Friday, December 24, 2004

I will be a little absent for some time so see you later!!

I got problems again with my computer so well I will be absent a bit from posting,So I will use this time to draw somework I am in late so see you soon hopefuly!!
Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Dust in my eyes.

Yesterday I watched a beautiful movie and an incredible script I just wanted to share one of the scenes where Rip Murdock and Dusty are in a car heading to Martinelli`s house, having in the trunk a dead body...If you want to see the movie is Dead Reckoning 1947 the actor is Humphrey Bogart.

Captain Warren 'Rip' Murdock: You know, the trouble with women is they ask too many questions. They should spend all their time just being beautiful. Coral 'Dusty' Chandler: And let the men do the worrying. Captain Warren 'Rip' Murdock: Yeah. You know, I've been thinking: women ought to come capsule-sized, about four inches high. When a man goes out of an evening, he just puts her in his pocket and takes her along with him, and that way he knows exactly where she is. He gets to his favorite restaurant, he puts her on the table and lets her run around among the coffee cups while he swaps a few lies with his pals... Coral 'Dusty' Chandler: Why... Captain Warren 'Rip' Murdock: Without danger of interruption. And when it comes that time of the evening when he wants her full-sized and beautiful, he just waves his hand and there she is, full-sized. Coral 'Dusty' Chandler: Why, that's the most conceited statement I've ever heard. Captain Warren 'Rip' Murdock: But if she starts to interrupt, he just shrinks her back to pocket-size and puts her away. Coral 'Dusty' Chandler: I understand. What you're saying is: women are made to be loved. Captain Warren 'Rip' Murdock: Is THAT what I'm saying? Coral 'Dusty' Chandler: Yes, it's a confession. A woman may drive you out of your mind, but you wouldn't trust her, and because you couldn't put her in your pocket, you get all mixed up.

Have a great day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Felice Natale! , Feliz Navidad! and Merry X-mas!!

Feliz Navidad! Merry X-mas! Buon Natale! Posted by Hello

The message says it all!!..Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


A new piece of the submission I will send. Posted by Hello

Yesterday I went with the girl I like a lot to a galley and in one of the expositions I saw a person using different grades of grey so after seeing that I wound up drawing this new piece for my set of wish me luck!!..JESUS ANTONIO

The X-mas gift I received.

photo cuatro Posted by Hello

The friend of a friend of mine help me some years ago to have a photo study and I wanted also to integrate the city where I live, Now I guess you can really understand that the place where I live is full of art.
Until today I received the photos in fact they are also a reminder because they were taken in very hard moment in my life, so I guess it was the perfect gift to receive on x-mas.
The first picture is the full city and its arches.
The legend is that the Arches or Acueduct at the back was constructed by a spaniard who was in love of a nun, the nun asked him to contruct an Acueduct to the poor people of the city, so as you can see that is a love proof, the nun never married the guy btw.
Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

photo 3 Posted by Hello

photo dos Posted by Hello

photo uno Posted by Hello

This is one of my favorite photos because of the difficulty to have the shot inside the church,If you ask me about the style of the church the answer is Barroco.

Historias de ayer o Oldies but goodies

Mortadelo. Posted by Hello

Guys I this is an scan of one of the comics in my tiny collection this is from Mortadelo y Filemon de most hilarious spanish comic of Detectives I have read in my young years!!!! enjoy!!JESUS ANTONIO

