Friday, August 31, 2007


I am also loading the previous pages so you can enjoy the work for entire!!
Be good!!

About the colorist well at this point I have no one and I have already sent a message to the proper people so they can make the right searching.

Be good!!



I am loading the final pages for the proposal and now I will make the pages go to the proper people and just wait!

Have a great time!!


Secretary 2002

If you are sick of cheesy girlie flicks check this comedy I like a lot!
A love story with an Indy flavor!!!
This is my recommendation of the day...!

Have a great day!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

THE UNWANTED! Second Move. Rough Finishes.

I am starting today the hard work of the tight penciling so I really hope that by tomorrow in the afternoon to have something to show here and to send to Dan.

Have a great day!!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Luchas Night...The gathering.

I am coming back from Las Luchas and all my Family came with me!!
I have to say I really enjoyed the friggin' day!!!!!

Have a great time and see you in some days with the work I am working on!!


Long live The King!.

90 years ago the King was born!

Jack Kirby (1917-1994)

THE UNWANTED! Second Move.

Maybe you are wondering where in hell is he by now?
Well I have been again stupidly busy and now I am still checking the clauses of a contract from one of the projects, and I am working in the action packed pages for THE UNWANTED!.I am sending this photo to Dan as a living proof of the work in progress (If you see the photo youc an see the development from script to panel work and the pages). Hopefully I will finish the pages in two days.
I am planning to do the same with Rocket Girl and send Nik the photos with the work in progress.

Be good!!


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Laughing Out Loud!!!!!


If you are reading this Gerry, this is in a way for you my friend!.
There is maybe a creator, comic book creator that I really feel related with in many many ways, I know that I am gazillions away from his craft but my goal is to be at least part of what He is nowadays as an artist but mainly as a person.
We share a similar background and I am sure We have some similar ways of thinking about life, architecture and also love so this is again for you my friend.
Thanks again for the permit to post it you rock big time!!!

Have a great day!!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Full Moon Craze.

I heard the Comic done by my friends Jimmy T and Cesar will be showcased on the next convention in Baltimore so good luck to you guys!!!
Cesar your work is improving a lot and I am happy for you..Jimmy T about your inking you know you rock!!!

Have a great day!!


Karma really works...and continues working!!

Today my kind friend Daniel Best wrote this on his blog something that my friend Tony Isabella wrote yesterday...(do I have to say that Jimmy T and Cesar are also my best buddies around?...

Okey this is Daniel Best post...
A while back my excellent pal Jimmy T shared his warnings about Rick Olney and Tightlip Entertainment. I know that it got a bit of on-line ink, and hopefully more than a few people got the heads up on this guy. Yesterday Tony Isabella posted the following warnings about Rick over on his MySpace page. As Tony wants to get the word out to as many people as he can I've decided to run it, in full. As it appears that Olney is now branching out to countries other than the USA then this warning is timely indeed. I'm not going to include any links in this post to anyone other than the Unscrewed website, and if anyone has an issue with that (read Rick Olney) then feel free to contact me directly and we'll discuss. Mind you if anyone wants to take a shot at Tony, then be warned, you'll be dealing with me as well. I'm sure there's some who think that's no great threat, rest assured there's others who know better.

Read on and be warned!

For a while there, it looked as if the vile Rick Olney had somehow acquired at least enough sense to stay offline. That was clearly foolish optimism on my part as he has once again surfaced to mock those to whom he owes money; to insult and threaten those victims and the good people who have championed the cause of his victims; and to proclaim conventions and publications that have no basis in reality. So, again, here is my...


A message to all my friends and readers...

If you are approached by an individual named Rick Olney or any representative of the man, if you are approached by Olney or anyone else representing entities known as The Mighty Mini-Con, TightLip Entertainment, ORCA, Mohawk Valley Newsletter, or any commercial entity or enterprise associated with any of the above, including online vendors, I strongly urge you to run in the other direction. You can find some details here:

You can find many more horrifying details on Olney and his business practices by doing a search on his name and the other names listed above. Really. Go look. It will amaze you.

