Thursday, March 31, 2005

April`s fool and full in love for Rocket

RG01 Posted by Hello

This is a part of page one of Rocket Girl 01 drawn and inked by me!!
And beautifully written by my Amigo Nik Havert!!

Wanna have your copy of Rocket Girl 01 and 02!!
ask Nik for your copies...where

Have a grat day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

They always love us When We go away...

Robot Posted by Hello
10:33 pm
Well the nice Stacie (the great inker and colorist that is preparing the Anthology loved the sketch!! thing that made me happy) :)
also I received a nice mail from the pro writer ( a very kind and great fella, He also liked the sketch).
I will work on the pages next week.
Now I need to continue drawing more pages of Luchador! and the proposal to Spain.
I hope to finish the proposal early Sunday!
yes, I took the bus with Lupita and She was practicing her English with me...I continue pretty confused..I just try not to give a s**t about the situation for now!
I am a little behind from the western story I hope to have something done by the first time of Monday.

3:00 pm
I will update at night the post!
I am about to leave to my job.
Well this is the sketch of something I am developing for the based on the work of Soroyama (the guy who designed covers of Aerosmith, the little dog robot used as a pet..well many things Soroyama has done).
I used Soroyama as the request of the writer...
Have a great time and see you in some hours!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Soroyama! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

mmmmm..hahahahaha..mmmmm..I am dream

hahahah Posted by Hello

who you are?

Thanks for the link Kino...hahahah interesting indeed..hahahahaha!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Another link to visit is the one from

It has all the info of the new album release!! those guys really rock!!..Have a great day!!

Love for dummies 6th delivery.

Love for Dummies: You thought you knew but You have no idea!

Recapitulation for the new reader.There is our main character Jesùs after dating the little Lupita for 6 months and 1 week knowing She can not make her mind about accepting him, start dating other guys ,return to her old love or being alone.
Twist one. Our Hero offered not to ask Lupita out for a while till she can have time for herself and decide about her life not about her love life, according to a previous issue He prefers to see her happy doing what She wants and just stand by her side to help.
Twist 2.Lupita has said our hero that She is in the same position and that nothing has really changed
Twist 3.Our hero is learning that He just knows nothing at all.During his vacation He thought that there is not a relevant point to ask for direct closures, in fact He was thinking in understanding that his timings are not the timings of her and wait.

Page one of one
5 Panels

6:17 In a corner near Lupita`s work.
The first panel shows our hero being extremely nervous,short hair, dressing in blue (as usual) and having his beared grow, and after waiting for about 15 minutes he looks at the distance She is wearing a white blouse and blue jeans.

Second panel is the same panel shot but having our hero and She heading to drink a coffee to finally talk.After checking several places they enter to one that is quiet and nice.

Third panel has Our hero and her sitting on a bench, talking about their vacation break, Our hero tells her He had a blast over Monterrey, while She tells him about her trip to San Juan del Rio and the way she got sick after eating something that was not good.

Fourth panel. Our hero and She are in the coffee shop, while He is drinking a sour colombian cup of coffee , She is just drinking a hot cappucino with candy milk on it.
He tries to explain to her that he is not looking to solve anything but to support her and be with her in good and bad.
Telling her that He doesn`t want to bother her, she continues telling him that She needs her distance and space.
A trova duet starts playing some music while our hero is giving her some candies He bought for her in Monterrey and also some little bracelets, and starts laughing(both of them) at the duet because nobody clapped at them when They finish the music.

Fifth panel.
They are heading to the bus stop.
She tells our hero that She is not telling all the truth about her love situation and that She is keeping a big load of secrets that can not be told by now.She even mentioned that She has to fake her behavior when she is with him, not showing in reality the way she feels about herself, she feels in a way guilty. Our hero ask her If She had faked in a bad way or good way,She told him not to get it wrong, she was saying to fake not about her feelings about him (She never said if she had feelings for him..:( ), it was more about her not about him.She says that the coffee was just a reminder that our hero is there.
She told him that someday She will be clear to him about her real situation with everything, and that she is not looking for a relationship for now and She is falling into one when is not really her priority.
What did He solve?
Did something really change?
Nothing at all
Do they agree on something new?
Nothing everything is the same.
Is he going to wait longer for her?
He has no clue about it.
How is He feeling?
Is he sad?
Is he understanding what is going on?
Nothing, Zero, ziltch , nada!!..