Hoy tenia ganas de utilizar mi querido idioma español, sobre todo para quitarme estos pensamientos amargos del corazon y mejor recordar cosas de chiquito y bueno dedicar mi post a los buenos amigos españoles que tengo, muchos de ellos se preguntan como es que un mexicano sabe mucho de la cultura pop española y la verdad es que me toco una buena temporada de hecho el haber decidido ser dibujante y creador se debe a la invasion Española que me toco en los años 80's uno de estos casos es las historietas(que pena que el nombre de tebeos o historietas este desapareciendo, de hecho me gustan mas que el termino comic) deMortadelo y Filemon de F. Ibañez o los increibles Zipi y Zape una version ligth de comic strip americano.Bueno a mi pequeña edad de 6 me divertia como enano, leyendo las revistas que tenia que comprar en una libreria cercana, y pues tambien recordar los Domingos de matinne en un teatro,ya sabia que era ver o las aventuras de Mortadelo o ver las inocentes peliculas de Marisol, Pili y Mili,Rocio Durcal y bueno si era doble matinne (Todavia recuerdo que me tocaba comer una torta de frijoles con huevo o de huevo , no nos alcanzaba para hacer tortas de jamon, ahh y un refresco siempre de sabor grocella) saber que me tocaba ver peliculas de Vaqueros o de Luchadores.
Quize escanear un comic de mi pequeña coleccion y que me encanta de Mortadelo!!....Buen dia!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Monday, December 20, 2004

The best day or the worst day of my life. (Carajo!!)

Mmmm I still trying to understand again the situation, Today I woke up feeling that was about to be the best or the worst day in my life, you wonder why?
Well some days ago I gave a X-mas present to the girl I like, Yes the portrait that is some posts below, I was a also having dinner with her thing that didn`t happened because She was full that day so I only gave her the gift and came home, She liked it BTW but I was really expecting a more emotional reaction, she was perplexed and She thanked me.
Well She told me She was about to talk to her (ex or former) guy last Sunday to have at least the definitive talk (To tell him that is with him or with me or alone, I dunno the answer yet).
So well I woke up this day assuming that It will be an answer good or bad but an answer, because after having dinner( We agreed to have dinner today..finally!!) and She will let me know her position about it, hahahahahah Murphy`s law again and that guy got sick of chicken pox so that means She didn`t even had the talk to him.
I am a little pissed off to be honest because She still doesn`t know what to do.
Love has some odd ways indeed the funny part is that I am really getting sick of all the crap I am dealing with the whole situation.
I really think of not waiting anymore.........mmmmmmm.So Today is was a regular day no worst or best day..
Well also I received a nice comment from the Elvis piece you have seen below,and tomorrow I am expecting to receive some photos of an study a friend made for me.
Have a great day and Take care!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Cover design. Final step.

final piece Posted by Hello

1.-this time I didn`t mess with the original pencils so I have the pencils intact.
2.-I used color pencils so I can give something different to the piece.
3.-The piece is almost done, I am only waiting to save some money and buy some golden colors to give the last touch to the piece.
4.-Wish me luck this is a cover sample so an editor in Spain can see the final product.
5.-Yes, I added some details in the right side of the girl because it was looking a little empty and by adding the vollutas I could balance the effect.

Have a great day!!1..JESUS ANTONIO

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Cover design part two

Final cover sample. Posted by Hello

Hey Aaron S. I hope you like this one.!!!

1.-I mixed Elvis and a recent book of Klimt I am studying and enjoying..I was saving about a year to buy that book and it is really worth the wait!!.
2.-I tried to do something really classy and not cheap, specially in the way I handle the girls.
3.-I haven`t finish these are only the pencils I will work on the color piece trying to emulate the system Klimt stay tuned!!

Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Cover design part one of two

process Posted by Hello

I will be frank as possible I NEVER make a previous sketch I normally have all the process in my head so for me is more simple to stablish my references.
1.-In this particular case I decided to have fun and imagine a design using the little geometrical figure in the right bottom of the image,and according to that I stablish my characters.
2.-I decided to use a similar design work ala Klimt .
3.-As I said before there is not neccessary to crash your head waiting for the right design to come up, paly fun with the figures you know.
4.-The final piece is next..have a great day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Amigo,Writer, hard worker, Renaissance man

Nik Posted by Hello

This is the portrait of one of my Best Amigos!..Nik Havert is has been a real bless to have him as a friend, writer and person I respect and admire and yeah We have the same goal!!
Now We are working in many projects, One of them Luchador!.
I am just waiting for the vacation time to start working full time in coloring and drawing the pages so it can go in print early next year.

