Saturday, December 31, 2005

Honest tale!

Before something happens let me show you this vintage Russian card done by E. Bem.
And says "Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!An honest tale speeds best being plainly told. (Shakespeare)" this card was done by 1904 - 1914. Chromolithograph.

Well sorry for being absent over this time but you know reality sometimes is dragging me to where I do not want to be.
Well this year I have to recognize that it has been one of the best in terms of what have been experiencing.
I had the chance to return to my studies and hopefully I will finish everything by the month of April or May, I have to be really honest I know I need to finish my studies and that became a priority, but I really miss to have the pencils and brushes for more time in my regular life. Funny but I feel like a handicap guy now, I am eager to finish all this studies thing and just draw full time...full time!.FULL TIME!!!
I also learned a lot about myself: that I really care too much about me, people around and my masterplan.
I learned I have a lot of friends (here in my hometown and abroad).

Next Year has to be the year of my life in many terms:
I am going to 2 Conventions: One over USA (finally Nik finally!! :) ) and I am sure promoting Rocket Girl number 3 that I will start as soon as I get done with my studies, and Luchador! and also planning to go to New York to check my possibilities with the top ones.
The Second to Spain to promote the work I do with my fellas Victor (El Clan), Pedro L. Lopez (In Nomine,Flame and some more work), Annita Bonita (Fair Blues and other stuff..If She wants :) , and Nik with Luchador! and a Sci-Fi story We have in hands.And visit tons of friends over there.
I am also in talks to some companies over USA and Spain so next year to start having regular work from them.Sad this year I had to refuse some work because of my studies.
I am going to start my story Third Death drawn and written by me and inked by an Icon in the industry (He kindly told me I can mention him in the proposal so I can be only grateful to him and all the inker friends I have). And for Third Death aside him I will have another incredible artist to be the former cover inker, I just can not say much but stay really tune on this.
About Flame the other Gothic story I have well I will ask another very good inker friend of mine to see If He can join me into the venture, I wish He became my former inker for the long term but I need to talk to him.
I have 3 writers and friends so my plan is to ask 2 to send co-proposals to the top ones and specially one of my best friends to try to invade the European Market.I do never like to talk about the great and kind people I know but next year will be really different because that will be my year of consolidation and I am sure I will receive the help of my friends.
Continue in my house the AACE for a long long time... and try to publish Bodoque in my country!.
Get my Tarot set published.
Love life well I will open myself more!

Right now My Family is preparing Dinner, and well something good happened about the situation, seems that many people have defended my Dad so aside the Lawsuit that my Father will promote to get his payoff paid everything seems a bit better so well I really hope that the hard time is just a matter of months.
Thanfully I saved some money to pay my course to receive my degree and some more for the folks at home.

June thanks a lot for the words and keep praying for all of us.
Last week I was sleeping with the jaw so tight for all the pressure but I hope that everything milds over the mid-part of next month.
Dadicus I saw the Cyborgs!! lovely work!! I will try to see If I can have a duel with you soon. btw What the heck happened to Jason?.
Nik and Mandy all my love!
Kino good fella take care!
Wondy,Lisa,Annita and June thanks for being in the same boat!
To all my Friends Have a Great New Year!

My X-mas Card??? well check it here!

ps:I am still loading information for the booklet in my Residence (goooosssssshhhh!!!!!)


Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mild times!

Well I have sent the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.

I am still with a little turmoil at home so thank you in advance for the nice wishes here home!
Me and Family appreciates the gesture!
Thanks June and friends.

Well You know you can see the new strip of Bodoque next Sunday!


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The warm touch of Night upon us.

Well I still do not know If I will post as usual because I will be busy this week with family stuff and Residence.
Now my Dad is sleeping, my brother is looking for some info so tomorrow We can start working on the situation of my Father (did I say before my brother studied Law?), and Mom is just a rack of nerves.
The great thing is that My Family is really solid and steady so We know We are going to overcome this really soon.
So I am trying right now to keep distracted and at times I can do it, I watch this movie some minutes ago and I loved it.
I was stupidly thinking to phrase "If You like Quentin Tarantino this is a must to see.." Well in fact I have to re-phrase it .."Guys this is an Orson Welles`s pulp movie it is a must to see".
Charlton Heston and Orson Welles are the stars of the movie, this movie is probably the 5th movie from him and the last in the American market done in 1958, I even heard this movie is the last from the american golden age of filming.
I sent in the afternoon 3 mails to some printer companies to see If they are interested in the Tarot proposal so well let`s wait on.
Have a great day and please keep my Family in your prayers!!!
Comic Work just in hold till knowing my new schedules from next year.

