Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Having some conversations lately!!

Wolvie. Posted by Hello
I hope you guys like this one..Well into the stuff I already sent the proposal of the Cult, so wish us Nik and I luck!
I will send an inked piece to Pedro in a couple of days to see about something We are just developing.
I have written 7 pages of my story, and I am quite happy for the line that the story is getting.
Hope to send a page to share in couple of days!!.
I have a lot of mails to answer hopefully tomorrow I have a migraine so Have a good and a relaxed day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Gabriel Vargas.

Gabriel Vargas. Posted by Hello

I gotta confess that I never expect to investigate about Gabriel Vargas work, and the funny part is that after watching a program and a promise I made to look for work of Gabriel Vargas I was more a more interested in what He has been to my society in terms of art.
A little summary of what He has done just to enter into his major creation and the motif to make me look for (La Familia Burron).
Gabriel Vargas was a comic book author from the 50's in fact Familia Burron his creation started to be published around 1948, but before that He had a long, long way to follow.
He starts publishing his work in Jueves de Excelsior around 1932 (a very important right wing newspaper form my country) , and it was called the "precoz dibujante" because He started in a very young age (14 to be exact), in one of his interviews he says that his mother didn`t want him to be a cartoonist in fact his mother was a little mortified by seeing that the little boy liked to draw monitos (cartoons).
He starts his first comic in the pages of this newspaper and called it "Frank Piernas Largas"(Frank Long Legs) that was a detective thriller pretty realistic I might say, and drew some other realistic comics like El Caballero Rojo (The Red Knight) and a little adaption of Sherlock Holmes.
His first funny strip was Virola and Piolita (seems that virola is when a person has "a lazy eye" and Piolita is a way to say "a little smart girl").
Paquito that was a very famous comic magazine started a contest looking for some competence to Los supersabios and also to look for new blood into its force line.
Gabriel won the contest with Los Superlocos (The supercrazy guys) and didn`t get published in Paquito instead of that appears in Pepin that was a new magazine line from Garcia Valseca.
The main character was Don Jilemon (that is the image I posted) some people consider that this is indeed the prior concept to develop La Familia Burron.
Don Jilemon Metralla y Bomba is an old revolutionary that is the anti-thesis of a nice guy in fact He is corrupted,pompuous and slacker in all the sense, but incidentally he is just a lucky guy that obtains what He wants.Lucky in love and gambling becomes the owner of an Dance Academy and a cabaret called "Cirilos" called like that to make fun of a very important bar in the city called "Cirlos".
The superlocos was published in 1947 in the pages of the Pepin and in the sunday section of Esto.When is recognized by the audience the strip moves to Paquito that was the strong magazine of the line made by the publisher Garcia Valseca.
There is a moment of big importance of Gabriel Vargas that He was even publishing Los Superlocos,Virola y Piolita and La Familia Burron at the same time.
He also did some minor work like Paquito and Pinocho and los Chiflados, and a long serie called Poncho Lopez that was very popular in the early fifities.

I am including a link in Spanish that has some important information on La Familia Burron and Gabriel Vargas.

I will write on the week about Familia Burron because it deserves more time to comment.
Have a great time!..JESUS ANTONIO

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Back in track and many issues to talk.

Well I got a little sick...I stupidly caught cold and until today I had some time, feel better and hope to get in track as soon as possible.


Nik Havert has already given sent the first sypnosis of The Cult, so wish us luck and I hope I can move it with some friends and contacts.
I am a little behind in schedule (because of the sickness) in some inking I need to do as sampling for the proposal I talked some days ago.
I am working in the pages of Luchador!
I am starting to read some books I always wanted to read from Nietzche.( I hope to buy "El Alquimista" by Paolo Cohelo), to prepare some ideas to use in The Cult and Third Death.
I already made a decision about the Convention in Texas.

Other funny well in fact is dumb information yesterday INEGI reported that the unemployment in the month of August was 4.35% the biggest one in more than 7 years and the inflation has reached the level of 5%.Well the funny part part is that my goverment was very happy because they created over 400,000 new jobs, I almost chuckle because everytime the President wants to show off something there is always someone in the Goverment contradicting the good news.
The only good thing is that The President is starting to have soem dialogues with all the parties in the country a good sign but not enough.

see you and back in track!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Monday, September 20, 2004

Cover to do (last part)

The final piece..JESUS ANTONIO Posted by Hello

this weekend was hell of a ride of emotions ups and downs but I guess now I feel quite well.

