with the great talents of Ron Fortier in the writing and Chuck Gibson in the inking...more news when I have more info.

About me...well tomorrow I need some papers to get signed from my Residence, I am about to start week 3 from my notes, and well When I remember more I let you guys know

Great day!!


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Intervention: Turn within.

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Okey I am back so let me try to explain what happened to me Yesterday!
Yesterday after classes I just said goodbye to the people I get along over the School and My friend asked me If I go out with him... so I told him that I would like it because We normally use the ride to catch up on our lives and chit chat.
I was telling him what it has been going on with Family and with my plans for the studies and the comic, and I mentioned him that My friend and boss could give me only 2 classes on the daily shift (I mean there were not enough groups opened this period,many circuntances around) so I told him that I would be really tight on my budget because I will only work in only one of my jobs to keep track on the studies.
Before getting into the topic I have to say that He is one of my best friends (Betzi you know him!!!)and I really know his perspective and point of view from What He told me , He really cares to what is going on in my life and I appreciate the gesture and the situation.

While driving He asked me "Can I ask you and tell you something...I mean do not get offended but there are some things I do not still get?".
I was saying "yeaph, fire up!!"
He said "So why do you still complaining, I mean you are talking you are going to be broke but that is what you want..aren`t you?"
Kind of harsh I have to admit what He said.
He continued "I mean For how long have you been trying to nail into the Comic stuff?"
"Since I was very young, 15 years and formally about 7" I replied.
He said "And... what have you gotten all these years? Are you making you living from comics?".
"No yet" I answered.
And added "But you know me this is more like a vocation, I do not see myself doing something else".
"If I were you I would start thinking in doing something else, or starting another thing from scratch knowing you won`t dedicate to Architecture not at least in the foreseeable future,am I wrong? C`mon be honest this stuff is really hurting you now because you are not consolidating anything, I mean nothing that I know... You have no house, not a secure job, face it If the school had liked to have you to be there there They would have hired you since long time ago but you are not part of the staff and what about your social life and personal one is just a mess".
I told him that I trust in what people tell me and one of the plans is that I would enter in the staff of the school as soon as I get my certificate but I also know that I can not base everything on that and that I was trying to get done with my studies also to close the circle.
He continued "I am not trying to make you feel bad but I mean what is the cost you are taking, I do not know what to say to your...stubborness or perseverance, If I were you I would have called the quits since long time ago, I admire you but I would not live or like to be in your shoes, You are consolidating nothing because you are basing everything about the future that is not even yet here with you...I do not understand you because you are so talented and You should be in another position and place...and besides that you are my friend and I do no want to see you Alone anymore as you have been all this time".
He also told me that the only thing I was doing is to perpetuate my adolescence that I was not growing up.
I replied "I am growing personally, and you know me I am not a materialistic person and I am so sure that I wil be rich but based on my work and my talent and that I am more than sure that everything is coming soon".
"So you still in No matter what?". He asked me
"Yeaph! I mean I have no plan B or C and I know myself I know I can do it"
After that I just told him I was going out the car because I needed to buy some tickets nearby, so He pulled over and took me in the next corner.
Poor him maybe He thought that I was sad or depressed after what He said, but no in fact.
I am reall strong and I really know I have a path, sad I can not make him be related to what I do because He is not me, hard to explain to him ,but I know my friends artists reading this can relate to what it feels to draw or write something the great pleasure of being creative and also knowing that I am more than confident to get into the Medium as I want and in the level of work to continue evolving, hard to explain to him the great steps I have taken over USA and Europe and that is just a matter of time, hard to explain to him that I really know the consequences of my decision and I know what it could be coming good or bad but in the overall I am more than okey.

I called this post Intervention because I really felt like I was in one of those interventions people do to drogadicts, in my case: a Comic junkie :) :).
The good thing about this is that has made me think more seriously about having an external plan, and to be honest I keep myself into the Plan A for now.

I am not trying to make You to patronize me or feeling bad about me, believe me I am really strong within and I know I have my own voice and eventually will get what I want, Obviously I would like to have everything sooner but I am taking the right choices for me, probably people who loves me and cares for me can not really understand.

Also I know that the important thing is not only to break into the top companies is more about keeping myself into having work for the next 20 or more years and to develop respect from the viewers, artists, editors and friends and I know I need to base that on my work and not on the people I know. Some friends and people who know me knows I never take advantage of a friendship it is harder but I know that someday my work will be in the proper hands.

Funny but I continue with my way to draw and accept assignments:I need to respect the person I am going to work with but besides that I need to love the writing (in case I am teaming up with someone).