Have a great time!!
If you can understand something about it..please let me know because now I am just spechless!..JESUS ANTONIO

Monday, March 28, 2005

Numerology of Poverty

This is a post I wanted to write down several days ago and till now I can, sometimes people abroad do not really understand Why my country being one of the most incredible ones also has some negative aspects.
I love my country so much and Well sometimes really is a little surreal down here!
Let me give you some numbers and things to think over.

55 percent of the people living in my country live in Poverty.
From that 55 percent, 36 percent live in Extreme Poverty.
We import almost 86 percent of natural gas, why? simple We do not have the industry to exploit it.
We have lost 3 million of jobs in just 4 years.
The only two sources of enrichment in our country is Oil and Dollars coming from Mexicans leaving abroad sending money to their families.
We have great problems with Stability.
There is not a real goverment, the goverment We have now is only Ignoring us.They promise to give solutions and We haven`t seen real ones for instance Yesterday was the girl number 12 IN THIS YEAR that was murder in Ciudad Juarez.
Nothing changed at all.

do you want to know more about the situation in Ciudad Juarez!

Have a great day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

One inside Cover of our project!!

Luchador!©2003 Nik Havert and Jesús Antonio Hernandez RodriguezPosted by Hello

Well I send a load of scans to Nik with more work of Luchador!
This is one of the transition pages of Luchador!
I paid two months of Gym (long time ago I used to practice it, so well I want to be fit as I was in the past).
I also made an appointment with my dentist, I need an expensive treatment, so Well I will see If there are some people interested in a comission to have extra money.
I have this week to finish the proposal to Spain (I have some info I was expecting for)
Tomorrow I will have a date with Lupita (do I have to say to wish me luck!!:) ).
I am now just coloring the pages of Luchador!
I already finished to write the western to paged story!
I need to send some mails this week..
I have more comments but I will save them for tomorrow!!
Wish me luck!!
ps:Now can you understand why I say that I am having a blast drawing Luchador!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Blurred Image of Faith

Sunday is almost ending...!
I am working in a transition page(hard to explain now how the transition page works but in a future comment I will stablish how Nik and I will use transition pages) for Luchador!, seems the paper is not working quite well but I manage myself to use it as best as I can.
Almost 4:00 and no call from Lupita (Well, no more to say on the topic).
I am letting grow my beared, hahaha!!
I am writing the last poem of the Gothic Story I have, as soon as I finish it I will write the final script for "The Flame".
About Third Death (the other story I am writing), is not complete yet, seems I had the perfect ending (Of course the ending will be the same)but suddenly I thouhgt of a great spin off, so I need to rework some scenes.
I am writing today at night and tomorrow morning the two page western story.
Tomorrow no work, so I have free time to continue drawing..!!
Have a great day!!


Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Dream of Fools!!

Sketch Posted by Hello
I updated this same post because I was not honestly happy with the previous sketch I loaded aside the message (the railroad girl), So I did this sketch in about 20 minutes to prove my point.
In case you ask me why I drew this well I guess sometimes many people have misconceptions about work some of them do not really thing that Art has to do something with comics, this is a proof that is fact Comic book is just another step into the Artistic Area, many of the Professionals I know working in comics minimum have a degree in Art,Architecture,Design (not all of them I have to agree) but the ones that do not have any studies on Art they have an incredible gift and talent to understand what others took them years to adquire, is just a talent they have.
This is a very quick sketch done in few minutes (literally), just to make the guys wanting to be comic artists to really thing about the great benefit of Studying.
I am not saying they have to pay for a career to get more opportunities, no!! on the contrary,LOOK FOR YOUR INFORMATION,ENLIGHT YOURSELF!,
"I am a firm believer that Knowledge finds you while you are looking for it". Adquire the things you like, search for the knowledge and diversify your taste!! The more you know about the world the better understanding you can have about it. Well I am stopping the preaching for today!!
Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

PS:listen to Kasabian, Chevelle, Interpol.