Great day to you guys and gals!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

The Nature of the Abundance and Intelligence III

I did my third Tarot card and this is the result, it is not finished yet because I still need to color it more but I am happy with the result so far.
right now I am asking if there is a printer company who might be interested in me designing a set and also well paid.
We had a nice X-mas dinner and it was nice.
Well tomorrow is the birthday of my Father, but the ironic part is that He is going to be resigned from his job. (a person used his code to steal some money, the quantity is not big thanks God, but they want to fire my Dad).
So right now I am moving again some stuff to see If I can get money for the Family just in case We have some months a bit tight economically.
Enjoy the piece ARCANO III and see you over the days!!


Sunday, December 25, 2005

25 times 25 (Funny how numbers and life work!)

Well today is December 25 and We have the New issue of La Kodorniz number 25!!!


And look for the new strip of truly yours!! Bodoque!!


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Redish times and White marshmellows!

Before getting into topics...Happy Merry Christmas!..Feliz Navidad!..Happy Hanukkah!..Boun Natale! and probably the two funniest ways I read today in the morning (sorry for stealing the lines)Quite a good Kwanzaa!!! andRoarin' Yule Fire!!!.

My X-card also is here!! :)

I have been listening to some groups I want to recommend:
I listened the new song from Fiona Apple (damn I love this chick her song O`sailor reminds me a lot a great group called The Dresden Dolls).
Supervielle from Argentina released a new single with Luciano a very great song.

Okey groups to keep an eye on:


See ya later!! I am going to have a nice dinner with my Family!! yAY!!!!


Friday, December 23, 2005

Meme in two spots.

Meme Numero Uno
Tell 5 random things about yourelf that nobody else knows.
1. I hate when a person hits a fat boy or girl.
2. I really laugh out loud everytime I see a person being spanked...I guess my little sadomasoquist in me. The harder the spank the harder the laughter.
3. I want to also have my Own Comic Book Store and printing company, someday because it is a big investment and the sector buying comics here are only for wealthy
4. I don`t believe in structures and societies.I know structures are boundaries but I am really concerned about people in charge of those structures.
5. I know the names of my Angels and my protectors.
6.I am planning to paint my own set of Tarot Cards.

Meme Numero Dos
1. What were you doing 10 years ago?Jobwise: I was working in a private school to pay my studies, I learned a lot but I would never work in that place again, the boss and my coordinator were and are a bunch of assholes, Now I am so happy working the university were I am. Life: Hanging around with the ex-grilfriend I was over 5 years and planning my comic work as usual.
2. What were you doing a year ago?Jobwise: I was working in 3 places at the same time, two companies and the school were I am.
Life: Normal regular stuff, no big changes specially love :)
3. What are 5 of your favorite snacks?Bubu lubus, Hot nuts, Halls that are some mint candies, Cheetos and Doritos Nachos.
4. What 5 songs do you know all the words to?
None!! I have the stupid ram memory so I only remember the songs when are being played, If not I do not even remember the titles.
5. 5 things you would do if you had money
Open my own store and printing company
Give my Family lots of money
6. 5 bad habits
I bite my nails.
I normally eat with the mouth open (happens I had a nose surgery because I got a broken nose after playing basketball and well the holes in my nose doesn`t work perfectly) so that means I snore.
Being over repeatitive I always repeat the same things over and over only to be sure they understand what I want.
Really stubborn
Being so nice that people always want to take advantage of myself.
7. 5 things I love to do
Not really I am doing now everything I like.
8. 5 things I would never get new, buy new or wear again
Colorful clothing I like a lot to dress in black,blue and grey.
9) 5 favorite toys
6 million dollar man doll I have in my desk.
A yellow rabbit.
My Marvel 60's toy collection.
Pens, papers and brushes.

Great day!!


Cards IV

This one is from the great friend and Author Sergio Bleda!!
Buy his new work!

As I have said many times Sergio and Josep are the greatest dynamic duo that I have the chance to call them friends.

See ya!!


Cards III

The incredible friend and human being Josep de Haro sent me this!!

Josep..Gracias eternas por ser como eres conmigo!!


Children Games and Toys.

Bodoque panel One. Posted by Picasa

Well I have sent the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.

Last week everybody in my country were talking about Roñas (the guy who dared himself to be disrespectul to the president) and well I couldn`t wait and the idea just came by itself.
Enjoy Panel One.

