Saturday, April 29, 2006

One Beer and Ketchup.

Again a friend let me use his computer at this time of the night while drinking one beer (He says I am crazy for asking him to use his computer at this time), it is my first beer and only one in many months as is really hot today.
I will apply for some time what Bonita Anita does that is to keep quiet and silent about the future plans at least the ones I am working on.

Lovely Lisa sorry about your cut on the hand I hope you recover soon.
Great vacation time to you June.
Wondy kisses to you as usual.
Rainy Pete thanks for the wishes.

About the computer well I will receive my computer in about 15 days(hopefully) from what I heard from my friend technician this guy really fried and screwed the computer. I am thinking in advance and I will increase its memory to the triple and the speed in the ram so I will have a nice computer of battle for at least two years.
I also asked this friend for a tablet to use and start learning to draw using the computer.
About the money I was in need happen the Accounting office did not authorized the payment but a friend help me to get my money by doing something else so next week I will know the day I will receive that money that obviously will be to pay the fix of the computer.
I have some new plans about interviews and tutorials but probably will be as soon as I have my computer that also helps me to have time to keep working on the workshop and the Urban Planification.
I designed a logo for a company so I will load that too.

Lovelife... well I was reading the advise of June (thanks a lot) my only problem is that I will not see her till May 17th . I do not know I am really crushed and smashed about whole the situation.

Finally please remember that the new installment of Bodoque will be out next Sunday (I did the impossible to send the collaboration but I did it).
Hope you enjoy it!


I need to finish my beer and Well See you in some days!


Post Script...
Listened to the music of
Dandy Warhols.
I had again the fortune to watch Tepeyac a silent movie done in Mexico in 1917.When I am back I promise to write about some of the greatest silent movies done in my country like Tepeyac or La Banda del Carro Gris.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Love for Dummies. I need to talk.

I just asked a nice friend of mine to take his computer and write very fast what the confrontation was I hope by tomorrow to send the the computer to the technician, something good before all this mess, my friend from the Social Service and I were praised by one of the directors because the Urban Planification is working steady and our ideas are working really good in fact they offered me again a job there, I am still thinking in accepting or not.

It was even worst. I went early to ask for some papers in one company I used to give classes and then I went to the Social Service, after that I came home to take a nap and I went to my last day of classes I arrived 4 and 32 minutes, checked my email from a computer in the school and then at 4 and 37 minutes I left to my room obviously expecting to bump into red head after talking to one of my colleagues I saw red head with one of her best friend, They saw me at the distance and TURNED TO ANOTHER DIRECTION AND DID NOT EVEN TALK TO ME.
I felt really bad.!
My friend the one that told on me before the situation happened told me that chat girl was eager to date me that was one of the reasons She freaked out when knowing what you know. And red head said my friend that She did not say a word or talk to me and that She saw my face and my reaction but She was about to talk to me after the class, My friend told her the whole situation again and that was not my fault for entire.
Did red head talk to me after the class?


I just decided to go to las Luchas and tried to forget at least for a minute this crap.
And well I am sad but I mean happens when it happens!!

Great day and see you in some days!!!


Sunday, April 23, 2006

The cheery at the top of the cake or I told you so.

As many of you know that last week was really difficult and besides that I have a lot of loadwork from The Social Service and the Workshop, and to end that lovelife sucking big time and waiting for the confrontation of the girl over the next week.
So the cheery of the cake was today ,do you remember that someone just screwed my computer? so that means I have no computer and no money to fix it, so no computer or blogging for about a week or two so I will mostly getting into the dark void of reality for some days.
Please keep me in your prayers and well I will employ myself in giving solutions and not in worrying.

See ya till everything is much better and computer is back at home!!


42 times 42.

Guys the next installment and new issue of La Kodorniz IS OUT IN SOME HOURS!!!!! YaYYYY!!!!Number 42!
Where can you see it?
Check the strip of Bodoque written and drawn by truly yours.This time I worked in another page a political informecial of the New Saga of Bodoque as Sr. Blue...!!Check the great colums of Magnum, Lombilla, Chè, Gato and many more.. and the incredible strips over there!Everyweek new artist showcased on the place. :)
Also read the written colums, are incredible and really smart.
And Yes, the link is in SPANISH.!!!!!!


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Si Dios no quiere, El Santo no puede.

Today I will devote again the space to promote friends or to recommend sites I normally enjoy to read.Seems now I prefer silence to be my guidance. :)

Spanish!!Borja Crespo
Javier Olivares
Planeta Pop

Teddy Kristiansen
Dave Johnson (my favorite site in terms of design)
Jeff Matsuda
Mike Wieringo
Casey Jones
J. Scott Campbell
Sun of Gelatometti

Wondy the Ginger Storm!!
Pinky June
The lovely blanket of my inner orange desires!La Chula Nuala.

Alan Moore workshippers.

Great Day!!


Friday, April 21, 2006

Brown pages in my book.

Do I have to say that I am expecting this movie to come?

Have a great lusty day!!


The Tower in my words.

I have sent the work for the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.
You already know that the new strip will be shown next SUNDAY
CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..I am honored to be among them every week.For next Sunday you will have only one more page showing Mr Blue, Capuchitas in their first commercial spot, probably a little harsh I have to admit!.Great day!!!(Yes, the link is in Spanish).
If you are a spanish tongue speaker, please promote this work done by me EVERYWHERE :) :)Thanks in Advance!!

Remember I decided to have a permanent space for Bodoque and all in SPANISH!
So be my guest and enjoy!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Love for Dummies. F**k *ff.

This time I am loading and image of myself!
Another twist into the movie, a favor I really need an advise for this. I will write at the end my conclusions but I want to know more perspectives.
Let me explain something so everybody has the picture and I learn from this.

About a two monts ago a friend of mine which I really respect and care for her, told me that one girl was interested in knowing me (I do not remember that I posted this, I thought that it was so irrelevant that to be honest was not worth the mention). I was really interested to meet her and truth to be told I had an idea of who this girl was but I was not sure not even in a 70 %, well my friend asked her for her phone so I could call her and try to invite her for a coffee or so at this point I have to add that my intention was not to ask her out to start a relation only to know her and according to that just know her. Well I called her once to her place and I guess She was busy a lot because and also I have to say She is a very nice girl, because She had my cell She called me once but I was busy and I just asked her to drink a coffee or something (again I have to say that this happened 2 months ago . The thing that made me reconsidered my asking out to her is that I knew she was kind of depressive and weird... let me set the facts, one day She sent a message by cellphone and We started talking for about hour and a half only by messages, thing that I didn`t like to be honest because firstable I am not a kind of guy who sends messages to everybody at everytime and believe me is not normal to hear from her phrases like " I am thinking that because I am busy and I can not see you I rather know you by this via", Do you agree to start chating this via" (I have to be honest one thing is to chat using messanger or an internet device but You do not do that by cell at least I am not that type) She sent me over 25 messages or more that night. "tell me how you are" "Why don`t you say something about you","I am sure you are really tender"
It really scared the shit out of me!
She has even called me home twice and once this week but as soon as I answer nobody responds (How do I know that because the phone of my house has a tracer code that gives you the number and sets on its memory, and last time She made someone I guess her sister to call) Why did She call? Simply because I decided not to answer to her cell phone messages I mean I did not want to be rude and tell her that I was really shocked by her obssesive way, She sent me 3 more messages that I didn`t reply and the last one was yesterday. Well that is the story of part two.

Now this is the time you have to mock of me and laugh hard...and harder why?