1.-I received an incredible CD from one of my favorite people ever also a great friend from UK.
I loved the pipe music on it, it was a CD with a lot of good folks songs.
Lovely!!(also a hilarious comic included)
2.-I receive nice e-mails from friends in Spain.
3.-I watched Steamboat Bill Jr. a beautiful movie by Buster Keaton.

I was a little angry and feeling a bit stupid (I had another stupid situation but well nothing really big).

Latest news!!!

My house and my Association has the new update to the site and it looks incredible!!! (is in spanish the link..sorry guys!!)

Nik my good fella in this journey told me that Rocket Girl 2 is already what are you waiting for go to and order your copy.!!!!!

have a great day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

To be.

Practicing my inking Posted by Hello
Just before sending you the final piece I was and I am practicing my little skills inking,so well hope you guys like it!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Cover to do (part two).

Another advance Posted by Hello
I already have all the stuff that I will draw for the piece so next time will be the final piece for sure.
have a good creative time!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Cover to do

Starting a cover!! Posted by Hello
I will comment on this image in some days because I do not even know at this moment all the info.
It was today a lazy day I answer some mails and I started to contact some friends to ask for help.
Have a great day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Now back to the shadows and sleeping!!

The final piece!! Posted by Hello
Well this is the final piece!!..Hope you liked my quasi- process!!....JESUS ANTONIO

I hate sometimes..

why? Posted by Hello
yeah I sometimes hate that I have the clear idea of what I want, so when that happens is just a matter of hours to have the final result.
I already finish the pencils but I will wait for tomorrow to set the final cut...This is only a tiny detail of the piece.
Hope you guys like it!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Friday, September 17, 2004

My process to work.

Batman pencil detail!. Posted by Hello

After posting the inked Batman I did I wonder why not to start a submission with him right away so I also believe that If I want something I gotta act first.
This is my sort of process in the creation.
1.-I normally take my time to think on a specific pose or intention to cover in the design.
2.-I never draw a first drawing as sketch. I prefer to work on the page and if there is an error I take it as learning.
3.I start drawing the basic lines and in this case with this cover I start shadowing the pencils. I noramlly have the tendency to not shadow the pencils so the inker can have all the liberty to give its own personality, but Here I will be extremely tight in the line work.
4.-I am sure I will modify many things but this is what I got so far..Hope you enjoy it!

I honestly do not want to say this is the correct process (in fact is the wrong one) but is the process that works for me: Havea great day and see you in a couple of days.
I will rest two days off so see ya...JESUS ANTONIO


Enjoy!!...JESUS ANTONIO Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The last peek from RG 2

Well this is the last peek for RG 2 that I will add here So you gotta be looking for the book in the newstands or ask Nik about it. Posted by Hello
In case you want to order it in advance go to... and ask Nik Havert for the two numbers.
Do not miss this incredible story!!...Have a good day!!..JESUS ANTONIO


This is what I will do If I ever get my hands in Batman!!! Posted by Hello

I am sure one day it will be done by me...:)...JESUS ANTONIO

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Independence Day a way to be patriotic!

I was thinking seriously about making this little rant about Patriotism, specially that tomorrow will be the most important day in my country.
I was about to tell something about the Independence in my country but I got into the same conclusion that it all started as a movement based on fear, remember that Napoleon conquered Spain so the Criollos (Spaniards born in the Nueva España or Mexico) decided to move against and try not to be in the orders of Napoleon and his family, well the conspiracy as it is called started in 1810 exactly in my hometown, well this movement wound up as a libertarian movement that originally never was. Yes, I know many people still believe that the independence was from its beginning to get freedom to the Colony, but little by little people is starting to understand the reality on the matter.

What have we obtained after all this time?
Many liberties and as a mixed culture, we developed our own way of seeing things.We have nurture so many cultures here and that is what makes us rich in traditions and culture.

What do We have now from the new goverments?
I always listen the same words...Free speech and Freedom.Stability and so forth.
but We still have many problems
There are more than 6 million people living in extreme poverty
The amount of new jobs accordingly to the new goverment said that would be over a million jobs every year, and the reality is that only 1 million and a half has been created in over 4 years.
The goverment bet everything in the Micro Economy that represents probaly 30% of the basic Economy now(non regulated businesses, freelancing, etc) and they still have no clue that you can not make a person to open a business If it is not educated properly.
They say We have free speech and in fact We have Freee speech and liberty to express what we want but my question is always the same..What If I have my free speech but I am not listened or I am ignored.
We still depend in other Economies.

