Monday, July 31, 2006

Marebito 2005

I just said some days ago that I had the chance to watch this incredible movie the key factor and kind of spoiler is that not everything seems as it is.
If you have the chance to watch this movie..please do it!
The topics are a little difficult to digest specially by the end but it is a must to watch If you are open!!
I am really amazed and glad everytime by the way korean,taiwanese,japanese and chinese horror and suspense movies are developing there!!

I continue with my problems of Insomnia and I am a bit fed up by now!! :)

Have a Great Day!

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Los Rudos, Los Rudos, Los Rudos!

I haven´t had time to post some of the photos I took over last "Luchas" time, I took so many but I am not loading all maybe because there are some that I will use for the comic Nik and I will do. :)
As You can see my photos are much better, I hope next year to buy me a new camera so my photos will be a lot more decent. And well You are right I am wearing my autographed mask.:) :)
As you know I really like Dr. Wagner and this time was figthing L.A. Park, the other photo is from Maximo and Volador (Maximo as you know is an exotic fighter..btw Did you see where is He having his left hand on?).These were the only two fights that were worth mentioning.

Have a great Sunday and enjoy the pics!
Do not forget to visit my political strip of today BODOQUE!
ps:I am finally taking some time to write my Monography and tomorrow I will start regular life no more vacation and I need to find time to finish the work of My teacher and the Workshop.
About the teaser poster of ROCKET GIRL 3, I am done I only need to work on the Perspective over next week so I hope by the next one to load the pencils, and See the way to end the piece because I am thinking in using acrylic or to have someone color it in computer, who knows the sky is the limit!! :)
I will propably be out for a couple of days working on the Monography, so see you later or tomorrow..I still do not know! :)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

56 times 56

The new issue 56 is OUT TOMORROW AFTERNOON!!!!!!
You can see the greatest minds and friends artists working on the place and more than 25000 people checking the page everyweek!!As always new artists and old ones are joining the Fun!Visit it and Check BODOQUE that is written and drawn by truly yours!!
You need to scroll down a bit to get my strip.This time Bodoque talks about Pollitos and Epistolas.
If you can promote our link I would really appreciate it!!!(link in full spanish)

Version in Spanish:El nuevo número de la Kodorniz estara ya en linea mañana!! No 56!!! y mas de 25000 personas visitan la pagina cada semana!!!Visiten el sitio y mi tira politica BODOQUESi quieres linkear nuestro link the La Kodorniz en tu sitio nosotros encantados y te lo agradecemos.. !!:)
Un abrazo!!


In Noir.

I finally watch today 3 movies the first is Napoleon Dynamite, I have to say it is a quite decent movie in case you like movies like American Splendor or Ghost World this is a must to see.
I really like it, not love it but like it enough to watch it for a second time when I have the chance.
The Passion of Joan of Arc (La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc) was a silent film released in France in 1928 based on the trial records of Joan of Arc. The film was directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer and starred Renée Jeanne Falconetti and Antonin Artaud. It is widely regarded as a landmark of silent cinema.And I have to add that the music is the highlight of the piece it has the most incredible gothical soundtrack I have ever listened. It is an kind of Oratorio composed by Richard Einhorn in 1994.
The Indian Tomb from 1921 was a two-part German silent film adaptation of a novel by Thea von Harbou. It comprised two parts:
Part I: the Mission of the Yogi
Part II: the Tiger of Bengal
Upon its release, it was neither a critical nor commercial success and has been little seen until two recent restorations were completed, a European film restoration and a U.S. video restoration by David Shepard.It is a must to see the great directing of Fritz Lang.

So I guess my day was quite good!


Friday, July 28, 2006

Those Small Things.

I will devote again the space to promote friends or to recommend sites I normally enjoy to read.:)Kino please send me an email I just can not find your last mail...Kino!! Kino!!!

Borja Crespo
Javier Olivares
Planeta Pop

Teddy Kristiansen
Dave Johnson (my favorite site in terms of design)
Jeff Matsuda
Mike Wieringo
Casey Jones
J. Scott Campbell
Sun of Gelatometti
Bill Sienkiewicz


LARRY DEMPSEY (You have nothing to thank my friend :) )
Wondy the Ginger Storm!!
Pinky June

Holy Spanish Sequential Manuscripts

Strange Corners
The lovely blanket of my inner orange desires!La Chula Nuala aka Bonita Annita.
El Gato de largos bigotes
La peregrina Missgps
El absurdo bigote fino Gonzalo

Geoff Johns has an incredible art web site design
Marv Wolfman
Gerry Conway
Mark Evanier
Elayne Riggs that is one of my favorite people ever as a thinker as a person and as a friend,She could easily kick ass writing comics. :)
Grant Morrison
Neil Gaiman

Have a great Day!!


Smile, Smile!

Can you believe this little fella is two months old and already has such a great smile!!?
Carlitos my nephew is a really great person...and the funny part is that He really has a strong temper. I really like a lot my nephew!. I am waiting for the proper time to hook him into the world of crayons, colors, paper and COMICS. :) :)
Just imagine when I have my own!!!.

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Giving a shot.

Yeaph! I have insomnia again and I was thinking about the future, before something happens let me recommend a great movie I watched today ELECTION a movie done in 1999 about the life of a lousy teacher and the brightest nerdy bith Tracy Flick...damn a beautiful, beautiful script it really hook me up.
Well continuing with the matter, I am in two months about to finish everything related to my studies what it means comic work is finally approaching in fact I am returning to many of my work I left like...Luchador!, Rocket Girl, In Nomine, a short story to write and draw, some work I owe to my friend Victor Alos, some Cover Work that a nice friend editor promise me as soon as I am done, and contacting some people advised by a very nice person, and also more political work as part of an agency in fact two agencies, also some proposals with many people and friends, some comission work and finally my own projects of horror like Third Death, Ambar, Witch, Flame, etc... but at the same time I was a bit afraid because in a way there are No more excuses... and I am not talking about the work that has been postponed by these life is more like Hey! I am finally working full time as a comic book creator, writer and artist and it is a bit scary but in the overall I have this feeling of accomplishment and pride.

Well I want to expand my work and this is another way I will do it!

