Monday, January 31, 2005


I never expected to say that today but I just feel really blue with my heart just broken, sometimes it seems that being nice is equal to being dumb or even worse to look like I have a lack of character.
Today She was telling about the date she had with her ex-love and just told me that She didn`t have enoug time to give a closure to the situation..that means that She still hasn`t made her mind up, well that was not the part where I really felt dumb , She mentioned another person ( a crush on somebody else) so I was stupidly thinking what the f*** am I doing here?, there are some few times that I feel so dumb and stupid, ( I even wanted to cry but I prefer to rant about it and take it out of my chest, so I am sorry in advance for the little moment).
Just have a great time and If you can have some time and keep me in your prayers so I can definitely take the obvious decision.
ps:haha If happens that you are agnostic just wish me luck!!..JESUS ANTONIO

From Indigo to Crystal using the golden route.

Well it was a really odd day I am not saying nasty at all but in fact I was expecting something much better, sorry for the rant but this is about attitude, I started today at that school I say before a little preppy and top notch school btw, but I have to be honest I do really need that money.
Well the attitude of the boys and girls (Mommy and Daddy boys and girls)was to challenge me and try to make me feel like stupid, I normally act in a Zen way but today I was about to crack I was even finger pointed by one. (Thanfully it was not the middle finger..:)!! ).
I do not really know what to think this time I was expecting to find leaders or fighters over there and I got a more terrible picture that I thought. I am not saying this boys and girls are bad but I was expecting a little torch lighted on their eyes, now I need to re-agroup and redifine how to approach them.
I am sure that I will be someone special to them by the time but right now they were just a tiny itch in my ass.
If you are a devoted fan of my work, a friend, and editor, a lurker please do me a favor show my work to anyone you can, promote my work, maybe a kind person might be interested in my comic work so I can definitely stop my teaching (I am not saying I am fed up but I really want to stop working doing this, for the rest of my life....!).
About the tittle well now I am working on that.
About love....hahaha today I have some answers I just only hope they are good.
About Luchador I have sent an image to Nik the one that is below We are just defining characters and probably in a couple of days I will give him more info into the plans.
Have a great creative time!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Chaos and Anarchy!!

L. Posted by Hello

Yes I continue with my computer broken (hahah shit happens!!)
This is one of the few pages I will load on the blog from Luchador I guess I will load at least 3, because I do not really want to spoil the whole concept and because I am sure You guys might have the fun I am having with the project as the final product.Did I tell you Nik thanks again!!??
Is only the pencils that I will color later on the week.
Tomorrow I am starting in my 4th job so I am a little nervous (nervous in a good way,,let me call it eager to be giving classes of World History and Grammar all in English!!).So guys wish me luck!
About love ...nothing yet but at least this little girl had yesterday a reunion with someone to finally take a decision, so well If she is happy(with me or without me) I am happy (I mean what else can I f***ing do?!..hahah)!!.
see you over the week!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Friday, January 28, 2005

Design for Dummies. Part Four. A new imput.

I will of course continue with the study of Dali`s Last Supper" in the following days (see the archives of December to see the other three parts) because I am now totaly involved with my classes and with Luchador and well also the work that the kind Pedro and I will do.
But I wanted to share something about some of my prior concepts about Simbology that would be the next step in the study, I always felt the drawing , designing,creating or painting has an inner energy called by many in different ways, some people see themselves as just a medium so they can connect at the right time and right moment, some others think that creativity has an spiritual halo that gives the approval to create, others think that creativity is just to find another way to say something that was before said, others concentrate in the creativity as a matter of practice and I only CAN SAY EVERYBODY IS RIGHT.
The only point here is to develop your own criteria or path to create, I am telling you this because I always thought that words are designs, designs are images and images are conceptions of what We see of reality or unreality, so I always assume that simbology has its own inner energy.
And also today I learnt that what I was thinking about simbology was always right but now there are many NEW other ways to understand the same, so once in a while as I said before to a friend " learn.... learn from everywhere and when you finally think you know forget everything and lose yourself and follow your intution to create".
Have a pleasant day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Polishing plans for life.

Checking into my old stuff Posted by Hello

Firstable about the piece this time I was searching for some papers and I found an very ver very very old drawing I did (a copy by the way I do not know where the original is) that I never finished, I will try to check where this old drawing is and try to finish it, the technique in case you ask is called Aguada , that is simple ink with water this is also possible to do it with coffee ( yes coffee!!), anyway I will try to track this drawing and see If I can finish.
I am polishing some of the plans for Luchador and I am starting the serious work in penciling and then coloring the pages. BTW thank you Nik again and again for being the person you are!!.
I am getting a lot tired with the schedule I am having now I hope to adapt myself soon and in case that is difficult for me to eliminate what I do not want to have anymore (I mean at least to reduce some classes).
Pedro how is everything going?
About love well ...... I have no clue yet!! :)
Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bombs and News

END Posted by Hello

Ohh Well our nice fella and amigo Nik Havert is getting famous so just check this link and enjoy the interview.

