Thursday, August 31, 2006

Love Tones and Black Magic Pixelated Lines.

I have just bought this CD from Elefant, yes, the stock up and absent minded guy from Argentina but with beautiful music. I recommend his Music a lot except for the awful prologue-gingle-song He has at the beginning of his CD. "Lolita" his song is really great and also the video The girl shows nipples :).I know this guy will rocket-sky fandom easily in this CD or next one.

More news:
The guys of Calico Electronico (in full spanish, sorry!) have a new chapter of Los Huerfanos Electronicos that will be available to everybody by tomorrow!.Right now is just the showcase for members (sad I am not one of them!!). so stay tune and enjoy the saga.

About the Wagner piece...Thank you so much for the comments guys I really appreciate it!!


ps:Later I will talk more. :)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wagner! Wagner! Wagner!

Today I had the afternoon free in fact My last till last week of September, and I decided to put away those stiffy fingers and I practice with my pencils and this is the result!!!

Great Day to you all!!


My Little Conspiracy XXXIX.

This week is in sale in all the places of spain the comic La Abuela Manuela: QUE GRANDE ERES, MANUELA. By Rafael member and colleague of the AACE.That is a compilation of the first 64 comic strips with a total of 40 pages in white and black. With a prologue of the great Mel.
More info:

Spanish Version:
Esta semana se pone a la venta en toda España el cómic titulado La abuela Manuela: qué grande eres, Manuela. De Rafael. El cómic cuenta con una recopilación de las primeras 64 tiras cómicas del personaje, con un total de 40 páginas en blanco y negro a un precio de 3 €. Para más información el prólogo es del increíble Mel, podéis visitar las obras de estos dos autores en las siguientes direcciones electrónicas:
Fotolog de Rafa

While I continue broke and expecting for some cash that has not arrived..!
The incredible David Lafuente in his experiment to finish a 24 paged comic in 24 hours, deserves all my respect in 24 hours He got 19 pages done and now is showing the result some hours after what He expected, by now is the total comic of 24 pages and the story pretty solid.

An applause to him and his effort!!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Polvo en la Arena de Lucha.

Today I had a nice talk to Paco Espinosa, cabrón! :) I hope your dreams and goals come true fast.
So I dusted some art I did. (I know many people have seen this one recently but I just couldn´t help and I load it again).
As We speak I am working in another cover using another wrestler and hopefully in a week to load it!!

Great day to you!!


My Little Conspiracy XXXVIII.

Craig DeBoard has set up a signing for him and The incredible Amigo NIK HAVERT at Pop Culture Comics in Mesa, Arizona on September 22nd.
Go and Buy him comics...ask him for Rocket Girl and the projects He has on his hands!.

Nik amigo sorry for not answering I am taking tomorrow night to finally to do it!!
The best of luck to you and to Graig on the signing!!

Another plug In Spanish.
If you are a musician and a spanish speaker and/or living in Spain maybe this add is for you:


Un año más, el portal MUSICOMANIA.ORG, en colaboración con la CONCEJALÍA DE JUVENTUD de Andújar (Jaén), abre el plazo para inscribirse en su ya consagrado CONCURSO DE SINGLES. Y con ésta, serán ya tres ediciones de este concurso que nació con la idea de "concurso virtual" pero que, debido a su gran aceptación, ha ido creciendo en todos los sentidos: premios, final en directo, reconocimiento, participación... Más de 200 grupos en estos dos años y dos ganadores: LOST SOUND, en la primera edición, y FISTFUCK SUPERSHOW en la segunda. ¿Tienes un grupo? ¿Eres solista? ¿Tienes algo grabado? Esta es tu oportunidad y este es tu concurso.

More info

Great Day!

Love for Dummies: The Dark Unsolved Case of Love.

Before getting into topics.
A big thank you to those people I ran into the messenger (As you know I am not fond of talking using that device, but it was fun to find some friends, thanks again).

I am answering mails over the week.