If you trust me, do not attempt to do business with Olney. In fact, feel free to pass along this warning to any comics professionals, aspiring comics professionals, retailers, exhibitors, media guests, and fans you know.

Olney is not someone you want to do business with.

It has been estimated he owes freelancers anywhere between $40,000 and $100,000. The courts have already ruled against him in several cases where freelancers sued him for non-payment. Though Olney has yet to make good on these court-mandated judgments, auctions run by Unscrewed have raised several thousand dollars to help freelancers who were put into dire straits by Olney’s refusal to pay them for work they had completed.

He is being investigated for charity fraud. Other investigations of a different nature are ongoing at this time.

The list goes on and on.

Although I had hoped not to involve myself in this further, recent Olney actions, such as advertising a convention that seems to have happened only in his own mind, claiming that he is still planning to publish comic books, targeting foreign artists he hopes have not heard of him, and attempting to recruit naive American artists, the greater good demands I and my fellows continue to speak out in this manner.

Check out the UNSCREWED website for the impressive list of creators who have signed a version of this warning. Feel free to re-post this warning, which has been translated into several languages, to any forum you like.

Anything Olney is involved with should always be consider suspect.

Olney continues to troll - trolling as in a pimp hanging out at the old bus station - MySpace and message boards and Yahoo groups looking for fresh meat to exploit, for naive young artists foolish enough to believe that he's going to give them their big break. Before they work for him, they should really talk to the many writers and artists who he hasn't paid for past work. They can find many of "Olney's Orphans" at the Unscrewed website.

This last bit isn't an update, but bears repeating.

Despite threatening to sue me and many others, Olney has yet to institute any legal action against anybody. Indeed, as mentioned above he has been on the receiving end of several lawsuits and has already had several judgments against him...with more certain to follow.

You've been warned.

To repeat, feel free to pass this warning around or post it wherever you like. Oh, sure, I'm setting myself up for another impotent threat from Olney, but that's a chance I'm more than willing to take if I can prevent even one fan or pro from getting involved with this blight on comicdom.

Tony Isabella


The Anthology is already available for sale in my case you want to buy The Anthology and you live outside my country send me The number of copies you want and I will write the person who is in charge and I will get in touch asap to let you know If the issues are already sold or maybe there is a chance of a second printing etc..etc..and the shipping costs.... I have heard that this magazine is pre-selling incredibly well, to get in contact to you means days or weeks depending on my schedule :) :D
Write at portaveritas at hotmail dot com :)

Version in Spanish!!
La antologia ya esta disponible, para la raza que nos ha estado preguntando por ella, les dejo los datos de donde conseguirla:
La venta se realizará en eventos y convenciones, y en diferentes lugares de la república con los siguientes contactos (sin limitarse precisamente a esa región, nomás que es la que les queda mas cerca):

Sur de Tamaulipas (Evento Cosplay Sep 15-16, por confirmar):
NL, Coahuila, Norte Tamaulipas:



Guadalajara (COMAGON Sep 28-30): , ya hay preventa para la raza de alla, por q solo estare esos dias en la ciudad


Chihuahua: igneo13@hotmail.comBaja


Querétaro: portaveritas @ hotmail. com

SKETCHBOOK 2007-2008

I was trying to warm up my fingers and at the same time to work in another piece for the SKETCHBOOK 2007-2008 and this is what came out!!
It is only a sketch but it was helping me to use it in a future project!!

Have a great day!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Exciting news from my great amigo Scott D.M. Simmons! NEWSARAMA has released a four-page preview of the upcoming HALLOWEEN MAN: SUPERDEFORMED tradepaperback (published by Silent Devil)!

Three of the four pages shown in the article were inked by Scottieee with pencils by Nicola Scott (Birds of Prey).He inked a total of 15 pages of the new stories for the book, which is 112 pages--a steal for $9.99! (Diamond Order Code Aug07 3961)
Check the link!!!

The best of luck on this project!!!

Have a great day!!


Monday, August 20, 2007

A Jam and Rius.

Antonio Torres invited me in the deviant to participate in a Jam using the Mexican icons in comics and cartoons and I decided to use Calzonzin Inspector created by RIUS.
This is the final take...enjoy!!


