Saturday, September 30, 2006

Murder The Only Way I Conceived.

Today was amazingly incredible for many reasons, well I am still broke till Wednesday that I will receive my payments but this day for strange reasons was really AWESOME!.
I woke really early to prepare my breakfast and to get ready for my classes on Saturday (Yes, I also work on Saturdays!!!). My four classes are really happy with me and I am happy with them I finish really tired after the classes of English, but I really enjoy them. I Even got 3 girls flirting at me in fact I saw someone that I liked but I am keeping everything in low profile because as you know I am not the kind of guy who gets a crush immediately...I still need to talk to "Glossy lips". Coming back home my Father and My Family prepared a BQ (grilled meat) and I ate incredibly and with 3 beers (2 victorias and one Clara), I was trying to organize my space and the great thing is that I have my best friends over there... (Nik!! open your account there!!!) and also people I always admired and some of them incredible pals and friends, and the others hopefully to call them friends in the short time. It was great to see friends and to know that I have harvested incredible friendships over this short journey called reincarnation!!!.
Tomorrow I am taking my day to draw something I need to give full attention. And on Monday I continue with my Monography!!.
And Tuesday is LUCHAS DAY!!!! Yay!!!


My Little Conspiracy XLVV.

The incredible and amazing Amigo Mark Irwin is promoting the new set of a NEW AND GREAT game card with characters from DC, Marvel and Indy publishers! Go get your set right now!!!!!.
Displayed art from Aaron Sowd and Adam Hughes aka AH!
Do you want to see more art from the set. Read the interview and enjoy the art!

Heather has a book written by her! The Best Luck to you!!!
How to get it? Go here!


The Great Amigo Sergio Bleda recently worked on a storyboard for a commercial in Spain, so here are the instructions so everybody can see the video, it was done by a famous director who made some incredible spots, that I have watched too!!

To watch the spot of Mutua Madrileña
Click on the link and look for "showreel" and click on it, look for "mila" and click on it and finally look for "Mutua Madrileña Aresa" and enjoy it, you can even "download it".

Info in Spanish: Para ver el spot de Mutua Madrileña
Podeis ver el anuncio de Mutua Madrileña en la web de la agencia de publicidad para la que realicé el storyboard.Id a www.propagandaproducciones.comUna vez allí, pinchad en "showreel", después en "mila" y después seleccionad "Mutua Madrileña Aresa"Podreis entonces ver el spot e incluso descargarlo en la opción de "download"

Great Day to You guys!!


65 Times 65

The new issue 65 WILL BE OUT TOMORROW!!!!!!
You can see the greatest minds and friends artists working on the place and more than 25000 people checking the page everyweek!!
As always new artists and old ones are joining the Fun!
Visit it and Check BODOQUE that is written and drawn by truly yours!!
You need to scroll down at the end to get my strip.
This time Bodoque pasting posters.
If you can promote our link I would really appreciate it!!!(link in full spanish)

Version in Spanish:
El nuevo número de la Kodorniz estará en linea MAÑANA!! No 65!!! y mas de 25000 personas visitan la pagina cada semana!!!
Visiten el sitio y mi tira politica BODOQUE.
Si quieres linkear nuestro link the La Kodorniz en tu sitio nosotros encantados y te lo agradecemos.. !!:)
Un abrazo!!


Scary Movies.

I have sent the work for the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD ones.
You already know that the new strip will be shown today SUNDAY???
CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.
And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..
I am honored to be among them every week.
This week the boys talk about The Little Gray Man!.
Great day!!!(Yes, the link is in Spanish).
If you are a spanish tongue speaker, please promote this work done by me EVERYWHERE :) :)Thanks in Advance!!
Remember I decided to have a permanent space for Bodoque and all in SPANISH and soon to be updated!
So be my guest and enjoy!


Friday, September 29, 2006

A Symphony of Despair.