Case II
Sunday was fun I went out with my friend Alfredo to continue catching up on our own soap operas. And I was telling him about last Friday, I was and still have the same question about If asking her again for a chance to know me and try, because I discovered I really dig her.
I was telling him also that I was concerned about age, but from last conversation with this girl, let´s call her "glossy lips" (I love her lips a lot), She assured me that age was not the issue. So my friend gave me the classical advice.
"Moron (means me), just tell her this...Try to forget what it happened before with us...and give me that opportunity to be your boyfriend, know me to see that my intentions are good.
He just told me his motto is to try, and in a way is right.
He even took my cell phone and told me to send her a message to see also If She was at least at some point interested.
I wrote (He dictated me) "I just wrote to wish you a nice start of the week and hoping you have a week full of surprises". I pressed click and the message was on her way.
She didn´t answered till 1 hour after replying:
"Sorry for not answering soon but I just reply as fast as I had the chance..same to you, have a nice week and take care".
I was about to reply the message and my friend told me not to do it, thing that I did not, He told me not to reply not to make her feel I am at her disposal (I am not sure about this yet but I was following the instructions :) ).
So What to do?
What Shall I do? (hands over my forehead in sign of despair :) ).

Have a great day!


Monday, August 28, 2006

The Grind House Experiment.

I do really hope that this experiment done by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino works pretty well, to join two movies with many fake track and gore plots....has to be really intersting!!.
Death Proof and Planet Terror are the two new movies I am eager to watch.

Thanks for the heads up Wondy!!


My Little Conspiracy XXXVII.

I am in a such a grouchy mood today I guess it is the insomina and the night I just couldn´t sleep well, and also because my check was NOT ready so I have to wait about 2 weeks to get my money..gosh!!. Again to drink water, eat beans and old-hard-cold bread :).
The funny part and what made my day is to see David Lafuente challenging himself and drawing a comic book of 24 pages in 24 HOURS!!!!!
Watch and learn:

Disclaimer the link is in full Spanish!! Sorry!

Great Day...Where is my cell, my water and my beans? :)


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Video Killed The Radio.

Some friends were laughing at me today while I was buying a CD with some Comedy in fact one of the best I have remembered and listened, my friends can not understand how for some guys like me living in a middle class level some radio programs meant a lot specially because those were the programs We used to listen while going to the school or having breakfast.
I still remember in special 3 programs I used to listen over the morning or the lunch time.
Kaliman produced in Mexico by Victor Fox
Al the Chapters of El Ojo de Vidrio and
La Tremenda Corte that is the CD I bought yesterday.
And it is broadcasted even today in some of the AM stations over the country.
La Tremenda Corte is an extraordinary radio program and there after a TV show that by the way I guess it never landed Mexico as a TV Program, there was even a Comic done with them, I still need to see where my copy is, funny but because of that copy I got chicken pox, yeah it was the comic so old and with a lot of rat poh that I got the sickness :), all white comedy produced in La Habana Cuba. Broadcasted initially in la emisora radiofónica RHC-Cadena Azul on 7 de January 1942, and after aired on the CMQ. They ended programs around 1959.
Probably for new generations this means nothing and the humor and gags are not funny for them, but it was the sense and timing to respond what made the act, even the spanish that is old is amazing all the slangs in use, always beautiful pieces of comedy, in fact you might find some incredible programs that are over the link I am including.

The Characters where delightful:

Leopoldo Fernández (José Candelario Tres Patines) The smart guy always the acussed and guilty one with bad fluency and rethoric but full of ways to fool people.
Aníbal de Mar (El Tremendo Juez) The Judge who was always sick, always nice always grouchy.
Mimí Cal (Luz María Nananina) A Cuban fat-cute lady who was in many cases demanding
Adolfo Otero (Rudecindo Caldeiro y Escobiña) An Spaniard who was really goofy.
Miguel Ángel Herrera (El secretario) The secretary who always shouted "Venga la Sentencia" and sidekick of the Judge.
And some other characters but extras.

Have a nice day!