Well this is an open proposal to my regular viewers, friends, lurkers and who might be interested, I have been thinking in opening a T-shirt Business, I want to start small but with hopes to expand the business really big, I have some great T-shirt designs and thousand of ideas and have a kind of collection so that means I would love to have a person abroad (means SPAIN, UK, USA , EVERYWHERE!) as a partner and start the business from scratch, it would be awesome to get someone with some expertise on their own market but works fine a person with the proper means to start that with me.I mean I will start next year in my country and I will sell them via my official web,it might take a bit of time to have the official site but a great person is now helping me with that, so it would be great to dominate the world ..hahaha!!

So if you are interested...just mail me off.
Or if you know a fashion mogul interested let me know!!

ps...No, Caramel Eyes never answered back!

Great day to you guys!!


Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Bones Are Shown.

This day I got all moods as possible ranging from being blue to being angry and now I am a bit clueless, I still haven´t talked about my Luchas´Day and it was Awesome!!...well just to wipe out my emotions I went downtown and bought two Jewels.
The new CD of the YEAH YEAH YEAHS called Show your bones is really Awesome I have to say that is a very Mature CD for a strange reason it has all the flavor or Karen O but this time it is a bit milder, not a bad thing but I was looking for some singing ripping her guts out but not this time...It is a great surprise for me to see a Mature group.
The new CD of THE VINES called Vision Valley is also a great great album!!!
I am really waiting to have some money and buy myself the new CD of PHOENIX that is a group I am liking a lot recently.
Things in the country are a bit messy and gave me material for a second page of Bodoque so next Sunday go and check the two new pages of Bodoque.
By the way I am now working in the teaser of Rocket Girl 3 and I have to say I am really liking what I am doing with the piece a lot!!

See you later and me hopefully WITH A BETTER MOOD just Have a great Day!!


ps:Yes, I bought my mask and it is also signed by the Wrestler!! :)


The nice guys at Uberbot are doing so many things tonite and over the days!
I wish I had my own Hellboy!! :) (Damn distances!!) Go and get yours on the 12th of August... did I mentioned some are signed by Mignola??!!!
More info

Great day!!


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In Rome Do As Romans Do

I have sent the work for the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.
You already know that the new strip will be shown next SUNDAY???
CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..I am honored to be among them every week.
This week the boys are talking about Pejicus and Chaparritus di Lentis.
Great day!!!(Yes, the link is in Spanish).
If you are a spanish tongue speaker, please promote this work done by me EVERYWHERE :) :)Thanks in Advance!!
Remember I decided to have a permanent space for Bodoque and all in SPANISH!
So be my guest and enjoy!


Writing Bold Images In Lines Of Wisdom

I was thinking in "why not" to add some links of writers I like or enjoy in different degrees and areas, there are not all of them but hopefully I will add more links as time passes by.

Geoff Johns has an incredible art web site design.
Marv Wolfman
Gerry Conway
Mark Evanier
Elayne Riggs that is one of my favorite people ever as a thinker as a person and as a friend,She could easily kick ass writing comics. :)
Grant Morrison
Neil Gaiman
Nik Havert my friend and a great person and writer! (I have been a bit absent but soon You will have news)

Great Day!


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Write Over My Skin

Again stealing to heal...This is one Essay I loved long time ago from Peter David called "But I Disgress".Enjoy and only a kind of downer now the top ones specially DC do not received submissions If they are not on request. sad indeed!

This article contains, Peter David's "But I Digress"
from the _Comics Buyer's Guide_ issue #976.

But I Digress...
From Comics Buyer's Guide #976
By Peter David
The most common question I get at conventions, the most frequent type of letter written to me at Marvel or c/o this column, features a variation on the following. (The exact wording is taken from the letter of one young man in Mansfield, Ohio. I'm not running his name because the letter wasn't to the column, and I don't want to violate confidentiality. But it was one of the better written letters I've received on the subject.) And it says:

"I want to be a comic-book writer. At the moment, I'm a 16-year-old junior in high school, brimming with ideas. A question that seems to be asked a lot of me is, 'What are you going to do with your life?' and 'What are you going to be?' To most of them I say that I haven't decided yet. But, to those to whom I tell the truth, that I want to write comic books, they say, 'No, seriously.' That, along with a girl saying she wants to be just friends, defines the low blow.
"The reason I'm writing is that I need a little help in knowing just how to get there."
Rather than answer the question over and over again, I figured I'd write up for BID, make a bunch of copies of it and send them out whenever I get asked.
This is not any sort of absolute "How To" essay. There is no absolute way. What there is is a very, very slim chance- and that's extra emphasis on "slim," particularly if you're trying to break into one of the Big Two.
Unsurprisingly enough, though, I don't get a lot of people coming up to me and asking me how to break into Valiant or Dark Horse or Image. I'm usually asked about Marvel, and it's usually plot outlines for Marvel characters that I'm shown. So that's what I'll focus on, using my experience
as a writer and also my time working for book publishers, as well as my staff time at Marvel.
There are two things to be considered here:
the nature of submissions, and to whom (and how) you should submit them.
Section One:
Nowhere near everything you need to know in order to be a good writer
I now give you some very brief, fairly practical advice in pursuing a writing career.