Today was a fine day in fact it was kind of hilarious, first I haven´t received my checks yet, They told me that probably till Wednesday I will receive just a part of the total, so I have no plans this weekend because of the lack of money, so I am planning to watch again Metropolis from Fritz Lang and Nosferatu from W. Murnau.Yay!!!
Thanks to the people who have sent me some mails regarding the proposals I am having this whole month to receive more, and the funny part is that I have some surprises but I can not and I will not talk about them yet till everything has thumbs up and approvals. I am taking this weekend to draw something fast for a project in hands and also I will start sending the teaser poster of Rocket Girl the first days of the week!.
I am now working in the idea of the political cartoon.

Have a great day!


Thursday, September 28, 2006

La Mano de Dios.

In the same tune...
The second link is from Argentina too!
His music is just amazing.
Luciano Supervielle..check the audios and the videos!!



This is one of my favorite groups ever, from Argentina.
For me it is a light and great version of what Portishead is in UK.
Enjoy the videos!

Great Day!

My OWN little Conspiracy.

I have seen some new people visiting the place and I do not normally self-promote my work but as knowing that from next year and on I will devote myself to Comic work again, I want to start again my networking of friends, editors and artists, so They can see what I am able to do.
I am already with some work in wait, and talking to friends and editors (my kind friends specially Nick, Pedro, Ron and Victor are really so great in waiting for this little bastard of me to finish my Bachelor´s to start working again in our own works). But it is always good to have new more contacts and friends.

About proposals sent my way:
If you have a proposal be realistic about your winnings and your loses, send a formal proposal addreseed it to me (I do not like general proposal without my name on it) and please as many of the professional friends know...I do not work for Free!.
I just have a family to support. Money is not the deal it is the professionalism involved in the contact also I can risk myself when it is in a reciprocal way In case you ask me about new projects besides from what I have on line and the ones I produce, but I always check the writing and if I am atracted to the writing I am sure on the project and with a contract involved.
Other point... I already have my agenda of work and In case We can booked an idea by mid 2007 that would be great.
I am open to receive any Cover or illustration work!
So If you want me to draw your Covers or you have a fun illustration that I can get commited in terms of time let me know!.
And Yes, I am a writer too in case you want a story!
And as a friend of mine say "You get what you pay for.."

Contact me or be my friend.:)
Official Website in Spanish (soon my English website!!)
Political Work Cartoon

Spanish version.
He visto ultimamente nueva gente visitando el lugar y bueno casi nunca me autopromociono y mucho menos mi trabajo pero sabiendo que el proximo año y en adelante me dedicaré solo al tebeo y al comic ademas de la ilustración y el arte, quiero empezar mi red de amigos, editores y artistas, y que vean lo que puedo hacer en el futuro.
En este momento ya tengo trabajo en puerta, y estoy hablando con amigos y editores (mis gentiles e increibles amigos especialmente Nick, Pedro, Ron y Victor por esperar a esta aberración bestial de mí mismo a que acabe my Titulación para empezar a trabajar en nuestros proyectos). Pero siempre es bueno tener mas contactos y amigos.

Acerca de propuestas y proyectos que me manden:

Si tienes una propuesta se realista acerca de lo que vas a perder y ganar, manda una propuesta formal dirigida a mi (no me gusta recibir propuestas que son mandadas a un montón de profesionales y yo encluido y si lo vas a hacer asi por lo menos escribeme eso para estar al tanto), y como muchos profesionales saben..NO TRABAJO DE GRATIS! Tengo una familia que mantener :). El dinero no es el factor para involucrarme profesionalmente en el proyecto y si me puedo arriesgar si la otra parte se arriesga de igual forma, si tienes algun proyecto nuevo aparte de los que yo ya tengo siempre checo la escritura y si me atrae es muy seguro que me involucre.
Otro punto.
Ya tengo mi agenda de trabajo establecida y en caso de que nos arreglemos en algo sería para la segunda parte del 2007.
Si quieres que te ilustre Portadas o algo, yo encantado porque no me quema mi tiempo de trabajo en los otros proyectos.
Y si también escribo, si quieres que te escriba una historia para comic solo dime!
Solo recuerda como dice un amigo "Uno recibe lo que Uno paga.."

Contactame o se mi amigo.:)
Mi sitio Oficial en Español y proximante ya tendre uno en Inglés!
Trabajo Político

Great Day!

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My Little Conspiracy XLVIV.