Wanna see moer about Nik Havert visit his page

ps to Nik:I hope you like it Amigo!.

Have a great day!!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Pumas again!!

logo! Posted by Hello
I almost forgot to mention Pumas won again for the second time the Championship from my country, so probably Hugo Sanchez is starting to get closer to start coaching Real Madrid!!
I also add the picture were Beltran is celebrating to show the best sporting logo I have ever seen, as you can see there is a Puma on the shirt but the person who designed the logo also draw a facing and menacing fist in form or a Puma, pretty smart design!!...have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Whatever or Perche parlo sempre di te.

This is a reminder for me.
To try to understand a bit what happiness is and also the way I see it.

I was yesterday talking to one of my best friends, I know this friend for ages and obvioulsly She knows that I do not really believe in love the way I used to do, I was telling her about the girl I like a lot (yes the image is below :) ), and well I was telling my friend that I am really afraid to accept that I am starting to love her and I am starting to even re-structure some elements of my personality I thought have gone away.
The funny thing is that I really feel quite clumsy when I am in front of her, sometimes I am speechless or I am in dumb state to use a way to describe the way I feel for her. It has been so long that I was not feeling this way.
My friend knows that I stop believing in complements and they way I see it is just to share what I am, I was some time ago having a conversation with the girl I like and I am really honest in the words I told her, I just told her that she has to make a decision for her and I will respect any decision she could take, (Well She is deciding to be with me, alone or with an ex-love).
Some people told me to attack and start moving things and showing my feelings to her but the way I see it I do not really want to push the things or feel that I am forcing something, I do not want her to think later on that She is with me just because of a crush, I learned my lesson some time ago and the only thing I do is to show the way I am and open myself (quite difficult nowadays considering that I do not really confide my emotions totally),yeah I am a nice guy but I do not want to sell her only that part, because as stupid as it can sound I am also selling a way to see life and the vocation of comics is also a point to consider I mean at least in my country to be a comic creator is not even a profession.
I am really happy for the decision to have become a comic creator since I was at the young age of 7. I know that things have not been that easy and are not in that way usually.
In fact I have had quite a roller coster for life.
So well returning to the other part my friend told me to accept that I love her and to open myself, I mean for what my friend said It could be better to accept that first and then accept the situation in case that is negative or positive and overcome it (simple to say but difficult to do), as I posted some time ago to have a broken heart would be different this time because I learned how to roll with the punches, I can not deny it.... I am afraid She says no, but I mean I prefer to know that, and in case She accepts me it would be good is some areas I need attention.
I am not planning my life towards her, in my case is different I plan my calling or vocation and what I want to do is to find the right person to share.
So the conclusion is the same for this situation If She is happy (with me or without me), I am and will be happy for her.
About the drawing I am having dinner with her and that will be my X-mas gift aside a letter telling her how I feel..... So wish me luck guys!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Monday, December 13, 2004

Almost vacation time..

What do you think? Posted by Hello

Work in colors and ink...Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Design for Dummies. Part three. Traces.

traces Posted by Hello

Wel I continue with the study now is the time of the Harmonic traces, as you guys can see I tried to draw more or less the process in the design of the piece, I won`t enter into symblogy details so I will only keep the talk into the design things I just found.

1.-when there are many , many points of reference in a piece, and as you can see on this one, You can conclude it was really planned.
2.-The usage of the triangle,square and circle in the piece is not an accident specially for the meaning that is behind the piece.
3.The usage of thirds in the design is amazing, in fact the torso help us to mark one of these thirds.

I will get a better explanation for the next one, because I will take my time into the traces that are not visible at first sight so as soon as I have more info I will explain the process of creation of DALI in this beautiful watercolor.

Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

JLA Final Part.

final piece! Posted by Hello

1.-I decided to only trace a diagonal line to have it as the base of the design.
2.-I went nuts just drawing my favorite characters!!, the pencil work is a bit worked giving space for more detail.
3.-I had a blast of fun to do it!
4.-Have a pleasant today!!....JESUS ANTONIO

Friday, December 10, 2004

JLA Part two.

last detail before the final piece!! Posted by Hello
There is in this point the skeleton so I am ready to start the shadow work on the piece..JESUS ANTONIO

Other topics.
If you can get the music what Supervielle is doing from Argentina just let me know I loved the sound this guys are doing, If you can help me getting the CD send me a mail.
Supervielle is using a mix of hip hop, electronics and Tango..can you imagine the mix!!.

JLA Part one.

First move Posted by Hello
I am working in a new cotton paper I bought so I wanted to experiment with the pencils before using the Paper in the pages of Luchador!!.
This is also helping me for my new set of submissions so well I already set the poses of some of the characters I have them in layout and I will sent another post tomorrow or next days with almost the final piece, to start ranting about the piece.
Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Yeah right.

music related Posted by Hello
I drew some weeks back One of my favorite singers ever...Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

The Desperate Kingdom of Love.

The Desperate Kingdom of Love Posted by Hello

I am sorry no comic talk today well at least for this hour of the day!
I just wanted to recommend a CD, yesterday I had some extra bucks so I decided to buy myself a CD I always wanted to get as soon as I saw it, I really wanted to get it because I foolishly thought it would be like another Karen O (the hot girl from the Yeah Yeah Yeah) but I was gladly wrong becasue PJ Harvey Cd is something more exploratory that I thought If I had a way to defined her I would call her a poet.
Lines like "Shame is the shadow of love.." "blue is the new color and the love is the drug I need.."or "I am not trying to break your heart I am just trying not to fall apart.." damn pretty difficult to see that on the lyrics of a CD.
Right now my favorite songs are The Desperate kingdom ofLove,The Slow Drug,Shame,Poket Knife. (I almost like all the songs to be honest I am really thrilled with it).
See ya later today to talk about the usual...:) JESUS ANTONIO

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sè tù mi lìmite

ink Posted by Hello

I saw today the girl I really like and i have to say that I am starting to get some strong feelings for her.
I was trying to express the way I feel and the only way is in this poem done by one of my favorite poets from Spain.

I took the liberty some years ago to translate from Spanish into English the poem, so I hope you enjoy it, the English version is in the image that is loaded with this post( I translate, drew ,ink and lettered the poem), so please enjoy!!

Se tu mi Limite por Jose Angel Valente

Tu cuerpo
puede llenar mi vida,
como puede tu risa
volar el muro opaco de la tristeza.

Una sola palabra tuya quiebra
la ciega soledad en mil pedazos.

Si tù acercas tu boca inagotable
hasta la mìa bebo
sin cesar la raìz de mi propia existencia.

Pero tù ignoras cuànto
la cercanìa de tu cuerpo
me hace vivir o cuànto
su distancia me aleja de mì mismo,
me reduce a la sombra.

Tù estàs, ligera y encendida,
como una antorcha ardiente
en la mitad del mundo.

No te alejes jamàs.
Los hondos movimientos
de tu naturaleza son
mi sola ley.
Sè tù mi lìmite.
Y yo la imagen
de m, feliz, que tù me has dado.

Well Pumas has passed to the final so is against Monterrey next week, so probably Hugo Sanchèz will repeat and win the Championship again.
I have something else to write but I have forgotten it..damn!!..have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Design for Dummies. Part two. References.

To have the material to start studying,designing or trying to understand the motivator of the artist is also essential.
I wanted to add some info that is important specially for some artists.

And also to understand the work of Dali and the Macrocosmos he intentionally or not defined in his work.