Last Tuesday while I was telling my friend about my idea of asking red head out, She told me that red head was a friend of chat girl and A VERY CLOSE ONE, I didn`t really get scared because I didn`t do anything bad from my perspective. I understand the process of girls and I know that maybe that is a big issue. I mean to be honest I haven`t even talked face to face to this chat girl for more than a minute, and not even gone to the coffee because She was busy and making excuses, I never told her I want to see her as a relation because I was not interested...nuff said.
Today They (red head and chat girl) saw eachother and You can imagine the mess that happened both girls went with my friend to ask her If she knew me and what I have said about both of them, from their perspective they think I was asking every girl I had the chance to try to date and obtain something else and just play, but I am not a prick or a jerk but now I guess in the eyes of red head and that is my concern (I am just another lame guys using a bunch of crap and lies to convince her).
The fact is that I really like red head. Chat girl was furious at me and red head was dissapointed big time from what my friend told me. They made her promise She wouldn`t say a word but I mean We are friends and told on me to be prepared, poor my friend , was scared that both girls made a scene in front of me or confront me.
I am really sad because yesterday as you know I was talking my heart out and being sincere with red head. So I guess everything went to CrapollaLand!. My friend told me She will try to call red head and explain the situation because as We agree I am not a bad person although the situation doesn`t look like that, probably I am a dunce or an ass .
I am really sad, funny how life gets ironic laughs at you sometimes!
I am expecting a confrontation from both girls or the other option is that red head ignores me and sends me straight to hell and far beyond.When I was listening what my friend told me I was feeling like crying....holy shit!!

Damn Damn Damn!!

Update one...I have not slept yet I was doing some exercises byJodorowsky to find my inner truth. I was doing the same thing Lovely Lisa does as her especial gift (You Wondy and June know what I reffer to). I was not surprised from the lessons I had received.
1.-Learn to listen.
2.-Not all the truth comes from your point of view.
3.-I never expected to be the instrument of a lesson in 3 ways and a beholder of change.


Good day!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Burning Bridges

Well starting this week I will work a Cover as a proposal to a person I respect and I will use a logo and the image portraying this person.
So in some days I will load the previous work and then I will set the steps from pencils to acrylics so you can see the final piece in the following month.
As I posted last time this Cover will have the letter W as part of the logo, not really complex at all where I will devote more time is on the acrylic work.
This day was really cool!!!

I finally watched V for Vendetta and well there are two things,firstable to be honest I did like the movie a lot!!!!!!, and secondlyI really liked the way the writing was moved but I agree in a point: When you compare the Comic to the movie they have nothing in common I mean they missed many subtle ideas and really scary ideas and concepts and sometimes is really redundant specially of the loving drama of V and the girl.
I was hoping more things taken from the Comic but in the overall is a great movie to watch my tip is that if You really liked the movie go and buy the TPB of V and you will see the difference.
A beautiful movie and the acting is really decent and fair.
Go and Watch it!

See you in some days!!


My little Conspiracy XXVI. SPAIN MY HOUSE.

I add myself to the campaign done in Spain. Next Sunday is in Spain the DAY OF THE BOOK, logo designed by © David Lafuente y Josep Busquet, so why not to give away Comic books the same as books they are the same!!

Good Campaign If you ask me!!

Have a great day!!


Love for Dummies. Zipi y Zape.

Thanks Bonita Annita and Pinky June!!
Well let`s recapitulate now I am whisteling and singing along the music that is on the TV and believe me even some music I do not like what is wrong with me? :)

Well at 11 ó clock She was in the place We agreed to be, I praised her on her arriving early as a good quality to keep.
I was not nervous well not at the beggining...(I am listening Yellow from Coldplay now and the in Live version).
Yesterday I even washed my clothing to wear but fatality came and today in the morning just 20 minutes before the date I saw the clothing in the house of the Dog of my Brother and yes the clothing was bitten and full in pee. :).
I didn`t have another option so I dressed in black and with the heat here you can understand the situation :). We talked about plans till the question came.

"Why did you want to talk to me?"

After a long explanation I decided to do what Aidee one of my best friend reccomended me that was to be open and frank and not to hide my fears and ways I have been in past relations but without getting into specifics, She was so gentle to listen to my whole explanation and I just told her that I like her way of being and I really like her and that I didn`t want her to make her uncomfortable or to have her in an bizarre situation.
She opened up herself and told me that She passed over 4 years in a bad relation so She wanted me to be sure that she was not really looking for a relation and she is in her own process of healing and forgeting the other guy.

This are the highlights of the date.
1.-She wants to know me more to make up her mind, so do I, and that She is open to start dating or going out. She even asked me a funny question after I told her I liked her she asked me " so what is what?" and I simply answer that I will treat her as loyal as I can be and in the reciprocal way She treats me and that I really want to do things right and not hurting her but not to be hurt.
2.-We are going to start knowing eachother but right here is the important thing I just told her just to prevent a situation like You know who (You know who? check in the past first archives to fresh up your mind dear reader), so she knows that I will treat her as a significant one and not as a friend not at least till she decides on what to do, she agreed and I just told her that I wanted her also to be open and give me some cues (words and acts) just in case I am in good track or not, and She agreed also telling me that She would like to know me more and if something happens great if not the same.
3.-Another relief is that She does not care about the age at least from her side. so next Tuesday I will ask her out to start knowing eachother.
4.-She told me She told a friend of hers that she liked me (right here I need to translate a bit, she said "Que le caia bien" or "agradar" that means a bit different in English similar to like but not love that is great because is the same place where I am seeing her for now, I like her but as I told her She and I have to gain eachother the right to be loved or not. Also another relief is that She said She had a friend who is asking her to be boyfriend and girlfriend but because She doesn`t see this guy in another way than as a mere friend She doesn`t want to even make him feel there is Hope, she also stated She doesn`t want me to feel Hope when there is no trace so what I asked her is that She has to tell me exactly where I am stepping to know exactly and to avoid misunderstandings in the future, so it is good that She wants to try to know me more knowing what I like or want.

So what...... Do I deserve my silver star in my forehead???

Have a great day!!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Love for Dummies. Lone Ranger and Tonto.

Before getting into topics:
June I am happy for you now continue with the pills!
Also my teacher came again and loaded his dispositive and as last time my little tiny computer couldn`t deal with the load of information and collapsed again, well just in case I get absent is because I do not have computer, just pray that this do not happen because I really need my computer for the Workshop and for my Urban Project, poor my teacher because I worried him, I accept it I am a plain worrier I always think in doble plans and backups plans, it is only my nature :). I am planning to send the computer for a checking in about 3 weeks or 4 when I am done with the Urban Project and I get some money. Well Murphy`s Law as usual.
I am not posting over 3 days just depends on how fast I finish the workload.

Okey let`s get into business. I took my bus at the usual time but according to Murphy`s Law everything you want you get in but in the opposite way, well I normally take the bus at 4 but the bus had a delay so I took it at 4:20 finally I arrived there at 4:50. I wanted to arrive early to see this girl (petite, red hair and really cute and in the overall a very nice person she has that kind of good vibe that is hard to explainI even asked a mutual friend and She only says good things of the petite red head). She was in one of the rooms chit chatting with another girl (girl that by the way has been asking me out but to be honest She is nice and cute but I guess the Universe never worked to have the coffee and for the way the things go it won`t happen soon in fact the girl that was with red head has asked me several times out), so you can imagine I saw the two girls talking and to be honest I thought that was not a good thing and timing to ask her in front of her and when I decided to take her out the room to ask her, more people came when I realized there were 5 people around and I am shy so I decided to ask her another day. I am talking that this happened by 4:59. Time to give my class came so it was around 6:30 that in the break to start the other class I was alone waiting and I was thinking that with my luck there wouldn`t be a second chance or I would start procrastinating everything and when that happens I normally put girls in a pedestal in terms of what I think they are and not what in reality are. I decided not to wait longer and When the group where red head finished the class I asked for the permission to my students and I asked this red head that I wanted to talk to her asap. She stepped aside the group of girls where She was and asked me what I wanted. So I asked her straight "What are you doing tomorrow or this week?", I hate myself I am very upfront when I need or want to do something.

Response: Tomorrow morning I have a date at 11:00, She l is not sure what the purpose of the date is for. So tomorrow I will have news to tell.

Keep me in your prayers I need all the good vibe as possible!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)


Monday, April 17, 2006

Rivers of Blood and Hungry Bats.

