Sunday, October 24, 2004

Moving on something worthy

Well this day I do not even know what to say or think.
I am just back from the date or a bummer I do not even know how to use the right word, as usual I enjoy my time with her having lunch and talking about things.

Again She and her sincerity stroke me down.
She asked me ..What do you really expect from me?

I normally hate that question because that takes you to only one place.
Well I was telling her the truth that I was expecting nothing and everything at the same time, just because I had always thought that a person is with you till the person decides to be with U or not. As I understood last time We spoke She said that She would like to know me more (even from the fact she had a boyfriend), so I decided to open myself ( I do not normally do so but I really started liking her..a lot by the way!!)

Do you remember I wrote some posts before about not being harmed and try to block a low blow or an unexpected comment to affect me, well I do not really know now what and how to feel.

She firstable told me that She would like to know me more, while she is with her boyfriend, but she wanted to be crystal about something. Well She started to tell me that " I am a nice guy (terrible words If you expect a positive reaction ), and that She really likes a lot the way I am and think, but She wanted to tell me also She feels no chemistry or physical attraction to me..."
She also said something like She didn`t want to be responsible in case We get in a relationship and then realizing that the chemistry is not working enough... my point of view just a way to wash her hands of any responsibility..Well I know myself and I twisted her tricky statement."
I just told her that" in case We get together I wouldn`t be the one to blame on because If she is with me is because she is convinced if not do not even try"
I also told her "do not be with me just because I am a nice guy!!

Well as you might think it still doesn`t make sense what She said but in a friggin way I understood, I really got bummed specially because it is not logical to continue dating or trying to know a person If you feel just nothing for.
I mean I understood and almost kind of relate to her words because I normally interact in the same attraction factor and way I mean If do not feel nothing for a girl I prefer not to do anything, I mean why to play with feelings.
I gotta confess I was about to break in tears in front of her but I just put myself together and wait till the conversation was over.
She was honest is a very odd way that I do not understand yet but I won`t care to try to figure it out.

Obviously is now just a moment to move on, I am a little sad also because I know that I will cool off contact with her, I mean I won`t suffer never ever again.
Sadly ,I really, really like her.......Well the end of another chapter at least I closed the circle now.

I still do not know If I will be absent some days from the blog, I need some time to reagroup my inner force and check some real life stuff. I am not depressed or sad just a lot confused ..:)
and hoping to arrive with good surprises during the week..please guys any piece of advice will be appreciate it!!!...

Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Amare di più

color piece Posted by Hello

Well I was sleeping all day long, it was a very tiring day!!

I am dating tomorrow the girl I like a lot (yes, the one with the boyfriend), It doesn`t still make sense She is dating me knowing she has somebody else. In fact as I was talking to a friend and the part is that it will be the catalyzer of her relation, I mean If I am the right man She will be with me If She thinks He is the right one this odd situation will be the confirmation of her feelings for him...Yes, that really sucks.

Music to recommend.
From my country.

Janet Chao, a beautiful girl from Monterrey and a nice option believe me, she is really hot!! (she has new material andthe video is good)
Julieta Venegas a nice musician, I gotta admit that she has light up with the years both is a nice option.
Molotov always a nice option to listen.

From Argentina
Bersuit Vergabarat an incredible band!!!!.

The killers is a good american option with the single hot fuss!

From Italy

Nicola Congiù and Mango two incredible male singers with nice music!!

I forgot to mention my favorites girl singers.
Natalie Merchant.
Tori Amos
Sherryl Crow in her good times and the my favorite ever Annie Lennox.

Havea great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Coloring. the process (My process) part 1,2 AND 3

the final piece Posted by Hello

The six million man was my favorite show and also a very good reminder of my childhood.
I did THE PIECE just for the fun to do so, and to remind me the good times I have had and I will have.
well about coloring I gotta be honest I will keep my method to myself but If you can see the development you can really understand all the process on it.


color. Posted by Hello

Pencil rough layout Posted by Hello


Daredevil. Posted by Hello
I love a lot this characters so I hope you enjoy them!!..
have a great day!