Amazing answers of Life in so tiny fingers.

I will be devoted today to drawing Luchador!! so that means that probably this is my only post of the day, but I wanted to share something I always loved when I watch the re-runs of Actor`s Studio directed by Lipton.
The questionniare by Benard Pivot.
have I ever said that my favorite answer is the one Helen Hunt (I have an eternal crush on her) said about her favorite curse word and She just answer "Fuck me!!.."?:)

These are my answers

01. What is your favorite word?
BALANCE, seems I am eternally looking for it!!

02. What is your least favorite word?

"YOU CAN NOT DO IT!", I hate people not respecting my choices in life.

03. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Creatively, I am always impressed when I see something (painting,art,illustration,music,play, etc) done in a different direction, that motivates me to do it too!!
Spiritually, Sometimes God has so funny ways to make his presence in noticed to you, funny how God plays "hide and seek", when he doesn`t have to! :)
Emotionally, when I see a pair of eyes glittering in joy or pleasure!

04. What turns you off?

When people is not loyal, I still do not understand why people moves even against themselves.
A comment that was not neccessary!.

05. What is your favorite curse word?

I like a lot the word "jerk" but must of all "Fuck off.."

06. What sound or noise do you love?

The sound You make when you say... Wow!!!

07. What sound or noise do you hate?
People having an argument or having a vain flat conversation!!
What a waste!

08. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
None, the options I always thought are the ones I have done or doing it!! :)

09. What profession would you not like to do?
To be an accountant or to be working in an office..I will die for sure!!

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
HAHAHAHAH what you always tried to believe was never true!! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

What is yours!!?
Have a great weekend!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Friday, March 25, 2005

Gothic Nights of Passion

Vigil Posted by Hello

Well I have been talking and talking about painting, let me return to my basic point: Comics.
I want to recommend a real jewel or gem (A real treasure I have and all thanks to the great Nik, He sent me this great copy!!!!!).
If you wanna read a great gothic story get this issue and the ones drawn by Tim Vigil.
I was incredibly amazed on the flow of the story, really good one,art was amusing!!!.

Dramatized by David Barbour
Scenes by the Good Timothy B. Vigil
Background paintings by Timothy B. Vigil, Adam McDaniel and Stephen Ryan.
Inscribed by Brent Carpenter.
Published by Rebel studios.
I have also to comment that I am no sure if the comic is new or very old, want I can say is that If you like gothic this is a must!!

Nice Weekend!!..JESUS ANTONIO
ps:Yes, when I do not load my work is because I am working, funny as We speak I finished page 10 of Luchador in pencils, I need to work in the perspective of some panels but I am drawing as fast as possible to finish to color the pages and start the ball rolling!!....:)

Is The Rain....Miguel Barcelò

Miguel Barcelò Posted by Hello
This is another expo I saw in El Marco and it was by Miguel Barcelò that is a spaniard born in Malloarca in 1957.
His topics are Water,animals specially the bull, cheetah and the dog,The African folklore,tomato and Skulls of animals.
I saw different techniques like watercolor, and mixed tecnique in canvas or even bronzes.
The only technique I was amazed to see is his incredible Water work like marejadilla or Eplucher I or La grotte.
He is using a mixed media that has different relieves or plaster work that also creates the sensation of movement. I mean you gotta see his work, only to observe that technique was worthy the ticket, about his other work well I guess I was impressed of an Arena He painted using plaster and oil. Great work!!