I hope to start sleeping well from today and on...well the day was again hectic, I woke up a bit late and then I went to my Social Service to continue working in the format to follow, I was told that tomorrow I need to be also there. I am not sure I will go because I have to go working. I also received the information I was in need from the booklet work and worshop my teacher sent me all the material yesterday so I have no more excuses to continue working on that and I am expecting this week to be done with at least a month in advance so I can have free space for the Urban Project.
Iwas giving my Private English class today and well We started talking about Art but from the Mathematical perspective and the debate was good, I was explaining my theory of negative- positive in terms of what the Evolution of art has been through the Timeline and the way the new styles work as a total opposition to the predominant art of that time.
For instance how Surrealism was developed as to fight against the Academia, where from having everything so real it became into
the abstract.
What is trendy becomes obsolete by the usage of forces against that condition for example in terms of music from punk became the glam!, from glam it was transformed into disco, disco became pop, from pop became heavy metal,from heavy metal came grunge, from grunge the opposite force was new Age and electronic, from new age alternative and Indy music.I know I can not generalize the terms and ways music works.
Let´s get back into Art... from abstract or surrealism became the hyper-realism and then how this movement fought against Pop Art.Or How Art Noveau surrended itself to the Bahaus or Progressive virtue of the Machina according to Lecorbusier. I really had a nice time talking about art. There is always even in terms of Architecture a condition heavy versus light, dark versus light, decorative vs first impression, color versus monocromatic.

In case I am absent for some days is just to catch up with my workload so in the meantime Enjoy the two pieces.

Have a great time and wish me luck because tomorrow I am asking a girl out!! :)


The Torch.

I am really crazy... right now it is 4 with 44 minutes in the morning and I just can not sleep, funny is that I am watching the movie My Life, yes the one where Michael Keaton is playing a sick guy with Cancer and there are some things I have been realizing, yeaph I know I am an overthinker and a thing I would try to stop doing but I just can not help.
Funny thing but since I started this blog I wanted to do something similar to what this character in the movie is doing the whole time, I am not saying I am going to die soon in fact I know I will live for a long long long long time but this blog is the way my future family can have a plain idea of what defines me as a person and also the way to find the answers that I have been getting this whole process of writing this. (About my long life..well...Why do I know that? Well that is another chapter for another story let me call it intuition for now).
This blog is one of the 4 ways to beat death and by saying that I am talking about the thin line to sublime my life. The second way so to speak is tru my art I know as you my regular reader knows I know I will hit big and this is my way to remind myself where I am from and what do I have to keep in mind.
And it might sound corny but I found the third way and I am sorry but for the first time it just crossed the idea of having a child, maybe is just seeing my brother having his own passing the torch momentum, or maybe as the nice and dear Chuck told me once that is the natural process of being us a simple fact that label us a animals in terms of reproduction.
These days will be kind of busy because I am putting many things in order in terms of the workload I have and for the first time I am understanding what is happiness. Nobody taught us to accept happiness , right? or to recognize the difference of what you want to what you really need. I guess I am in my baby steps but I am sure I am in the right track.
About the fourth way well I already have my masterplan but that will be said in some years when everything I am preparing by now happens.
I really love the idea of proclaiming what you want to be and I am doing it the whole time, I only need to polish the way I ask for the things but I am sure everything will work out damn fine.
By the way My Dad is starting his first day of work after 4 months of no work, so it is a very important day for him, for me, for us!!

Cheers and well thanks for reading my ranting!!!


Sunday, April 16, 2006

41 times 41.

Guys the next installment and new issue of La Kodorniz IS OUT!!!!! YaYYYY!!!!Number 41! Btw the number 41 in our country has a very funny story in the times of Porfirio Diaz, I hope some time over the week to tell the story.
Where can you see it?Here!
Check the strip of Bodoque written and drawn by truly yours.This time I worked in twopages of the New Saga of Bodoque as Sr. Blue...!!Check the great colums of Magnum, Lombilla, Chè, Gato and many more.. and the incredible strips over there!
Everyweek new artist showcased on the place. :)
Also read the written colums, are incredible and really smart.
And Yes, the link is in SPANISH.!!!!!!


Saturday, April 15, 2006

The day I faked your death in my heart.

Day to rest is what today was for me...I still have that stupid insomnia and that stupid headache so my plan is to sleep today really early so I can start working full Sunday on the booklet.
It was kind of funny because yesterday after sending the page of Bodoque I saw another twist in terms of the political spots for the Campaign of someone and I decided to draw a second page to stablish what I saw.
Funny to see how creativity works and the muse attacks you.
Also Today is Ben Hur`s day at home it happens that specially on these days the movie is aired in many places specially in the public networks so my Dad likes this movie a lot and We are going to watch it again :).
In case you want to tell me that Ben Hur is the original version well you are absolutely wrong there is a movie done by Ramon Novarro in 1925 and Yes, you guessed it... is a silent movie!!.
And a beautiful movie, I can not remember for sure if Ramon Novarro was a spanish actor because He made many movies in my country too...If you ask me obviously the one done with Charlton Heston is the Best Ever.
I also had one of the weirdiest dream ever I saw myself in the classes I left on Saturdays to finish my studies trying to buy a birthday cake but I saw myself kissing a very good friend of mine (girl). I still do not know why I dreamed that...:) . I need some vacation!! :) . Well nothing else to say ... see you later!!

Have a great day and enjoy the last days of this Vacation!!


Friday, April 14, 2006

Holy Shit Batman!!

Today was a really boring and weird day it was not bad at all but I was expecting something more. I woke up relatively early and received a phone message from the friend who is helping me to do the project with the Urban Planification and We found some conflicts in the Methodology, not really in the Methodology but more in what is the approach We have to take for the rest of the work because We are only having a month to be done with it.
So this might mean that We are going to be really tight in the schedule so our Advisor will tell us by Monday what is the right approach to follow. They (my team work) left really soon at two ó clock and I was finishing the next page of Bodoque, I am at this point thinking in advancing some pages at least 2 with a joke or a gag just in case I do not have enough time to do one week ergo the next page, so this can be like air or space I can use so people still receive a new page of Bodoque and gives me time to be busy loading new work from the Urban project and things aside.
I slept for some hours, I am still having problems with Insomnia but I am sure is because of all the things I am doing. Well my teacher from the Workshop went home to give me more material and as usual happens that when someone else is using my computer something happens, this time it got frozen and got some problems to initiate it.
I already fixed it but I am thinking in sending it to the technician so in case I get without computer I will let you know for sure guys.
So I have a lot of material for the Workshop aside the Monography that I need to start by the last week of May.Bonita Anita sent me a mail so I guess June will be a good month and I will try to use her approach of not telling more plans so I do not spoil them.
I am also talking to a very nice friend of mine to work in an official website all in English so I can update it by myself probably by the end of the year or sooner I will have some news to tell on the matter. Thanks in advance If you are reading this. :) :)
Tomorrow is going to be free in a way because I won´t have classes from the Workshop due to the Easter Break, for a strange reason I forgot to load how it was my last Saturday on it but I guess I will write about that another Saturday.
Probably you are thinking why I am loading the images done by me with Batman. I do not know maybe I just wanted to show what I am able to do with the character, I am having some plans in developing a good submission and proposal using the character I won`t say more but everything will fit so good when I have time to do it, one friend is backing me up with this plan, so an eternal thank you to you too.:)
Also because I know many people read this space and I was thinking that maybe one kind reader or friend can link this post to a nice editor in DC so they can know that I exists and also to prepare the networking to send the proposal. So if you my friend help me with that I will appreciate it tons!!!
And on Tuesday I will ask this girl out so sounds like a busy week but good in the overall.
Tomorrow will be a long day so till tomorrow!!

Have a great day!!

Image one done in pencil color, the second in pencil and the last one mixed media, watercolor and color pencil.

ps: The gross and funny thing of the day, I received today a mail from a friend with this written.
Just eliminate the comas and see the image that is constructed with the characters.
Seems I have sick friends!! :) :)


Strings of Power

I have sent the work for the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.
You already know that the new strip will be shown next SUNDAY .....Where???!!

CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.
And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..I am honored to be among them every week.
For next Sunday you will have one more page showing Mr Blue, Capuchitas and Teclitas against El Indibujable and Robots !.
Great day!!!(Yes, the link is in Spanish).
If you are a spanish tongue speaker, please promote this work done by me EVERYWHERE :) :)Thanks in Advance!!
Remember I decided to have a permanent space for Bodoque and all in SPANISH!
So be my guest and enjoy!


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bunshinsaba 2004

BUNSHINSABA Posted by Picasa
Bunshinsaba as you notice is a plain ouiji board and the story is really scary I really liked the way the two main girl characters are handled over the movie, even the way they got their revenge.
It was done over 2004 and done in South Korea the director is Byung- ki Ahn, and I really really like it!!

Have a great day!!


Chakushin ari 2

One Missed Call Posted by Picasa

This is similar to the movies done of Ringu and for what I know it is also called el Pozo and done in 2003, I still need to watch number one, the director is Renpei Tsukamoto, I have to say that is really effective and as usual If you are a horror junkie You know that this movies are always explained in the last 20 minutes.
The story is good!!

Have a great day!!


Suche impotenten Mann 2002

Change of plans I am still going to be busy with Paperwork but I won`t have time to load the reviews of the movies I have seen lately so I prefer to do it by now. I also need to send my next installment of Bodoque.
In case you want to see a chick flick that is really nice except for something I will comment later on. Firstable I thought I was watching an Spanish movie translated to English but then I realized that in fact I was watching a translation in English but from a German Movie done in 2002. The movie in English is "In search of an impotent Man"
I have to say that the script is splendid and even the story in the way that it was narrated works in the majority of the movie, I really liked it even the gags are funny, okey you have to understand that european sense of humor is sometimes kind of ackward specially for a country like the one I am but it was really effective indeed.The only thing that got into my nerves was the music or soundtrack of the movie it was so pretencious, I mean it was just a romantic flick and the music is so dramatic the whole movie...I mean the movie is to have a nice time not a melodramatic italian soundtrack.I guess this was a book from what I know but not really sure!
I like it in the overall!!


Fior di Male

Firstable let me say to the incredible June that I really wish nothing serious would come up! Kisses and more kisses to you, I know everything will be okey.
I also forgot to mention to Wondy several things: Congrats on the selling of the house, Big Wondy birthday, the new job and even the new stalker :).
Also a thank you Ricardo Vigueras for dropping by here and say hello I really appreciate it, You know the funny part is that I haven`t seen or had in my hands the Comic We did with all our love. Funny but hopefully I will get me a set from the kind friends We have in common.
Well I need to wake really early tomorrow to catch up with the same work I have been doing since yesterday to finish the Booklets.
I want to review some movies I had seen but I guess tomorrow I will do so!
If you have some time watch this classical movie Mr. Smith goes to Washington a real classic done by James Stewart and Frank Capra.

Have a great day and Ciao!!!


Should I Bone you?

The colorist of Bone Steve Hamaker is having a tutorial... Enjoy!

Have a great day!!


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Keaton and Rarities.

This is the time to post some rarities...
Long time ago in fact back in 2002 while writing an story in both languages and that I will use as soon as I have a more consolidated career, I designed this character and while checking some boxes with old drawings I bumped into this old one two days ago.
I am thinking in using it as the look for WITCH, so in case I have some free times I will design a tutorial showing you a cover I want to paint in acrylics and I will do it step by step. From the concept to the final product.
This would happen in a couple of months because You know I am busy but It is fun to see how my work has evolved but keeping my style and taste.
As you can see my name is really big so then I decided to use the other signature with the H and the Z but at the same time a person I really admire and that also his last name is Hernández was using a similar one so I just decided to drop the signature and I developed my signature as a symbol that I normally use to sign all my work, funny how you own work has a story to be told.
I forgot to mention that I have been helping a friend to prepare his Toefl English exam and at the same time is helping me to apply the exam that I need for my career and I am happy because I am scoring now a good grade in fact I am getting few errors in the 3 sections.So I am really happy.
Well continuing with the Rarities...
What does Mexico and Buster Keaton have in common? Maybe nothing but I was wrong by thinking that ... I still do not know how someone convinced what I consider the greatest silent comedy man of all the times to be in a Mexican Movie and speaking in Spanish..Yes you read right Speaking and in Spanish!!!
It was produced over 1945 and released on 1946 the name of the Movie was El moderno Barba Azul, the story is ..... I won`t spoil the lead, I have to say it is not the best movie in terms of the story, it is a decent movie in a way really naive and If you like movies of Cult this is one to watch because many people consider this movie one of the Best Sci-Fi done in Mexico because involves a rocket and a trip to the Moon, If you ask me this looks like a plot taken from Los Supersabios from the Great Butze, but who knows!!?, Jaime Salvador is the director, It is funny to see Keaton speaking in plain monosyllabical words (I am absolutely sure Buster didn`t understand what people were talking over the movie), a great piece to see because He even does some juggling over the movie and well Angel Garasa was best known for becoming a serious sidekick of Cantinflas in many movies done by him, Angel Garasa a great spanish actor made his career over Mexico and Spain.

Have a great day!!


Bloody Life and Bloody Paper.

Yesterday I went to Las Luchas and well I had a great time!!
I saw again Dr. Wagner and Silver vs Perrito Aguayo and Mr. Aguila (Los Perros del Mal). I even took some photos but because I used a regular camera I will send the roll to reveal soon. I saw El hijo del Solitario and to be honest I did`t like his fight at all but when Mephisto and Averno came to the fight everything started to spice up a bit. :)
Today my teacher came to send me more information to work supposedly I was starting today but to be honest I just want to use the day to sleep or to draw because I have been really tired.
So tomorrow morning and part of the night will be to cath up with paper work.
I now have my idea to use for Bodoque, I have two options to editorialize something about some spots for the running to the Presidency or to continue with two more pages of the Saga Sr. Blue and El indibujable. Mom is a little sick again so She went to the doctor. Brother has money problems and specially with his baby on the way.
I am also starting my regular food regimen because I need to lose some kilos to start training. Happens that by June or July when my timings are coming back to normality I will train with a guy who is a boxer, I do not want to fight but I guess it might be good to learn some jabs but mainly to have a better condition and to be in shape, so I want to lose the extra weight so I do not develop mass I just want to fit and tight zones.
Today I wanted to load and image I did some time ago but as you can see it is more relaxed and fun!!!!
Pop, Zaz, Kick!
Tararararara....Batman!!! :)

Great Day!!


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Life is a Comedy.

Today I will devote the space to promote friends or to recommend sites I normally enjoy to read.

Borja Crespo
Javier Olivares
Planeta Pop

Teddy Kristiansen
Dave Johnson (my favorite site in terms of design)
Jeff Matsuda


I have more links and friends but this is what I have for now....
Well I forgot to mention:
Starting from now and till the next two months in my country will be released a great Exposition that I am planning to go for sure promoted by Munal.
Is an exposition showing work from 1930 to 1945 and the Painting Art done in Spain, Mexico and Argentina. It is a must to see!.
And another that it would be Awesome to go but I am a poor guy :) :). Almodovar is having an exposition in France with all the design and art done for his movies.

Have a great linked day!!


Monday, April 10, 2006

Simple life.

I am not in a good mood today I have been hell busy in the project of my Social Service and I have a lot of work behind schedule and this time not because of me, but for people around. Tomorrow is an important day because I will use the whole day to be working with a friend and the Architect who eventually be our advisor for this project and We are visiting the place to make the adjustments in the thesis and theories to apply in the Urban Planification. I was happy because another friend involved in the project showed me the AutoCad plans that are going to be in used so I will need to figure out the style and presentation of the plans and also update myself with AutoCad and learn more on how to use it.
At night I will go to Las Luchas, my teacher and friend is commenting that He will be on Wednesday in my house to give me more workload so I will be busy Wednesday and Thursday. Friday again busy working in the project so as you know I am really stressed and only counting the days to get through everything soon.
About comic work I have been thinking about an idea besides Ambar and Dream, now I am still trying to figure it out while I am in the buses just thinking and thinking the plot of another character and story I am developing I already have her looks and the way She talks but I want to be a little far aside from what I have been writing lately, so the next project will be called WITCH, what I mean by something different is to in the way I want to write the scenes of the story , well also many people around has been commenting lately about the responsibility and the style and the talent in terms of Art, so I am reading in my free times what is their opinions and hopefully when I have some time I will load my comments related to those issues.