Lazy Day.

I had a very lazy day today so I well I had some time to draw and the daredevil piece is the result..have a great day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The corner. Ioannes Ensis SPANISH CREATOR

Ensis work! Posted by Hello

I decided to give another name to the section in fact i was about to write RED,ORANGE,RED but I notice that more friends from different countries might like better to have The corner as the section to give news about my friends and people I like or admire.

Ioannes Ensis is a nice creator from Spain and trying to break as many of us. His name is Juan Spadas so Ioannes Ensis is the same but in latin (nice touch by the way!!).He says he decided to use his name in that way because He felt as a monk (the kind of monk just devoted to color the old ancient books),so he said that from drawing the bottoms and ups of notebooks was the first way end up drawing comic books.
He will become a nice creator by the time believe guys keep an eye on the work of Ensis.
a very nice person and I am sure I will call him friend in the short time.

(just a reminder as usual I am posting the links that my friends are giving me so please understand that sometimes I do not control the info on the pages, just enjoy the work!!)

Links to see his work.
his new blog

The spanish version is here
Ioannes Ensis es Juan Espadas, que es mi nombre, en latín. Esto es porque de pequeño era como los monjes iluminadores... todo el día haciendo dibujillos en los margenes de los libros. De ahí a los tebeos sólo había un paso. Ahora trato de promocionar mi trabajo y hacerme un huequito en este mundo tan difícil con esfuerzo e ilusión.

Puedes poner links a:
o a:
o a:

Have a great day!!......JESUS ANTONIO

Monday, October 18, 2004

THIRD DEATH. Backcover.

A way to play!! Posted by Hello

I still need to add some details and the lettering but it is almost the final result for the backcover of Third Death and is also a surprise element in the story.....

Have a good day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Luchador is in works!!

Starting the Luchador!! Posted by Hello

Well this week was horrible in a way, I was expecting some editors to give at least some news on several proposals I have with my great friends Nik and Pedro, so well I kind of thought I won`t wait any longer and start working on the work I have with Nik and Pedro.

So I am starting to work on Luchador! a great story that Nik and I are co-creating.

Well now that I am still recovering from my hands I will devote myself to write the total script translation from English to Spanish of The Luchador!.
I will use some of this time to also write some other pages of Third Death my own creator horror story, it seems everything is working properly but I still need to figure out a nice way to present the main character that comes smooth and simple so people can relate to it.
I am using the week to work on the panels from Luchador!
So expect some behind the scenes of Luchador!.

Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Saturday, October 16, 2004

The pathetic love story!!

yeah it`s me!! Posted by Hello

I am feeling much better from my hand so hopefully tomorrow I am drawign again..I am really happy!!
Today knowing I was not able to use my hands to draw I decided to have my social lost life in first place and I went to a party and ate pozole.
I wanted to call this post as "Mr. wrong-timer" the only hero that is always at the wrong time and the wrong moment, yeah sometimes I feel like it!.
Again I was today in a odd moment it seems I am always called for the wrong times to open my tiny cartoony heart.
Well as many of you might know or not I am keeping busy in real world giving classes of English (pardon me If I get an error as I normally do in my grammar..haha it seems I think faster than I press the keyboard :) .
Well I met this little girl (slim,22 years old,wears glasses and has a beautiful smile).
Well I knew she has a boyfriend (yeah Nik another one!!! :) ), well in fact I never mess with a girl that has another relationship for me it seems is not the right thing to do, so I decided since some months ago not to tell her anything and keep quiet till today....

Why? simple Today She ask me what I was feeling for her?