The Next installment of La Kodorniz is next Sunday!!


Children Games and Toys.

Bodoque. Posted by Picasa

Well I have sent the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.
Last week everybody in my country were talking about Roñas (the guy who dared himself to be disrespectul to the president) and well I couldn`t wait and the idea just came by itself.
Enjoy Panel Two and Three.

Great day and see you on the 25th!!


My new toy!!

I received this toy today from a friend so I hope to give a review on this after the holidays.
Please guys send the good vibe and prayers over to my Family (Dad got a problem in his job, nothing to worry but all the good wishes help a lot).
I also received a check from The Taxes Office giving me a small devolution but will be to pay my certificates of next semester, so it is an already spent money.
The movie I received as a gift is from Korea and it is called The Wig.
I am still trying to see If I can get that compendium of German Horror Movies I talked the other day. If someone wants to get that for me (scroll down a bit to check my wishing list!) and wants a Comission done by me as the trade for me it would be just perfect!
I already sent the new strip of Bodoque so expect in some days the Old one here.
I am going to las Luchas twice next week!! Yay!! And I am going to sit in the first row in the one I want to!! Yay!!!!

See ya on the 25th!!

Happy Holidays!!!


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Cards II

Pedro Alegre sent me his incredible X-mas card!!
Pedro Alegre or Japi is one the nicest guy I have ever met.

His incredible site in Spanish is here!

translation: The return from the Lord of the good and behave!


Cards I

I hope when X-mas has passed to start loading some of the X-mas cards I have received from friends, contacts and people I know.
Obviously I will keep the personal ones to myself.
I wanted to share the x-mas card I received from the nice guys that are in control of the design of El Hijo del Santo, They are nice and it is really funny to know I got a postcard from them with one of my favorite wrestlers ever I have to say that El Hijo del Santo is a very decent guy!!

Thank you guys at El hijo del Santo...


Our X-Mas Card!

Well this is the card I did to compensate the other one from the AACE (We couldn`t find a letterer to do the bubble and lettering work).
so I thought of this idea for Our X-mas card!

To the friends and artists from the AACE (my house) a Happy and incredible X-mas time! From Oscar Camarero and Jesus Antonio

A los amigos y artistas de la AACE (my casa) Una increible y Feliz Navidad! de Oscar Camarero y Jesus Antonio.

And I will send this X-mas card to my friends in UK, USA, Canada so Happy X-Mas!!.


Vintage Xmas to you all!

I still do not know If I will post in the following days because I am still busy processing information and well I also have to finish my strip of Bodoque and I really want to take some time to draw and I hope to finish on time my X-mas Card and in a way to compensate Oscar because We couldn`t finish on time the x-mas card We wanted to show.(I was sick :( )
I am also trying to reach that professional Wrestler to see If the offer is still there.
Btw Nik I bought you a movie of El Santo because of the holidays , in case You (Victor) want me to buy one for you let me know!! :)

Well just in case I do not show myself tomorrow or the 24th!!

Happy Holidays to all of you friends, artists, people I admire and I know you drop by here to see what new stuff I have in hands or only to know what I am doing or thinking, even the nice lurkers.
Have a nice X-mas time and see you!
Also thank you for the nice load of X-mas card i had received over the days!! yay!!


ps:X-mas card from 1907

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Facing reality from the hands of mud.

I am still working now on the processing of information of my Residence and the booklet and well I watched this in the morning and I have to say that I am happy and impressed about this movie.
I can not really say it is a horror movie, it is more like a combination of noir pulp horror movie. A very nice twist at the ending.

"The Face".......Watch it!
I won`t give spoiler of this movie just watch it!

Have a great time and see ya tomorrow!


Annie whispered X-mas words on that wooden tablet.

Firstable this image was done in 1928 by Harold Gray using his character Annie, He was also known to create his own set of Annual X-mas cards for his friends.
Well June et all... Yesterday I went to the school to solve the paper work and well my teacher helped me, I just couldn`t solve anything I only paid the course what it means that I am in the semester now I need to see the grade I will get from my teacher but I need to send him work so I guess from today afternoon to the early morning of 24th I will be processing information from the booklet and on the 26th I will start editing the notes so on Jan 2nd to send him at least 70% of all the work.

Well I saw this on Wondy`s blog (thanks for you words!!).
I have a ‘Ten People I’d Rather Spend Xmas With Than The In-Laws (In case I have them)’ list of my own, and it goes a little something like this:

I decided to have a trivial list about people I would love to spend a X-mas time and a more scholar list from my own tastes.