Have a great day!!


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Can a creator be a critic?

Today I was trying to re-structure my agenda because I have a load of work to do from my Social Service and my Workshop in fact it seems vacation Easter break won`t be for me this time because I will be really busy working on my things.
And I received a mail from my friend Nik, let me answer the question first and then at the end you can see the link of my friend`s journal so you can find out all the things about the question.
I am going to divide the question in two areas the first I discovered some time ago.

1.-I am a comic book creator, Of course I am!!! and by the way I am a really good one, and I will develop my skills as the good oportunities knock my door here in my country or abroad and I want to evolve more and more and more because to be honest I know I am not satisfied enough with my art skills I want more and I will get more. And Yes, I need the help from my friends and the people who trust my work as a vision to see art and as a good investment to become a good business. If you consider Art can not become a business, just do me a favor and read the talks about Lemuria section so you can see reality. Good art is always a business and you and I have to find the way that our and my art without being compromised become a good product. As I was listening to Bjork one of my best singers ever I realized I want to become the Bjork of the Comic book industry, to be so smart to play with things nobody has played but at the same time to have the door open to do what is called mainstream and classical, I want that, I want to play and have fun and I will do it for sure.
Other thing that I will change from now on is the imput I was always the having the question "What is the demand of my comic work? or how to find a job in the industry? and to be honest I just realized that the imput has to be "I want to open my OWN venue and to have my voice and vision so the question is quite clear in... what Can I offer YOU (Editor,friend etc) with my Art?, simple answer I have my own vision that I want people to listen, to see and to understand what I do, to open my own area and space of work and I need FRIENDS and PEOPLE so open to see I won`t crash in my life and put a soft pillow because they know I will do the same thing for them. I am so happy with what I do by now and I know I will be something really big and only depends on the opportunities that people might give me and the ones I will look and search for.How difficult might be I just do not really care I know I will open that venue as fast as I can with the help of myself and many people around I just can`t do it alone well not for now. :)

So the first question comes

2.-Can a creator become a critic? The answer is quite simple.
Hell Yes you can!!! but there are some things to cover.

CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES AND YOUR FOES, You can not get all your energy in critizing for the fact of giving a critic even for the fact of doing the right thing, if you give the critic in the way to help just attach yourself to the simple facts and real ones.
I learned this from two very good friends I have:YOU NEVER KNOW WHO IS READING OR LISTENING TO YOU!!!.
I have learned by the time that I will get eventually some enemies for free, so who cares!?, for any argument you are in need of two people and to be honest I am quite happy with myself so I do not see the point to get into arguments ANYMORE.My friends know me and They know who I am :) :). Of course I do not like some people but to be honest You will never know, why because I do not obtain anything by being concerned to what others do or to let you know about it.
If the other person doesn`t know how to deal with critics well is not your problem...
Words are words, some gone by the wind or some strong that will be hunting you the rest of your life, just be smart. I mean We are in a very big world so everybody has room to do what they want being right or wrong...let Karma the one to reward you in both senses!.

I forgot to say that for me Nik is one of the best people I have met and is a real friend. Nik is a great person and I have only good and great things to say about him!

Have a great and incredible day!

the link.


Talks about Lemuria PART ONE.

I have update the section Talks about Lemuria with the full translation into English!

Hard opinions but full of good lessons for people around trying to be What We are!.

Have a great day!!


40 times 40.

Guys the next installment and new issue of La Kodorniz IS OUT!!!!! YaYYYY!!!!

Number 40!
Where can you see it?

Check the strip of Bodoque written and drawn by truly yours.This time I worked in the just one pages of the New Saga of Bodoque as Sr. Blue...!!
Check the great colums of Magnum, Lombilla, Chè, Gato and many more.. and the incredible strips over there!Everyweek new artist showcased on the place. :)
Also read the written colums, are incredible and really smart.
And Yes, the link is in SPANISH.!!!!!!


Saturday, April 08, 2006

My little Conspiracy XXV. TIRSO CONS

Guys there is an interview done in English with the great artist Tirso Cons!!!

And Congratulations Tirso!


Friday, April 07, 2006

Dust in the middle of a Storm

I am sure you haven`t seen this piece I did some time ago in fact a couple of years.

I love X-Men and specially Storm so why not to show it!?

Have a great day!!


Sr. Blue and Dissmisals.

I have sent the work for the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.
You already know that the new strip will be shown nextSUNDAY
CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.
And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..I am honored to be among them every week.
For next Sunday you will have only one more page showing Mr Blue, Capuchitas and Teclitas against El Indibujable and his sidekicks Bribon I and Bribon II !.Great day!!!(Yes, the link is in Spanish).
If you are a spanish tongue speaker, please promote this work done by me EVERYWHERE :) :)Thanks in Advance!!
Remember I decided to have a permanent space for Bodoque and all in SPANISH!
So be my guest and enjoy!


Talks about Lemuria PARTE UNO

As I promised some time ago I will start a series of talks to this great friend so You artist can have a better perspective of what is in front of you in case you want to be One of Us!!

Right now the interview is in Spanish but hopefully in my free times to load the English version over the weekends.

Estas son las series de preguntas y opiniones que vertira JOSE RAMON GALLEGO y su servidor preguntara mas y mas hasta quedarme sin bytes para comprender mas a fondo como un buen amigo y un increible artista sustituyo los lapices y los pinceles por los tiernos acordes de la guitarra.(Son opiniones bastante duras por si algun lector quiere detenerse en esta parte).

JESUS ANTONIO:Estimado Jose podrias darme una pequeña y breve sipnosis de tu trabajo como ilustrador...y ademas como es que te llamo la atencion esto de los tebeos..

JOSE RAMON:En mi estancia en México durante ocho años, lo que va de 1972 a 1980, se inicia mi pasión por dibujar. De pequeño, en clase de dibujo, ya se evidenciaba cierto talento para el dibujo y además disfrutaba. Se convirtió en una verdadera pasión. Pero el momento decisivo en mi vida, fué con 12 o 13 años, cuando tengo la ocasión de encontrarme con dos libros de dos ilustradores, que hasta entonces no conocía. Eran Boris Vallejo y Frank Frazetta. Dibuje durante muchos años hasta depurar mi técnica y alcanzar un cierto nivel aceptable. Sólo hay una palabra que lo defina todo y es: trabajo, trabajo y trabajo.

JESUS ANTONIO:Cual piensas fue el pinaculo de tu carrera y ademas cual crees que haya sido tu punto mas bajo y porque?

JOSE RAMON:El pináculo de mi carrera, como tú lo llamas, ha sido la posibilidad que me ofreció Ramón Monte Blanco de publicar mi primera portada para el Fanzine Barzelona Comic y también diversas publicaciónes para los U.S.A.
Puntos bajos he tenido muchos, aunque por fortuna todo llegó a su fin. Un día decidí dejarlo todo y ahora me siento tranquilo. Creo que he aparcado para siempre los lápices y no me arrepiento.

JESUS ANTONIO:Tenias alguna objetivo cuando decidiste en convertirte en Ilustrador.

JOSE RAMON:-El objetivo que tenía cuando decidí convertirme en Ilustrador era vivir profesionalmente haciendo este trabajo. No pudo ser ni será. Soy demasiado mayor para soñar en ese sentido. Antes me preocupaba y sufría, ahora me da exactamente igual. Como te comento, estoy muy féliz con mi nueva vida y mis nuevas aficiones.