Some of the rules I learn through time are.
1.-Design is always based in the three single and perfect shapes. CIRCLE,SQUARE AND TRIANGLE.
2.-One of the principles of designing is always to design in thirds or in 3, call it sequences of 3,usage of 3 elements in the composition,the usage of 3 colors (similar to what the movement of the Bahaus wanted to achieve) or the connection of 3 points, why the reason is simple, from the 3 basic shapes you can create those shapes infinitely(as much as you can). Sometimes the usage of designing using halves or sequences of two is good but not the best option because not all the compositions have to be symetrical, so sometimes it can be applied or not. and is more simple to get even numbers by using the odd number 3.
I guess there is also a reason from the vision of the person for some reason the brain always tries to pay attention to the center so When you design in thirds the brain works out the symetry and the balance.
You will see over time that even in the design provoked by the Chaos is even a symetry or sequence, in few words even in the most cluttered piece or work there is always a relation.

Concepts you have to know before explaining the relation in the work of Dali.

When you study Architecture You learn that the shapes I already refered have had special attention to people, they represent ideas and pre-conceptions that also will help me a lot explaning the work of this piece from Dali.

The medieval conceptions will help me also to explain the inner and hidden ideas that are in this piece of work done by Dali.
The Circle= for some cultures is the representation of the universe, probably the perfect shape and infinite.(well We will realized later in the 50's on that the perfect shapes are the domes and the shells from the Sea, but that will be another topic).See the work done in Mexico by Calatrava the incredible Spanish Architect, well I gotta be honest but Calatrava is now more in using the eskeleton and the basic unit to construct and design, that is one of the reasons of him using tensors and glass now).
The Square = that is the representation of how limited is our preconception of reality, so the square represents the humankind or the mortality.
The triangle= being the representation of the Divine Power and in some religious the representation of the Trinity.

have a good day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Design for Dummies. Part one

Design for dummies Posted by Hello

Hey Terry I hope you find this post interesting.
Well I will try to make an study in composition trying to attack different aspects from traces, design, even symbology.
Before starting there are some things you have to understand When you want to design something.

1.-Firstable that there are not rules what it works for you sometimes it doesn`t work for others, but the main idea of a good design is to be humble and agree that you can know but not the totality.
2.-The best rule for designing is to follow your INTUITION that means that some people have the skill and talent to make powerful designs without knowing all the process of the different approaches you can have by studying the rules. Intution in fact is the greatest way to design.
3.-One of the points of the section is to give my approach, I am not tellling you have to follow the same scheme when you need to draw or design, but I know that the more you know the more you can free yourself.
4.-The point is to enjoy drawing and also enjoy the happy accidents you can have when you are designing, not all the designs are powerful but can be effective, you can see that with the work of Warhol all the power comes to the conception of the image and the usage of colors that impact you, but that is another theme.
5.-There are many ways to have a powerful design remember that art is so subjective so We are talking about emotions, some artists want to provoke a reaction good or bad, that reaction is the link that makes us agree that a person in doing art.

Research is the main key.
Before doing a design you have to have all the elements you want to use.

Last Supper by Dali.

Previous information neccesary to understand the behind the scenes about an artist (I have to say that some of these artists are so talented that the above rules never apply, is just the talent they have), one of this beautiful examples is the Art of Dali.
I really respect the work of Dali because is one of the few examples where from an Academic school started to draw and paint with more liberty getting into the surrealism, so the key is to have the elements to free yourself.
This painting from Dali is a watercolor done In cotton paper if I am right.
As you can see there is a torso as a representation of God, some few people know that as many artists Dali use real posing people or photo referenced guides, in fact the torso presented in the painting is in fact the torso of the same Dali when he was young, remember that Dali was an athletic boy that also started experimenting a lot in all the ways.
As you can see the Christ in the scene is without beard, one of the reasons is that in his point of view and I dare a little when I say that his religion stablished no beard for religious images.Did you know that in fact the face that was used as the model for Christ is not a man and that in reality it is a girl?, Dali always played with the androginy type and conception (Coco Channel is the main reference for that movement that started in Germany,France and Italy in the earliest 1910`s and a little before), and the oddest part is that is the girl shown was in fact his own wife, so in his ironic way of thinking is telling us that for him his own God is his wife, quite iroinic, isn`t it?.
Did you know that Dali was a better writer than an artist?.
Dali is also one fo the first creatives producing publicity in Spain, in fact composed some of the most funniest gingles ever!.
Also Dali produced work for Disney.