Two things in a row. First...This is a beautiful example of what an illustrator can do in TV media, these are a small fraction of the story boards done by The incredible Amigo SERGIO BLEDA and those were used in the spot "Mutua Madrileña". Airing now in Spain. Great work amigo Sergio!!!!.

Second the Great friend Andy Braze is letting us some information He has prepared.
Oct. 7&8- I'll be at Fallcon in St. Paul, MN ...more info here:
I now have a myspace site can check it out here:

New work from Andy!
Fantasy Art Magazine #6 is now out in has 10 page feature on his work with an interview. He posted the interview and some pages on HIS myspace site.
Cover for Golly! #1 (color version) has been posted on HIS my myspace site....He colored this comic cover himself.
His illo He did of "The Darkness" has been picked up by Top Cow for an upcoming Darkness comic cover.

Wow!! good luck to you both!!



Pow! Crash! Punch! V

I am really amazed with the result in the coloring version Dadicus made of the beautiful drawing done by Monsanto.
Great Batman Bloggerjam if you ask me!

Great Day!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pow! Crash! Punch! IV

This is the Entry of Monsanto for the Batman Bloggerjam!!
Thanks Monsanto it is really beautiful, so now we have Robin, Nightwing and in some days hopefully We will have the colored version by Dadicus!

Nice work!!


The Beauty and The Beholder IV.

Hahahahaha!! It is funny but I have been talking about Art recently and today those incredible news about Mona Lisa appear (I am trying to be sarcastic), all the information They were saying today aboud the 3D scanner test on the original only proved what We see in formal Art classes. She was the wife of a merchant, She was called Lisa who had if I am correct 5 children, the existance of the veil is really old news. If you studied Fine Arts you have to be in notice also of the theory of a self-portrait of Leonardo and the incredible mystical words ans symbols on the piece that really exist, even the profile on the hair of Mona lisa of Leonardo is there. Maybe the only two new things were that in the first sketch there is a hat but Leonardo decided not to use it and the other that Scientists believe Lisa was pregnant at the moment of the painting or already given birth of her second child at the time of the portrait. I was thinking about loading the Monalisa but I thought of having fun and share the painting of the greatest publicist ever DALI who painted this portrait of himself on 1954.
Have a great Day!!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Beauty and The Beholder III

This is my last one on the matter.
Now this image of one of my favorite painters from my country, He was born in 1952 in Guadalajara. Tell me his name and If He is still alive?.
I give the answers tomorrow night.
In case you guess you receive a sketch done by me.

Disclaimer the prize will take me a while to send because of my timings but for sure I will send it to the winner!

Great Day!



The Beauty and The Beholder II

Pretty amazed about last post, right?. You were right, Adolf Hitler is the author of the past watercolors, sounds amazing how a person who could recognize beauty or at least to have the sense of color can also be the holder of great destruction and chaos.

Following a similar trivia...If you tell me who is the author of this image and the title of it? I will send to your house The two issues of Rocket Girl#1 and #2 signed and probably a little sketch If I have the time to do it.
First correct response is the winner!
I have to say that this author is quite intriguing in many senses sometimes I can not recognize when the character is over or not.

Disclaimer: just remember that I might send the comics in case you win in a couple of months because I will send them when I have free time.

Have a Great Day!!



The Beauty and The Beholder.

The nice Pepo Perez aka JCP
posted something that makes you Wonder ...How come?.
Check the work of this artist...WHO IS THE ARTIST?... so now my question is..Do you like his art?.

Now check the signature over the first painting.
He published this over his peak period from 1914-1917.

Great Day!!

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Clumsy Moves.