I have now even more goals:
To break in
To stablish myself into a powerful voice so with the time to help people that will be in my condition now.
To help my teams of work to get into the same level I will be.
To gain the respect of my friends and colleagues with my work (My Writing and my Art).
To be part of the business, change and modify.
To get the stability for me and my future family and loved ones.

I also know that I honestly feel I don`t suck in what I do and that I can be Mainstream as many people comment about my work but I have also an internal voice, I want to be more deep into my work and explorative as possible and evolve, evolve everytime.
I won`t make my work to fade away or get lost!

I am sending this link to some great friends of mine to read this and some people I respect a lot.
So if you my friends are reading this and want to comment do it and send me a mail OFF or here as you wish, I really want to have as many perspectives as possible.

Maybe you are wondering why so many images this time...(I am trying to add some new work that you haven`t seen here and some images you have seen from work of mine in the past).

Have a great day!!


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28 times 28. The Saga.

Hey guys this is the day La Kodorniz 28 is available.
Extreme humor to moderated people.

Check the work of Bodoque done by truly yours!
This time is just the cover that starts the Saga. SR. BLUE Y CAPUCHITAS CONTRA EL MATAVIEJITAS.

Also enjoy the work of Gato, Magnum, Che, Kalvellido y Troche.

Have a great day!!!


Saturday, January 14, 2006

I love you less and less

Check the video with the skeletons!

Do I have to tell you who they are?

This is a band I like since some time ago. Check the video Martell!

I like also this group. they have a single called
I bet you look good in the dancefloor

This group never lets me down...check Juicebox!

Can someone tell me more about this group?

Writing a lot in a couple of hours!
See ya!!

Hey heads up for this music!
More mellow but nice. Sounds like the UK version of the David Matthews.


Friday, January 13, 2006


Reading the resolutions from Nik I revisited my work on Rocket Girl One and number Two, and surfing I found a nice review from a guy (thanks in case you are reading this!), and I have only one resolution about Rocket Girl number "3".
I hope to get involved this year by August or June and my only resolution is to get into the whole creative aspect again and control fully the Inking.
On Rocket Girl One I did the designs, the panelings,the penciling and the inking, the whole pack. and I am quite fond of what I accomplished (you are checking one page of that work).
On Rocket Girl Two I decided to rely on an nice inker (Joe Fuentes, btw a great guy and I am sure that He will become a great inker in the short future), well now with all the time that passed I really wished I had taken the chores of the inking, I mean the work is decent and fair but I am sure that If I had done the inking It would have been more personal. I am not talking anything wrong about the inking (You fellas inkers know how much I respect you and in fact I am sure that this year great inker friends are helping me in projects in common), My point about is more about selfishness ....This is our baby (Nik`s and I) and I really want to care about it as I normally do!
So for number 3 I am taking again total reign for the project and I am even thinking eventually to re-visit Rocket Girl 2 and ink it.
And who knows by the time to have the 3 issues in color and the next issues of it!
I haven`t done more work on Luchador! but only because of my timings now but I am about 4o% or 50% done and I am sure this work will take us to big scales and places.
I am proud of being working and creating with Nik.

Take care!



Capulina is another comedy man I like from my country, well to be honest I love the period where all his TV shows and movies were written by Chespirito.

The color movies done by him are in most of the cases low budget and terribly written so I rather have the image of him in his Black and White movies with his sidekick Viruta



My ears are bleeding...bleeding in shining colors.

I have some recommendations this time about music.
I am really digging the work Goldfrapp and Fisherspooner are doing.
About Goldfrapp I am loving the way they handle art so retro.

Wondy let me know When the new album of Portishead is available. Please!!!

I found out that the new album of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is done and will be released in some months, also Karen O will have her own album as soon as She starts touring (I love her, I find her extremely hot I mean If you have seen how she handles the microphones you might love her immediately :) )
Also the New single of Richard Ashcroft is showcased tomorrow.

I found some groups I am liking now.
Editors with the single Munich

Los abandoned are having some showcases in Mexico and are about to finisht their album!

Have a great day !


The pickle, The Blog and My friend .

My great Amigo Nik has started his own blog, pass by and say hello to him!
You can see how an incredible solid writer He is, damn I wish I had his skills in writing!!

Today I am taking some time to talk here, so see ya later!


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Image Versus Words

Well I have sent the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.
You already know that the new strip will be shown next SUNDAY

here !!

CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.
And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..
I am and I still honored to be among them every week.