About comic work from my side:
many things
I continue drawing the pages of Luchador!! I have been adding and adding new pages!! I am really having the time of my life drawing the story..did I tell you guys that Nik`s writing is AWESOME!!!???
I will start the final proposal for the comic in Spain (I already told you guys that :))
Well about the other two invitations (the two deadlines a good so do not interfere with my work with Nik and Spain, thing that makes me so happy!!)
For the Anthology with this nice girl and artist (She won`t write the story ) I will draw a 5 page story written by a pro writer who saw my work and liked it(I reserve his name but it will be good), it will be something ala Metropolis, so You can imagine I am really thrilled.
For the other cover, now is transformed into a 2 page cowboy story I will write and draw, and the nice guy will ink my work, He is good and will become with the years a nice nice artist, He also told me some pros (reserve the names but for what I read those are good incredible artist checking the final product)will edit the work so well what else can I ask!!?
ahh and some friends will try to see If I get another place like UK to open my well stay tuned..
Have a great time!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Jewelry or a Favor to my Mom Last part.

jewelry two Posted by Hello
This is another example She can have, She can design bracelets,ear rings and necklaces!!
Have a great day and thanks for the help!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Jewelry or favor to my Mom. One

jewelry one Posted by Hello

This commment will be a bit odd.
Hey guys I know that many people involved in fashion or design are reading sometimes the blog.
This is a favor to my Mom, She happens to be really artistic (yes, you are right I got my artistic skills from her side), well She is trying to start a business sellling jewelry, but what She wants is to design by comission.
I am showing part of what She does (I have to say I am not showing her complex stuff), My Mom wants to work with a fashion designer in a exclusive way if possible and work doing jewelry specially oriented to a certain dress or designs or a comission work you can have on mind.
If you can help me contact a fashion desiner she can work with just send me a mail off.
She is so smart that has some jewelry with some special stories on it, or develop an idea based on the concept the designer might look for it!!.
I will also assist her in case there is an special style the designer is looking for.
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer....Have a great day!! JESUS ANTONIO

A link

Firstable Gerry I know you are reading well an enormous THANK YOU!!!

Thanks for linking me and also for the great help you have been over the years ( personally and artistically well you know what I mean).
:) :P :)
Have a great time all of you!! Holy Cow!! (last post ...last post...!)

Visit also the other site of My amigo Nik Havert
did you get your copy of Rocket?
Ask Nik Havert here!!


Postcard Number TRES

Frida Kahlo Posted by Hello
This is one of my favorite images of Frida (I have to confess I do not really like her technique and not all of her work full of desperation and sadness,I guess I like her work more based in what She really had as her life, so flat and stupidly full of weaknesses that by the time became her own strenghts).
I mean you know her accident being very young and having her back almost crashed,she was ran over a bus (She die imprisoned in her bed), losing so many babies (She always wanted to have a baby from Diego Rivera, the greatest love of hers), her political statements (more based in the social rusian propaganda published in Mexico, having an affair with Leon Troswky, also Frida known as a bisexual entity).
I mean She really made her own life difficult by living in the eyes of Diego, Diego even cheated on her with one of her sisters....

Well Enjoy the piece is called Autoportrait and Medallion...JESUS ANTONIO

Update: I really have to say that sometimes I forget the great sharing person She was, She became a teacher and help a nice generation of painters from the 40`s to start a movement (many people called them Los Fridos, thing that I guess They do not really like, Cabrera being one of the most famous from that group of artists being taught in The Casa Azul of Coyoacan).

Postcard Number due

Remedios Varo Posted by Hello

This is another example of the work of Remedios Varo in case you get a little nosey you can upside down the image (the same with the previous postcard) and you will be amazed on the animal face there is hidden.
I have also to add that the work of the British teacher is really into witchcraft, Remedios on the contrary based her work more in the dreams and spiritism.

Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Postcard Number one

I could buy a postcard with one of my favorite authors (She was more mexican than spaniard in reference to her work)
Her name is Remedios Varo, this is a little bio

Remedios Varo (1908-1963) was born in Spain and educated in Spanish convent schools. Her father was a hydraulic engineer, which had a recurring influence in her work. Her artistic training was strict and academic, from which she fled into Barcelona's bohemian artistic circle. She was married to the poet Benjamin Peret, and her widower, publisher Walter Gruen. She moved to Paris where she became involved within the Surrealist movement. Forced into exile by the Nazis, she settled in Mexico City where her numerous retrospectives have drawn record crowds.
Some people say She studied with Dali I have to doubt it (it was possible She was in contact to him thought) I guess her work looks more to her teacher another girl that was british..I can not recall her name..the funny thing you can see in the work of Remedios Varo and her teacher are all the references to witchcraft...funny ....JESUS ANTONIO

Remedios Varo Posted by Hello

Ya llegue de donde andaba or I am back!!

jaguar Posted by Hello

Well I took the bus yesterday at 7:45 and arrive to my place at 5:13!
Need to clean my room.
I have many mails to check so I will keep during the day some of the places and stuff I did, just be patient a little with me if I am a little late in responses.
I went on Tuesday to some museums the first I saw was Museo de Historia Mexicana and there was a great exposition about the Jaguar in our culture..great, great exposition!!.
I even understood the diference between Tonalismo and Shamanismo seems that Tonalismo bases all the belief in that We have a natural animal that guard us for all of our life and the interaction of that animal and ourselves, and shamanismo is just the transformation at times of our spirit into the animal that is our guiedance or nahuatl.
Pretty interesting!!!
have a great day and wish me luck!!..:)
ps:Today I have the coffe (depends on her if she want to go today or tomorrow :) )....JESUS ANTONIO

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

What`s up Raza?

A very fast post to say hello from my vacation time!!
I am here in Monterrey and well the scope seems to be quite great!!

I just couldn`t sleep well trying to figure out and solve all the mess I was having about the situation with Lupita,haha seems that it is more simple that I thought I already know what I will do next Thursday (I will have a coffee with her,what she thinks is that I will try to get everything in a "yes" or " no", but She will be so wrong, after read and read what I have post all this time about her I know what I want to do.
My meditation is also helping me this time!!
Because I couldn`t sleep well, I only slept two hours so I was planning to sleep in the bus (the trip is about 10 hours from where I live).
I took the bus at 8:45 and I arrive there at 5:21 nice for me!!
I arrive to Monterrey I called my uncle and We bought some barbacoa to eat in the morning, later on that day I was climbing with my cousin (I was doing that kind of extreme sport where you have to cling into some fisure with your bare hands, and then by using an special equipment just to go dow using a rope, nice one specially thinking that was my first time, and I have also to add that the height was not that big, but considering I suffer Vertigo, I can totally think it was a success).
At night I went to a wedding (haha I got hammered, I never drink but I was feeling so good that I drank around 6 beers..or more..gosh!! I can not recall it!!...hahahah).
As usual my cousin was making fun of me and my sentimental life!!
I just can`t believe I watched Moulin Rougue (I even swear I would never watch it , but I did and I gotta say I learn something from that movie, in case you ask me If I would watch it again the answer is No way!! :)..funny experience but that is all!!

Have a great day!!

About comic work I received today a nice invitation to be part of an Anthology (around 4 to 6 pages)
with a really nice girl and artist I will let you guys know as soon as I have more info, it seems she wants to be the writer thing that really makes me happy.
I will also design a cover for a friend who wants to have something printed by Sep to show in a Wizard well it seems I am in track!!!....Have a great day again!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Saturday, March 19, 2005

The decadence of living day by day

vintage Posted by Hello

Guys just a warm hello!
Enjoy the vintage poster and see you in some days!!
I am off for vacation!!


Friday, March 18, 2005

Drinking coffee ..:)

La unica diferencia entre un loco y yo es que..YO NO ESTOY LOCO!! Posted by Hello

I was about to sleep today and my Mom told me She forgot I had a package from Nik!!!!
I love the work of Dali!!

Thank you so much Amigo!!!
You made my blue day to shine a!! thanks Nik!!