The trivial
1.-Robbie Williams 2.-Jim Lee 3.-Kylie Minogue 4.-Jis and Trino 5.-Fisgon 6.-A. Hernàndez 7.-Jodie Foster 8.-Burton 9.-Oasis Gallager brothers (I imagine all the Riot done by them) 10-Ashcroft the ex-singer of the Verve.

Scholar.(dead and alive)
1. Siqueiros 2. Buster Keaton 3. Woody Allen with some of his lovers :) 4. Mario Pani 5. Monsivais 6. Fritz Lang 7.Poe 8. Alphonse Mucha 9.Murnau 10.Durero 11.-Alex Raymond 12.-Hal Foster (I guess Mr Woody Allen and I can have a great spiritual session).

And music by Portishead!! yay!!!

Great day and talk to you later!!


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My own Igloo.

This post is for you Wondy as I saw this on your blog.
When I was young(16 years old) this movie was probably the 4th or 5th silent long movie I ever watch, because I was used to the slapstick or short comedy films and this was probably my 1st serious silent movie that everybody likes to call one of the first documentaries ever even from the fact of all the inaccurate information from it.
About gossips did you know Nanook died two years after the movie was released, died while trying to hunt a Whale and die from starvation.
I am including also some non-facts I took from a review of the movie so enjoy!.Btw the movie was done in 1922.

"Flaherty(the Director) faced criticism for deceptively portraying staged events as reality in the film. Much of the action was staged and gives an inaccurate view of real Inuit life during the early 20th century.
"Nanook" was in fact named Allakariallak, for instance, while the "wife" shown in the film was not really his wife, but was actually one of Flaherty's eskimo wives. And although Allakariallak normally used a gun when hunting, Flaherty encouraged him to hunt after the fashion of his ancestors in order to capture what was believed to be the way the Inuit lived before European influence.
The ending, where Nanook and his family are supposedly in peril of dying if they can't find shelter quickly enough, was obviously farce, given the reality of nearby French-Canadian and Inuit settlements during filming, though Allakariallak himself died of exposure two years later after being caught in a snowstorm
Flaherty defended his work by stating that a filmmaker must often distort a thing to catch its true spirit. Later filmmakers have noted that the only cameras available at the time were both large and immobile, making it impossible to effectively capture most interior shots or unstructured exterior scenes without significantly modifying the environment and subject action.
For example, the Inuit crew had to build a special three-walled igloo for Flaherty's bulky camera so that there would be enough light for it to capture interior shots. Similarly, while Flaherty staged walrus and seal hunts, the hunting itself involved actual wild animals, though Flaherty insisted that his actors use spears and not the guns with which they normally hunted.
At the time, few documentaries had been filmed and there was little precedent to guide Flaherty's work. Nonetheless, since Flaherty's time both staging action and attempting to steer documentary action have come to be considered unethical among documentarians, as has any sort of re-enactment which is not introduced as or immediately obvious as a re-enactment."

Damn I know a lot of werid facts from silent movies!!!

HAHAHAH Have a great day!!


Fear is in the eye of the beholder

Some little times I have the time to watch an incredible horror film without going to the creepy line.
I won`t say anything else about the movie..I can only say it is almost flawless!!

Please watch THE EYE!!
It is so very well done!!
Tomorrow I am planning to watch "The Face" If I have some time down the road.

Take care and kisses and hugs to everyone!!


Cold blooded heart.

Even the bad guys have a heart, aren`t They?.
I watched this movie called "Beyond Hypothermia".
And is a very decent movie, for some people the movie would be cheesy because it is a romantic love story but with a very very gore ending.
Is not for every taste but since when I have ever had a standard and regular taste.
I really liked the movie because it really gave the things I was missing on Aeon Flux about feeling symphaty for the lead character.
If you have the time to watch it!!
You may like some of the sequences.
I forgot the movie was done in 1996.
If you ask me If it is similar to La Femme Nikita (the french one of course) I will say it is in some way but not quite.


The right music in the right box of love.

I would love to have a girl like this one!! I would love shagging her every time!!!(I hope I used my british term rightly :)
She is indeed my favorite electronic music singer, Miss Kittin is really hot and those eyes, well gorgeous.The electro pop Queen as She likes to define herself.

About music I was listening the other day Therion and I normally do not say this but it was really light for me, I am listening Lacrimosa so I hope it is a bit more aggressive.