About the picture this is one of my favorite comic strips ever done in Spain by Ventura and Nieto in 1979. Is Hilarious...... panel 8 says THE END OF THE WORLD and in panel 9 starts the cast in order of appeareance starting with Adam and Eve.....Just beautiful!!!...Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Monday, January 24, 2005


Time is up!! Posted by Hello

I wanted to share this time one of my favorite images from Harold (did you know that He didn`t have some of his fingers in one of his hands?).
I remember that when I was young (not that long ago btw) I loved to wake up early Saturday morning to watch some of the episodes of Harold Lloyd with some churros and cocoa milk next to me, this is also one of my favorite chapters when he is running away and is hanging from the clock!! a real classic.
Abou me well some tiny news.
The girl I liked is going to have a resolution soon from what I heard so as my dear friend Tim said any good or bad resolution but at least I will finally know how to interact with her.
I haven`t received any news about the scholarship or Spain.
I will finally post more material from Luchador in some days!!
The technician will finally visit me home next week (mmmm I hope)
I received an incredible X-mas card (yeah today!! funny isn`t it?).

Have a pleasant day and keep me in your prayers!!...JESUS ANTONIO

The Black Pirate 1926

1926 Posted by Hello

Oh well yesterday I had the great chance to see another silent movie (You know I love that period of movies), in this case I was enourmously happy because the movie was in Technicolor, is still do not know what was the process used to color it (some people pigmented individually the carbon film,hand painted or just put together several layers in 3 colors and the union made the color).
Douglas Fairbanks was the actor!! About the story believe the angles of camera are great considering the period of time when it was filmed, and no flaws in the storytelling..!
This is a must see!!..JESUS ANTONIO


bat Posted by Hello
What do you think?
I really like Batman and his crew in fact for me the best Batman has been the ones done by
Norm Breyfogle
Lee Weeks
Kevin Kwolan
Kwieron Dwyier
Kelly Jones
Finally my art posted!!!
Hey guys I still have problems with my computer but a nice friend let me set this using his computer.

enjoy your day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Voglio, voglio solo amarti .

Thanks Nik!! Posted by Hello

One of my favorite creators has been the greatest Alex Raymond and his incredible Flash Gordon so imagine my surprise when I received today another mail with this incredible book aside some other incredible stuff on it.
Thank you Nik!!!
I also received as a gift today from a person that I have a nice friend to friend relation, a book I was expecting about Tarot, so well that makes my day.
I am resting and call the day off!! I have a kind of backache so I will rest for today!!..Have great time!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Friday, January 21, 2005

The fool of me.

fool Posted by Hello

Today I heard that Maradona accepted that 14 years ago in a World cup in the final Brazil vs Argentina, the coach intentionally drugged the brazilian players by giving them some water and in the water a lot of drugs on it.
Again Mexico has lost about 3 million of employments and According to what Fox used to say He promised to have every year at least a million and a half of new jobs, so according to my primitive math he had to create in 6 years over 11 million jobs thing that never happened.
The inflation was of 8% this month in reference to the same month last year.
Our country depends of the money coming abroad from our country men living in USA in real terms the money We receive is about 30% of the total money received in our country.
I will receive a book I was waiting to have !!!
So well I am just a fool wandering with a real path!!!!..have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

The Spirit of fighting.

WILL Posted by Hello

Funny how life works right, here is one of the first stories I read from Spirit (1977 spanish version) from Will Eisner,the only thing I remember a lot from the story is the darkness on it, the incredible way that Will integrated the lettering to affect the art and the great way to move The spirit.
And yes, I had once the honor to shake hands with him and have a very tiny tiny talk and He was a pleasant man!!
Now I am having some free time and well I am starting my own new schedule for the next 6 months, I will send a mail to Nik and Pedro today to let them know how things are working.
I also went to see the paperwork to look for a passport and I need to wait for another month only to have money to pay for it and later on ask for a visa.
3 days ago I received two mails with comics so I have many things to read, damn ! I almost forgot what is the smell of a new comic on my hands.
Expect new work loaded on the blog next week..!!
Have a very good day!!....JESUS ANTONIO

Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Three Keys

Pickle press Posted by Hello

Do you want me to tell you that I continue having problems with my computer..I guess not!! :)
I just wanted to do now something I promise to do some time ago.
The Three Keys is one of the new publications of my great Amigo Nik Havert.

