Thursday, June 30, 2005

A fine day.

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Today it turned out to be just really fine.
I received some mails from friends...still waiting for some decisions to make from me and from other kind and nice people.
News I will send next week the next batch of questions to the great Chuck Gibson!! (btw Good know about what Chuck everything will be spectacular and fine).
Amigo Nik I wish your Mom the best and my prayers. (I will answer tomorrow the mail).

News!! An incredible artist and person agree to have an interview done by me so expect such a great great surprise in a couple of weeks.
Some nice mails during the day..I had a blast with my cousin, expect also some photos.
And hopefully in the weekend I will load more work I am doing!!
June good luck in your appointment.
I ate some tortas today...mmmmmm...heavenly delicious!!
Wondy great great site designer you are becoming!!

Great day fellas!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The view and the tower.

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Sorry for not blogging a lot today.
Hey guys I was busy today because my cousin (the one who is getting married in 15 days) came home to visit me so I was with her all day long!
Sorry I wanted to post something more but I guess tomorrow will be a good oportunity to do so!
Pray for me I have some plans and I need all the good vibe as possible!


ps:Image in the style of constructivism (a German style form the earlies 20`s) and also the image of the city of Metropolis the movie directed by Fritz Lang.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Thanks a lot Mike!!!

I just wanna drop a thank you lines to Mike Pascale who has been such an incredible nice and gentle person with me and who wrote some incredible words about a Comission I did to him some months ago.
Mike Thank you so much you really made my day!!

I am taking the liberty to add the link with the Comission. (I hope you do not mind.) :D

And Yes, I am available for comission work ask me directly or Nik.

Have a great day!!....JESUS ANTONIO

Cheer me up!!

Well June it really cheered me up the mask in a way!!
I bought this mask last week so expect a photo with it soon...:)
I will buy two more to my amigo Nik during this weekend.
Today I woke up a little mad at some things, I really want to change some stuff I have in my life and well I just need to be wise to have the right changes without affecting myself.
I am a bit sick about some people I deal with in regular life but as I learned this week one thing is the way that I think so as I know people can not think the way I am I am trying hard to learn how to chill out and not to care, sad sometimes people is just so rude.
I sent yesterday I big load of e-mails and some proposals to nice friends I am sure something big is coming so well I need only the endurance and the patience to wait.
Great day to you guys!!
I will go now to take a nap!! :) Yes, I have a mild headache for thinking and thinking :)
Thanks June for the cheering!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Monday, June 27, 2005

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Gosh! I am really waiting for the Tenchu of some people! :) :)
I got angry at a dumb person in my job, well something and someone I do not really care at all.

Guys I was watching Samurai X The remembrances (The four chapters)...go and watch it!!
after watching it this was the result!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Love for Dummies. Art and Venus

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Well before my Love for Dummies report, what a better way to show it by showing you the great Venus done by Velazquez and part of an erotic collection for many years in Spain and UK.
It is even the perfect way to say how I still feel, Did you know that the piece was stabbed 5 times by a girl protesting in favor of the right to vote in the early 1906.(Yes, in case you asked me I checked for my third time a TV program talking about this beauty).
Well the funny part is the photo below that is a dumb experiment done in UK to demonstrate the real perspective, I mean an artist with two fingers in the forehead can see that the perspective in the mirror was always wrong, right here is the Clever intention of Velazques and the doble prank here. "Hey do you want to see my parts or my face?"...a beautiful an poetical display of mastery.

Well some minutes ago You know whom sent me this message.

"Hi, although I haven`t seen you to say hello I just listen to you voice and that just tells me you are there. Bye. Take care with CariƱo. (yes, I need to write the word in spanish because I do not know how to translate it because sometimes it means Love ,Sympathy or Appreciation).

I just answered "And I am always there anytime you need me I am there. Kisses.With Love."

I mean I am still in the same position I do not see the point to get to the same situation all over again, yes, I admit it I hide in a way not to be seen by her but I am hiding just my heart is just that!.
And Yes, I am trying to meet new girls not to have ideas on my head.

Well because I have no explanation about this.
I just need to let it go!!!...

Great day to you!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Silent and Quiet Sunday Morning Part Two.

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Well this is the last batch of the day...there are many many more movies done by Chaplin that I adore but I will keep them just for a next post!

Have a great day fellas!!...JESUS ANTONIO

This is one of my favorite Covers.

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This poster done by the Mutual is one of my favorite posters because it really makes proof that good art is always good art.
I have heard so many times the lines "The style is old fashion or it is not the new look We are in search for".
This poster proves my point, it has the quality to easily compete with the work of Travis or HA!
Well enough for my rant!!
Have a good day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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Silent and Quiet Sunday Morning Part One.