Damn I have and strange fascination for girls with attitude!!

Have a great time!!


Monday, December 19, 2005

Aeon Flux.

Aeon Flux. Posted by Picasa

I forgot to mention that the design and look of Aeon is damn fine...I only wish she had shown more skin :).

Great day!!


Trapped into that little thing called Reincarnation.

I had already watched Aeon Flux the movie!!
Wondy did you already watch it?
I will try not to give spoilers, well I really liked the Art Deco imput, a Metropolized ambience an incredible gadget designs.
The plot is solid I have to agree with some people that can be boring or really slow but I have to add that only happens If you are not in notice of the Animation from Mtv and the full story... If you saw all the chapters (as I did!!) everything has a reason and now it really matches as the great concept it is.
I have to say that the only lack of the movie is that the director never thought of trying to involve the audience by getting a little sympathy for the viewer perspective to this Universe. The characters are lacking of an important background, also He didn`t play with that Roman Society Organigram were it is based Aeon, I know that the jaw dropper or main plot is so important that the director wanted to give a certain bit of mistery but I am sure if He had based the explanation in another way it would have worked much better.
A very interesting movie another lack in the movie is that He would have set some sub plots on the idea of cloning and the consequences from the ethical aspect.
Another lack is that in the animation the ending of every chapter finishes with an open scene what it means that the final has to be done by the viewer, thing that the movie never played with.
A very good movie!!


Making faces to Life.

Today was a horrible day! I had to check paper work about my semester and from what I know I still pending to solve a situation to get the tramits from what I heard that stupid lady again, the one who didn`t want me to finish my studies, well She lost the papers and the authorizations so that means that I need to solve everything tomorrow so you can imagine the big mess.
Also the people from my Social Service lost my first report so I had to do all the paper work again and the worst part is that I had to show the paper since yesterday but thanks God I have already sent the report to the Social Service office now into my worries I need to see what about my Residence, and by the way I had to pay the semester today so that means now I am broken :).
On the happy side note I was told by a legendary artist (an incredible inker and friend) that I can mention him in a proposal for something I want to do next year, so that means He would be my former interiors-inker for Third Death and now I am trying to convince and great person and artist to be my inker but only for Cover work from Third Death, so I am now happy indeed because this artist is a real legend in the medium.
And well I am organizing everything so I can start the first months of the year all the catching up with the projects I have with Nik and Victor.
And well some friends and willing to help big time!!
Well I also went to get my microwave oven I won in the X-mas party I had last Friday!

Great day and see ya later!!


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dreaming over the field.

Well I drew this today for two reasons the first to practice because I was about a month or so without drawing in a very realistic way so this was a fast exercise to keep away that stiff feeling when you are not drawing as much as you would like. And the other to frame the dreaming I got today and I wish If someone could tell me the meaning I would aprecciate it.
I am also thinking in using the image as my X-mas card.

"It was the sunset and everything turned into that blue greyish color where obscurity reigns all was in that color and the mountains around were in dark black with some spots in white probably lights, the field that I have to walk in was plain and was a kind of harvest kind of wheat of probably only dry plants growing over my knees. There was an enormous path crossing all the field but I am sure this path was in a 45 grade angle crossing the field in a perpendicular way.
In the middle of this path was an Wishing Well (old rock container of water similar to Ringu the movie). I remembered I had to cross that field and I was holding white plastic bags on my hands without any brand, I am sure there were groceries over those plastic bags.
I never saw my face in fact I was seeing everthing as If the camera was in my eyes so I could see only the perpective from that angle as in the reality happens. I was told to cross the path and to be aware of any danger while crossing so I was walking fast, not running and I remember I saw groups of people (trios but mainly duos) looking at me with that stare of greed and when I felt they wanted to have my bags I only took a Swiss Knife to defend myself I even saw one of the duo trying to fight back with a knife and I only did some swings with the knife over the air and He left.
I finish in the end of the field, the funny I was not really nervous or feeling bad I thought of it as the right thing to do!.

Great day!!


Je pense à toi

I just couldn`t resist but I received this some hours ago from Bonita Annita, I will only show this one but as soon as I know the results from the contest I will show the rest.
One of the funny things I did in my life is to attend classes of french I was about some months studying (my problem was pronunciation because I mixed it with my English so I couldn`t really learn ), I can read and understand a little bit of French so my french is basic or less than basic.
This is the first time one sequential done by me is in French so enjoy.
Thanks Annita!!
btw I dreamt something odd so later on I will post what I dreamt and I hope somebody tells me what is the inner meaning.