As usual I have to say that the script is the stone from this piece, I have always said Nik that what I loved about him is the voices he uses with every character He creates and the solid plots He is used to write.
About the art I guess you would like to see it!!.
Great story and the art is decent the author is Paul Schultz (I am sure he is about to evolve his style into something great over the time).
and the color cover and lettering by Craig deBoard.

Buy a copy and do not forget also to buy a copy of Rocket Girl 2.

If you guys want me to have a review of your comics just get in touch with me so you can send me a copy and I promise to comment on that....have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Saturday, January 15, 2005

I still haven`t found what I am looking for..

Yeah right I have been listening to an old U2 album, so what?
Yesterday seemed like a great day, I am seeing the girl I like a lot (While We were in the bus chit chatting She put her head over my shoulder and damn! I just melted!!....(yeah,the girl I drew last month, for reference check in the archives and see her portrait..a real beauty for me) well I dunno undertand chicks I mean She continues knowing me as friends, I haven`t made any move yet, I will wait for another month and If I do not see any response I will move on (haha I have been saying the same for about two months...I hope at least to keep my promise this time).

Tomorrow I will start the write some reports I need to do, and also starting writing a project to ask for an scholarship and receive some economical help to continue drawing and painting, and also I have a big load of mails to answer back and ask for comic please wish me luck!!!

ps:yeah! my computer is broken (R.I.P). so well what can I do!?
ps2:next week I will post new work, hopefully from now on will be only sequential work with the project Nik and I have in developments.
ps3:Tim I already received the mails just give me this week to send you the responses.

Guys by the way look for the inking work that the great Timothy Shadow is doing recently, and his creation Hope 7 that is in works!...Great day to everybody!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Friday, January 14, 2005

Kaftka times full of surrealism

Hey guys a quick note from a place near my job, I have some news,
I had already accepted my 4th job (non comic related),(this time I do not really give a damn, I took this job as a job and I will not take the things personal), so I am pretty sure this job will be good at least my plan is only to be for a semester.
I will travel around June or August to United States to a Convention and finally talk face to face to the kind friends I have.
My 30th birthday is approaching and I have some plans.(probably a tatto!!)
A nice person helped with an advice I was in need so I suppose that by the end of the month I will have some news about comic work (hopefully).
About Spain I am still waiting for some responses about comic Work.
I will ask for an scholarship .
So well many things to keep myself busy this year.
And be loved by someone in a reciprocal way is also part of the priority this year.
Wish me luck and have a great weekend.
I am starting to color the pages of Luchador!!
ps:yes I continue with my computer broken...(you know shit happens)

Monday, January 10, 2005


I received this message from my amigo so please read it!!!

Make sure to order your copy of "Rocket Girl" #2 in this month's "Previews"catalog (available at most comic book shops). You can find Pickle Press on page320. It's a mere $2.25 for lots of slapstick superhero romantic comedy as PollyHarris, AKA Rocket Girl, tries out her rocket gear for the first time and makes her first arch-enemy - Gravity Girl! Gorgeous artwork by Jesus Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez abounds, so don't miss out!

Nik Havert -Amigo, Writer, Hard worker, Renaissance manOwner/editor/big cheese of Pickle Press

So this year seems to be one of the best for Nik and I...Have a pleasant day!
ps:Yes, I continue with my computer problems...:) (I mean what Can I do? as Nik says this is turning a bit comical)-
Spread the word and buy your copy!!


Saturday, January 08, 2005

The free will of the color.

COLORED Posted by Hello
I colored the Hellboy piece.
This time I really wanted to have the pallette of the coloring similar to the first tarot cards and the coloring that was mostly in one layer.
I hope you guys like it!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Thursday, January 06, 2005

A gift

Hellboy!! Posted by Hello

These two days have been incredible I got some news but I will wait for a better moment in the meantime enjoy this piece.
I have always had a fascination for the work of Mike Mignola, He is indeed one of the best creators around, so I decided to use his character in a semi-tarot card as a present for a friend and person I admire a lot...I received such a great comment from him and really made my day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

another in color for the submission!! Posted by Hello

Well again just waiting for stuff to come my way.

I am still absent but please enjoy this one!! Posted by Hello

Till next week a technician is checking my computer so sorry in advance for the absence that will happen in the next days.
This is a transmepolitan cover I did for the submission I will send.
About me well nothing important has happened yet!!.
I am waiting for some responses and stuff..Have a pleasant today!!.


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Will Eisner had died.....sad day

I wish I had started this month posting good news, but I really wanted to say Will Eisner has been the father of the concept of comic in the Americana way, and are really sad news.
btw, I haven`t fixed my computer yet so I hope in less that 15 days to have everything solve (hopefully).
Do me a big favor If you like comics.. please go look for a book done by Will Eisner and enjoy the great work He did..JESUS ANTONIO