Dinner and Trip

dinner Posted by Hello

Dinner with my cousin was great!!
I had a blast well so tomorrow I will make a trip to Monterrey and see all my relatives over there.
We talked for hours about her future wedding and She was making fun of my romantic life as usual!! :).
Have a great time!!!JESUS ANTONIO

Comic book for dummies and other stuff

I have had and read some conversations all day long about getting the break or not getting the break,being published or not.
I will say some stuff people never like to say because is always kind of hard but it is going to give a perspective on what you want to do.

1.-Many pros are having a hard time to get themselves an steady job, so try to evaluate the odds for you to get a position that many people want (me included).
2.-The competence is really really hard so with what are you going to really compete.
3.-If you have nothing to say in the medium the chances to be are almost zero.
4.-Do not even try to get into the business If you are not ready to sacrifice (time,friends,relationships,money stability).
5.-The majority of the positions in the two top ones are freelancing (that means you are paid for what you do, and sometimes the next work would take days,weeks, months or years to get are you ready to support a family in those circunstances?)
6.-Even If you are good, you have to be tremendolously smart to have other resources or to divert the work you do so you can have more options to succed.
7.-Even If you incredible and you get in the spot, there might be one day when They say your work is old or old fashion, so in minutes you can become part of the past, so be wise in every work you accept.
8.-Do not concentrate in one skill, the more skills you have the better options might arise. (I draw,paint,design, write and sometimes ink my work) (I am learning how to ink).
9.-If people do not like your work, fine deal with it!! Do not please anyone please yourself.
10.-Set an expectation time, or expiration date for your succes. If there is certain time and you see no results look for something else!
11.-Work in something alternate non comic related to have at least one sure income till everything comes your way!
12.-Do not expect that because you are talented you will have a job, sometimes the decisions made outside or inside the company are really beyond and far from you.
13.-Do not take it personal!!
14.-Work and work and be patient!!
15.-Stablish a plan B or C in case you see no results in your plans!!
16.-Is not a dream is always a goal!!
17.-In case you have a chance or break do not lose it, respect your times and their times!! (when is possible)
18.-Always work with a contract in hand.
19.-Be willing to improve your work everytime Don`t stay eternally doing everything in the same way, mature your working!!
20.-If you decide to work for free to get exposure, just remember there is nobody to blame if the things you expect are not in the way that they come!!
21.-The only one to blame is yourself, take the responsibilities for every desicion you make!

In my case I have to be honest I have no plan B or C, so I will die in the line, I see myself doing comics,illustrating or designing, so I need to work and be patient!!

Have a great time!! :)
JESUS (Working hard to get my break) ANTONIO

Red line crossing all over my heart

Red line Posted by Hello

A simple quick sketch!!
I was trying to have some minutes to rest and this is what came up with Elektra!!
Have a great time!! :)...

ps:listen to Amaral(Spain), Bersuit Vergarabat(Argentina), nice groups. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Love for Dummies (or a lesson I learned some time ago and sometimes forget)

Love for Dummies: A lesson!!

Recapitulation for the new reader.
There is our main character Jesùs after dating the little Lupita for 5 months and 3 weeks knowing She can not make her mind about accepting him, start dating other guys or return to her old love (In this case the villian and rival of our hero, person I do not really care at all honeslty).
Twist. Our Hero offered not to ask Lupita out for a while till she can have time for herself and decide about her life not about her love life, according to a previous issue He prefers to see her happy doing what She wants and just stand by her side to help.
Twist 2.Lupita has said our hero that She is in the same position and that nothing has really really changed (can you believe it!!).

This time I will write about one of the lessons I learned some time ago and I really need to put in practice again but is a little difficult to do so.
Once a nice friend of mine gave me her theory about love.

She said..

" I have to be honest to you , I have never believe in that so called complement love or soul mate approach, We say in spanish that We are looking for our middle orange a person that can complement the other half missing...well that is so wrong!!"
"Just imagine that you are half an orange and you are enormous and well you just find another half that is in hell are you going to put them together!!? okey let`s imagine you finally found a half that is the same size you have...How stupid would you feel by realizing that the flavor is different to the one you have, She is so sweet and you so sour or viceversa"
"Okey just imagine you are lucky enough to find half an orange that is the same size and the same flavor as yours, but you do not have the same pieces in your orange as She in hell would you try to put together something that internally doesn`t match?"