Never happens to you that one day you are just in clumsy mode, well that was the picture of my Day today, for a weird reason I am checking that I am getting really exhausted by the amount of work I have been doing lately to get cash for my comic and art plans, I was trying to check my timings and I spend around 3 hours daily only in taking buses so it is a bit tiresome, so after having this kind of schedule I was really clumsy, I almost fall down over the stairs at home, I arrived 2 minutes late to one of my jobs, nothing to worry but I hate being late because it is a demonstration of disrespect (for me punctuality is a virtue in case you haven´t noticed yet ;) ). Plus I have no credit in my cell phone till Thursday if I get paid on time :) and I got an text message that I could not answered from Glossy Lips.
Good things of today is that I had some nice conversations with two people on my jobs, aside receiving two nice mails one from Aaron and one from Christina, and another bad is that I missed talking to Glossy lips because I finished my class a bit late.
So now I am just going to sleep a bit early to recover energies and to be better. Hopefully on Thursday and over the weekend to advance on my Monography more to speed up the tramits. Other good things I am going to be invited by a girl over this week just to talk, nothing serious at least from my side, let´s call her "Cat eyes" and from what She said to drink, well at least She is because you know I do not drink :), and over the weekend I will start concreting the plans for the official website of mine. Yay!

Have a great day!


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pow! Crash! Punch! III

I can not believe this just a matter of hours and an awful scan I sent to DADICUS and this is the result!! Damn! I loved it!
Thank you Dadicus for taking the time on the coloring!!

You made my day with this!!!

Have a Great time all of you!!

Update! Monsanto is joining the Jam! Thanks pal!


Pow! Crash! Punch! II

I had a frame of free time and I decided to finish my jam piece, when I was drawing Nightwing there were some things on my mind, considering Dadicus drew an action pose with Robin I did not want my drawing to compete but to help and also to try to be lighter in my traces to follow a bit the pattern on the style of Dadicus, so I was thinking in Scott McDaniel while drawing the piece and Yes, also in Spidey!!.
Have a great day and now We have to wait till Dadicus makes his own magic with the colors!!


64 Times 64

The new issue 64 WILL BE OUT IN A MATTER OF HOURS!!!!!!
You can see the greatest minds and friends artists working on the place and more than 25000 people checking the page everyweek!!As always new artists and old ones are joining the Fun!Visit it and Check BODOQUE that is written and drawn by truly yours!!
You need to scroll down at the end to get my strip.
This time Bodoque with his string puppets.
If you can promote our link I would really appreciate it!!!(link in full spanish)

Version in Spanish:
El nuevo número de la Kodorniz estará en linea EN UNAS HORAS!! No 64!!! y mas de 25000 personas visitan la pagina cada semana!!!
Visiten el sitio y mi tira politica BODOQUE.
Si quieres linkear nuestro link the La Kodorniz en tu sitio nosotros encantados y te lo agradecemos.. !!:)
Un abrazo!!

The Dumb Kings.

I have sent the work for the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.
You already know that the new strip will be shown today SUNDAY???
CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.
And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..I am honored to be among them every week.
This week the boys talk about Botitas and The two presidents and I included 2 signals to have fun!.
Great day!!!(Yes, the link is in Spanish).
If you are a spanish tongue speaker, please promote this work done by me EVERYWHERE :) :)Thanks in Advance!!
Remember I decided to have a permanent space for Bodoque and all in SPANISH and soon to be updated!
So be my guest and enjoy!


My Little Conspiracy XLVIII.

Ese vato Loco del Aaron Sowd is telling us his creative process in designing a Movie Poster for a movie called The Swinger (I am am going to watch that movie only, ONLY because of you! ).

Aaron I have some candies for you, send me a mail when you can!
Saludos Loco Amigo! :)


Pow! Crash! Punch!

Dadicus made this piece for the next BATMAN blogger jam He, I and hopefully many more guys will join over the days :), I am drawing Nightwing so hopefully over the week to load pencils and inks so He can add the colored piece on this one!
Thanks Dadicus!


Metalic Love and Iron Murders.

Yesterday I watched 3 movies and 2 out of 3 really good to mention, the first was ACACIA released on 2003 by Tartan films as usual, I have to comment that horror movies specially from Tartan Films or Korea are really slow at the beginning to have the last 20 or 25 final minutes to unveil all the plot. This is a good movie to watch, not really spooky but good enough to make my day!
And to be honest for the first time I do not know what to say about a movie, specially talking about this CRAZY Masterpiece that in many reviews and places is taken as a damn bad movie, the problem with the movie is that at least you have to be a little familiar to some of the topics used in this cyber punk film, full of Mecha (Mechanics), demons, sexual aberrations and gore material. It is not for all the tastes but if you enjoyed Urotsukidoji or Akira this is a must to watch. If you are easily impressed just be away from this movie do not even dare to watch it, the usage of Black and White is great specially all the visual camera angles taken on the movie. Taking in consideration that TETSUO was done over 1988 by TSUKAMOTO Shinya and with the help of the Studio Kaijyu it is a great film resource or even comic resource. Just remember I have a weird taste for movies so I am warning you that this movies is not for all the tastes!