This drawing in fact was kind of weird I was more interested in editorializing my feelings about the situation with the guy who got shot in the border, I mean I wanted people to care this time about the words more than the image.
My bother didn`t like the approach He was telling me He wanted me to get a smart ass image about it but in my own concept I can not make fun or ridiculize someone or something using a death for me is kind of tacky and cheesy, so I decided that words were more effective for this.
And as I was feeling kind of down lately I decided to send for the next installment the Cover that starts a Saga using Bodoque fighting the Evil in a very funny way!!
So stay tuned to see the Cover that will be the start of a very hilarious plot from Bodoque!

Great day!!


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Showing Pink

Hey fellas Uberbot is organizing another great Contest!




Sword of Damocles.

Before getting into the topics let me show you the Mastery of Michael Kaluta. He is definitely one of the influences in my work in every aspect He amazes me, and what a better combo to show you a Kaluta`s painting He did for an illustrated Metropolis book.(that I am dying to buy it one day!!).

News my Dad had the job interview and the classical tests of personality and health as the step to be hired by the new job, We still do not know If He is IN but there are many fat chances He will start.
About me well now I am really having a hard time I was told by my friend in the school where I am that I will have only one single class (She is trying to find me more classes..I am sure She will),well that means I have now for sure 130 bucks...per month!!!. (yeah I need to survive with 130 bucks a month is even for me a mistery? )
Btw I got angry the other day because the stupid spokeman from my goverment said that people migrate to other countries specially USA but not because of a lack of jobs, what an imbecile statement, He (the spoke man) considers that a job is a job no matter how low it is, I was also hoping to get a deal with a nice famous wrestler person in my country to control his visual image but because of some misunderstandings specially from the distance (seems that for some people in my country distances in terms of work is a serious matter they do not know how to deal with it) anyway I was hoping to have something solid with this guy (that I have to say He is a great guy and incredible human being) because I was not going to work hard in fact I would use the free time from the classes of English,Residence etc.. to do the work, seems a person in his staff thought I had all the info from him so when I stated that I had zero information They didn`t believe that and I mean I really need the cash but I am not going to worry for something that was not my bad (I only can say good things about these people even with the misunderstanding involved, I have some hope they get interested at the end, I will keep you informed!), and the bad part is that I need money for this hiatus in my comic work and to have time to get done with my studies, Dad says He would help me but c`mon He has enough to worry about himself now so I am just thinking and thinking about what to do. I will figure out something down the road.
Some people might tell me why not to get some comic work load, I would love to... but I have an enormous list of work that I have to draw before getting into a commitment to somebody else and as I said I would love to have Comic work now but I do not have the time, only the time for what I am behind schedule with all my friends and writers and also two companies they offer me something when I have free time, I can only have Cover Work (that is something I am looking now).
And also I continue reading from friends how hard is getting a gig or how easy is to nail one... so to speak, so I am keeping away my comments because I do not want to be read as sour because I am not in fact and I am happy to say that I am more confident of really nailing into the comic medium and in a big way but I only need time.
Anyway thank you so much for reading my stupid venting of today but I just wanted to take this out of my chest and not get it into my stomach.

Update number one!
My cousin just called me from Monterrey and it is expecting a baby so I guess I am going to be an uncle in a doble way (My brother and his wife are expecting too). I am happy indeed..!!

Have a great day !!


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hospitality in my dark dreams

I am really eager to see this movie. I know that this is a semi gore movie but knowing it gets the approval of Quentin Tarantino (that sick sweet bastard!) I am definitely going to watch it, I will probably start bitching out about a movie without plot as everything is heading in that direction but I will enjoy the scenes for sure!


The Big Entrance!

Hello to you all!
June thanks for the words and sorry to hear about your crappy day! Just chill and rest. :)
Well I went to my Social Service and We are already planning the work that will be done till April (When I finally get done with it), and it sounds like fun, I will also help them with something I can use in my Resume in the area of Architecture so I am fine.
Today I talk to the people in the school were I work telling them that my times of teaching are reduced specially on Saturdays because of the course I have been mentioning so I will be broke for some months but I am sure it will be worth the sacrifice.
I continue loading info of Week 2 from the Course today and tomorrow.
On a happy note My Dad went to a job interview and for what We have been told He will start working in a couple of weeks, We also received the Notification or Notice from the Labor Office to get a first talk with the Company that fired my Dad to pay him what He is to receive by Law, and in case that They do not give a complete and satisfactory economical repairment I guess the next step will be the Lawsuit.(You read perfectly my amigo Nik...I write to you later tomorrow).

Have a great day and thank you also to the kind words Dear Alberto.
And me just waiting the time to pass to draw full time....damn where is my clock? :)


Monday, January 09, 2006

A total Crash!