Great day to you guys!!
Arrevoir!! (I am right?? damn I just can`t speak french but someday!! :) :) )


24 times 24 and X-mas is coming to Town!!

Guys the new issue of La Kodorniz is up!!
Go and check the new comic strip of Bodoque!!

And check the great work of the fine people over there!!!!
(link in spanish!!).


Saturday, December 17, 2005

Radiant and Solar Waves of Joy.

Isn`t she beautiful?
She was Anna May Wong myabe the first asian silent actress and appeared in the movie Picadilly from 1929.(also a must)

Monday I will start again the busy times so I have only today and tomorrow to hang out.
I am watching in some hours the movie "The eye" done by the Pang brothers so I am sure I may like it!
Yesterday was the lucky day for me... I got some money back I thought was lost and in the Annual X-mas dinner of the school were I give classes I won a Microwave (My Dad and Mom were laughing their asses off because I mean a single boy with a microwave in his own room sound hilarious).
I also learnt that Caramel Eyes doesn`t have boyfriend anymore from what I heard so I am thinking in making my mind and ask her out, If I chicken out I will just be waiting for the girl living faraway (I sent her an email) also I need to talk to the one girl I was going out and well I want to see If something might be over there.
I finish my courses today and I already talk to my friend and boss that I need to planify the next period because I will (If everything is in order) start my course to get my degree of Architecture.
New year is approaching and I have new plans....See ya later on!!!
Now I am listening The Coral "in the morning"...:)

Peace out!!


Friday, December 16, 2005

Faust holds the wishing list!

I am right now sending Kino a mail, talking about Kino but the company :) I saw this today and now I have two things I wish for my holidays.

I will try to see If I can buy this movie Faust
AKA Faust: Eine deutsche Volkssage in Germany(1926)
Directed by F.W. Murnau

Also I saw something I fell in love at first sight

There is a compedium of German Horror Movies: Nosferatu, Golem, Dr. Caligari and Waxworks!!
Gosh!! I would love to have that box at home!! :)

Well talking about Faust maybe is the best movie from Murnau in the terms of all the visual effects captured on the film and also all the symbolic oniric ways to portray the pact of Faust.

Great creepy day!!!!


Superman in an airplane.!

Well I have sent the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.
For this set of letters done by the main characters I was more concerned about the words and I liked the sequence on the letters.

I am happy with the new one because it is really funny I am making fun of something that happened in my country last Monday so stay tune and visit next Sunday

To see the new one!!

Have a great time and see ya later!!

Update I just listened to the new single called Superman! by

Long time without listening to this group!!

Another one ...I heard some people in Veracruz mentioned Bodoque gracias guys from Utopia!!!! but I can not find the direct link, also appeared in Dreamers as the update done by our AACE ,the great spanish site from what I heard, so If you know more sites were they mention the work let me know!!
And thank you so much for the people liking the work and promoting it!!
Love, booze and hugs...


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nadie nos mira alrededor.

Today a friend of mine gave me a copy of this CD
called Anoche from BABASONICOS!
And it is great!!!!! I am trying to explain how the music sounds from this group and sounds a bit like brit music,techno, the music from the kinks a very good mixed of rock.

I also decided my new topic of the strip from Bodoque and it will be hilarious!!!
Great day!!


The cobweb was full in dust and evil

I have been really busy with the social service. I finished that Study I was mentioning and next week we still have to work on another study, well I am today closing up three courses so I need to prepare the lists so I can be done putting all the grades in order and the attendances.
the teacher of my Residence hasn`t come yet so I do not know about the paper work We need to show regarding on the subject I will be all my vacation time working in the Residence :(.
Btw was this a very very old drawing and this might be what I would do in case I get my hands on the friendly spidey.
I still need to work on the comic strip of BODOQUE from this week so I need to send a mail to Magnum to let him know that today at night I will have something done, so expect the comic strip from last week as soon as I finish the new one.
My work has been showed to two editors already to start plannings for the middle part of next year, right now as you know I have a lot of work with my friends and that is priority.
About love nothing...nothing new.
I need to cancel a date today because I really need time to finish the lists and the comic strip.
Have a great day see you in some hours If possible!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mask or Lesson.