Because she started to notice some stuff since some time ago, (I also forgot to mention that lately We have been taking the bus together and have some time to talk about well you know nonsense..seems that I am a bit shy so I start laughing from no reason at all of having a odd comment just to avoid awful silent pauses..I hope you get my point).
The point is that I am in the tiny line to decide my feelings, well going back to the story, so you can imagine after her direct question ,it just pull the trigger and I started to talk about it, the funny part is that as she said "We will start trying to know eachother", she asked me also to keep quiet for now because of the other person(I do not understand this part but I respect it).
I only asked her to make up her mind as soon as possible I mean I am not going to date eternally so She can take a decision or line front.

In my case I only hope not to finish heart broken..the funny part is that I am sure I won`t...

Why? I started to understand people moves by different forces , so if She reacts for fear,love, passion or dumbness, I am fine with it, I know I am not responsible for her decision so I am cancelling any harm to myself, I mean, I am not going to change my way of being or do things, I only want to share my path , so If she is there good if not well her loss....

guys If you have a comment please be my guest!!
Have a great day...JESUS ANTONIO

Friday, October 15, 2004

Los SuperSabios by German Butze Oliver.

Supersabios by German Butze!! Posted by Hello
I am using a book to help me stablish the work of one of the most important comic creators of all the times in Mexico, well some people consider the work of Los SuperSabios as simple comedy or even some adventures a little vain when in fact is one of the cruelest presentations of regular life and lifestyle.
As the book says there is a relation that it could be consider sado-masoquist among th main characters Panza (Chubby or Belly), Doña Pepita and el abuelo (grampa).
Even in a way a resemblance in some aspects to the work done by George Herriman in Krazy Kat, where the simple violence is part but not everything in the life of this comic, many topics are used in this comic(sci-fi, adventures,exotics ambiences and dictatorial villians) and was about 30 years publishing original work.
Panza is a regular guy who wants desperately to evade or ignore his normal life by trying to solve the world.
Work done by German includes Pepe el inquieto (Pepe the mischevous)in 1946 and many advertising campaigns as an example some work done to High Life(a clothing store),General Popo (a tires company) or Adams (a chewing gum company) and well the supersabios is called his first profesional work, German is born in mexico city in 1912 another student of the Academia de San Carlos and having also private tutors, let me tell how important is German that is in fact is the best storyteller that the country has given in terms of elements like writin,paneling and drawing for a comic.
He would be easily compared to the work of Will Eisner specially because He doesn`t want the art to be great instead of that he focuses all his attention in the narrative and the form to set the enviroment.He is the perfect artist combining his writing and artistic skills,there is a point you can not select one or the other, his work is solid in all the terms.
In case that you see a relation of his work to the Katsenjammer Kids of Rudolh Dirks you are absoutely in fact is his favorite comic the version in spanish was called el Capitan tiburon y sus sobrinos (Captain Shark and his nephews).
The supersabios starts in 1936 in weekly plates in Novedades (a very prestigious newspaper from my country) and little by little became daily his work.
Later on appears in Chamaco a competence of Paquito, as you might imagine it became to be a complete magazine with the adventures of Los Supersabios but now more oriented to the mature reading in fact in 1953 the format of the comic was 32 pages in c olor and bi-montly so there it was a big challenge to face the deadlines for German that even in 1962 stop the comic because of the health problems He had.
Paco,Pepe and Panza(the regular characters of the comic having psicodelic adventures all over the world) continue their adventures from 1936 till 1962 after some circulatory problems He reduced the amount of new work (the doctors even wanted to cut his legs)and it was combined with re-prints of previous adventures till He died.
Los supersabios were published by other companies from 19369 to 1972 like Joma or Editorial Posada. ...Have a great Day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Music, and oldies.

I am much better with my hand,BTW this is an old drawing and a favorite of mine. Posted by Hello

Oh well I didn`t draw again today because of the accident on my hand, thankfully I feel much better, and I will try to draw tomorrow and take of my deadlines and projects all in track.

About music I wanted to recommend some people.