60 Times 60

The new issue 60 is OUT !!!!!!
You can see the greatest minds and friends artists working on the place and more than 25000 people checking the page everyweek!!
As always new artists and old ones are joining the Fun!
Visit it and Check BODOQUE that is written and drawn by truly yours!!
You need to scroll down at the end to get my strip.
This time a Bodoque watching movies.
If you can promote our link I would really appreciate it!!!
(link in full spanish)

Version in Spanish:
El nuevo número de la Kodorniz esta en linea YA!! No 60!!! y mas de 25000 personas visitan la pagina cada semana!!!
Visiten el sitio y mi tira politica BODOQUE.
Si quieres linkear nuestro link the La Kodorniz en tu sitio nosotros encantados y te lo agradecemos.. !!:)
Un abrazo!!

Bad and Awful Dignity.

Yesterday I watched these two movies and I have to say that I had an incredible time, Capote sadly didn´t have a lot of exposure in my country even from the fact of the tons of prizes and awards gotten by it, probably it was because of the theme to be honest is not even a big issue in terms of transcendency for us in our country.But this is maybe one of the best movies I have seen so far in the year and only for one thing: The amazing acting of Philip Seymour Hoffman, you could really believe He was in the role. Also read the book In Cold Blood from Capote, I read it when I was in high school at it was a beautifully written book and watch the Killing of a Mockingbird that was mentioned over the movie.
A beautiful portrait of a sad, self-centered man against everybody and himself.
Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Clifton Collins Jr, Chris Cooper, Bruce Greenwood
Directed by:
Bennett Miller
Produced by:
Philip Seymour Hoffman, Kerry Rock, Dan Futterman

About the movie...Well just a plain acting from Joe Black, althouhg He was making faces ala Capulina, He was not even funny once (You in my country might understand the comment). Bad directing with an AWFUL and SIMPLE plot. And certainly it is a good movie to have fun with your children but even the timings of the gags where always slow and hectic and bad ones. This movie will never DIGNIFY the Luchas if you ask me. The only part worth mentioning is the phothography.

Have a Great Day!


Friday, August 25, 2006

Love for Dummies: Love Hurts?

Case II.
Two days ago was my last day with my course, yes the one where I had to bear (or kind of tolerate) to have the two girls that I mentioned before (the one that some months ago was about to date me and the one that I still like a lot but because of her friend and the mess that happened,She just told me to forget everything), as you might understand I had to put up with all the crap the other girl was trashing over me over the following months, you know making faces of disgust etc, but to be honest She behaved nicely in her possibilities).
Well that day the girl that I like gave me away a chocolate (I do not like chocolates but I was really happy accepting the detail) and after that She just gave me a big hug, not a normal one, I even blushed, the whole time We were teasing eachother in a nice way I mean after her telling me She did not want anything with me, I had just to accept that and move on, at least in my possibilities.
The group agreed on having a kind of reunion and the reunion was today in the afternoon, the first to arrive was the girl I like, and then her friend arrived, can you imagine the ackward situation?, that was not the odd part the odd part was that nobody else arrived So We had to wait about half an hour to decide what to do, The girl I like invited her friend to go downtown: We all together !!!!(but maybe a miracle or something happened She decided not to go with us), so believe it or not I was NOW alone with the girl I like a lot for a whole evening, just remember this girl told me some months ago that because of the situation with her friend She rather forget about my intentions.
Well I can not call this day as a date because the past rejection was on my mind all the time, You know what?.
After the evening We had (I gave her a tour telling her about the legends and architercture of the place) and She even went with me to a gallery :D, She received a phone call and She said She was with a friend at the moment (I am a friend, kind of bummer) and We were really having a great afternoon together at least to me it was :), I have to say that the more I know her the more I like her.
Should I ask her again If She could give me a chance to be with me at the expense of a second rejection from her part? Or just to forget once and for all the idea?
Damn! After She left on her bus I sent her a message telling "Thank you", She replied "No, thanks to you I had a nice time, and thanks for the learning", I just responded "On the contrary, and when you have a free day reserve the day to me, take care", She replied " Yeaph!, thanks and take care!"

Girls, girls, girls!