JESUS ANTONIO:Que te desagrado del medio? como para que hayas tomado la decision de no producir mas trabajor o por lo menos a nivel comercial...

JOSE RAMON:-Muchísimas cosas son las que me desagradan del medio. Te lo digo por experiencia. Hay que pensar que España no es Estados Unidos. No estoy diciendo que en Estados Unidos no ocurran también esta serie de cosas pero es que España es tierra de ladrones, envidiosos, gilipollas y que se yo. Entiéndase bien, me refiero en el aspecto que nos ocupa, que es el del arte.

JESUS ANTONIO:Desde hace mucho tiempo estuve al tanto de tu trabajo de acrilicos pero no sabia que los habias realizado y ahora que he visto tu trabajo literalmente de cerca como es que no eres editado por alguna editorial?

JOSE RAMON:Te corrijo. Mi obra a color es predominantemente óleo. No son acrílicos.
No he publicado tanto como me hubiera gustado porque, por lo que te decía anteriormente, España no es Estados Unidos. Aquí el mercado no apuesta por la ilustración, se decantan más por el cómic. Y también porque la época dorada de este mundillo hace ya décadas que ocurrió. El mercado en España es una auténtica mierda.

JESUS ANTONIO:Bueno se que estuviste viviendo bastante tiempo en Mexico cual crees que fue la mejor leccion que has recibido en tu tiempo radicando aca a nivel de trabajo artistico.

JOSE RAMON:Vivir durante ocho años en México, D.F. no es bastante tiempo. La mejor lección que he recibido a nivel de trabajo artístico en México no existe ya que mi estancia en ese país va de los cinco a los trece años. El descubrimiento de los libros "The Fantastic Art of Boris Vallejo" y "The Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta" con doce o trece años es lo más destacable de mi estancia en México.

JESUS ANTONIO:Que puede motivar a alguien con una entrega total a ser illustrador a finalmente darte por vencido, y por vencido no lo digo en forma negativa sino en que te motivo normalmente uno tiene una situacion que es tan clara que la ve como solucion en tu caso cual fue el caso...

JOSE RAMON:Tan importante como el trabajo bien hecho es cuidar el aspecto de las "relaciones públicas". De nada sirve que seas un fenómeno ilustrando si luego tu trabajo no sale a la luz. Me explico, trabajar por amor al arte suena muy bien y puede estar bien durante un cierto tiempo, pero si lo que haces no te genera prestigio y dinero, apaga y vámonos. Si encima están cargado de responsabilidades, como es mi caso, será mejor que lo olvides. Admiro a los artistas que se pasan el resto de su vida luchando por algo a sabiendas de que nunca lo conseguirán. Realmente el verdadero artista, es aquel que trabaja por amor al arte, pero en esta vida uno necesita la lana para vivir. Y es que más importante que el arte es la comida. Eso nadie lo discute.
Cuando era joven veía tan claro que me iba a dedicar a esto profesionalmente, que no fué así y me lleve una gran desilusión. De un amor se convirtió en un desamor. Pensaba que me iba a hacer millonario. Intentar mantenerse y vivir del cómic, ilustración, etc. es una empresa muy arriesgada. Es un género minoritario que acabará por desaparecer.

Que tengan un buen dia!!


These are the series of questions and opinions that JOSE RAMON GALLEGO and truly yours will ask eachtoher more and more till not having more bytes in order to deeply understand how a nice friend and incredible artist substitute the pencils and brushes for the tender chords of a guitar. (the opinions are a bit harsh so If a reader wants to stop here just do it!)

JESUS ANTONIO: Dear Jose could you give me a brief sipnosis of you work as an illustrator…and also how did Comics called your attention…
JOSE RAMON: In my residence in Mexico for over 8 years, from 1972 to 1980, the passion for drawing starts. When I was young, in my drawing class it was shown certain talent and skill for drawing besides my enjoyment while doing it. It became a real passion.But the most decisive moment in my life was I was around 12 or 13 that I bumped into 2 books of 2 illustrators, that I never herad of till that moment. BORIS VALLEJO AND FRANK FRAZETTA.
I drew over many years till polishing my technique and reach a certain level that was acceptable in terms of quality. There is only one word that defines all: WORK, WORK AND WORK.

JESUS ANTONIO:What do you think was your higlight point and which one was you lowest point in your work and why?
JOSE RAMON:the higlight as you call it, was the opportunity that was given by RAMON MONTE BLANCO of publishing my first Cover for the Fanzine Barcelona comic and some other publications over USA.Lower points I have had many, but luckuly everything is now over.One day I just decided to get rid of everything and now I am really calm. I just parked forever the penciling work and I have no regrets.

JESUS ANTONIO:did you have a specific goal when You decided to become and illustrator?
JOSE RAMON:The goal I had when I decided to become an ilustrador was to live professionally by working on this. It couldn`t be and It won`t be.I am too old now to keep dreaming in that way. Before I was really concerned and suffered, now I just couldn`t care less. As I was telling you I am very happy with my life now and my new hobbies and likes.

JESUS ANTONIO: What was the thing that Despise you from the medium enough so you made that decision of not producting work any longer at least from the comercial way…
JOSE RAMON:-A lot of things are the ones I do not like from the medium.I am telling you this from my own experience.We have to think that Spain is not USA. I am not saying that in USA does not happen the same things but Spain is land of thiefs,mother fuckers and people envy you and God knows what else.Understand well , I am only and just reffering to the aspect We are in talk. That is ART.

JESUS ANTONIO:Since Long time I have been aware of your work in acrylics but I didn`t realize it was you and now I have seen your work literally so close ..How come you are not printed by an Editorial?
JOSE RAMON:Let me correct you, My work in color is mainly in oils, not acrylics. I haven`t been published as I would liked because as I was telling you before, spain is not USA. Here the market doesn`t bet or invest in illustration, the are more fond for Comic. Also the golden Era of this art has been gone away for decades . The market in Spain is just shit.

JESUS ANTONIO: Well I know you were living in Mexico for a long time..What do you think was the best lesson you have received while leaving here in terms of your work.
JOSE RAMON: Leaving in Mexico,DF for 8 years is not a lot of time.the best lesson I have received in terms of my work and Mexico, dones`t exist because my residence goes while I was from 5 to my 13 years old. The discovery of the books "The Fantastic Art of Boris Vallejo" and "The Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta" at my 12 was the highlight of being in Mexico.

JESUS ANTONIO: What can motivate someone with a total commitment to illustration to finally give up, and by giving up I am not implying a negative term on the contrary everybody has a motif, normally when We are in a situation that is so clear just to be the solution, what was your case?.
JOSE RAMON:As important is the quality in your work as is the aspect of caring of “public relations”. It is useless that you are a phenomenon illustrating If later on your work is not printed. Am I clear?, to work because of the love to the craft sounds so good and can be good for certain time, but If what you do doesn`t generate prestige and money, just turn everything off and go away. And if you take in consideration your real life responibilites, as it was in my case, is better you forget all about. I admire the artists that pass the rest of their lives struggling for something knowing that they would never get it. Truly to say that the real artist is the one who works as a matter of Love, but in real life We need money to live up. And it is more important food than art We have no more arguments for that.
When I was young it was so clear that I would do this professionally but it was not so it was a really big dissapointment.From Love became a lost love. I thought I would be a millionaire. To try t live up from comics, illustration etc.Risky entreprise to do so. Illustrtion is a genre that is close to disappear.

Have a great day!!


My little Conspiracy XXIV. SERGIO BLEDA.

Aleta ediciones a nice place has a new winner comic and it is called Laura. And the Amazing and great friend Sergio Bleda is doing this Awesome Cover for the title.
if you are in Spain buy it!!

Script: Stygryt
Pencil: Javier Niño
Inks and greys: Jorge Madejón y Salvador Molina
COVER: Sergio Bleda

Have a great day!!


My little Conspiracy XXII. Tebeos and Comics

Well this are Some fresh news of my own, I was mentioned by the great guys from detebeos who are preparing The Amazing Anthology of Capitan Trueno as you know one of the greatest icons in the Spanish Culture.
Only 300 books will be done to celebrate this!!!