From Italy (I gotta confess I do not like pop but it seems that some italian pop is good)
Tiziano Ferro

Latinoamerican groups or singers.
Maria Rita
Los Autenticos Decadentes
PJ Natasha
Babasonicos (this group is incredible!!!)
Cafe Tacuba
La Tremenda Corte

Groups or singers in English

Hot Fuss
Snow Patrol
The Hives
Maroon 5 ( What I still do not understand is why they are singing pop when I saw them having a more heavy kind of music, well odd ways)

Even the new single form U2 "vertigo" sounds decently good.
I am a little hesitant about recommending Hoobastank specially since I saw the last presentation in the MTv`s which was lame it was a shame to see the guy couldn`t reach the right tone.

have a great time!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A chocolate.

Chavo del Ocho!! Posted by Hello
Today I was buying some groceries and I found that finally a company is doing some chocolates using el Chavo del ocho, for people who doesn`t know chavo del ocho is maybe the best mexican sitcom done over the years. If I can I will write a review of this TV character, but I just thought it would be fun to show this chocolate sample.
BTW today I hit my hand so hard that I will be some days without drawing :(, a real shame because I am having some ideas, well I need to recover and the ironic part is that I hit myself in the same hand that has a broken knuckle..:(
Have a great day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Nostalgia time

Nostalgia time Posted by Hello

I was checking some of my old stuff and I find this piece that is one of my favorites, with one of my favorite characters, well Cap and Batman are my favorite ones!!.
This one was done 2 years ago, and is done in watercolor and some stuff in ink...Hope you have a great day today!!...JESUS ANTONIO

The corner. UPL

UPL drew his own portrait Posted by Hello

Hey guys I will start a new section to promote friends from Spain and also people I admire, right here is the latest news of Ponce a nice person btw, He likes to call himself UPL.

So right here is the translation in case someone is over spain on that time.

Next Sunday (October 17,2004) in the spanish city of Alicante, at midday, will be the inaguration of place called de la barraca Xuples or Mames, where is going to be an exposition the next weeks with photography and drawing work done by UPL.
Recognized people from the area will attend the event, and it would be a lunch celebrating the event.

this is UPL`s link has his blog (in spanish)

also another link with work done by UPL (there is only a warning seems there are a lot of pop outs when you open the page, so please be warned that some of you won`t be happy by seeing ad after ad).

El próximo Domingo 17 de Octubre de 2004, en la ciudad Española de Alicante, a las 12 de la mañana, tendrá lugar la inauguración del local de la barraca Xuples o Mames, donde habrá una exposición durante unas semanas con fotografías, en su mayoría realizadas por UPL, junto a varios dibujos del mismo.
Al acto asistirán personajes importantes de las fiestas de la ciudad, y habrá un bonito almuerzo.

Have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Inking the process (My process) part 5

Almost final piece! Posted by Hello

The piece is almost done.
1.-I am really sad I just couldn`t use brush on this piece but being hoenst there is a long long way and a lot of practice to use the brush. I am starting to practice and my arms are really hurting..
I really envy you inker guys!! :)
2.-I wanted to add a kind of asgardian backgound!

Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Friday, October 08, 2004

Inking the process (My process) part IV

another advance! Posted by Hello

1.-I made up my mind and I decided to use the normal line work I use.
2.-I also decided to add some stuff that is not in the drawing, only to play with it!
There is another advance of the Thor piece!.
Have a good day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Thursday, October 07, 2004


PAGE ONE Posted by Hello

Well this is my first formal attempt to control all the creative aspects of a story, since some time ago I have always willing to tell this story, but it seemed that until now it was the perfect moment (emotionally and in capacity to really give all my flavor).
I will keep some nuances on the story but i am sending the first page of THIRD DEATH.
I have to say that it has been more simple and also more complex to try to images I my head to make a little sense I put it on paper.

Jesús Antonio Hernández Rodríguez
© Copyright 2004-2005 JESUS ANTONIO HERNANDEZ RODRIGUEZ. All Rights Reserved.