JESUS ANTONIO Posted by Picasa

Love for Dummies: Love is in your Hands.

Case I.
This happened to me some weeks ago, Well do you remember about a girl once that in date while playing She slapped at me? (not an agressive slap but one enough not to feel comfortable with her the rest of the evening and also after my explanation of why I would never like her to do that again she just got angry because I was angry: crazy world, ha?)
Well some days ago I was really thinking of her and I decided to send her a message by cell phone (He used to send me some emails that I couldn´t respond as my lack of time to do so), I received her answer telling me She was in town, and I call her to see If She had some time free for me (what was the purpose: to ask her for a chance to really check If We were meant to be together, because We share some things in common but as We notice last time She was not ready as a Nomad girl She is (She gets mad after being in a place for a while, She is always in moving track). That day I had only the morning available because of the notes I had to pass, so I had till next Saturday at 9 pm to see eachother. She invited me her house (that is very near from where I live) but she was taking care of a cousin I do not like that because I feel I am bothering so I just told her I would call her after to see If She was available, she agreed and When I called again She needed to tramit some paper work and told me to go with her but it was too late because I needed to go working.
Well The following days passed and Saturday came and at 5 ó clock I was free so I sent her a message to tell her that...well her response was " Well because you told me you were free till 9 I made other plans but when I return Sunday Morning I call you to go out".
yeah, right! Sunday and Monday passed and She emailed me "Sorry I am very sorry but I do not know how I wound up somewhere else and Well I didn´t arrive on Sunday but as soon as I have some credit in my cell I will send you a message!
Yeah, right! The following days have passed and I haven´t responded her email nor receiving any message and to be honest I do not know what to do or say!

Great Day!!


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Se me chispoteo!

Gossip!!!!! El Servicio Postal Mexicano is starting this week to sell stamps of probably one of the most famous character from the 70´s.
El chavo del ocho and El Chapulin Colorado.
I hope tomorrow to go and see if they are available in my town! :)
"Se me chispoteo" might be in a lousy translation " I didn´t mean it" or "I screwed it up".


Funny Bunny!

Well I went to las Luchas yesterday and I saw the great fighter Mistico and Silver King vs Mefisto and Averno. Great time. Then I ate a hamburger well not really I took the buns away and made my calories math to match my diet. :)
I am finishing 2 courses today and tomorrow so I will be busy grading as I was told that I am incorporated again to the Saturday schedule in the school were I work and it sounds funny how I made the timings because next Saturday is my last day of the Workshop of Architecture and the following Saturday I start working, tomorrow I am continuing my Monography, drawing this weekend, catching up with friends ,writing mails I owe and Organizing my plans...!. so today I am just a funny Bunny!
And the image is one of the first versions of Mickey Mouse...Waldo or Oswald!!

Great Day!


Monday, August 21, 2006

Love for Dummies: You Never Know.

You never know what people is hiding...right!
I will write two sections one today and the other in the following days...After classes I had a coffee with a nice friend of mine just to chat and talk about Girls!. He knew Caramel Eyes and told me that I lost a golden opportunity with her, well what is gone is gone.
We continue talking about girls and I can not remember If I said that I liked a girl that had a nice smile over the same time You know who was almost gone and also I even said that I loved the way She was dressing all in black with a gold belt in one of our dates and She was really nice except for her squared minded beliefs.
We were talking about her and seems She was dating both of us at the same time, Well He was the lucky guy because She kissed him, I didn´t try anything over that time because I did not want to creat false expections...Hahahah...Who would have known!!??
We had a great talk...So You never know!!


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Broding My Perspective.