The link is in Spanish.

The great Diego writes aside my piece

Aquí vemos una de las imágenes más interesantes que contendrá el citado Catálogo, obra de mexicano Jesús Antonio. ¿Quién dijo que Trueno era sólo conocido en nuestro país?

Right here We see one of the most interesting pieces from the Anthology, piece done by the mexican Jesus Antonio. Who said Trueno was only known in our country?

Thank you again Diego!

Have a great day!!


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Love for Dummies. Jinx!

Romantic Detective a Canadian Mag Posted by Picasa

Well as you have noticed I haven`t talk about love life in a long long while and probably because I didn`t have like a big event to talk about or tell.
I have been lately in that little cave a little afraid to go out and just hiding myself from harm because it is more simple.
I had some stupid moments that later on I will tell but for another moment because something strange happened today and I want to share it and also because I want to know what are my chances. Well sometimes I go out with my friend (the one that now is devastaded and is heart-broken), and maybe will sound kind of dumb what my friend and I were talking but to have a girlfriend is an investment, please cuties do not take this in another way, I am not trying to sound chauvinist on the contrary I am just stating the simple fact, when you have a girlfriend you are eager to pay for her expenses or at least to be in equal terms, and I was telling my friend that I was a little short (okey I have some money saved but it is for my trips) I was telling him that I was short in money because I was not having the regular classes I used to give mainly because I needed some time to finally finish my studies so I did not see the point to try to date when I do not have the economical terms to date. (Does it sound coherent? ).
Well some dumb situations happend with long distance girl and another one who is like a child even from the fact that is in her mid twenties. Now I think I want to know someone else and not to care about the money is the story..
Well since some time ago I have seen how a girl is looking at me at times and in fact I say hello and We talk when We can.
Well today was kind of special, She is young (again!!) but this time I really do not have big plans but something odd but nice happened today. She is petite, red head (I am sure She dyies her hair but she really looks nice), her complexion is white but that kind of white that is a little pink, similar to Wondy`s look, light colored eyes, nice rack and thin with average hips. Today was wearing a blue shirt and jeans, so I said hello to her before getting into my classes, well I do not know why I started teasing her (I have seen that when I am starting to like a person I have the tendency to show affection being a bit rough with the patting or caressing, maybe is a defense mechanism not to show I start liking someone) I touched her head with my fingertips just to tease her and she was answering back thing that I liked in fact. While She was outside I was showing my tongue but smiling at her (why? I do not know maybe an impulse) and she answered back.
In one break I had she came to say goodbye and asked me what I will be doing during this vacation Easter break and I was telling her that I had no plans at all, She said She had the same plans. :)
The thing that really got me intrigued is that before asking me that her question was "So...What are you planning to do with your chick (girl)?"..I just told her really fast that I didn`t have a significant other at the moment. I know that girls do not ask that just for nothing, in fact I was in that moment about to ask her out but I just got frozen because I didn`t want to sound too bold.Then She hugged me goodbye and left the place.
My plan when I return from vacation is to ask her out...Is it a good movement?
So well the question is already there...ladies some help please!! :) :)


Talks about Lemuria

Maybe you are wondering who painted this? Well a very good friend of mine JOSE RAMON GALLEGO so to catch up with him and also as a promise I made to him.
I have been talking about having a kind of interview to him so You can understand how difficult is to be an artist and to be commercial and you will be astonished by the life decision He has made over the past years in relation to his own work.
I really like his acryilic work in fact I can say I have some original pieces at home. So thanks for that Jose!!!.

This will work in the following way.
I will add the series of conversations We will start having in Spanish and hopefully and depending on my times I will try to translate them in English for my Brit, American and abroad friends over the weekends. So hopefully everyweek to have one conversation with him so you can know the great person He is.
Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Love for Dummies. The appetizer

Yes!!! Believe it or not... There is a new issue of Love for Dummies. Yay!!! And for odd that it seems is not about me but it is the appetizer of the stories I have now.
Yesterday one of my best friends called me to update and chit chat about the new stuff and girls of course!
What I am going to say was hilarious and I thank God I have never had an experience as odd as my friend had.
Well He met this girl some time ago, and my friend didn`t go forward to a relation to her because as He was telling me some time ago this cute girl had a different religion as the one He professes (I won`t mention the religion because is not the important thing on the topic). So since the beginning He was really hesitant to even ask her out.
As he told me for the last weeks it has been hell for him to meet girls and felt so lonely that day that he looked for his agenda and saw her number there and decided to call her.
Surprisingly She was in her house that day and my friend asked her out and She accepted.
They went to a coffee shop and had the best time of their lives (the exact words of my friend :) ).Well He started playing with her hands as to know in what situation He was, The girl accepted the hand play so He thought He was in the right track. He told me that the playing with hands became something more a little after they left the coffee shop because He went with her to one of the natural cliffs where the city can be seen. My friend is really romantic, anyway He told me his hands where a bit down and down and down.
I obviously asked him where exactly He was touching, well from what I understood He was playing in all the baseball bases :) (first, second and third). In that moment of the conversation I asked him If He made out with her, well his exact words where "I didn`t want to kiss her as a symbol of respect.."...
What the f***? an answer I had, I told him that It didn`t make sense to touch the body but not to kiss, well I have to say that this is the part where I started to LMAO!!!!
That was not the worst part, after they played eachother with their mutual parts, she kept quiet, my friend told me that in the moment that She did that He started to panic because He never had a reaction like that...well She held his hand and told him "Now, Can We close our eyes and keep silent for a moment to PRAY?!!!! (Yes, you read right to pray!!).
That was Saturday and Sunday They went out again and finally kissed her and She told my friend that She even asked her spiritual guide to consult If it was okey to be with a guy from another religion. From what my friend told me next Monday everything got frozen, He told me He called her to see how She was and She told him that She prefered to stop everything in that status and not to be what it was to be. And told him not to call or see her anymore!!
Now my friend is broken hearted!! Can you understand something?
Me, nothing, ziltch, nada!!

Have a great day!!!


Santas Tizas Batman!

Have you ever seen the work of Julian Beever?
He is an artist from UK.
Wow it is amazing to see how chalk and perspective in a sidewalk works beautifully!!
You can have a little search to see more of his art.


Open "Mic" Day!!

Well back from where I was. This is a piece I am really happy to do and it is a kind of Comission to a great pal.
He has a wicked fascination for Wrestling and for Elvis so what a better way is to do this piece.
as you can recall I was trying hard on getting the resemblance of Elvis and also the position was not working at all and after consulting him I realized to change the elvis and put him in a more natural position.
I wanted to play with many elements on this one, because You can see that Elvis is kicking asses here so I wanted to play with the fact of what will it happen after the shot as you can see someone will crush a tablet on his face while the midget will start hitting his ass, so I guess in my Universe is a win-win situation.
I still need to work on something more I need to add like a message or maybe some effects to really have a solid piece.
I guess you can see I attack the inking chores a little different this time, for some time I have been seeing the kind of respect He (my friend) has for Latinoamerican and Italian way of inking so I was thinking in using some thicker lines and to keep the inking simple but powerful.The priority is to show Elvis, so He has to be distinguished from all the mess, that is why I decided to use the Elvis image from the Mithological concert given around 68, that it was in fact and acoustic concert, also the usage of the neckerchief looks like the right choice.
He decided the kind of Microphone and as you can see I attacked with thinner lines Elvis and a bit more detailed while the fighters are in more ticker and rounded lines.I still need to use white acrylic in some areas of the hair and for some effects!
I really imagine this piece colored!!
I hope One day He decides to color it by computer and show me the final result.
the piece is about a 80% of what it would be the final take!

Have a great day and Enjoy the piece!!


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dust and Spiders

I do not remember if I had ever posted this image that is from a couple of years back, and having one fo my favorite characters ever to read.So as I dusted my room I found the piece.
Transmepolitan is a great story!!