So Well my theory is a follows She said...

"I am a big, big orange, complete, full in flavor and mature..what am I looking for? simple another orange that is complete and mature or trying to be mature so We both of us can make a delicious, delicious juice!!!

And well that is one of the best lessons I have ever heard from a friend..and I believe in that!!
Sad and funny is to know that Destiny has always different plans..right!?

Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

The search to find a light into that sight.

ojos Posted by Hello

Today was nice in some aspects.
I will go to Monterrey next Saturday what it means that I will be absent for some days!!
I am having full time tomorrow to draw two more pages of Luchador!
I had a coffee with a nice teacher I used to have when I was studying Architecture and there are some hopes he helps me to finally finish my career and get my paper. I stop studying because We had a very big problems with money at the end of my career so I had to sacrifice stuff, I only need to have my residence and write my thesis, I hope my old teacher helps me close the circle.
I finally sent the scan to Kino.
I received an incredible e-mail from an artist that has always been a inspiration to follow. I reserve the name for a while but If I can get ahold of some of the beautiful work he does I will let you guys know!!
I saw today Lupita and her tiny beautiful eyes, and as usual I finish so confused again!!!

Have a great day all of you guys!!....JESUS ANTONIO

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

WOW!! Posted by Hello

Take up the sword of Justice and decide

Today funny thing happened to me I saw going to one of my jobs in the morning two raimbows at different times, I really loved the view.
I got an approval I was waiting for (I won`t comment till everything is solid)
I need to continue drawing my sequentials of Luchador!!
I am waiting for some packages as my postman told me he has some stuff for me!!!
I got paid some money, so I have money to pay dinner today with my cousin :P

Have a good day and I hope to update this post today!!!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Ciarouscuro of my Soul

Experiment! Posted by Hello

I saw today Lupita and well She told me She is a little blue, She didn`t give specifics so Well I can only support her and be with her, sometimes I get a little angry to myself that She can not see what I see (I know She knows my feelings but is afraid to take a stand).
This image is an experiment using Luchador (The great concept Nik and I have)!! I have an idea but I still need to read what the great Amigo Nik has to say about it!!
I will have dinner with Fruti Loopis (my cousin) tomorrow!!I haven`t seen her in about 2 years so I will enjoy the moment a lot!!
And on saturday I will travel to Monterrey to visit my cousins and some family!!
Good day!!
Keep me in your prayers ( I want to make a good decision about my situation with Lupita)...See ya!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Today is cloudy and chilly in my place..and I love it!!

MMMMMM..what I am doing now that I haven`t seen Lupita!!?? Drawing full time is the answer!! Posted by Hello

Have I ever said I love rainy and cloudy days!!?? Yes, I do love them!!
Today I sent some mails to people and some pencil scans of LUCHADOR! to Nik, I am sure he might like the storytelling, I am still working in the coloring.
I haven`t seen Lupita, seems She is getting distant..well I don`t want to care a lot on the matter.
Tomorrow I will be visited by my cousin (by the way her name is Guadalupe or Lupita haha funny isn`t it, the good part is that I call her Frutty Loopis since long time ago so You guys do not get confused), My cousin is visiting me and we will have dinner tomorrow!!.
I am dividing my time with real life work and drawing In a way is a bless I haven`t seen Lupita!! :(.
..Have a great day!! I will enjoy my chilly day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Monday, March 14, 2005

Die Blechtrommel or The Tin Drum (1979)

What can I do with a paper hat and a tin drum!!?? mmmm....
continue talking about movies...
Gosh! I wanted to load a picture but it seems I just couldn`t... this movie is one of my favorite european movies if I recall is Polish and was based on a book done by Gunter Grass.
If you have time check what is to make a life decision like the one Oskar did!!?
If you do not understand me just watch the picture!!
The promotional polish poster is delicious is a tiny drum dancing in the belly bottom of a girl that has her legs wide open and in there is a face in the drum screaming!!

