Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Luchas Night....I wasn´t wrong!

It was indeed a nice nice TIME!!!

Have a great day!!


Luchas Night...!

Today seems it will be a good night!!
Have a great day!!

Enjoy the image!


Monday, July 30, 2007

Blue lines and life lines.

I am busy so see you in some days these are the things that I am working now!!
Be good!


The Toll of the Sea 1922

The Toll of the Sea is an american silent movie Directed by Chester M. Franklin and incredibly acted by Ann May Wong, this is probably the first time I recommend a movie not by the script but by the incredible acting of the actress, I as blown by the way She acted. In case you want another catch to see the movie from what I read this is one of those rare pieces of silent movies done in 2 colored plates red and green so it seems as If it were in technicolor.
The only bummer is that the ending is not anymore in existance due to the destruction of the last part. Seems like those Chaplin french copies that were destructed in Europe and the only good copies were in existance in Mexico, they found the original plates but the ending was missing a shame but there is an ending filmed in 1985 for the movie.
But a great movie to see..

Have a great day!


Friday, July 27, 2007


Written by Dan Deprez
Drawn and inked by JESUS ANTONIO
Colored by Marko Luna.

Have a great Day!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Busy...Busy...Damn Busy!

Enjoy the piece!!

Have a great day!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Choco Tour and Punani.

Nik Amigo, Today I received some stuff from you!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you... thank you thank you...I am on page 4 and starting 5 of Rocket so just wait till I have the pages inked to start showing the stuff here. Sorry for not responding fast enough!!!
Dan, I read the mail expect some words soon.
Well tomorrow will be a little busy so I am just showing here what I have been doing over the past days. I already finished the proposal of The Unwanted I guess I still miss two more pages with action on it, I will ask Dan to show the work We have and there after based on what the Editor says to see If they also want the action packed pages to make their mind, (I am sure they will like the work for sure).
I am starting to draw the pages of Last Chance for School Girls written by Sean and hopefully by the weekend to have some penciled stuff to show here.
I am working in a piece of a relative famous contest in my town, My advisor and friend and I will be painting the mold given by the Organizers and the theme well LUCHAS...Btw I worked in another piece for the Arena (The organizers of the Lucha events are always so respectful and kind with me) and I have the new poster being glued on walls all over my town so I can not complain at all.
The Punani title well tomorrow I will talk about it!! :)
David I started the paneling work of the pages and as soon as I am done with the proposal of Sean to start the pages!!!
Have a great time!!!


Sergio Bleda after the chaos

"The Wednesday Conspiracy", Restless People is the last and third Chapter of this saga and it will be on sale over many Countries in SEPTEMBER. More info soon!!!
Congratulations as usual amigo Sergio!!!

Amigo no me haz respondido mi mail :(

Un abrazo y estoy contigo de corazon!!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Aelita 1922.

Aelita (1922) by A.N. Tolstoy, one of the first Soviet science fiction novels. It describes a Soviet expedition to Mars headed by the engineer Loss. Loss falls in love with the beautiful Aelita, daughter of the Martian Supreme Ruler, while Loss' companion is trying to organise a communist revolution which is supposed to bring happiness and progress to the ancient and stagnating civilization. This was the source for the 1924 movie Aelita.
The Russian propaganda is really naive but I really liked this movie that is one of the best russian movies I have seen.
I watched it over the weekend and That is my recommendation of the week!
Have a great day!!

Robot Love in dust.

It is about two years of more that I had the great opportunity to work with one of those incredible writers ever...Ron Fortier. He and I worked in this story and in fact a great person and friend inked this work (I am thankful to him) for different reasons and motifs now I have two options to ink this work myself or look for an inker for it again. I still need to ask the editor what is the scope about the Anthology so in the meantime these pages are just dust and hopefully I will have someone working on them soon!!
Have a great day!!

ps: I guess I am showing here the full pencils for the first time! :)

Freedom of Speech.

Probably you haven´t read about the big turmoil that El Jueves did over the past week in Spain, well the summary is that in Spain there is a new law... kind of Welfare support that in case you have a child the goverment will give you about 2500 euros per child, so el Jueves made a Cover showing a gag on that matter but stepping on the Royalty and since then They have had serious problems with the spanish royalty and the Justice of Spain and the way the reacted is delicious.
Check the banned cover and check the response of El Jueves!!