Enjoy the day!!


Dreams in that written bow.

In recent days I have been really really busy and the few times I have free I want to use them in a creative way so this is another way I decided to use the hour free I had. I was posting that I have been watching korean and japanese horror movies recently and I wanted to have an experiment,I have seen in the series whispering Corridor that they used the same name for the main role and some elements and the rest depends on the story done by the writer so I wanted to write a short horror story involving these elements.

The main character will be named Tadako.
The story has to have a Death.
A cell phone or mobile.
A rite or a poem or any reference to the Victorian period or Gothic Movement.

If I am fortunate the great guys from Strange Corners will be as crazy as me and write a horror story using the same elements in their available times! :)

I have written the first part of three with the Prologue of the story, I hope you enjoy this time I am loading the English version and below is the Spanish one!

Dream©2006 Jesús Antonio Hernández Rodríguez
Scene One
Panel One.
Tadako in front of the bathroom’s mirror smiling after watching written in crayon over the mirror this:

“In visions of the dark night
I have dreamed of joy departed-
But a waking dream of life and light
Hath left me broken hearted “

Panel Two
Tadako still smiling while being sit over the bed is caressing the revolved blankets.
Tadako: when you promised me you will write poems every single day over the mirror I just thought that you were just kidding and now I just can not think of a day without those lines...I only think of you”

Tadako crosses from the bedroom to the living room where Iwa is sleeping over the couch.Tadako presses gently the forehead of Iwa with her hands.
Tadako: My dear Heaven, my only cherub I just can not live without you, you have the key of my heart.

In that exact moment Tadako remembers the day Iwa and She got a tattoo, He decided to have a heart shape on his chest with a lock drawn on it, while she had the key on her right hand, promising eternal love in just caressing and kisses.

Scene Two
Panel One.
Iwa and Tadako are sitting in a nearby bench inside the Amusement Park while Tadako is eating a sugar candy; Iwa is looking for something inside his school bag.
Tadako: What are you looking for?
Iwa: Nothing …nothing…ahhhhh I finally got it!!

Iwa is handling a pencil pen on his right hand and whispering to Tadako`s ears.
Iwa: Just close your eyes tight and do not open them!

Iwa hold Tadako`s right hand while She is giggling.
Tadako: Iwa, it tickles!!

After some minutes Tadako still keeping her eyes closed.
Iwa: Open your eyes and read!
Tadako has on her hand this written:

'Oh, love me! Love me!
Singing so sadly, singing so long--
Love me! Oh, love me!
I would give true love, so deep, so strong,
To him who would give true love to me.
Nought on the hill and nought on the sea--
Oh, love me! Love me!

Tadako is speechless and her eyes start to tear.
Tadako: Iwa come here, come closer…

She sets her written hand over his face and kindly kisses him.
Tadako: In you I can explain myself, in you I can live, if you die I will die too.

Sueño©2006 Jesús Antonio Hernández Rodríguez
Escena Uno
Panel Uno.
Tadako en frente del espejo de su baño sonríe al ver escrito en lápiz crayón

“En Visiones de la oscura noche
He soñado el gozo que ha partido-
Pero un sueño de vida y luz
Me ha dejado con el corazón roto.”

Panel dos
Tadako sigue sonriendo mientras sentada acaricia las sabanas revueltas de su propia cama.
Tadako: “Cuando me prometiste que ibas a escribir poemas cada día en el espejo pensé que estabas bromeando y ahora no puedo pensar en un día que no lea cada línea…solo pienso en ti”.

Tadako pasa de la recamara hacia la sala donde se encuentra dormido Iwa sobre el sofá, Tadako pasa sus manos sobre la frente de Iwa.
Tadako: Mi cielo, mi solo querubín y pensar que no puedo vivir sin ti que tu tienes la llave de mi corazón.

En ese mismo instante recuerda Tadako el día en que Iwa y ella se tatuaron, él un corazón con una aldaba y ella una llave en su mano derecha, prometiéndose en caricias y besos pensamientos eternos de amor.

Escena Dos.
Panel Uno.
Iwa y Tadako se encuentran sentados en la banca de un parque de diversiones y mientras Tadako come un algodón de azúcar, Iwa busca entre su mochila algo.
Tadako: ¿Que estas buscando
Iwa?Iwa: Nada, nada…ahhh ¡por fin lo encontré!

Mientras Iwa sostiene una pluma de escribir en su mano derecha le susurra al oído a Tadako.
Iwa: Cierra los ojos y ¡no mires!

Iwa sostiene la mano derecha de Tadako mientras Ella con una risa le dice
Tadako: ¡Me haces cosquillas!!!

Después de unos minutos Tadako sigue con los ojos cerrados.
Iwa: Ya abre los ojos y lee.
Tadako ve escrito en su mano:

“¡Oh ámame! ¡Ámame!
Cantando tan triste, cantando por tanto tiempo
¡Ámame! ¡Oh ámame!
Yo te podría dar verdadero amor, tan profundo y tan fuerte.
Para aquel quien pudiera dar verdadero amor
Nada en la colina y nada en el mar—
¡Oh Ámame! ¡Ámame!

Tadako quedando sin aliento, su mirada se empieza a nublar.
Tadako: Iwa ven…
Ella acerca su mano escrita al la cara de Iwa y lo besa dulcemente.
Tadako: Solo en ti puedo entenderme, solo en ti puedo vivir, cuando mueras moriré también.

Have a great time!!


The Mindfreak Meme.

1. How did you get the idea for your profile name? Mmmm sounds not clever to have selected my own name for the profile..right? :).
2. What song are you playing now, or wish you were playing?No music now, maybe yesterday I was listening Babasonicos.
3. Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry? -Hahahah I reserve to myself the answer :) I guess not in reality. Well laughing counts...?
4. What colour underwear are you wearing? - hahaha None.
5. Do you want a baby? - Yeaph!!!.
6. What does your dad do for a living? -He's an accountant and one of the best!! :)
7. What does your mum do for a living? - She is a delightful House wife,Mum that was watching with me Mindfreak so you can know How cool Mum is..
8. What is/are your pet's name(s)? - Not mine now We have a dalmatian called Natasha and is the dog of my bro and his wife.
9. What colour are your bed sheets? - grey
10. What are the last 3 digits of your phone number? - 178
11. What was the last concert you went to? - To one of Molotov many years ago...
12. Who was with you? - My brohter and one friend
13. What was the last film you watched? - Yesterday a beautiful mexican movie done by Gimenez Cacho about a radio brodcaster tying to fin his lovelife in the last day of trassmission of Radio Purpura.Excellent movie with a horrible photography.
14. Who do you dislike most at this moment? - Two people I have to see every 3 days in my job. 15. What food do you crave right now? - Probaly something with chillie sauce
16. Did you dream last night? - Yeaph! something weird as usual, a friend visited me in my dreams...I guess!! who knows really?
17. What was the last TV show you watched? - The News
18. What is your fav piece of jewellery? - A medal I always wear.
19. What is to the left of you? - A bookcase
20. What was the last thing you ate? - A hand of zucaritas (frosties)
21. Who is your best friend of the opposite sex? - I have two or three now.
22. Who last MSN'd you? - My teacher
23. Where is your significant other right now? - don't have one :( :)
24. Do you have a crush? - Nope now I am getting this hard cold crust with new people...
25. What is his/her name? - hahaha read answer number 24
26. When was the last time you had your hair cut? - January.
27.Are you on any meds? - How did you know that?? No, not really..
28.Do you have a mental disease? - If you know me you will probably have the answer by now :)
29. What shirt are you wearing? - blue
30. Are you sexy? - Of course...for god sake and I move really good!!! :)
31. What's your favourite store? - None, well probably Mixup a kind of Tower records from my country
32. Are you thirsty? Yeaph!!
33. Can you imagine yourself ever getting married? - I do not know...
34. Who's someone you haven't seen in a while and miss? - A friend (ratita) that now is in my hometown and I hope to see her over the week.
35. Where do you work? - Teaching

Have a great day!!