Have a great day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Amor de mis amores.

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I haven`t realized that sometimes I forget that I like a lot the mexican movie era called THE GOLDEN PERIOD and I always forget to mention it here.
Well many names come to my mind like:Pedro Armendariz, Jorge Negrete, Manuel Medel, Palillo, Cantinflas, Manolin y Chilinsky, etc, and Pedro Infante is one of the names that always gets on my mind when I want to recommend movies.
So if you have some time I am putting some of what I consider is great family fun!!

These are not all his movies only the ones I like a lot from him, and in case there is a name aside is the character that Pedro Infante played in that movie, what it also means that is a must see!!

La tercera palabra (1955)
Los Gavilanes (1954)
Pueblo, canto y esperanza (1954)
La vida no vale nada (1954)
El mil amores (1954)
Cuidado con el amor (1954)
Gitana tenías que ser (1953)
Reportaje (1953)
Pepe El Toro (1952) Pepe "El Toro"
Ansiedad (1952)
Dos tipos de cuidado (1952)Pedro Malo
Los hijos de María Morales (1952)
Por ellas aunque mal paguen (1952)
Ahora soy rico (1952)
Un rincón cerca del cielo (1952)
El enamorado (1951) Martín Corona
Ahí viene Martín Corona (1951) Martín Corona
¡¿Qué te ha dado esa mujer?! (1951) Pedro Chávez Pérez
A. T. M. A toda máquina! (1951) Pedro Chávez Pérez
Necesito dinero (1951)
Las mujeres de mi general (1950)
El gavilán pollero (1950) José Inocencio Meléndez "El Gavilán"
Islas Marías (1950)
También de dolor se canta (1950)
Sobre las olas (1950)
No desearás la mujer de tu hijo (1949) Silvano
La oveja negra (1949)Silvano
La mujer que yo perdí (1949)
El seminarista (1949) Miguel Morales
Dicen que soy mujeriego (1948)
Ustedes los ricos (1948) Pepe "El Toro"
Angelitos negros (1948)
Los tres huastecos (1948)3 characters
Cartas marcadas (1947) Manuel
Nosotros los pobres (1947) Pepe "El Toro"
Soy charro de Rancho Grande (1947)
La barca de oro (1947) Lorenzo
Vuelven los García (1946) Luis Antonio García
Los tres García (1946) Luis Antonio García
Si me han de matar mañana (1946)
Cuando lloran los valientes (1945)
Escándalo de estrellas (1944) Ricardo del Valle y Rosales
¡Viva mi desgracia! (1943)
El Ametralladora (1943)

Have a great time!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

I forgot to say that Pedro Infante is one of the 3 charros , in the middle to be exact!!

Dynamic Duo and a big bat light

Duo!!!! Posted by Hello

Do I have to say more?!!!
have a good pleasant weekend!!...JESUS ANTONIO

PS:did you already buy your copies of Rocket Girl one and two??
Nooooo!!! What are you waiting ask Nik for yours!!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Some thoughts.

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I will translate a part of what the nice Doya wrote in a comment so English speakers try to understand why March iith is so important for the spanish people and to me.

Sólo quiero dejar aquí algunas frases que se pudieron oir ayer en los programas especiales de todas las cadenas de televisión española, frases, salidas del corazón de aquellos que sufrieron la tragedia en primera persona:
"Todos viajábamos en ese tren"
"Contra el olvido"
"Ahora he dejado de considerarme una víctima y he empezado a considerarme una superviviente. Yo al menos sobreviví"Dicho desde una silla de ruedas.

Translation: I just want to send some of the phrases that were listened yesterday in all the special programming in mostly all the spanish media, phrases, taken from the bottom of their hearts from the people who suffered tragedy in first person:

"We were all in that train.."
"Against forgetting"
"Now I have stopped to feel myself as a victim and I have started to consider myself as a survivour, At least I survived"
Said from a weelchair.

sad indeed!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Good day and don`t forget!