Today it has been really chilly over my place and my Dad caught cold, well I am starting today and tomorrow Week Number 2 of the booklet I am preparing for the course I will attend and part of my Residence too, nothing really interesting happened today, well yes but is not even worth to mention but I received another mail from you know who (obviously I won`t write guys and I know that) I still do not undertand girls, as you have seen I haven`t had time to care about girls over this time.
The girl (long distance girl) from Chiapas is still there. Ahhh that I remember Aidee one of my best friends was the other day with one of her friends (my bad I do not remember her name) but it is just a lovely..... lovely girl (but as usual this girl has boyfriend....hahahah well, but I really liked the way this girl is, nothing further).
In case you wonder about this photo is from the film Race in Venice from 1914 and it is in fact the first time Chaplin is with the outfit that immortalized him!

I want to recommend some flicks of Harold Lloyd that I watched yesterday in Retro.

"Just Neighbours" 1919
"Are crooks Dishonest?"
"Bumping into Broadway"
The best from the 3 was "Just neighbours" I mean to see Harold and Turpin fighting was incredible!!

Have a great time and see you in a couple of days!!


Calabacitas Tiernas.

Some days ago dropping by the great site of Alberto

(Alberto, tell me If it is okey to link you :) ) and well just every time I visit his site I am totally amused and happy to see the level of work Alberto has and also the great respect Alberto has to the mexican masters like Cabral, well I thought of drawing a Tin Tan and here is my imput.

What I can say about Alberto`s is that his sense of design (Art Deco and cartoon work specially his girls) is Astonishing and He is probably one of those guys who can draw using one single line and suggest an entire piece of art.

Btw to the guys who doesn`t know Tin Tan, well is probably one of the best comedy men from Mexico, so funny and hilarious movies He did.

Enjoy the piece fellas!
Y que viva Mexico ca.......! :)


Victorian Times!

Well guys I am loading an image I did as a challenge and some guys are joining me in this crazy experiment.
Thanks Dadicus and the others!
I care in this cover to portray the characters done by the great Kevin O`Neill and Alan Moore. (I agree with you Aaron!! totally about Alan Moore).

I hope I made you guys like this imput.The piece is only in pencils because to be honest I have no time to ink this.
I already finished the flash-work of week one of fourteen more for the Course I will start taking in two weeks to get my degree, so I am busy a lot with this, and tomorrow I will go to my Social Service so well what can I say?
Well the scan of this copy really sucks so sorry in advance.
And you know I love Victorian times and I am sure as soon as I am done with my studies to start working on a comic based on that period.



Sunday, January 08, 2006

27 times 27.Eye for an Eye.

Right here is the new installment of BODOQUE in !!

This week is with a bi-montly suplement La Golondriz done by the Humor Academy in Spain so enjoy it in this link.

Do not forget to visit the Section "El Ojo de Magnum" that is as usual superb!!

And yes the links are in full Spanish! sorry!


Friday, January 06, 2006

Thunders were inked in that circle made of water.

Enjoy the piece I did with Capitan Trueno!

Have a great time and see ya later!!


Peter Pan 1924

Stained in Blood.

I do not normally talk about Movies in my country and honestly I do not know why... because Movies from my country specially from the period of 1930 to 1957 was incredible, obviously there are movies from the 60`s and the 70`s that are also good but to be honest probably I do not talk about Movies in Mexico because there is not like a real industry anymore, also many of the greatest mexican movies were lost in burnings or earthquakes and probably 40% of the first movies or cult movies are lost. But it is a promise to start talking about movies from my country for instance. I watched a documentary about a movie I want to watch called "La Mancha de Sangre" directed by ADOLFO BEST MAUGARD, and considered in 1937 like a movie promoting Sin. In fact it was prohibited for decades and now released in some countries like France, They even lost the soundtrack so deaf people were in used to get the pieces without sound, and parts of the movie are missing too.Now it is really naive the movie but changed some aspects of filming specially angles shots from the camera used in that time what is called now a floating camera, also the direction has the Russian Movie School.
Anyway I will try to see If I can go to Cineteca Nacional and ask for the movie.

Have a great day!



Well I have sent the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.

You already know that the new strip will be shown next Monday here

CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours and the work of great artists like Magnum,Chè, Gato etc!

Great day to you guys!
I have the afternoon kind of free so I am catching up with mails and with stuff to write here.

See ya later!


My little Conspiracy XI.

I just forgot to mention this earlier.
Sin sentido is exposing the work of the incredible Max one of the best illustrators from Spain.
It started on December 13th and it will be opened until January 19th. So in case you are in Spain go and check the Exposition showing 60 original pieces of Art (Cover work, posters, Music recording Covers, and design).

I hope you can see the work of this incredible artist in Spain.

Great day!