I am not saying I am against the goverment on the contrary I really gave my two minutes of Faith to the system but It is also sad that our president is full of good intentions but his temper is not helping at all, the funny part is that the majority of the mexicans Can say that He is a nice person but was to naive to control a country that had passed over 71 years of dictatorial one-party power.
My country is incredible and the people is the only one that is really keeping the vassel tight.
I really hope my country finds the way to recognize that the idea is to open doors to the dialogue.

Have a great day!!!!
ps:I normally do not get into politics because I gotta be frank I am really opinionated but I really wanted to say this.


Chevy and pleasure!

detail panel one! Posted by Hello
I am sending this time the first panel of my first ever Erotika sequence I have made, I am so sorry that I won`t load the image but If everything works properly I will work aside Pedro doing something spectacular on the matter.

What the Heck?

My first comic ever received. Posted by Hello

Well I am showing you the first comic I received and the one that made me decide to become and artist. I received this comic with some others in a poor X-mas but believe me it has been the Best X-mas ever!!!
And it was drawn by the incredible artist Don Heck.
If someone can help me GET the original version in English I can find a way to compensate you!!


Monday, September 13, 2004

Rocket image and a morning sleep!

Another peek now from RG 2..thanks Tim for the image!!! Posted by Hello
Rocket Girl 2
This is a fascinating project by My friends Nik Havert (writer),Tim Shadow (letterist),Joe Fuentes (inker) and me in chores of the pencils.
The comic is almost in print so start asking Nik how to find it!!

And today morning I will be just sleeping I am really tired and also I want not to think about anything today.I work in my classes today afternoon and nothing else I will do for today.
So See ya later and have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Red Circle of Inner Peace

Cult! Posted by Hello

A little sneek peek of the detail and design of Cult!!!
Project by Nik Havert and I.
I know now what is going to be the input in the design so I can now feel without hesitations!!!..
BTW I heard from a friend of mine . "You gotta believe in your beliefs to give you inner peace..."

Loaded in the Real world.

I have this day free so I am probably ending some of the characters from the proposal Today,I have been giving some time to this because I am also working in some Mecha and Technology that will be the trademark of the whole concept of The Cult. (I hope!).
Guys visit Nik Havert`s place to see what We are doing together.
Then I want to just hang out today, I will visit a small Mall near home and check If there is a new CD I want.
I gotta finish to ink also a proposal and draw a risquè page I need to do to show an editor what he ask us (Pedro and I).

Two days ago I met a girl and well I gotta say She was "sabrosa" "hot", she asked me why I am not married yet, at it was kind of hard to explain that part because I know that with the projects I have and my goals... to have a stablished couple is sincerely not a top priority. Hahaha in this part maybe Nik will crack in laughter (because He knows this and also knows that I always have weird dates or unexpected results hahaha.)
I mean at least in my country everybody is used to normal vocations or careers to earn good money and as a comic book ilustrator the options are ZERO, so being honest I cannot ask a girl to try to undertand that this part of my life involves a little bit more of economical sacrifice to start getting the rewards in cash terms in the future, and also I always get the cheese line:

"Okey, I know that your Hobby is to draw (hobby!!!??? this is the part where I say : yikes,geez,damn!), so what do you really want to do with your life....."

Of course I want to be loved and understood but that is part of another rant.
Do I have to say that the girl lost interest after telling her I am a comic book creator...hahah her loss I guess..hahahahah

Finally I am including a link I like a lot!!

Have a great day and see ya!!....JESUS ANTONIO

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Red Circle of Patience

another one..Cult Posted by Hello
This is another sketch from the proposal that NIk and I have in developments...have a good day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO


I am writing this also as a reminder to myself of what I want in the future to do.
I was trying (during this last couple of weeks) to find some stories to write in the future and I guess I found a story to tell, I hope in a couple of weeks (after I am done with some deadlines and also my horror project) to write the essential plot of the story.
I was sleeping when I got the idea after watching a movie.
Weird and odd ways the mind works ...Have you had a similar situation?