Rule 1: Don't listen to friends and family no matter what they say. They will either tell you that you goals are stupid or unworkable, which won't help your ego. Or they'll tell you that you're a wonderful writer, which they're rarely in a position to do, because their feelings for you
cloud their judgement; you, however, will get delusions of grandeur. I'll never forget the first grade teacher who sent a manuscript for a children's book, claiming that it was a sure-fire bestseller because "I read it to my class and they loved it." Like the kids were going to shout, "Boy, Mrs. X, your book really bites it."
Rule 2: Rule 1 is not absolute. If friends or family give you constructive criticism, take it.
Rule 3: Read.
Rule 4: Use a typewriter or computer with a letter-quality printer, 8 1/2 X 11 inches, double spaced, with at least one-inch margins all around (a pica inch is 10 spaces, an elite inch is 12; a vertical inch is six lines). Don't hand write. Don't write on anything other than standard- weight white bond paper. I don't care what Abe Lincoln or Jack Kerouac wrote on; you're not Lincoln or Kerouac. And for crying out loud, don't use erasable bond. That wasn't a dodge the writer used in _Misery_ to get Annie out of the house; no real writer types on erasable bond.
Rule 5: Use a dictionary. If you've got a computer, use a spell check.
Rule 6: Read.
Rule 7: Include your name and address on all correspondence.
Rule 8: Read.
Rule 9: Note the repeated emphasis on reading. Note that I don't keep saying "write." Many people will tell you that you have to write constantly. To me, telling a fledgling writer, "You should write," is like telling a fledgling auto mechanic, "You should fix cars." It's a given, it's obvious, it's self evident. If you want to write, though, you should be reading as wide a variety
of things as you can. There's no better way to absorb the basics of writing than to see how others are doing it. And for heaven's sake, if you want to write comics, don't just read comics. What will make your stories fresh, vibrant, and, most important, noticeable is bringing techniques and subject matter that you've learned from other writers along with you into the comics world.
The comics business needs new influences, not a recycling of the old ones. It's like all those artists who only learn art from comic books, rather than learn how to draw from life.
The more you distance yourself from outside influences, the more cloudy your vision becomes.
Rule 10: When you get rejected, keep in mind: It's nothing personal. Learn to mentally separate yourself from your work. If someone says, "Your writing is lousy," he's not saying that you are a lousy person.
Rule 11: Learn to type. Learn to type well and learn to type fast. If nothing else, you can pick up temp work to tide you over before those huge royalty checks come rolling in.
Section Two:
How to give submissions to comics Rather than break this down into rules, I'll break it into questions.
Keep in mind that there is nothing official in any of this. I'm not giving you word handed down to me from Marvel or DC management. In fact, future _Oh so?_ columns may have letters from comics companies stating that I'm completely off-beam. All I can provide is my opinion on how best to proceed.
"Do I have to learn how to draw?" No. No more than you have to learn to letter or color. Learning how to draw does make your work more accessible to the editor, in that it takes much less time to look at a few pages of art then it does to read over and critique a story. But does that make it easier to break in? No, not if the best you can be is a lousy artist.
Go with your strength. If you have a talent for writing and drawing, by all means, develop both. Obviously, the more things you can do well, the more chances you have at success. If you have no talent for drawing but you know you can write, then focus on your strong point. Why become a lousy penciller, if you have it in you to become a great writer?
"Do I submit a whole story?" You submit the gist of the story. You initial submission should, ideally, be no longer than one page. It's not the easiest thing to do, and you'll find that it becomes almost an art form unto itself. What you do is boil your story down to it's essence. Ask yourself,
"What is this story about? What are the themes? What does the character have to deal with that makes this story interesting, important, and, most of all, unique to this character?" Present the essence, the themes and conflict, and the resolution in the broadest of terms (you don't have to
describe every moment in the story. Simply making it clear that you know how it begins and ends is fine.) If your story consists of "Wolverine runs around, fights guys, and comes up with a neat way to beat the villain," I can guarantee it won't sell. You need to come up with some new slant, some new perspective, some new vision, that is both consistent with what's gone before and, at the same time, different enough to catch the attention of the person who reads it and
make him or her say, "Hey, that's a neat idea. I like that."
I don't care if you've read stories that saw print and weren't about anything. Stories that had no subtext or depth. Stories that had no conflict other than people running around hitting each other. How many times have you read a story and said, "Hell, I could write better than that"?
Well, if you want to break into writing you _do_ have to write better than that. Sure it's not fair, but it's true. Besides, you don't want to aspire to mediocrity. Who wants to use the lowest common denominator to justify their work?
"I have great ideas for all these new characters. Should I send them to Marvel?" No. Not if your goal is to break into Marvel. If you have a great idea for a three-part story, save it. If you dreamed up a 12-part, star-spanning mega-series that incorporates every hero in the Marvel
Universe, don't bother. You have to remember what it is you're trying to do.
"So what am I trying to do?" You're trying to make yourself useful to an editor.
An editor has one job and one job only: To get the titles he or she edits out the door to the printer. Everything editors do - the phone calls, the meetings, the running around - everything funnels down into that one imperative. And if you come along and seem to be someone who can help them achieve that goal, then you've got a shot at getting on their good side. Not a great shot, mind you. The odds are still long, because editors don't always have time to nurse would-be writers. But it's a shot nonetheless.
"So do I submit the stuff to the editor of a specific comic book?"
They may kill me for this but my answer to that would be yes. Official policies may be otherwise but, as I said, I'm not official. And me, the smart-aleck freelancer, I figure, what've you got to lose? If the editor doesn't want to deal with it, he'll kick it over to someone else, anyway.
My reasoning is this: What an editor needs most is inventory material. Stories that do not have an immediate side effect on the continuity. Stories that, after 22 pages, will leave the lead character the same as he was at the beginning in terms of his status and relations with the
other characters. That way, if the regular team blows a deadline, the editor is prepared with a fill-in story.
The trick is that any good story is about - to some degree - change.
Someone in the course of the story should, ideally, go through some sort of change. Something should happen to him wherein, at the end of the story he views the world a little differently than when he began. So either the lead character (a superhero, presumably) has to have an experience that makes him think differently about something when the adventure is over, or else you have to create a new character to interact with the superhero so that, by the end of the story, the new character is different than when he began. It's very difficult. It's not impossible. And when it's done well it can be extremely memorable. Roger Stern's "The Kid Who Collected Spider- Man" for example, could easily have been a fill-instory, since it filled all those basic requirements, and I still get choked up when I think about it.
"So what's the ideal scenario, if it all falls right?" You submit a one-page story outline to the editor of the respective comic book. He loves it. He uses the self-addressed stamped envelope you included to write back to you and asks you to flesh it out into a full plot (presumably sending you a sample so that you have an idea of how to do it). You develop it as a full plot. The editor loves it, you get paid for it, and it gets sent off to an artist.
"Do I get to script it myself?" If you want to, sure. Remember, you're trying to make it easier for the editor. If he or she has to find someone to script your work because you can't handle it, you have that much less value.
"What if they steal my idea?" The only thing slimmer than the odds of your breaking in is the odds of your ideas being swiped. There's simply no motivation for the editors to do so. Remember, ideally the editor wants writers to help him get the comics out, not would-be writers who are angry because their ideas got filched. You must also keep in mind that you might
submit something that someone else has come up with independently, and it's already in the works; many a tyro has assumed that his idea was usurped, and went around bad mouthing the writer and editor of a comic book. That's not a way to make friends and influence people, and it's also generally unfounded (unless you're Art Buchwald).
"Is there any way to improve the odds a bit?" Well, $10 clipped to your story submission might help. Just kidding.
Yes, there are ways to improve the odds on becoming a writer for Marvel or DC. In fact, almost anything you do will improve the odds, because frankly, they can't get much worse than what they are when you submit a story cold.
Three commonplace ways to have a better shot at being a writer for the Big Two:
1) Get writing credits somewhere else first. It doesn't necessarily have to be one of the independent comics publishers. [As a pure digression, I must admit I'm a little fuzzy on the term "independents." Is Marvel still a British colony or something that it's not independent? Is DC a British colony (well, maybe, yeah now that I think about it). As for the so-called "independents," sometimes they don't own the characters they publish. These alleged independents have less control over their fates, particularly if they are dependent on such things as the whims of licensor. Go figure semantics, huh?]
If your cover letter can list professional experience in other forms of writing - news writing, copy writing, published short stories - anything that proves that you now how to put sentences together and meet a deadline will be of help. Not that you have to submit your resume with every story. A couple of lines on the cover letter will suffice.
2) Go to conventions. Try to give an editor a face to put with a name. At smaller, less-crowded conventions, it's possible for editors and writers to read and comment on your stuff. If you're going to a larger convention, such as San Diego, I suggest - as difficult as it may sound - to
boil your ideas down to verbal pitches of 25 words or less. If you grab an editor with a neat verbal hook ("Daredevil's hypersenses inform him that a politician's pacemaker is actually a time bomb - but the politician hates superheros and won't trust them!") and get the editor going, "Yeah? Yeah? And then?" - you can pull out your one-page outline with a flourish and hand it to him.
On a personal note: I will never read a plot outline, if it deals with characters I write. It's my way of avoiding possible hassles. But if time and circumstances permit I will read outlines involving other characters. But please - if you see an editor go into the bathroom, don't follow him in and slide your story under the stall. I can't speak for others in the industry, but you won't like what I do with anything handed to me in that manner.
3) Get a job at Marvel or DC. To be honest, that's what happened with me. Except when I got a job at Marvel, it was in sales, and I didn't get the job because I hoped to angle into writing. My career was genuinely in sales. I tried the writing on the side just for kicks. I had no idea that it would develop into what it has or that eventually I would be writing in trade newspapers, trying to advise others to emulate what I laughingly refer to as my success. If you're lucky enough to land an office job, it becomes that much easier because, of course, people will get to know you. Even if you don't get a job, the whole trick is to make a memorable and _positive_ impression
on the people to whom you hope to sell the story. Come up with clever, dynamic ways to get yourself - and your stories - noticed. What sort of way?
You're supposed to be a writer. Use your imagination.