Have a great Day!!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Friday, September 22, 2006

El niño del manantial.

And just another one in color!
Tomorrow is movie´s Day so expect some reviews on Sunday.
Now I am working on my political strip.

Have a great Day!!

POGO is maybe one of my favorite comic strips so please enjoy!


Le Petit Carlos.

This is one of the photos taken the Day of the Picnic, and you guessed it..This fella is Carlos my nephew!
Laugh at my own lousy french.
As you have checked my level of french is almost minus 2 :)

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The Rink or The Link?

I will devote again the space to promote friends or to recommend sites I normally enjoy to read.
Borja Crespo
Javier Olivares
Planeta Pop

Teddy Kristiansen
Dave Johnson (my favorite site in terms of design)
Jeff Matsuda
Mike Wieringo
Casey Jones
J. Scott Campbell
Sun of Gelatometti
Bill Sienkiewicz
Paul Pope

LARRY DEMPSEY (You have nothing to thank my friend :) )
Wondy the Ginger Storm!!
Pinky June
Jimmy T
Daniel Best
Jeremy Adolphson
Javier Marin

Holy Spanish Sequential Manuscripts

Strange Corners
The lovely blanket of my inner orange desires!La Chula Nuala aka Bonita Annita.
El Gato de largos bigotes
La peregrina Missgps
El absurdo bigote fino Gonzalo

Geoff Johns has an incredible art web site design
Marv Wolfman
Gerry Conway
Mark Evanier
Elayne Riggs that is one of my favorite people ever as a thinker as a person and as a friend,She could easily kick ass writing comics. :)
Grant Morrison
Neil Gaiman
Whilce Portacio
Charles Vess
Jeff Smith
Scott Mccloud or
Richard Friend

Have a great Day!!


Love for Dummies: About to Fall on that Cliff Again.

I need help here boys and girls, I still do not get the whole picture.
Recapitulation: Yes, There is this Glossy lips girl who I am really liking everytime I know her better, The wrong part is that a friend of hers wanted something else than a simple friendship with me and me NOT, and as you know at that time I didn´t know they were friends so one told about me to the other one, the odd part is that both thought I was playing with them,when as you know the other friend (yes, the one of the multiple text messages over my phone that creeped the shit out of me!) was out of my sight since ages in fact We NEVER, NEVER even have a conversation face to face or have physical contact, and to my bad luck both girls were in the same class I was giving on that time.
On Wednesday Glossy lips sent me a text message asking me If I was well, because She didn´t see me over that week and We have to remember I attended the Workshop class of Architecture to get my final grade so I didn´t arrived to my job that day. I replied to her that I was okey and that I would look for her after her classes just to talk.
Today, I finished my class, btw my pupils the ones that didn´t have class with me on Wednesday told me that They really missed me and asked me not to be absent ever again..gosh! it really make me feel really happy.
Returning to the story, I finished my class and I headed to the main door, to my surprise one of the electrical power plants nearby was having a problem and from I heard about to explode so the place was closed with patrols around, well I saw Glossy lips at the distance and I was just behind her when I said hello She turned and shouted in happiness and hugged ME, We headed to the bus stop that was near the place of the problem so that meant that the buses were not passing at proper time or following the regular route, thing that help me to start listening to her and the incredible time She is having in her new school where She is now studying nutrition. I asked her out and She told that till next week She could and I asked her when, she told me She would let me know.
We missed several routes for not making the stop signal at proper time, so I convinced her to get into my bus and when We were there She continued talking about her daily schedule and activities on that school, Did I say She paid the ticket for the transport?...well....and I was just listening to her, for a weird reason I have noticed She thinks at times that when I am smiling at her is because I am mocking at to what She says BUT NO I just smile at her because I am really happy for the good things happening to her.
I really like her but.... this is part of my question while She was talking to me on the bus I was at the same time thinking If it is the right thing to ask her again If She wants to date me, I kind of hesitated to ask her out today specially because I do not want to interfere in the good things that are happening around her. She is younger than I and sometimes when that happens I do not want to be a burden to bear because as you know I am in another moment and many of the things She is experiencing I´ve been there and done that..can you get my idea?.