My last post of the day!
As you might know I am starting to close circles in many areas and hopefully in October I am free to be in the illustration area full-time. For long time I was trying not to sell-off my art and my perspective and today I had a talk with a person and I learned a lesson.
Today some hours ago I went downtown to just walk with my friend Alfredo and talk about the usual topic:Girls!.
We were having some stupid and dumb love-situations and today I won´t like to talk about them I rather talk about something else.
We were a little upset and at the same time just laughing at our own situations and We saw a friend of Alfredo in one of the benches in a garden. And for the first time in ages I felt I was not alone in my own artistic perspectives. He was a nice guy and was telling us his situation while He was living in the North, I live in the Center, and He was having some of the ethical issues I had while creating.(but him in directing and acting). I mean to have your own voice but not everybody willing to listen (in cultural and economical aspects).
And He gave a pure gold advice, He told us that the key factor not to feel you are selling your work off at the expense of being compromised is to use the word: Accessible!.
Accessible in terms of the work people needs. And not to ask myself the question "If earning by creating something I do not want", of course I would never do that, as a matter of principles so I need to open new doors and ways to express myself and call the attention, and work my own definition of Accessibility to my work.
I know I have my projects and some deep thought ideas but I need to work in making part of my art easy to understand to the viewer, that was an eye-opener. Now I have a long debate to myself to re-estructure my perspective. And decide how to make part of my work accessible and to have an economical stability that I can continue producing my work without fading or changing ME, and only to diversify the work I do.
Nice talking to him.
I wanted to sketch in a simple piece of paper and this is the result!
Great Day to you guys!

ps:About girls... well if something worth mentioning comes I will let you know!

Run Away From These Links.

I will devote again the space to promote friends or to recommend sites I normally enjoy to read.

Borja Crespo
Javier Olivares
Planeta Pop

Teddy Kristiansen
Dave Johnson (my favorite site in terms of design)
Jeff Matsuda
Mike Wieringo
Casey Jones
J. Scott Campbell
Sun of Gelatometti
Bill Sienkiewicz
Paul Pope

LARRY DEMPSEY (You have nothing to thank my friend :) )
Wondy the Ginger Storm!!
Pinky June

Holy Spanish Sequential Manuscripts

Strange CornersThe lovely blanket of my inner orange desires!
La Chula Nuala aka Bonita Annita.
El Gato de largos bigotes
La peregrina Missgps
El absurdo bigote fino Gonzalo

Geoff Johns has an incredible art web site design
Marv Wolfman
Gerry Conway
Mark Evanier
Elayne Riggs that is one of my favorite people ever as a thinker as a person and as a friend,She could easily kick ass writing comics. :)
Grant Morrison
Neil Gaiman

Have a great Day!!


Introducing Ambar Colors full in Dust.

I am loading this image again for the newbies or the new people visiting the place.
This is an story I am working on and until I am done with all my duties and projects with my friends I will start developing the art.
I liked a lot the image so I thought of introducing myself again to new people showing AMBAR.

Have a great time!!


Art Process. PART ONE

To be honest sometimes I feel like I am bad giving tutorials because I know that all of us have a different system in matters of creation.
Before sending the scans of The Teaser for Rocket Girl I wanted to start a new semi tutorial giving an inside probably not about the techniques, I have to be honest I need to keep some secrets, but a person with a wide perspective and wise can get those trick without me telling.
I am preparing this cover with Bat as part of my Submissions for next year, so well this is more or less my process.
1.-I always think in the shapes in terms of Shadows and Shapes or in terms of positive and negative and I design the shape I want to use in this case I chose a triangle (many people say is the most effective, I disagree a bit because you can use all the shapes you can think of). I also decided that Bat is my negative shape similar to the Yin and Yan and the positive shape will be the background.
2.-I draw the layout and I decide the light source, from now on I will work more in the final detail as my goal is to impress the editor and potential employer.
3.-In this case I still need to work more in the shadowing and in the background that is missing, Yes, you are right I will use as background a city or a building, I am still making my mind up!
4.-Probably this will sound stupid but I always draw the character at the same time I imagine how this character is and how this character would react. As I said some time ago a person I respect and admire gave me his inner vision of the character when He was working on Batman and I agree totally to his perspective and I use it as my own version of the character!.
In a matter of weeks or days I will continue with part Two.

Great Day!!


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Life and Creepy stories.