SKETCHBOOK 2007-2008

This is another piece I have done exclusively to the Sketchbook and also a piece that will help me to introduce my art in the next Convention in Guadalajara over September.
Expect news how to get it!!

Have a great day!!


The Penalty 1920

This is a movie I just watched some minutes ago, and I have to say that it is my second or third Lon Chaney movie seen in my life and to be honest I admired what He did on this movie pre-MGM era was filmed in 1920.The script is flawless maybe the ending is a bit blunt only in the resolution of the last chapter but I definitely watch this movie based on a book over and over again.
The acting is amazing!!!
So this is my recommendation of the day!!
I also found a photo of him backstage before acting in one of his amazing actor!!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Little Nemo 1911

This is my favorite of all the silent pieces done by Winsor McCay, please enjoy it is Little Nemo from 1911.

Have a great day!!


A punta de Chingadazos.

Right here my place is 5 with 20 minutes in the morning and I am sleepless I guess it is the pressure, well not really to be honest I am just having the ball, it is more about doing the right moves...I am checking the clauses and specifications of a nice deal and the way I see My friend and writer is okey with it and I am too, I am only asking him for the pros and contras to have the complete view and start checking timings, sorry I can not comment on that but as soon as I have something concrete I will say so, I had some rough days, trying hard now to find a new colorist, being in notice of some changes in my daily work,some cover work that will be published in USA, trying to see the proper time to start sending material to my amigo and life-path partner Nik Havert and also to my friend Dan who I really hope Moms recovers soon and that by the way I still need to draw some action-packed pages for our project and send them next week.
To end my Monography fast and on time next week or the week following that one... I am sure in less of a month to be talking to a company that designs t-shirts and build a nice deal with them for the long run...
It has been kind of hard to try to be careful and bold at the same time...I am asking for a loan to a credit union to construct my own studio and office and also to print my sketchbook and start making some steady deals that makes me have the goal to start a Family and to start getting enough money to pay those credits so well these news MADE MY DAY!!!

Have a great day!!
I am giving my teaching in about 2 hours so I need to take a bath and get ready to go..because it is one hour bus trip to get there...


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Me uno al evento y empezamos con una presentacion que el buen Cuervo y participe de la Antologia hace de la revista!!!


En el imaginario del fandom mexicano, desde hace ya un par de años se han instalado los muertos vivientes, formando huestes que aterrorizan desde las salas de cine hasta las páginas del comic, como toda moda que viene y va, hay un paso natural hacia la siguiente etapa, que está ocurriendo también desde hace un tiempecito a la fecha.
Si las momias de Guanajuato cobran vida para cebarse en los vivos, ¿Quién puede detenerlas? ¡Solo el luchador enmascarado!

Con el antecedente de una nueva versión de "Santo: El enmascarado de plata" y "Blue Demon: El comic" surgieron hace relativamente poco tiempo "Místico: Príncipe de plata y oro", y "El ojo cibernético" dentro de las publicaciones de gran distribución, y "Repúblika Lucha" de René Córdova dentro del medio independiente.

Esta semana sale de imprenta la antología de comic "Desde la tercera cuerda", en formato media carta, portadas a color e interiores a b&n, 36 páginas.
8 historias que aportan diversidad en estilos de narrativa y gráfica, asi como de temática.

Participamos en este proyecto Miguel Mar ("Mundo Perro" - Prod. Gatonegro), Gil Agudín ("The Underdog" - Dreamcomics), Jesús Hernández (Portaveritas), Pezte (Colorista de "Meteorix"), Federico Aguilar y Luis Villegas ("Cristobal el Brujo" - Ensamble Comics), Gustavo Leal (Kiwas), Francisco espinoza ("El Nubig"), David Montes (Romancero), Roberto Cota ("", "Comic Zone" - Ed. Mina), Victor David Cantú ("The Wind" - Imachinecomics), y yo.