Trivia time.
Do you know who Dolores Haze is or what I am talking about?
Well that is the main idea of the story I want to write.
In case you guess and give me an idea of what you suppose will talk the story about You get a free prize when everything is done!!...Best..JESUS ANTONIO

Friday, September 10, 2004

Red Circle of Imagination

Cult one of the sketches for the proposal!! Posted by Hello

This is just a pick of what I am developing with the great writer and friend Nik!.
In few words I want to prove a theory I have since some time, I want to draw a comic that people might consider Manga, but in reality the intention is to do a comic set in at least part of the story in Japan so I can prove the point that good comic is done no matter essentially the kind of Path or Artistic Movement you
Have a good day!!..JESUS ANTONIO
ps:Also visit Nik`s place I am selling some art so I can travel to a Convention!! Best.

Nunca pense .. I never thought

one of my favorite pieces!! Posted by Hello

De hecho esta es la primera vez que voy a utilizar mi lengua materna, esta vez sobre todo para que mis amigos Españoles tenga una bienvenida cordial a este lugar que utilizo basicamente para sacar los demonios propios.Hola amigos ustedes saben quienes son asi que les agradezco toda la amistad y apoyo que he tenido en este viaje etereo.
No se todavia si podre escribir en Español tanto como quisiera asi que ya saben que estamos en contacto por el medio usual, pero no queria perder la oportunidad de recibirlos con afecto y cariño a este lugar.

In fact this is the first time I am going to use my native tongue, mainly to Welcome my dear Spanish friends in a warm form and manner to this tiny cozy place I use basically to fight with my own demons. So hello to you friends you know who you are so I really want to thank you for your entire friendship and support in my own ethereal trip.
I still do not know if I could write in my spanish as much as I wish but you know We are in cotnact in the usual via, but I didn`t want to lose the opportunity to welcome to this place in the proper way.

On other topics I am loading an image of one of my favorite pieces, probably is not the best in terms of the technique but is it very personal because is the translation from Spanish to English of my favorite poem EVER.
Hope you guys like it!. I didn`t write it I only translate it!!
Today I just couldn`t draw I was busy paying some stuff and going downtown so tomorrow I will post the recenT character profiles I will have by tomorrow!!
Have a great time!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Thursday, September 09, 2004

1131931 Visual Achievement!!

Well seems that was a bit difficult to know the answer, It is the date that F.W. Murnau die. I have been checking some of the work from Murnau that I am really intrigued and I would be happy to see some I do not have.
From his famous movies Nosferatu is the one that withstands by itself but there were more memorable ones, for example Faust that is great!! (there is one of the scenes where the Evil makes the pact with blood and appears in a piece of paper the contract in burning bold letters, and incredible scene from that movie).I am sure someday I will have the chance to see also Taboo and Spiders.
And in special a movie called DER LETZTE MANN "The last laugh".
I have only seen some of the shorts coming from that picture and I really got in love with the camera angles that He created and pretty innovative for its own time We are talking of 1924, He ven created for the movie a kind of tiny swing or ferry to transport the camera, and also filmed in an adapted bicycle and camera some scenes from the Hotel.
In case someone is interested I trade comission work for silent movies!!!

Okey into my work..
Pedro and I continue with promoting IN NOMINE., and have some proposals working.
Nik and I continue the process of working in the proposal of The Cult and I am working in the panels of The Luchador!.Today I will finish 2 characters for Cult and hopefully another page of the Luchador!.
I am starting to write something for one of my own projects called Third Death (the horror story I mentioned before).
Today will be dedicated to send mails and thank you mails to friends.
I need also to prepare a sequential this weekend.
Have a great time and see you ...JESUS ANTONIO

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


lettered IN NOMINE Posted by Hello

If someone can guess what 1131931 is about I will send a set of copies of Rocket Girl numbers 1 and 2 as soon as I get them!!.
If nobody knows why I will set the answer by tomorrow night and a long rant.
BTW Isabel the nice girl who lettered IN NOMINE sent us this pic....Hope you guys enjoy!!!..
Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Monday, September 06, 2004

Cult and rest.