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Yes, I have said so many times that I LOVE the movies of Buster Keaton and that I consider him much better in some technical aspects than Charlotte but to be honest Charles Chaplin is just a jewl by himself and well there`s the first part of some of my favorite movies done by the Incredible Charles Chaplin.
To name it in a way Charles Chaplin movies are the one that touches your heart!! :) :)

Great day to you!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Love for Dummies Mi Pato-Aventura (My Duck-tale)

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Well Mi Pato-aventura (there is this expression "Pato-aventura" that people from my generation used to express something that happened to you that was really amazing,dumb or stupid).
Yesterday it was really odd, I woke up really late and I got ready to start my daily job, well when I opened the door of my house in front of me it was my neighbor kissing with a girl in front of me, I took it as a funny thing and I said hello to him and I closed the door of my house and left the place, only one block away from my house I bumped into a couple who were kissing and well You can imagine I interrupted the magical moment They were having, I just apologized for the bump and I just headed to the bus stop to take the bus to my job, I have to say that I took the bus pretty early considering it was a traffic jam at that hour, Well getting into the bus I found a sit and I sat (pretty obvious right?), again I do not know what it was happening yesterday I was around romantic people, in front of the place I sat there were a couple of teens kissing eachother, caressing and holding their hands at that time I started to think of being loved (hahah pretty dramatic hahaha), that was not the bad part well I was starting to feel a little disturbed when I saw the hands of the little teenage boy going a bit down to some areas of the teenange girl that I can not even say now, the funny part is that I was in front of all the show.
Well I was telling to myself "Nothing is happenning everything is on your mind", thankfully the little horny teens left the bus and I finally arrived to my job.
Well I saw a friend I haven`t seen in ages and guess what?.....Yes, He started telling about his new girlfriend. hahaha I was really thinking in accepting things and try to deal with the day.
At that point of the day I was really missing the arms of a girl, well I went to a store near the place were I work and I started having a nice conversation with a girl I like but to be honest I felt a bit dumb because I was about to ask her out and I just chickened out.
I just returned to my work and gave my class and returned to the place were I check my mail and in the distance I saw her (You know whom), thanks God that She never saw me, I have to admit that after looking at her I was a bit blue because I still do not understand the way everything just wound up...for a moment I missed her and I just tried to collect myself and my thoughts again.
Then I arrived home turned the TV and there were two cheesy movies in a road that to be honest saw again and enjoyed.
The first was Let it snow a movie done in 1999 by the Marcus Brothers (I was laughing my ass off in some of the sequences), and The truth about cats and dogs from 1996.
You guess that My day was really odd.

Have a great day!!....JESUS ANTONIO

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Friday, June 24, 2005


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nuff said!!

Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Numerology of Ignorance.

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In our country We have like three realities and really funny to express it.
The first reality is about a country that is trying to be better with the things We have.
I really feel mad at people who doesn`t know about his or her own country, in my case I have sometimes people telling why to use English to speak up about it, they do not know I am really involved in my country, I have always thought as an obbligation and a mandatory thing to know about your roots, You can ask me about any historical event in my country or movements or culture and I am sure I will answer right away, that is also one of the reasons to speak in another language to broaden my understanding.
As you might know We are a very strong country even considering all the crap We have to deal let me give you some insights.

Violence in the North part is increasing specially in Nuevo Laredo,Sinaloa Baja California, let me put it in this way there are over 640 deaths realated to drug dealing.For instance the chief of the police died 7 hours after he took his position in Nuevo Laredo.
EZLN in the south part of the country is again recruiting their militancy and without taking in consideration the subersive group all over the country,they say they won`t start a militar fight,well at least what they say.
The Mujeres of Juarez situation.
About politics well We are really disapointed in all the ways, The 3 major parties are not trustable.Let me give you an example of what stupidity can come In the State of Mexico the campaigns to run for the Governacy of that State has a candidate that the motto or slogan is "Yes, I am uggly I admited but I know how to rule", so you can imagine the level of the Competition.The next elections for what polls say it would be the first in many years with the lowest rate of people voting.
Santiago Creel authorized before leaving his place as Prime Minister of the country some papers to allow some companies included the most important TV company in the country to open some betting places or casinos, everybody here says he did that to have his spots on TV for free or a cheaper fee rate.And Yes, He is running for the Presidency and the odd part is that We are about a year away from the elections.In Oaxaca there is a newspaper that is having problems with free speech even this week the goverment stole the first edition of that paper.Even in my town the governor controls the news.
Everybody is fighting for power.The Ecologist party in the country has as a leader a preppy boy who is using the party as his own family business.Other politicians started running for the Presidency almost 2 years ago.
The new one now to have a car without papers or not regulated called "chocolates" because those are sold cheaper than in an agency or bought in USA and resold here, the funny part is that If you have that kind of car you can be accused of black market dealing so you can get legal problems.
They took an american person to jail because it was related to Alkaeda (thing that apparently is not) and taken away hours after his innoncence was proved.
President Fox saying everything is great when it is not!
Imagine how strong our country is that even with this kind of problems We have to deal everyday continue strong without falling apart, and just work pretending everything is much better.
We are a very rich country the only problem is that richness is terribly distributed I mean 50% in the country live in extreme misery.
We are a very strong country and parties and politicians still do not understand that the power is in the hands of the people: Vox populli.