Have a Great Day!!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Killing to Write or Writing to Kill?

I hope Wondy understands that I am stealing to heal!! :) I saw today this post on her blog and I know this can be in use also for Writing Comics.

From How to Write by Paul Saevig:
On getting to grips with the Short Story before writing a novel:
Here's what I recommend:
1. Think hard to come up with a good story. It should be substantial, and not simply an account of a chance encounter, or a good day at the racetrack, or a date on the town, or even a week in the life of a fascinating person. (There are exceptions, of course, such as James Joyce's Ulysses, which takes place during one day - but Joyce was a supremely gifted novelist, one of the greatest in history, and he's not a suitable model for a new writer.)
2. See if you can imagine several compelling characters who people like you will want to read about. Can you do it? Are you willing to live with them for a year or so, until you've brought them to life and deployed them to tell your story? If your answers are Yes, proceed to the next step.
3. Can you fit your story together with your characters in an attractive setting in an appropriate time, to fashion your novel? "Attractive setting" does not mean only the French Riviera or the Lake District or Hawaii, but simply any place that people like you will want to read about. Dickens used 19th Century London, Greene the British colonies, Somerset Maugham the colonial outposts, and David Lodge the British universities. A skilled writer can make virtually any place attractive. You should be combining elements of a novel such that they cohere. Can you do that? If so, proceed to the next step.
4. Can you write some effective sequences, such as when your protagonist first enters the action, or when the climax occurs, or when two important characters meet for the first time, or when someone dies? As you work at this, you'll be able to tell how successful your efforts are. You can ask members of your writing group, too. If these efforts are successful, proceed to the next step.
5. You need to create an outline of at least all the main scenes and incidents of this novel you're planning. Creating an outline is usually difficult, but it's more difficult to "fly by the seat of your pants" as you're going along, trusting to your instinct, keeping it readable and appealing, travelling up the main road and not getting mired in side streets or dead ends. Your outline doesn't have to include every single breath your characters will take, and there should be room left for variation, inspiration, and the new ideas that will come to you - but you should have this blueprint of framework to guide your efforts. Some writers swear they never use outlines, but this is probably a boast only.
6. Armed with your story, characters, setting, and outline, pause for a moment and ask yourself if this novel is truly worth writing. Be honest with yourself. Does your novel have some fresh ideas about human life, or is it simply a tried-and-true story already told many times? Are your characters appealing, or are they too ordinary to attract favourable attention? Can you tell your story well enough to make it good, or will you have to fight your way through to the end desperately? Will you commit yourself to following it out to a resolution, or are your impulses whimsical? If you can tell yourself that your novel will be worth creating by your own standards, then proceed.
7. Start writing at the beginning. True, some writers create novels the way movies are shot, out of order and piece by piece, but that's doing it the hard way. You need to start at A and continue with B and C and D, until you reach Z. That's the most reasonable approach. Probably your biggest problem will be keeping track of everything you've written - did Sir Oliver die, or can he appear in this new scene? Has the heirloom sword already been introduced? How has Jane Jones been described? Would it be tiresome to write about horses in another scene?
8. Keep writing.
9. Keep writing.
10. Forge onward. Get your story on paper where you can manipulate it. Worry about perfecting it later. Tell your tale. Squeeze your imagination dry. Write something you would like to read. Don't be surprised if the story you write isn't what you expected in the outline. Allow your novel to have some living, breathing life of its own.
11. Finish your story in about 200 double-spaced pages. Yes, this is a short novel, but you need to master small tasks before you progress to bigger ones. Many classic novels -- The Red Badge of Courage, The Stranger, and To Kill A Mockingbird - are also short.
12. After you've finished your first draft, take a little time off. Go down by the ocean, or spend an afternoon in the mountains, or have a few beers. Let your mind go fallow, a friend of mine liked to say. Let yourself rest and seek rejuvenation.
13. Once you're rested, read your first draft all the way through. Is it moving in the right direction? If not, return to Step 1 or 2. If it's moving OK, proceed. NOTE: Do not start editing or changing things yet - you'll get confused and bogged down.
14. Seek out the weak elements - a scene or character that doesn't work, a motivation that's not believable, a result that doesn't follow convincingly, or anything that fails to satisfy you. Make notes of these weak elements until you've checked the whole first draft.
15. Develop your own strategy or priorities to work a little on these weak elements. Or you may simply return to the beginning and start rewriting, if you prefer.
16. Rewrite at least three times, editing and modifying as you go, but avoiding confusion or getting stuck. Many good novels have been rewritten fifty or seventy five times.
17. Keep rewriting. Don't give up. Don't stop rewriting until your novel is smooth and pleases you.
18. Give a version to reliable and trustworthy associates who have at least some expertise in editing. This will probably not be your spouse, or neighbour, or boss, or lover, or tennis partner, or pastor, or cousin in Belfast or Philadelphia. Sorry to be sharp, but the opinions of these people on writing are worthless, or actually injurious. Find people who know something about writing.
19. Take their comments and use them as you think best. Remember, please yourself. If you believe you should ignore some comments, do so.
20. You may collect more reactions from qualified readers if you wish, but don't waste too much time. You have more rewriting, editing, and polishing to do.
21. Stop only when you believe no further improvement is possible.