Visual paneling description.
12 panels showing different characters or views important to set part of the end of the story. The integration of the paneling has to have room for a first motif working as a panel containing the word CAIN. To create a 13th element simulating spines and from a top part of the panels will interact in the design as a Crown of spines for the cross..
The sequence for the religious elements are 1,4,6,7,9and 12 =3 (the perfect number)
The sequence for the other elements forming the cross are 2,3,5,8,10 and 11=3 (the perfect number).This sequence creates the cross, use colors if needed to make the reader see the design.

Intro having a monologue from Alphonse Meyer the lead character.

Caption 1: Where is God?
Caption 2: I have always tried to find the answer or at least a palliative that could gave me some comfort to my soul.
Caption 3:I always wondered If faith could be my wall, my strong wall to keep me strong, I never wanted to defend myself from others but to share myself.
Caption 4: again my logic has fought against myself and tried to destroy all the little columns of Knowledge I had.
Caption 5: Now I am just a faded picture of myself with beliefs I can not longer defend, with many fears I never wanted to open.

Hope you guys like it!!....Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

2 and 7 means..

Horror script!! Posted by Hello

About the horror script I am up to page 10, as I was saying before I am taking my time to write something it can be worth for me.
Now I have all the story plotted and it seems that by doing that the writing has become easier because I know were I wan my characters to play, as Nik always says (and I love his imput) I am trying now to get their own voices on my script, and it has been a bit difficult than I expected
I even had time to draw the backcover that in fact will be a game board for something I want to use on the story.

I still do not know if this is my only psot of the day..I caught cold again..hahaha..Well Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Me Vale Madre or "I don`t give a S**T"

icon Posted by Hello
My last topic of the day...
This image is an icon from the mid 70`s and is done by one of the few people I can really say is my inspiration and an example to follow.
This was done by the incredible Roberto Naranjo, almost everybody forgets his name because the trademak Naranjo has became his signature.
This is the man I can say I really want to emulate (I hope is the right word).
From Michoacan and a student of La Academia de San Carlos and now He continues producing his work in Proceso.
I can describe him with to words "sour and ironic", he really knows where to set the right idea, in fact is one of the most ferious and wild political cartoonist I have seen (there are some exceptions that I will refer later on but they are from a recent generation of artists.)
Probably Rius and Naranjo are now the two colums of the great work of the political cartoon in my country.
if you see his work closely he is one of my references at inking..

Best and see you later!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Inking the process (My process) part TRES

my second attempt Posted by Hello

Well seems frustation time came.
1.-I tried to use brush work and I got upset I just couldn`t draw a line a could say was reasonably good!! damn I need to practice inking exercises with the brush (my personal goal from now on).
2.-After the frustation time I started to ink in the normal way I do.
3.-I will post the final piece as soon as I finish.
4.-Yeah today seems that it was a free day so I am catching up information I wanted to share..
Have a great day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

LA FAMILIA BURRON Gabriel Vargas work.