I do not normally like to talk about me I mean I normally write what I do and oftenly how I feel but it is rare I write about me in other terms, but today I am just in the mood to do so. Some time I mentioned I wanted to start a diet, I try to eat in a kind of regimen and as healthy as possible but with all my last timings I haven´t had the chance to care more and maybe you wonder why?...happens that Dad and Mom suffer Diabetes (Mom is a surviver after having some kinds of Cancer and now a nervous system problem) and after a hard time in their lives they got so scared with that situation and the diabetes was a side-effect, so that means I need to care more of what I eat and now is also important to what I eat and I think in spiritual means.
So I decided to start a nice diet (nutriologist given diet) with my Dad and lose some extra pounds I have, call it vanity but also caring, I will load some pictures of me when I am in my ideal weight because another point is to lose weight have my old size and start buying some clothing.I am in Day 6 of my Diet and 4 weeks more to come. I also stop drinking soda and it is a big step because that was my only hard vice I had.
Mom is now a little pissed at me because I was giving her my advise to a problem She had and I was as realistic as possible, I am not the kind of guy that is telling you what you want to hear on the contrary I try to give my advise but sometimes I am kind of blatant and harsh.
As I said to her I can support her but I can not help resolve the problem, so well on Monday I am sending Mom to talk to a very good friend of mine to see if He can guide her to solve the problem.
One of my best friends the one I go to Las Luchas is now with a boyfriend and I am really happy for her.
I am going to Las Luchas this Tuesday!!!
I have more to say but that is enough for now!

Great Day!!


59 times 59

As some of you know number 58 is up!
The new issue 59 is OUT TOMORROW AFTERNOON!!!!!!
You can see the greatest minds and friends artists working on the place and more than 25000 people checking the page everyweek!!
As always new artists and old ones are joining the Fun!Visit it and Check BODOQUE that is written and drawn by truly yours!!
You need to scroll down a bit to get my strip.
This time a PostCard to Magnum.
If you can promote our link I would really appreciate it!!!(link in full spanish)

Version in Spanish:
El nuevo número de la Kodorniz estara ya en linea mañana!! No 59!!! y mas de 25000 personas visitan la pagina cada semana!!!Visiten el sitio y mi tira politica BODOQUE
Si quieres linkear nuestro link the La Kodorniz en tu sitio nosotros encantados y te lo agradecemos.. !!:)
Un abrazo!!


Friday, August 18, 2006

Meme...nto Mori.

2. WERE YOU NAMER AFTER ANYONE? Yes. Jesus and San Antonio de Padua.
3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? About a Year ago.
4. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? I loved it because it is difficult for people to understand it.
5. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? Grilled Meat almost burned
6. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? Not yet :).
7. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? I guess but I am sure that my inner me will scare the shit out Me. :).
8. DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? And What is this?.
9. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? Are you kidding...please read number 8.
11. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? Yeaph, next year for sure..
15. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? Mamey and Chico Zapote (regional fruits in my country)
17. RED OR PINK? Crimson Red
19. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? Nobody to be honest. probably my Grandma.
21.WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? As usual black shoes and blue jeans
22. THE LAST THING YOU ATE? Watermelon and Papaya (Paw Paw).
23. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Cartoons, anime to be exact my bro is a freeky.
24. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? Black and I will be used to draw in a goverment office :)
25. FAVORITE SMELL? Soil after the rain.
28. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? Nope, I admire him and like him a lot.
29. FAVORITE DRINK? Water, I finally gave up drinking Diet Coke..Yay!.
30. HAIR COLOR? I am getting bald but my hair is dark brown
31. COLOR OF EYES? Light Brown
32. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? Just Glasses.
33. FAVORITE FOOD? spaguetti and Meat balls.
34. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDING? I'll take a scary movie.
35. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? Home-The Seventh Seal
36. WHAT COLOR SHIRT ARE YOU WEARING? I am not wearing one is kind of hot today
38. HUGS OR KISSES? Kisses but You didn´t say where.
40. MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? NPI "Ni Puta idea" translation "No frigging clue"
42. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING? Anthropometry and Ergonomy, The Modulor by Le Corbusier.
44. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON TV LAST NIGHT? A program of politics.
45. FAVORITE SOUNDS? A purr coming from a girl.
47. THE FURTHEST YOU HAVE BEEN FROM HOME? In some months I will start traveling so I keep the answer like that.
.48. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? Yeah, I am ambidextrous, and I have memory of colors.
49. WHEN WERE YOU BORN? Feb 12th.
50. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? In my Hometown.
51. WHO WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO MEET? Alan Moore and Grant Morrison.