A diferencia de los demás títulos, que siguen una estructura de continuidad (miniserie o serie) donde hay uno o varios personajes principales, el enfoque de "Desde la tercera cuerda" es autoconclusivo: Más allá de crear un complicado escenario en el cual desarrollar un complot o pretender rivalizar con los cientos o miles de números publicados en nombre de superhéroes americanos; nuestras intención es narrar de forma más íntima la otra cara de la lucha, no solo la del enmascarado, sino la del hombre que como tú o como yo, no tiene más poderes que los que le otorgan su determinación y fuerza de voluntad.

De esta manera, pretendemos reflejar no el "querer ser" del lector escapista, sino el "soy" de cada uno de los lectores de nuestro público, que pueda identificarse con los personajes a un nivel mas personal.

(Hasta aquí parece que es un comic para intelectuales, ¿no?)

Además de eso, tenemos chingo de muertos vivientes, mostros, vampiros de hule colgando de un hilo, nenas hermosas, madrazos de principio a fin y un homenaje a la lucha libre mexicana y todos los que disfrutamos de ella en todas sus formas.

Ahora, vayan a la esquina ruda, ahí estamos esperándolos en la tercera cuerda:

(A volar)

The Tiger Lillies.

I was checking a magazine from my girl and I found an article talking about this band, well I gave myself the chance to check it and I have to say that I love the Vaudeville sound and the lyrics are really really dark and I like them!!
It is like a darker version of The Dresden Dolls!!!
So this is my oscure recommendation of the day!!!
Look for Bully Boys and my favorite is Souvenirs!!!

Have a great gritty day!!


Luchas Night!!!!! Normal just normal.

Have a great day!!


Sophie Ellis Bextor

This is the example of why I hate lateness of music, this single is starting to hit in my country and in UK was showcased almost on December last year.
Enjoy this girl, everything on her is just glamour!!
Her single is Catch you!

Have a great day!!


Amy Winehouse

I still do not know why I am really liking her music!!
Amy Winehouse is totally Motown..Rehab is her recent Cd.

Have a great day!!


Fighting the good fight.

The eyes of the comics, publishing, and Free Expression communities are focused on Rome, GA as the trial of Gordon Lee begins this morning.

Mr. Lee will stand trial for two misdemeanor counts of distributing harmful to minors material, and faces penalties of up to a year and prison and $1,000 in fines for each count if convicted. Lee's day in court comes after nearly three years of legal proceedings arising from the Halloween 2004 distribution of Alternative Comics #2, a Free Comic Book Day sampler which featured an excerpt from the critically acclaimed graphic novel The Salon that depicted Pablo Picasso in the nude, and was allegedly handed to a minor. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has spent $80,000 on Lee's defense since taking the case in early 2005, and anticipates this week's trial to cost another $20,000.

Lee's case is also being closely watched by the mainstream media for its implications on Free Expression. In the past week, stories have appeared on NPR's Morning Edition, CourtTV, and New York Magazine, joining profiles from venues including The New York Times, The Book Standard, and Publishers Weekly.

"This case has broad consequences for all retailers of First Amendment protected material," says CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein. "If Gordon is found guilty, it would establish a precedent that makes the seller of any book, magazine, or film depicting non-sexual nudity vulnerable to a similar prosecution in the State of Georgia." He adds, " We're confident that Gordon is not guilty of the charges he's accused of, and that the work in question comes nowhere near the threshold the law requires to deem a work harmful to minors."

"It's appalling that these charges were brought in the first place," Brownstein says. "It's outrageous that it's taken nearly three years, a complete change of facts by the prosecution midstream, and tens of thousands of dollars for Gordon to get his day in court. Now that we're here, we have every confidence in our legal team of Alan Begner, Cory Begner, and Paul Cadle to wage the best defense on Gordon's behalf. We couldn't have done it without the overwhelming support of the comics community, whose contributions have ensured that we are able to fight back."

For a detailed summary of the case and its developments, please visit the CBLDF's website -- Gordon Lee: The Road to Trial

To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, please visit our donations page HELP THEM!! HELP FREE EXPRESSION

Monday, August 13, 2007

SKETCHBOOK 2007-2008

Hey guys I am talking with a nice friend of mine and I am in process to edit my first SKETCHBOOK 2007-2008!
This is the advance of one of the exclusive pieces of it!!

Have a great day!!