Remember what Joe Frazier said. The annals of literature are filled with novelists who had to wait for their sixth or seventh novel to be good enough for publication.
And to finish two quotes from a true great about writing:

Writing has laws of perspective, of light and shade just as painting does, or music. If you are born knowing them, fine. If not, learn them. Then rearrange the rules to suit yourself.
Truman Capote

Writing stopped being fun when I discovered the difference between good writing and bad and, even more terrifying, the difference between it and true art. And after that, the whip came down.

Great Day!!


Meme Videns

I am enjoying day one of five of not classes in the afernoon so I was thinking in doing something similar to the video Meme I used to do some time ago.
These are my favorite sitcoms ever...If I remember more I will load a second post.
I am not watching sitcoms as I used to do because of my timings but hopefully next year will be my TV year again and check some programs people say are good..but in the meantime oldies but goodies!! :)
Ally McBeal
The Wonder Years
Mad about you

Have a great Day!!


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Vengeance Has So Many Glasses

Lazy Sunday! I woke up a bit late today and I just couldn´t finish the written work for the Monography because I was not so sure of what to write but now after yesterday class-no class (I call it class-no class because this time the Workshop was in one of the houses from a partner, so in fact it was more like a gathering where We ate a delicious Arrachera, condimented and grilled meat, so I took yesterday and today to eat and rest)now I have the right line of work to follow for my Monography and my teacher will check it over the weekend as I advance on it. On Monday I am starting my regimen again so no more tortillas and sodas.
I am having this week free so I will use it for my Workshop and my Monography so expect some new details on the furniture I am designing.
Please watch "The Symphaty for Lady Vengeance", I was trying hard to write some ideas without writing spoilers so you can enjoy it but I guess the most accurate comment is "If you have seen Amelie, this is like the Dark Nemesis of Amelie" and it is so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Have a great Day!!


55 times 55

The new issue 55 is OUT !!!!!!You can see the greatest minds and friends artists working on the place and more than 25000 people checking the page everyweek!!
As always new artists and old ones are joining the Fun!!Check the incredible mastery of Cilencio the argentinian cartoonist is just amazing!
Visit it and Check BODOQUE that is written and drawn by truly yours!!
You need to scroll down a bit to get my strip.
This time Bodoque talks about the TRIFE and Botitas.
If you can promote our link I would really appreciate it!!!(link in full spanish)Here!!

Version in Spanish:El nuevo número de la Kodorniz esta ya en linea!! No 55!!! y mas de 25000 personas visitan la pagina cada semana!!!
Visiten el sitio y mi tira politica BODOQUE
Si quieres linkear nuestro link the La Kodorniz en tu sitio nosotros encantados y te lo agradecemos.. !!:)
Un abrazo!!



Friday, July 21, 2006

Magia y Payasos.

I have sent the work for the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.
You already know that the new strip will be shown next SUNDAY???

CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.
And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..I am honored to be among them every week.This week the boys are talking about Botitas and Trife.
Great day!!!(Yes, the link is in Spanish).
If you are a spanish tongue speaker, please promote this work done by me EVERYWHERE :) :)
Thanks in Advance!!Remember I decided to have a permanent space for Bodoque and all in SPANISH!
So be my guest and enjoy!


The Magic Of The Chaos

Justicia Mural.©2006 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez

Well this is the presketch of the Mural that will be at the entrance of the office of my brother, I still need to design so many things like the furniture, lights and the space by itself so I will upload the project as soon as I advance, I will not sleep today at all trying to finish part of the written Monography so I have something else to be in check tomorrow early morning. The mural will be in oils over wood and a bit enormous so there would be 3 pieces connected to act like one.The interpretation of the Mural is up to you, I mean I have the study as part of my written Monography but I will not say anything till I have some revisions from my teacher. I was also studying the way Juan O´Gorman used to paint Murals an also Siqueiros´ process, I am thinking in coloring the mural in reds, oranges,yellows, golden colors and blues.
DADICUS thank you so much for being the great guy you are!! I will ink the piece in a matter of 10 day tops and send you the scan, thank you, thank you again!!
Nik I hope in less of 7 or 15 days to upload the teaser poster of Rocket Girl #3.
Wondy and Bonita Annita, I was reading some stuff about Chaos Magic...can you investigate if there are some good books in UK on the matter because I want to study that movement and I would love to get them my place. Seems they used also some of the terminology used by H.P Lovecraft, Sigilos and Sumerian Tradition.
I am now working in my political see you over Sunday!!

ps:As you see I suit perfectly to draw someday Wonder Woman :)


Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Dark Society Of The Fifth Manifesto.