Cover Cult.. Posted by Hello
Pedro told me We continue in talks with some editors so We only need to wait and see what They want.
Well I finally finisht the Cover and Backcover and I just need to polish the characters, but I am a little tired so I am taking all the day to rest and If I can to watch a movie(not a silent one hahahaha!!).
I hope you like the experiment with the yellows and reds, I wanted to really concentrate more in the design of the style without taking my references.
Have a great day and see you soon!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Cult in progress

Clorux,Cult !! Posted by Hello
Well I finally got the idea I was waiting to come up with.
I still need to work in the borderlines, and I still do not know If this would be the Cover or the Backcover of the project Cult.People that knows my work knows that I really pay attention to everything, design, covers and interior work, I have always thought that everything is part of the Totality.
Hope you guys like the experiment with Colors....See ya!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Colors and Clorux

Today was a different day I guess I am at the middle of a project and I just can`t find the right pose or feature to really get inspired and draw, but I learned a new technique that my Mom taught me just today.(No, my Mother is not an artist,but She knows some tricks about fake jewls and some ways to paint pottery)
The piece is at 50% and I wanted to get a japanese style and I guess I am doing what I want,also It seems that textile colors and a little of Clorux can do miracles.

Yes, I also watched a movie "The Iron mask" by Fairbanks. Yes, a silent movie and I didn`t really wanted to watch it but I got trapped by the first 5 minutes and suddenly time came and I was watching the movie for entire.
I recently watched at home the "Last Samurai" yes, the movie based on the british series and I liked the movie a lot!!.
And I watched again 4 days ago "When Larry meets Sally" (I hope is the right name!), it has maybe one of the smartest scripts I have ever watched.
Today is a free day, no classes nothing at all so I want to finish the cover and backcover of the project I am in.

About music I got a cd of U.N.K.L.E ( a friend burned it for me!!) and it sounds good!!
I also heard that Bjork has a new album so I need to ask for the info.

About links ..this is one of my favorite ones (is in Spanish, sorry!!).
Right here is one of the finest comediants in my country hope you like his extravaganza, He is just smart and funny!!..

Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Hahahahaha or sort of.

Mmm Today I was in a blind date... Why?..Search me!!
Well a nice friend told in someone about me and She (the girl I dated) ask me out, She is not uggly I might say She is cute in a way(not really my style but cute), perky body, (I am listening Portishead "Seven Months"now!!).
We went downtown and...She was the 90 % of the conversation, everytime I wanted to say something smart or nice, she was again in the command of the conversation, yeah!.. You might guess She was talking about her entire life (If you ask me now I can even name places and names, she is not a bad person I just couldn`t relate as I wished.
The funny part is that while I was downtown I saw a girl I like a lot, a lot!!..but she was with her boyfriend can you believe it. (Wax Poetic has a song with Norah Jones called "Angels" weird and beautiful .)
Well coming back to the date, I just can`t say I lost my time but at the same time I can not say I had a blast!....the funny part was to mention I drew comics, in my 10% of my time There was a moment were a was bummed (She even started to talk about ex-boyfriends..well).
Maybe next time it might be better!!..
On other topics..I received a blessing mail giving Pedro and I a bit more of time for the deadline, I just hope the lettering is done on time!.
I will use the night to draw the characters of the proposal Nik and I are developing called the Cult.
I will buy some material tomorrow and draw a pastel for another proposal to a printer and catch up with my mailing(Hooverphonic is also another good recommendation to listen specially "2 wicky")

Friday, September 03, 2004

The`s and Horror ...

Horror time!!! Posted by Hello

As I posted before the secret project of a friend is coming quite well, I am starting to revisit and check the flaws in my horror story.
I am trying to keep all the attention to the story and subplots specially considering I want the story to be in Spanish and English, so is quite difficult because I am trying not to lose the spirit of the story in the translations.
Right here is the image of one of the main characters playing in my Universe.
Nik is preparing a sypnosis of a story We are going to work together called the Cult.
I am also working a mid speed in the pages of The Luchador (another project by the nice folks of Nik and Me).
I will also send some proposals to some friends.
I am hoping the pages I sent to Spain are lettered before the deadline We used to have.

Music I listened yesterday
Andrea Parker

Music I am listening today..
The Warlocks
The Vines
The Strokes
The Hives
The vines
The White Stripes
The Yardbirds

Special attention as always with new groups like Keane,The Coral (is a hilarious group!!) and one of my favorite performers Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (sexy chick!!).

I still have more news but tomorrow will be good...see ya!!.


Insomnia dear insomnia!! Posted by Hello
An inner part of me says get a life...hahah no, not really I am very happy with my life style.
This is something I did for a friend tonite, he has a secret project so I need to keep quiet but as soon as I have the permit I will comment on that, In case you are reading it..I really hope you enjoy the piece!!!..
Have a great day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Writing. Horror.

I am revisting a horror project I have and I am writing the first chapter this month!!...JESUS ANTONIO Posted by Hello

This is the site of a nice friend!! have fun!!