Have a great Day!!


Oh Glorious Day!

Posted by Picasa
Hello guys!
I am finally with my computer back home and many good news...I have been absent but I was really busy with the Notes from the Workshop I am attending and tomorrow is my semi-last Saturday going, and Well I´ve already done all the notes Yay!! (for the newbies I was just preparing all the notes and classes the Teacher gave on this Workshop as part of my Residence so I could get my Bachelors soon), now the only thing missing is to start working on my Monography and check the paper work for the tramits,starting on Monday.
My plan now is to be busy working on the designs of the Monography and drawing, drawing!!
Also today I got my computer and I am happy, I was missing to post.
This weekend I will be devoted to draw and rest and rest and rest and I have some new art to post really soon. :)
As you might notice this week I just couldn´t draw a new chapter of Bodoque but I am planning as We speak the new pages for the political strip I do.
Next Tuesday I am going to Las Luchas, and tomorrow I will write a Love for Dummies section.
See ya!!
And Great Day!

Post Scriptum:
Happy Birthday Bill N.!!
I got the mail Nik!!! and I am answering as soon as possible!!:)


Saturday, August 12, 2006

I've Chosen Darkness To Be Aside.

I continue without computer so I am writing from the house of a friend...some reminders.
The new strip of Bodoque will be published on Wednesday not on Sunday.
I will hopefully get into normality by Tuesday and load the Teaser of Rocket Girl.
I am just one week away to finish the notes of the Workshop and from next week on I will only have to write and design my Monography and everything will be done with my career...Yayyy!!!!!

In the meantime enjoy the links with music I like.

Snow Patrol
Gnarls Barkley

And now I have another favorite group.

Also Uberbot sent me this....... Today is starting the promotion of the Mignola toys.(I just could not load the image they sent my way because of my computer hiatus so I am linking).

Have a great Day!!


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Waiting For The Grave

A quick hello to you all!
I am this week a bit busy and now I am without my computer as you know I had to send it to be fixed.
Before getting into topics thanks Mazeekeen and Victor for reading the blog as usual. You are right Mazeeken in fact I will try to put some of the stupid translations done to the titles of Movies so We can have a good laugh. Well Victor that is maybe what I love about the formula of the movie I agree with you is a bad movie If you are expecting big changes in camera angles, but when you think that is an independent movie You really get impressed by some of the inner ideas of the movie. The sex scenes you said it, so real...I even have my favorite scene but I can not say it now..hahahaha!.
I have like 2 days to get done with the notes of the Workshop from what I know I guess I can deal with the deadline that is next Saturday, and I am really behind schedule about my Monography but as knowing this week I will be done with the notes from the Workshop that means the next 15 days I will take them entirely for the Monography and to finish as soon as possible to get involved into Comic Work finally.
Today is Luchas Day...Yay!! So as soon as I get my computer back I will load the images.
I have some questions to ask but I guess those will be asked by Saturday or Sunday when my timings slow down a bit.
Best to you all and tomorrow is my Second Anniversary Blogging as I said some posts before.

My recommendations for today.
JAMES is a great group to keep in track, good music.
PHOENIX , I continue liking this group and in 10 days when I have some money back I will buy the CD.
THE ORGANS, I really liked the music of this band.

Have a great huge Day!