Familia Burron. Posted by Hello The image is from an original comic I had from them.
I continue with the incredible work of Gabriel Vargas.
In fact the most significative work has been La Familia Burron.
The main characters are Regino (a quasi-portrait of Vargas by itself) and Borola that is the subversive heroine in all the stories done onthe tittle.
The place of interaction is the Barrio or Callejon del Cuajo a place full of marginated people living in the poor suburbs of the city.
The title starts its publication on 1948 in Pepin (a magazine of the line of the Paquitos).The first chapter is called "El señor Burron o vida de perro" (Mr. Burron or dog`s life) that in fact gives the central theme of the series, I still do not why but my mexican culture is full of sorrow and a mixed of irony and joy for living in depresive situations, well the Mexican history speaks by itself.
Into the topic the story is based by Mr. Burron that is having a dominating and bossy wife (Borola Tacuche that was a preppy rich girl who lost her money all of a sudden ), what Vargas has refered is that the characters are based on the family of a friend.
El Señor Burron has a daugther called Macuca and his son Tecojote (Tecojote is a fruit used in a drink "ponche" mostly served at the end of the year).Probably some people can make a relation with the work of Mcmanus but in fact is based mainly in a family strip called Mamerto y sus conocencias (Mamerto and his Knowledge).
The important aspect in the comic is that He smartly used the barrio slang (my mom says that this kind of slang is a result of old Spanish used in the farm and the country, so people settling in big cities started to develop a new way to speak using many of the vocabulary learn in the farm), it is even impossible to translate the work because to give the right word is almost impossible, by translating it it loses part of its magic,this way of speech is very different from the pocho lingo, in fact is a way we speak in Mexico having a lot of connotations, some sexual,some childish, a perfect way to same many things but at the same time nothing.
He never used "albur" that is a way to use doble sense and mostly sexually, in fact the quality in the stories where the funny way to make references to people and events using a very colorful speech, as an example I will mention the word "empacho" ,empacho is the sensation you get after eating something but in big quantities so there is a moment you can not even want to smell that food, or for example "nomas" that is no more,"tantear" that is to try to investigate first before doing something, so you can imagine the complexity of the work of Vargas.
As Vargas defined Regino, Regino is a loser in spanish terms is an "apachurrado" "depresive man" controled by Borolas his wife.
Regino`s profession is to be a hair dresser and always trying to educate Borolas to be the perfect wife but He never did it because Borolas as a free selfish spirit got always in trouble, organizing strikes, marching against injustice, so you can imagine the laughable moments from Familia Burron.
Imagine how hilarious the comic was in 1954 Borolas declare herself "the new mexican star" and became and "ombliguista" a dancer that shows her belly bottom dancing, I guess it was the old stereotype of a stripper of her times, an exotica dancer "exotic dancer" like Tongolele ( an american dancer that made all her career in Mexico).
The comic knew how to adapt to its times in fact is a good gauge of the mexican society.
About Vargas 9 or 8 years ago suffered and embolia but continue writing the scripts of all the comics, many cartoonist work over the years drawing the incredible characters of Vargas and Vargas after retiring won the prize of journalism in 1983.
I guess he died recently but I am not sure......Have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Inking the process (My process) part due

Blueprint Posted by Hello
Well I have already sent this image to the person I mentioned before (so thank you to you in case you are reading this!!)
1.-Well now I had a blueline copy of it (how to get one, in fact there are many ways to get the blueline copy, I normally ask a friend in a photocopy store to help me out).
2.-Now I am trying to figure out where to start setting my attention and the imput.
3.-Next time I will add an advance in the inking.

I have some news for next post, BTW I am not going to the convention of Texas on November..why?..simple I couldn`t reach the money I wanted for the trip, well I will have moer chances in the future..mmmmm ..well s*** happens!!..hahahahah
Have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Inking the process (My process) part one

Thor! Posted by Hello

Well I will give this drawing as a gift to a nice person who has been incredible with me in the last past week, so I also wanted to use this image to show more or less my process.

1.-Firstable before drawing it, I realized the person might be happy If I use a pose by the amazing Jack Kirby (I know I do not like to copy poses, but as I said before this time I am making an exception because the guy has been so nice and I know this will be meaningul to him).
He will receive this week this puppy in pencils!.As you can see I didn`t tight the pencil work this time.
2.-The second part might be the challenge by itself I normally ink using markers, so this time I will try to ink the piece( for me) only with brushes, so it will be a personal challenge because I do not use brushes at all in inking, I know a friend of mine who will be hapy to see the brush work
3.-If I get some money I am expecting to blueline the page and this week show the process in inking!!.

If you wonder why I was a little absent..Well I honestly was feeling like not having things to say, I passed some odd moments and I needed to straight my plans in the medium so yes, I was in need of some solitude.

Have a great day!!!