Okey Bonita Annita this is the cover of FAIR BLUES in fact this is alternate Cover #2 because I want to draw a cover with full city and robots and showing the lead character of the script you drew for me and for the contest.So this the first of two :). I was thinking that If the market to attack is the French one it would be nice to have a chick with guns and in a way with a pose that can be attractive for the reader and viewer, Yes you have seen that I drew the spy girl because that would be really awesome to explore a bit more the character making her a kind of Seductive Matahari Spy.
Also I didn´t tight the pencil work because I was thinking in the colorist..I hope Dadicus gets interested in coloring the piece!
And I was imagining the Cover similar to the great covers of Cowboy Bebop and at the background just the sky full of clouds and explotions around.
So Again Bonita Annita this is one piece of two I will post as covers of Fair Blues.
Hopefully over the weekend to send you a mail and talk to you!
I hope also this weekend to start the teaser poster for Rocket Girl.
Dadicus let me know what you need and also asking you if you are interested in coloring the teaser for Rocket Girl!
Great day all of you and tomorrow I will load the sketch work for the Mural I will do for my Monography!

Have a great day!!


Bare feet in Bare Feelings.

How you doin´??. I woke up today really late after all the messy and busy first part of the week that I had.Thanks June for the comment I guess I will put an ad soon!! :).
Later night I hope to write more on the matter thanks June!.
Well I have already the money for my original mask so on Tuesday I will have it...Yay!!.Now I need to work on an exam that I need to prepare today and apply it tomorrow with one of the groups I have, I need also to sign the contract for the new class I got.Next week seems to be really good in terms of time to advance more work from the Workshop and the Monography as knowing I won´t have classes in the afternoon due to the vacation break, one week to advance on those things.
I am going today to the stationary store get some photocopies and scan the cover of Fair Blues, and the Mural I am working on and next week I will add the teaser poster of Rocket Girl 3!.
I haven´t sent any mails to friends and writers because of my scheduling as you know I am again working in 3 places again so you can guess that I am a bit beated up!
See you later with new work!!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Love for Dummies:The Eternal Search

I was bit sick today seems that I had a mild case of flu or at least that what it was going to be because now I am much better, or maybe I was just tired and a little blue.
I was reading what you wrote June and you are right...sometimes We need to look for what We want but to be honest I still believe that what We want is really within us. Before getting into topic...I was working in thightening the pencil work of the mural I am working on, I have to say I am very satisfied with the result, I am still struggling in designing the furniture for the office of my brother it seems that I got to handle some elegant lines and reduced a bit the flowerish flavor of Art Nouveau in terms to make the furniture a little cheap to produce but everytime I reduced that the furniture seems to be more Art Deco than Art Nouveau :).
Friday is my day to go to the office of my brother, take pictures and measurements to start the desk work, the written memory will be finished probably by Saturday night or Sunday night and next week will be to finish the Work load of the notes for my teacher...only two more classes to prepare and I am done with that just to be full time in my Monography .
Okey getting into the topic.
I am quite in limbo terms I have been noticing that some people around me think that I am not that kind of boy that wants commitments, and it is funny because I am that type of guy but at times being so picky with girls makes me be quite difficult to deal.
Caramel Eyes hasn´t answered so I am having little Faith that She responds so what I will do is that if next week I do not know anything from her, I will write her a long mail explaining why I was not around all this time and just to take everything out of my chest just to close the chapter and with it to see If She will try to reach contact, from what I know She is similar to me always in motion so I just hope to be in the right moment of her track life.
Funny but what I am going to write now it was supposed to be at the beginning.
Now in the place where I started giving classes (by the way I really like my class and my students a lot, they are so easy going...I hope to be in help to their level), well over the entrance of the company at around 10 or 11 in the morning appears a guy in a little bike a kind of stand where He sells fruit with chilli and lemon very common in my country but the funny thing is that I am not the only guy in the Universe in search for the right girl.
Over his bike He has an enormous cartel or poster hand written in Spanish(obviously full with grammar mistakes...) saying "I am in seach or my soul mate, I ama serious guy and hard working looking for a person to be the rest of my life with...If you want to know me do it and In case We are the one for the other..that would be AWESOME!!.
Kind of corny...Does that mean I have to write my own ad? :) :)

Have a great day!!


ps1:I am showing new artwork tomorrow!!!
ps2:I am listening MAGIC NUMBERS with the song Love´s game ...quite funny right?
ps3:Sarah Bernhardt was really cute!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Toast For Greed.

Coming back from my morning class, I am really liking them, I hope they also like me in the short run. I advanced a little in the Monography I indeed finish the sketch or first rough idea of the mural I want and I used Art Nouveau specially Michael Kaluta and Alphonse Mucha on the work, I hope in a matter of two days when I tight the pencil work to show the scan here.
I am still debating about the materials to work with the furniture I need to design for the Monography, I decided to use iron, wood probably Oak and Recinto that is a porous black stone ideal for the details I want to add, so probably during the weekend I will start skecthing the furniture and draw the branding logo of the law office in fact I already have it, but I will polish it. I have part of the written memory over tomorrow morning so I can have my first check up this Saturday.
Do I have to tell you the girl in the photo is Sarah Bernhardt, the muse of the mythical Alphonse Mucha?

Great Day and I am a little blue but I can not explain why..maybe I am PMSing :) (just kidding)!