Have a great day!!



This is the new video of The Smashing Pumpkins!!!
Incredible I only hope that the sequel of this new travel works for them!!This seems like a great come back!!
Incredible song!!

Yes, you need to copy and paste...sorry!!!

Great day!!


Monday, July 23, 2007


Okey I am done with the pencil proposal of THE UNWANTED by tomorrow night (Thank you Dan and Marko :) ), what it means I will start paneling on Wednesday and on Thursday four or five pages of LAST SCHOOL FOR GIRLS (Thank you Sean a lot... the script is creepy and amazing!!!)over the week and hoping to finish this same week tops Saturday so Sean Taylor (great person, friend and also an incredible horror writer) can have something to show when He is over San Diego to the editor interested in the project.
I am behind schedule I have to finish a Lucha Cover for tomorrow so I will have the pencils done today, I have a ceramic I need to paint (news when this project is also done :)) and also I have to work in a sexy pin up charity poster I will do for a great friend of mine and He will also interview me for a magazine where He talks about indy work. So I am busier as ever!!!

Have a great day and see you in some days!! If not before!! :)


Sunday, July 22, 2007


I will set the same pages but finished in another post...in the meantime enjoy the pages and the advance of them as they are now!!!

Have a great day!!


Friday, July 20, 2007

Boys are from Martz and girls from Venus.

The incredible and amazing friend Mart has his new book called "HARTE" Coleccion No lo pillo and is ON SALE all over Spain NOW!
Buy this incredible piece of H-ART :)!!!!
I want to thank him also because I AM ON THE CREDITS of this book...Why?
I am the English translator of the incredible comments and references of Art made by him!!Hahahahaha...He told me He made sure my name was in big bold letters :) *blush!*
Go and buy the book If you are living in SPAIN!!! :)
If He gives me an address in case someone overseas wants to get it, I will do it for sure in a near Update!!!

Have a great day!!



This is the advance of what it would be the add of THE UNWANTED!!
Yes, Tocayo you were right...happy to see other people can find out what I am trying to do :)!!!

Have a great time and see you Monday!


Luchas, Luchas, Luchas!!

Okey this is the colored piece done by a young and talented colorist named Pezte!
Enjoy and I hope to give more info about the magazine who is contributing for the magazine and also more info of Pezte!!
Gracias Pezte la verdad esta bien chingona!!!
Mike, Paco, siempre se la rifan!!!!

Have a great day!!!


Tocayo tienes razon sobre lo de Abbey Road :)

Mike has given me a link where you can see more info about the magazine, you have to check in the following days and weeks the same page!!
(Yes, you need to copy and paste...sorry)

Roberto Fontanarosa passed away!

Bad news He was one of those incredible smart and talented artists!


Thursday, July 19, 2007


Marko Luna is a great colorist, artist, person and friend the way I have always thought of this fella is that He is a real painter, He has a very strong brush stroke and the great part is that all this work is done in computer.
He is our FORMER COLORIST for THE UNWANTED since the first times I was talking to Dan so I am just grateful to Dan and Marko for trusting in this crazy person that I am.
Gracias Marko!!!
(For a weird reason now blogger is not allowing me to pass the link as it used to be so you have to copy and paste in the meantime...sorry!!!)

Tim Shadow can you send me a mail!!!!!?

Have a great day and see you over the weekend!!



Hello guys!!
I couldn´t sleep well working in the pages, if everything goes well I hope by Friday to get done with the pencils and hopefully ink them over the weekend.
I am asking tomorrow or today a permit to start naming the colorist a very good friend and hopefully He becomes the letterist for the project to start making this more and more concrete. Dan I hope to send you good news over the weekend and I will send a first preview for all the guys early next week!!

Be good and I need to take an aspirin for this headache I have and return to draw!!



If you like Bauhaus this group will be of your taste!!
I am really amazed with the sound of this french band COLDER!
They signed for a record company in UK (output).

So this is my recommendation of the week!!


Have a great time!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Luchas Night...! Los Rudos...Los Rudos..Los Rudos!

I had a weird night... but in the overall it was good!
Dr. Wagner is an amazing person He held my nephew for a long time and behaved so nice with my bro´s Family!!
Thank you Dr. Wagner jr (in case you read the post or someone who knows you well) :)!!!!