Great day to you!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Magical Circle of Insomnia

The Magical Circle of Insomnia Posted by Hello

I was thinking about the Celtic Tree of Life and well the image just came up to my way!!
Weird how creativity takes you for a ride isn`t it!?

Have a great tomorrow!...JESUS ANTONIO

btw:Did you notice I am about to reach my 15000 profile views!?
Weird!! :)

The way I see life.

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Funny but this incredible desing summarizes the way I see life!
C`mon guys do I have to explain it?
Well I am now making again decisions about things I do not longer need and also the ones I am longing to receive so what a better way to say it by showing you guys this image.
Today I am in lazy mood.
I saw the image and I imagine myself drawing a Thor with the design, well who knows maybe I will draw it this weekend. :)

Have a good day and I hope next week to load new artwork!!...JESUS ANTONIO

The Redeeming Sin of not knowing things...

The Redeeming Sin (early talkies) Posted by Hello

Hello guys!!
I will update this post tonite in case that something happens today!.
Well not to much to say today I have been working in my day job (I am a bit tired) and well nothing so special.
Answering mails today and tomorrow and networking as usual.
Thanks Kino and June for the prayers keep those as much as you can!
I am going to Monterrey on July 16th (Day that my cousin is getting married Yay!!!! )
June I received the beautiful postcard today!!

I will start next monday the Comission to you Dear June so Stay tune for all the info i will ask you for! :)

Talk to you later have a great time! JESUS ANTONIO

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tender night full of dreams.

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Nik I got the message I am answering tomorrow in the afternoon I am again checking stuff to talk!
Well This past week has been quite odd in some ways My mom still sick a bit, the sad part is that is a bit cronical so well We are looking for some doctors but everything is fine. (keep her and I in your prayers).
I have been sending some scans to editors and proposing work with my great amigo Nik Havert.
I finally finish the translation of the proposals Nik sent me, I will also translate into English the proposals of Pedro.
Luchador! is still being colored in a slow pace that I hope to speed up during this week.
Mike received the Comission work I sent him and He has been such a gentleman with me and my artwork.
The image you have here is a quick sketch for a person in Spain.
About you know whom no sign from her anymore and in a way I feel so reliefed. :)
I am inviting some girls out next week :).
Need to speed up more the work with the nice Victor Alos.

In case you want or need Cover work and art work for your music, or musicians in need of concept artwork let us know.
Nik and I will be so happy to help you develop concepts for your music!!!.
Ask Nik about it or me directly.

Nik`s place

Have a great time!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Light exhale and hard inhale from a Red Mask.

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Ohh well these two CD`s came to my home.One I bought and one I will return because a friend girl give it to me to listen.

Firstable a hello as usual!!
Miss Kittin
I am in love with the new CD of Miss Kittin (I bought it last week), Well She used to work for many DJ`s and She is also playing now with the Chemical brothers. I normally do not listen techno music and this is a great great proposal because it has punk and is a bit more aggressive that other similar artist.
Professional Distortion
Requiem for a Hit
Happy Violentine
Kiss Factory
Meet Sue
are my favorite song from the compact in case you want to see more from her in the page of AstralWerks there are more artist and Miss Kittin is just great.

Diamanda Galas.
I will be honestly sincere on this one, The music amazing and incredible but there is a little disclaimer this kind or music is not for everytaste in fact If I could explain all the symbology elements and all the inner ideas of the CD I will really scare the S**t out of You.Because is using elements of Sado,colors,subliminal messages,propaganda etc.. He or She is always talking to you (thing that really impresses me because is really clever)
I have to even recognize that I am just listening and having my study of the Music little by little. I have to say I am just taking my time to enjoy and get the whole spectrum of this, and take this CD with all my respect.
The point is that If you are not really mature or prepared, or if you have problems at home please do not even touch this CD, even for me is really hard to describe or explain it.
Take the Music from this great artist with a lot of Respect is all I can say!!

Have a great great time!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

1864 Posted by Hello

A Personal Dream . Part Three.

Dream Posted by Hello

Well this is the final piece that it is going to be my Dream in many terms.
As you see I wanted to have Spidey, Punisher,Elektra,Capt,Hulk and Daredevil together..Hope you guys like the image!!...JESUS ANTONIO

The dark cape

Batman Posted by Hello

I have an idea and also another personal plan with the image.
As soon as I get everything in proper pieces I will speak about this image.
Have a great time!!...JESUS ANTONIO