Where is my own Sarah Bernhardt?? :)


Monday, July 17, 2006

The Hysteria and The Histerical

Written and produced from 1919 to 1921 by Denmark's master of silent horror Benjamin Christensen, HAXAN, or to use the fully anglicised title, WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES is a bizarre curio that was decades ahead of its time. Indeed the film was banned outside of Sweden for many, many years and only appeared in a severely truncated form in America during 1929, a time when Christensen and a multitude of other European filmakers had succumbed to Hollywood's feverish bid to import foreign talent.
That is a brief summary of the movie I watched yesterday...the most incredible evil disguises I have seen in years.Christensen gives a very good explanation of what it was the conception of Withcraft in the earlies 1920´s.
Well today I started my new class and it seems I am going to enjoy my class because my students are really nice and good.
For today I have no plans at all... well only to attend my afternoon class and return home at night so I can start finally the written body of my Monography.
I have finished the Cover I promised to Bonita Anita so in a couple of days I will load the cover of FAIR the way... DADICUS would you be interested in coloring the piece? :)
And I am drawing a teaser poster for Rocket Girl also.:)

Have a great day and no I haven´t received a mail back from Caramel Eyes yet! :)


Sunday, July 16, 2006

54 times 54.

The new issue 54 is OUT in a matter of some hours!!!!!!
You can see the greatest minds and friends artists working on the place and more than 25000 people checking the page everyweek!!As always new artists and old ones are joining the Fun!!Visit it and Check BODOQUE that is written and drawn by truly yours!!
You need to scroll down a bit to get my strip.
This time Bodoque talks about the Teacher Gordillo.
If you can promote our link I would really appreciate it!!!(link in full spanish)

Version in Spanish:El nuevo número de la Kodorniz estara en linea en unas horas!! No 54!!! y mas de 25000 personas visitan la pagina cada semana!!!
Visiten el sitio y mi tira politica BODOQUE
Si quieres linkear nuestro link the La Kodorniz en tu sitio nosotros encantados y te lo agradecemos.. !!:)
Un abrazo!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Duolou Tianshi

Yesterday, I had insomnia again but while trying to sleep I discovered an incredible art director Kar Wai Won and his incredible movie "Duoluo tianshi" aka "fallen angels" an amazing storytelling He has aside the incredible shots of camera so uncountable that I was really happy, in fact my favorite escene is when are in a bike crossing a tunnel or the recording of the father. Even the gags are really sweet and effective... If you can get this movie just go and enjoy it. It was done in 1995 and discover who blondie is... I am taking the day off and try to see If I can start some sketches for the Monography but before leaving enjoy one of my favorite quotes ever listened or read...
"No, I'm not trying to save on psychiatrist's bills. It's more me asking, 'does anyone else feel this way?' And if it does reach the point where it gets uncomfortably personal, I tend to disguise what I'm saying in the phrasing." --Beth Gibbons (lead singer of Portishead)on the personal nature of her lyrics.
Have a great day!!

ps:Well, Did you hear that Weezer the group is finally never going back together?, I have mixed feelings some records from Weezer are fantastic but this last one it was not my cup of tea.

Chicken Out.

I have sent the work for the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.
You already know that the new strip will be shown next
CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.
And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..I am honored to be among them every week.
This week the boys are talking about the Teacher Gordillo.Great day!!!(Yes, the link is in Spanish).
If you are a spanish tongue speaker, please promote this work done by me EVERYWHERE :) :)Thanks in Advance!!
Remember I decided to have a permanent space for Bodoque and all in SPANISH!
So be my guest and enjoy!


Friday, July 14, 2006

Love for Dummies: Email me and Hug me.

Long time without having a Love for Dummies section well in fact I was a bit upset for all the nonsense that was over last time.
Well I told you about red head that just wanted me to be just friends after all the turmoil that happened with her friend (well her friend has been kind of hectic, bizarre, rude and nasty with me but to be honest I do not give a damn shit about it), well at times I still like red head but to be honest I do even want to care anymore even from the fact She likes Fiedric Nietzsche the same as I do :) .
But that is not the reason of this post, well....
Do you remember Caramel eyes?
I have a friend in common and She, in one of our little times to chit chat told me that I was an ass because I had some chances in the past to really start a relation with Caramel Eyes. Well about a year ago a guy was really trying hard to make her be his girlfriend and as I remember I just told you guys that He was a nice guy so I decided just to move aside, I mean I didn´t want to bother her by inviting her out while this nice guy was also trying to convince her, I do not believe in competition and I was also in that time with a sour taste in my mouth because of You Know who, so it is not that I did not want something with her it was more like I didn´t want to disturb her or feel uncomfortable with a bad reaction or backlash (yeah, me and my defense mode).
Some months after and also last conversation I had with this friend I just confirm some info, She was in that time trying to break up with a long distance love She had, and thing She did some weeks after our talking (If you remember well She and I in that time agreed to start going out, I do not know if to call it dating so when I saw this nice guy also trying to ask her out, I just did not understand the situation and I just moved away), well after breaking with this guy She also came clear with that nice fella and She even dare to say to that poor guy "I do not want anything with you because I do not imagine myself kissing you", poor guy If I were him I would have suffered big time, and When I talked with Caramel eyes, She was different and told me that We could start trying to know eachother. So after the conversation I had with that friend and confirming She also told her that She will try to know me I asked her If She could give me her email address and well I have sent her some minutes ago an email and I will invite her out...sad is that a lot of time has passed and maybe She is in a very different moment...But what the heck?!
I will try to give a shot and see what happens!! :)


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Surreal Future and Surreal Fiction.

Firstable let me describe the image framing my post this is one of the first sketches used for the storyboard used in Metropolis done by Fritz Lang.
Today I prepared a class with a documentary about Expressionism, Art Deco and German Cinema and my student really liked it.
Tomorrow will be a busy day I need to go to the bank and pay some stuff, I need to start planning next week Workshop´s notes and start sketching the design for the office and part of my Monography. For a weird reason I haven´t had enough inspiration to start the motifs in use for the Interior Design but hopefully after finishing a Cover Illustration (I am working on) I will start those sketches so I can work on the blue print in a matter of weeks.
I am writing a Love for the Dummies section over Saturday or Sunday.
I am right now working in my political We speak! :)

Have a great day!!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Skeptical Blue Inquirer.