Have a great day and I will continue with the study little by little, but firstable I wanted to give and overall so you can understand the really samrt guy that Dali was.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Experimenting with color paper.Final Part Tres

final piece Posted by Hello

As I posted before this was only about to be an sketch, so I hope you enjoy the final piece in ink and pastel...
Have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Experimenting with color paper. Part Due

part two Posted by Hello

This is the second part of the experiment.
1.- I already made the decision to keep it as an sketch so I am almost finishing with the image.
2.-It has been a little different to use ink and pastel together, I still need to work on the light source and shadowing to have a melt with the ink and the pastel.
3.-I still need to work on the face, hands and give a little bit more of spirit or spark to the sight of the girl.
4.-I never expected to see a result like this using this approach.
5.-I will try to do a cover in another day using the complete approach (usage of ink and pastel).
Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The corner..... Tim Shea

This is my last post for the day!!

There is a great blog from a guy I can really start calling him my friend, He is a great guy and a great creator (his comic is Hope 7), in fact is the nice guy that is lettering Rocket Girl and sooner He will be the one inking Luchador!!

This is Tim Shea`s blogg..enjoy!!


Experimenting with color paper. part Uno

color Posted by Hello

This day I have seen some incredible work done by Jim Lee. (I have to say that Mr. Lee is just amazing and I am so happy that He is becoming a complete artist in all the way).
Well after seeing some of his works in color paper with some wash work and acrylics.
I decided to do the same with a little twist.
1.-Is not my first time using color paper but is my first time using ink and pastel together so I hope the process has good results.
2.-I will take my time to finish the piece.
3.-I am taking it as an experiment so In case that the result is different to what I expect there is no problem at all.
4.-I decided to overwork the color of the paper and instead of using only 3 single colors, I will use as many as I can using the color of the paper to stablish the first pallete color of the skin.
5.-At this moment I do not even have an idea of what would it be the result.
6.-I started using white,green,pink,yellow, orange and brown as a first cover of color and I hope in the next image to have a big jump in the depth of the drawing..

Have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Ohh well yesterday.

Funny thing happens I have been these recent months complaining about loving a girl but for some stupid situations nothing concretes, well I continue with the same problem but now with a new twist another girl ask me to be her boyfriend, this girl is a very nice person but I am not feeling that attracted to her, I will try to know her better but for some reason I am not really sure that I am the one she is expecting for..hahah well.

In other news there is a buzz about another mild devaluation at the end of the month in my country aside with a 5% of inflation taking in reference last month from last year, so I need to start looking for a steady job! (and now I have 3, can you imagine!!), our President is incredibly happy because it was a raise in the employment but I can not understand why He is happy for creating jobs that are mainly for working people in factories, so no jobs for people who attended school or have a technical approach, really sad . Right now the Congress is starting a new fight against the President because they do not really want to pact in the terms of the new budget plan in my country.

I hope some answers come at the end of this year and I start getting work in comics in an steady way.

I forgot to mention that since today and to the end of the month I am also available to develop cover work for music groups or bands.Pass the word to your friends maybe one might be interested.
I mean in case you have a band and you want a nice cover,design or art for your group, I guess I can have time to do so with some of my very good friends.
In case you are interested just drop me a mail!!.......see you around!!...JESUS ANTONIO

ps:visit Nik`s site

December and continue waiting for

December Posted by Hello
Today I have a mild headache so I guess I will try to sleep as soon as I post this.
This is an old drawing I did some months ago.
I am now waiting for some answers from people around and according to that I can start moving myself and plan the next year (hahah I do not know why I became a little anal retentive specially about planning ).
Hope you like and have a good start of the month!!..JESUS ANTONIO

ps:in case I get some news I will guys let you know for sure. Ciao..