Well as you remember a couple of day I was really down and a little fed up about not having time for myself, and I was trying to chill out and decided to go to Las Luchas, Iloved the show this time specially for the following wrestlers: Marcela and Sioux (sioux is really hot and yummy :) :) ) vs La Nazi and Amapola gave maybe the best wrestling of the night, and as usual Mistico and La Mascara fought incredibly, Mistico has one way to knock people and pin down them called "the Helicopter" damn I really like the way this guy fights, He is really nice and even gave an authograph before the fight started.
Well the lesson is that after my social service, I went to the suburbs of the city and I was in one neighborhood that is irregular so I could see poverty in the biggest expression, I normally bitch about my situation but after seeing all what I saw yesterday it gave me a new perspective, I still have my goal of being succesful as a comic book author and now more than ever because I learn that I am really lucky to have my sort of life.
well I took the bus to go to the Arena and Mariana was waiting for me (my nice friend) and before getting off the bus I ran into an police officer who works in the school were I give classes and has been always nice and kind to me, I asked him what He did for living besides being a security guard and what He answered just shocked me, He is a professional Clown in my town and decided to take the extra job as a guard to have time to send his kid to a hospital in Mexico City (4 hours in distance) because his little boy used to have a tumor in one of his eyes and had two operations, He described the operation and it is really creepy so I will keep it to myself, well the kid lost his eye and continues in treatment so this tumor doesn`t show up again or grows in the other eye, the sad part is to hear a Father saying that He felt bad about his kid because He is really handsome and sad He doesn`t have the eye to be gorgeous.
That was not everything well I left the bus obviously telling the guy I was at his disposal anytime.
I entered to the Arena and started talking to Mariana to catch up gossips and at the middle of the show the narrator told us that in the Arena was a fighter...yeah but the fighter was a young boy of 12 years old..He is fighting cancer (it was sad because He had already lost his right leg and continue figthing to survive) and well his only illusion was to meet Mistico, I do not normally cry and I was about to... I mean so much info in one day...Mistico was really nice to him gave him a low budget toy, a T-shirt and ..HIS MASK!! (Well people started to tell him to give away his mask to the kid and He did it!!).
So many things to consider when We feel crappy...isn`t it?
After the show I ate a hamburger....Delicious!!

Have a nice time and just think about what you have.



X-mas Card ONE Posted by Picasa
Oscar was feeling like the idea of the Creepy x-mas card was missing a factor to be understood and I agreed so I drew an extra panel that makes the scene more consistent and in the overall gives the frame for the idea we were trying to have.
Now I hope a kind friend would help us to letter the work and possibly finish before the season is over.

Have a great time and expect another post in some minutes!! :)


Blahblaholic in weirdo style!

X-mas Card TWO Posted by Picasa
The second page of the postal!!



Good things happen to good people at times.

The guy you see in the photo is one of the finest person around that I have the chance to call him friend.
Today He sent me this message (I hope you do not mind ;) ).

Hello friends and family,

I hope everyone is doing well, and I wanted to let everyone know that I got engaged last night to my beautiful girlfriend of 7 months. We are so very happy and in love I couldn't ask for anything better. Just wanted to share this bit of news with everyone.

Happy holidays to all!

Jeremy & Falon

What I can say to Jeremy Vincent Adolphson is that I am so.... so happy for him He deserves all the hapiness in his life, I can only say good things about him and I am sure that If Falon is with him is because you are meant to be together. Falon keep this guy full in love and tenderness.

Jeremy amigo the best for you and I expect photos!!!

See his great collection and also some pieces done for me to him.

Good things happen indeed!!!


I am just a simple Ghost in this Vortex called Life.

Some time ago I was reading a review done by Wondy about this movie I totally forgot that I watched this movie several times this is based on a very sweet chaotical comic called the same as the movie: Ghost World!
An incredible description on how pathetic We are or We are being seen by the rest of the world.
Watch it!! It is not for every taste but the incredible script really worths you visit this piece!!


We wish you.

Felices Fiestas!!
This great postal was done by Paco Rodriguez and the incredible colors of the great Josep de Haro.

See ya later with more things to say!!



Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Piñatas be afraid of me!

Gathering Posted by Picasa

These are some photos of a reunion my students and I had last Friday!
I am losing some weight because I normally start diets specially on holidays and I let my beared to grow a bit but tomorrow I will shave it!!
My father just called me to let me know something about money to pay so I need to add that also to my worries.
Anyway in some hours I am going to Las Luchas I really need today to shout!!
So see you and I hope you enjoy the photos.


Gathering Posted by Picasa

Gathering Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 12, 2005

Love for Dummies. Crappy day!