I am coming back from the company where I will start teaching (thanks to this kind people helping me now in the school where I work) I also found out something said over the place where I work that made me a little blue because as far as I know I have been really loyal and seems sometimes it is not the same from a person there.
Well I am starting to see my budget and timings to figure out a nice way to pay to the great designer and friend who will start my official web page, now with the extra classes I will have the money to pay so I am quite happy, now I need to see how to divide the payments so She can be really happy as I will be with her work..because her work is amazing...!!!
Well, Yesterday the Luchas were not bad but not that was a decent time what it makes me happy is that next Luchas will come Dr. Wagner and I already saved money to buy an original mask from him with his signature...Yay!!!
Comic work, I have some new work to show off by the early days of next week...I am sending some mails and letters to people so We can organize something in the short and long run.

I am taking a nap so see you later with an update in case there is one!!

After the nap now I have insomnia...I will write tomorrow A love for the dummies section because happens that someone will give me back the e mail of Caramel Eyes (Do you remember her?).
Well tomorrow a whole explanation and asking for advice as usual...Great day to all of you!!

RATA!!! is your birthday approaching!!!?????
Let me know and say hello to the other ratitas, please!!!!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Black Dreams and Black Chalk.

What is wrong with people nowadays? Well I just woke up listening to the Mumbai news and well another 11th Day(If you know a way to start helping people over India let me know), also finally discovered what Materazzi said to Zidane obviously Materazzi will deny saying "you're the son of a terrorist whore", because means a lot of time off and I am sure that Materazzi will be punished big time, and well a friend (such a nice person not harming anyone) in the family was murdered over the weekend and with such a hatred, I still do not understand well why We act like that!
Anyway life is life... I was confirmed some hours I have a course that will help me to pay for my official webpage so stay tune for more suprises over the next months. I am preparing only two more notes for the Workshop and I am finally done with all that work and free again to get into my comic work and to finish my Monography...ahhh yes today is Luchas´Day!! Yay!!
Wondy good luck, am I understanding well and you are getting along with Royalty!!?? :)
June great to have you back!
I hope my next post will be more plucky!!

Have a nice day and please pray for people in the ways and means you know!! :)


Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Little Conspiracy XXXVI.

The festival dedicated to Fantasy and Comic IMAGINAMALAGA 2006, will be celebrated from September 1st to 3rd in the Hotel Puerta Malaga. Organized by la Asociación Qi'tomer and names like Azpiri, Naschy,The Incredible friend SERGIO BLEDA,Coronominas and the Amazing PACO NAJERA are over the list.
I am sending the info also in spanish so If someone is interested in going.
Great luck to you both guys and to Rafael Lopez Espi,El buen Tirso Cons, Carla Berrocal and the guys from our house The AACE.

Info in spanish:
Se ha convocado el festival en torno a la fantasía y la historieta Imaginamálaga 2006, que se celebrará entre los días 1 al 3 de septiembre en el Hotel Puerta Málaga. Lo organiza la Asociación Qi'tomer y entre los invitado se encuentran nombres como Azpiri, Naschy, Bleda, Corominas, Nájera y muchos más.
- Localización y horarios.- Hotel puerta Málaga, sito en la C/ Héroes de Sostoa 17 29002-Málaga. Los días 1, 2 y 3 de septiembre y los horarios serán los siguientes. 1 de septiembre de 16:00 a 21:00 y el 2 y 3 de septiembre de 11:00 a 21:00
- Invitados Confirmados.-- Reyes Abades (creador y coordinador de efectos especiales en el cine)- Paul Naschy (Actor y director de cine)- Derek Riggs (Ilustrador de las portadas de Iron Maiden)- Alfonso Azpiri (Dibujante de Lorna, Mot, .)- Rafael López Espí (dibujante)- Ken Nimura (Dibujante)- Carla Berrocal (Dibujante De Hire, Mad trio, .)- Paco Najera (Gañan el bestiajo, Tartesos, .)- Antonio Vázquez (Dibujante de miserere, underworld II, ..)- Antonio Rojo (Dibujante)- Nicolau Rodríguez (Lingüista)- Enrique Corominas (Dibujante)- Sergio Bleda (dibujante)- Tirso Cons (Dibujante)- Miguel Ángel Cáceres(dibujante)- Alex Romero (Guionista)- Y muchos Mas
- Actividades principales posibles.-*EXPOSICIONES.-- Exposición sobre el actor y director de cine Paúl Naschy.- Exposición sobre los comic “Hire”y”Mad Trio” de la dibujante Carla Berrocal.- Exposición de los comics “Miserere”y”Underworld 2” del dibujante Antonio Vázquez.- Exposición del comic “Tartesos” del dibujante Paco Najera.
*CONCURSOS.-- Concurso el rival más friky- Concurso 50x15 friky- Costplay sobre terror- Concurso de ilustración, comic y guión.
*CONFERENCIASY MESAS REDONDAS.-- Conferencia sobre los efectos especiales en el cine por Reyes Abades.- Mesa redonda sobre el cine de terror por el actor Paul Naschy, el guionista Alex Romero y miembros de la asociación Tokyogenesis.- Mesa redonda sobre Tartessos por el dibujante Paco Najera, la historiadora Mercedes Raimundo Y el lingüista Nicolau Rodrigues.- Mesa redonda sobre el comic español, pasado, presente y futuro, por los dibujantes Alfonso Azpiri, Rafael López Espí, Paco Najera, Garla Berrocal, Sergio Bleda y Tirso Cons.
* TALLERES.-- Taller de maquillaje por Juan Domínguez.- Taller de comic por Antonio Rojo y Jesús Merino.-Taller de comic por Rafael López Espí- Taller de creación de idiomas por Nicolau Rodrigues.
* PROYECIONES. El Otro Lado del Espejo. Hell´s Highway. Savage Island. Halloween 25 Aniversario. Encuentros en el mas alla. Blood: El Último Vampiro. Dark Woods. Night Vision

And continuing talking about PACO NAJERA this is a sneek preview of the work He is doing in Muy Interesante Jr. Number 21!!

Great luck to you as usual Paco!!


Green Dreams and White Chalk.

Italy 1 - 1 France!!!
Italy wins 5-3 on penalties
Would Zidane ever regret about the hit with the head?
Italy 1934, 1938, 1982 and now 2006!

Germany 3 - 1 Portugal