Have a great Day!!


Lights and Masks

Just coming back from talking to this person and I have to say He behaved really nice and amazingly kind, He didn´t shut doors, He is going to ask the right people and in case something solid comes He would let me know. Obviously He didn´t want to promise anything and from what I understood the plan is a long term one... and quite great for me!!!.
After checking the artwork, He liked it so I am sure good things are coming from him, so as soon as I get a thumbs up or a resolution either good or bad I will talk about it, now I am just keeping silence not to jinx anything, as I am learning "If you do not want your plans to be accomplished... Let everybody know them!".
Great Day and hopefully over the weekend I´ll load some new artwork!


Thursday, September 21, 2006

This Little Box Has Caught My Soul.

I am still tired from things I was doing over the days, but it seems everything is going steady and damnly fine. I bought my first digital camera ever so expect some images soon, now I have a booklet to study and my first try outs, so probably there would be some photos of my nephew.
Tomorrow I have an important meeting well in fact is not a meeting I will try to look for a person I need to talk about 3 things, as soon as I get something concrete I will talk about it, just wish me luck because if I convince this guy seems I will start moving myself into a cultural forum that will be great to display my work in my own country. So wish me luck again!.
Also I will talk to Glossy lips about going out and well I am expecting just a lack of money over the weekend (because of the camera :) ) but very happy taking photos. :).

Have a damn fine Day!!


Update: Look who has a blog!!!. Just an inspirational artist and one of a kind.

And stealing to heal... Check the preview of 300 by Frank Miller coming on 2007.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beautiful Guardians Around Me.

Maybe you are wondering how it was my presentation of the last day of the Workshop, well I can only say it was SPLENDID!. Bring the drinks to celebrate, in fact it was a nice day. First things first.
Yesterday I went to Las Luchas and it was fun I have to be honest I was a bit blue because I was feeling lonely maybe because last week I was stood up by a dumb girl, but I hope to overcome it soon, well next Friday I need to talk to one person in the Arena to propose him something and asking for some stuff I need at the same time.
Today I had a day free (not paid but free to attend the Workshop, my presentation went as smooth as possible and it took me 40 minutes to explain the 30% that I have from my Monography, so now My teacher will report my grade and I am only waiting for 6 checks in into my Monography get a permit to start the paper work and have a Conference of 30 minutes ( a piece of cake) of my Monography so I am almost, almost done to get my Bachelors!!!.
I am asking "Glossy lips" out on Friday so wish me luck, for a weird reason I have been thinking about a nice girl I know lets call her "Lovely frickles", in case I continue thinking about this girl I will talk about more but not having big expectations as usual.



UPDATE: The Amazing Green Man (Charles Vess) has a blog!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

My Little Conspiracy XLVII.

I am busy on my Monography but maybe this may be of your attention
Or interested in checking his steps! :)

Great Day!!


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Monography I. First Advance.

As I have said some days ago I am still working in my Monography and I am in just a third of the images (and not taking in consideration the details) that I am in need for the presentation. I hope by tomorrow have at least the second third to start working on my written presentation that will be on Wednesday afternoon to have my final grade and the permit to start the tramit paperwork, if I were not working this would be a piece of cake but as you have seen I have been really busy, so probably means that on Tuesday I won´t sleep at all working on my presentation and the images that will display the advance I have.
I am loading this time the Logo, Mural, Facades (original and the final one), and Furniture. I need to work on more details like some sculptures and more furniture design. I already solved the spacial place architectonically but I need to translate those designs into plans. Oh my God!!...many things to do!!
Have a great Day!


In case I disappeared is just because I am on this matter, and hoping to load new material and to finish on time.