Saturday, August 05, 2006

57 Times 57.

The new issue 57 is OUT TOMORROW AFTERNOON!!!!!!You can see the greatest minds and friends artists working on the place and more than 25000 people checking the page everyweek!!As always new artists and old ones are joining the Fun!
Visit it and Check BODOQUE that is written and drawn by truly yours!!
You need to scroll down a bit to get my strip.This time Bodoque talks about Intellectuals and Dumbasses.
If you can promote our link I would really appreciate it!!!(link in full spanish)
Version in Spanish:
El nuevo número de la Kodorniz estara ya en linea mañana!! No 57!!! y mas de 25000 personas visitan la pagina cada semana!!!Visiten el sitio y mi tira politica BODOQUE
Si quieres linkear nuestro link the La Kodorniz en tu sitio nosotros encantados y te lo agradecemos.. !!:)
Un abrazo!!Thanks!!


9 Songs. 2005

Stupidly people in my country titled this Amazing Movie as "9 Orgasmos" that means in English "9 Orgasms" and They skipped the essential topic that is a crude and realistic love story sorrounded by great songs. Hard for some people to deal with because of the scenes, but neccesary to explain what the love story was as usual an egotistical side ruins everything.
The music is amazing and to be honest because I like the groups that are in the movie for me it was great. Super Furry Animals, Primal Scream (sadly their new album is weird and a bit boring!), Elbow, Dandy Warhols, The Von Bondies etc.
As I am out for some days from posting I wanted to take some tiny seconds and load this movie I watched some weeks ago.

Day 9th is my Second Anniversary Blogging so thank you so much to every person (friend, artist and lurker) for reading these lines, I still wonder what you read but I am just grateful You want to catch up on my eternal search.

Great Week!


Uberbot Is Striking Today

The nice guys at Uberbot have a new set of promotions, stuff and events.

Hope this helps as usual!


Friday, August 04, 2006

The Eternal Simple Plan.

For a weird reason I want to Watch Miami Vice and from what I have heard and the reviews I have read this is a movie I am expecting to watch probably not this week but after all the turmoil with my work ends.
This is also another guilty pleasure I have read the reviews and they say the movie is really awful but to be honest I do not care this time I will watch it as soon as it gets my place.

About plans well there are many this time. I will work all night long on my written Monography, I am behind schedule because from the notes I am passing from the Workshop, so tomorrow I will be passing the notes of the Workshop, at 3:30 I am helping to study English to a friend of mine, then I will go on Saturday Night to a town nearby home to just have fun there is a kind of party so I am planning to go, after that I am returning Sunday late afternoon and I will have a coffee at six with a nice friend and after that I will continue working with the notes of the teacher and the Workshop. Besides that I had a small problem with the computer so that means that I will send the computer to fix and hope to have it home by Thursday at least to keep working on my Monography so as You can see I will be really busy..I mean as I am starting to work on my Monography, It will be a bit expensive the fixing so now I am again a little broke but in about 20 days I will get some money people owe me, I mean I do not want to have problems with the computer...NOT NOW! :)
So see you when the waters are much calmer!! If I can I will drop to say Hi.

Have a great weekend!


Sick, Sick Times.

I have sent the work for the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.
You already know that the new strip will be shown next SUNDAY???HERE!!!!
CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..I am honored to be among them every week.This week the boys are talking about Intellectuals and dumbasses.
Great day!!!(Yes, the link is in Spanish).If you are a spanish tongue speaker, please promote this work done by me EVERYWHERE :) :)Thanks in Advance!!Remember I decided to have a permanent space for Bodoque and all in SPANISH!So be my guest and enjoy!


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Simple Game.

I am trying lately to nurture my spirit and this one of the Movies I have been always eager to watch and I finally had the chance to watch some minutes ago...Funny to see that many of the questions of Antonious Block were the ones I have had and still wonder...The Seventh Seal (Det sjunde inseglet) is a 1957 film directed by Ingmar Bergman, most notable for the scenes in which a medieval knight (played by Max von Sydow) plays chess with the personification of Death, with his life resting on the outcome of the game.
The title is a reference to the passage from the Book of Revelation used both at the very start of the film, and again towards the end, beginning with the words "And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour." (Revelation 8:1).
There are so many ways to describe the movie It is really a Masterpiece that You need to watch!!

Have a great Day!!

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