I do not really understand how this day became hell... Today I just felt Lonely!
In the morning I was reading my normal dose of blogs and I was really sad that June was having a hard time... but as everybody has said to you Lovely June "Bad dates and times come to make you stronger".
In my case I was a bit sad since the morning and when I arrived to my classes I got more sad because I started listening to my students how they have destroyed hearts and for some of them was like a funny game to see where the thread just splits.
I saw the tiny girl that I used to like...and She is really hot, I still do not understand how people make choices about their lives so easy or without thinking, yes! She made another stupid comment and well I was there to listen.
Well when the class was done I saw you know who at the distance (I really didn`t want to see her..I had to say hello and I congratulated her for her day Yes..her name is Guadalupe and today was her namesake).
I have to add that when I saw her at the distance I got that stupid pain in the chest the one you feel over you left lung like you are empty mixed with the sadness I was feeling and the feeling of just being used that I have everytime I see her), well I returned to the last part of my classes and when I left the school I took a bus while I was talking to a nice person and She was also celebratring her first Anniversary with her boyfriend.
I am over You know who but I guess the whole situation over the day made me be more sensitive than usual.
I needed to take a second bus and it took me about 1 hour to wait for the bus and when I was in the bus the volume of the music was really high (it is common to play music in the buses of my country rancheras or tropical music and well the driver was playing on his cd player rancheras and band music similar to country music), I never told you but when I was in Monterrey for the wedding of my cousin some months ago I was feeling bad about the way that You know who was treating me and for stupid that it sounds I related my situation about her with a song that was played over there in that time, I guess the group is called Pesado and the song is "Ojala que te mueras" "I wish You died", a song of broken love and yes you guessed it right the song was being played while I was over the bus tonite....Now I am laughing about the whole situation but in that moment I was about to tear.
I arrived really late home and well I am so happy the day is over!!


Cold statues of salt.

Ohh well today has been a normal day, well in theory, I went to my Social Service and I have to be two days only absorbed on that, I do not care about the work but I really care about time that means I will be in that building two entire days, well.
A nice artist who reviewed my work has told me that as soon as I free up my timing to let him know to see what We can do together (He is opening a new comics company in USA) thanks by the way to the great artist who linked us.
I sent the postal and I have to add some minor details now I need to find the right time to do it specially with what I said before, and I also hope The postal appears soon, I need to work also on the lettering so Well is my fault for beind sick for about a week and now I am just trying to catch up with the things I can.
I need to cancel 2 dates because I will be busy with the Social Service and my Residence damn!!
I need time!! I need time!!
Yesterday I went to see this movie.....It is incredible well handled and the special effects are Awesome, I loved the grifos and the Fenix, My only complaint are some inconsistencies in the story-telling and also the time line or the way that the time was handled over the movie. It is a very solid movie, to be honest I would NOT like to see it again but I really loved the Movie.I found this movie just to be a collage of different beliefs and traditonal tales so I didn`t find anything that could Wow me big time!
And Wondy is right what an incredible the role of the Witch..She was the star of the movie!!
June cheer up!!

Have a great day!!


Update: Oh wondy Ohh Wondy!!! LINK

Jesus Antonio means.
Sensitive, emotional and caring you seek peace and harmony and desire to work for the benefit of others and society. Your talents and abilities may draw you towards teaching or service occupations where you would be a natural success. Although quite reserved your courage and ideals mean that you are single-minded and industrious in pursuit of your goals. Your affectionate and giving nature means that you are loved by all.


Tracing the Black Moon in golden ribbons.

Today is a national celebration at least for 80% of the country. Since last year I wanted to add this post on the same day but it was more about to talk the piece from the Art perspective. I know this is the mystical representation of our country and I have to say that She is our shield and protector, but I won`t talk about my beliefs.I am loading an study done by a person in my country to show the artistical value of the piece and for weird that it sounds the interpretations of the sacred tilma goes beyond our understanding.The medieval usage of Section Aurea or what is called Harmonical traces were used in the mystical contruction of the image. check the images below!Full of symbols also is a map of all the rivers and mountains of our country, an image of The Eclipse that was the day She manifested herself, some people have found that the image also works as a Mandala and is a Codice full of prehispanic motifs and messages, found in the eyes the complete scene when She appeared to the Bishop and also the pupil dilates with the interaction of the light.You make your own conclusion not about the spiritual aspect but more about the incredible demonstration of design and harmony reached with the image.
Have a beautiful and incredible day!!