Sunday, December 31, 2006


I will be a little absent for a couple of days mainly to recover from the hang over that for sure I will have tomorrow and for paying and checking stuff in my hometown over the following days.

I wanted to say something...

There are so many friends to thank my inker friends, writers and teams ups, artists, editors, My house the AACE(Ustedes saben como los respeto y admiro como amigos y como artistas), La Kodorniz, my friends bloggers, my friends all over Spain, Philippines, UK, Italy, Canada and USA,the guys from Chilangolandia, Guanatos and Monterrey that I appreciate a lot, las ratitas and close friends in my hometown.
I would like to make a list of all of you but to be honest I have many friends and I do not want to left someone out of it.

But in Special I wanted to drop these lines also because of the image and the plans coming...

To Nik Havert and Mandy for being My AMIGOS beyond everything and to let them know that the time We have been waiting will receive rewards.
And What a better way to say that by showing teaser One of Two for the next chapters of Rocket Girl that Nik and I will produce over the next year.

Have a great Day!!


ps:See you on the Third day!

Luchas Day!

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Luchas Day!

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Luchas Day!.

Yeaph! Today I was in las Luchas and I had a decent time (it was not great because the fightings were not that good but in the overall I had a nice time).
I even took two photos with Two Wrestlers.
Amapola (I still do not know why I like her attitude and the way She fights, She even remembered me from last time I saw her..She was really nice with me I have to say) and Solar that it is an Institution in The Luchas.
I sent them both a proposal for future work, I hope at least one has the vision so We can do something great over the time!.
More photos to come!!
Well the tickets for the next event and so forth will be more expensive but what the heck!! :)

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Meanings.

I am showing this time 4 shots with work that I am doing or I did recently.
The first two photos are part of a story I have been nurturing tru the years and it is called ROJO as you know I hope that by the time I start with this project (in a couple of years more) I really hope I can start having the mastery to paint in full pastel the graphic novel for this chapter.
The third photo is the starting of the Cover of Blam and the last one is the second teaser I am working on for Rocket Girl.

Have a great day!!

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The Meanings.

Some days ago I decided to take some shots at the development of the first piece I will send to Jeremy Vincent Adolphson (a very good friend), hopefully will be interesting for some people to see the way I work the esfumino technique.

Great day!!

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Solar Days!

Today is Saturday and I got some good news, a very good friend of mine and the one who is partnering with me in the approval of an incredible project send me an email (I hope to answer him today or tomorrow or this week :) ) just to say hello and well it is just a matter of weeks or months to talk about the project. Plus,I was talking to my accountant and from what I heard I will save some money after paying my taxes so I will have the money to pay for my tablet and some other expenses to cover but I still need Comission work or Cover Work so If you are interested let me know.

Some guys asked for the piece without colors so there You have it!!
I am starting next year again my eating regular regimen because I have gotten some extra pounds over and well I need to lose them :).
Today is LUCHAS DAY!!!!!.So expect some photos tomorrow or after Jan 2nd.
At this moment I am working on two teaser pieces of Rocket Girl!.

Have a great day!!


Friday, December 29, 2006

Stealing to Heal.

I am going to be as cautious as possible with this information, some time ago I participated with my name to help in the horrible situation that Mrs. Babbitt has been dealing regarding her lost artwork done over the holocaust and in possession of a Museum.
Well soon I will be able to send information on how to help because there will be a lot of pieces in auction to help collecting money to be in use in support of the Wyman Institute's efforts on behalf of Mrs. Babbitt.

From what I know,They (The Institute) have already received donated artwork from Ralph Bakshi, Jackson "Butch" Guice, Sal Amendola, James E. Lyle, Guy Gilchrist (of the "Nancy" comic strip) and Greg Theakston.
In addition, pledges to contribute art have been received from John Romita, Jr., Ron Garney, Walter Simonson, Alan Weiss, Don Perlin, Michael Netzer, Mike Vosburg, Joe Rubinstein, Lynn Johnston ("For Better or For Worse"), Jim Keefe, Rob Stolzer, and Jesus Antonio (truly yours). And Michael Moorcock has offered to donate pages from the manuscript of one of his books.

This is piece One of Two I will stay tuned on the information on how to start bidding for the pieces. :)

Have a great day!!


post scriptum:
I saw the new video of La Portuaria (a nice group of Argentina) and DAVID BYRNE..

Dusting and Burning.

I am still trying to figure out the way to properly scan, so I am with the usual try outs because I am planning to continue with my political cartoon next year on La Kodorniz and knowing the restrictions in terms of sizes and pixels I have to star checking what is the correct way to scan my work for them.
Enjoy this piece I did some time ago!!!
Scan in low quality...sorry!
Did you see what the great Chriscross gave me as a present for X-mas???!!! Lovely...lovely... lovely!! :)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dusting Words of Love and Anger.

Today was a real hell and a roller coaster for many reasons the main is that my scanner just broke (I had it for less of a year and I tried since yesterday when I knew my scanner didn´t work to contact this guy who sold it to me, well I just couldn´t get him, He just disappeared, I will think positively and I hope He can take the broken scanner and replace it...anyway!) .
I just couldn´t wait mainly because I do not want to make excuses to all my writers and editors expecting new work, I had to pay about 150 bucks for a new scanner that means I will be extremely and really short on money for about a month and a half, well what the heck...thinking in a nice way I found a new supplier for hardware and in fact I got in love of a tablet for drawing with all and the software to install and it is quite cheap 100 bucks (I mean I do not have the money to buy it now but in a couple of months) :).
Well I am uploading something I found (also as to experiment with the new scanner) and it was part of a contest long time ago around 2002, It didn´t win anything maybe because of the ending, but I wanted to share something so You could see the evolution in terms of my writing and my art, I am glad that I see differences with the new work I am doing so I am eager to see how my work will be in future years.
I only modified a panel on page 5 that I was never happy with it, so I decided to include and extra panel on pencils...
I will charge my regular rate + 35 for shipping it with Fedex. (ask me about the rate).
In case You or you know someone interested let him know, this money will help me to recover what I paid for my scanner and If I get two I will be able to pay for my tablet.
Thank you so much in advance.
Have a great day and thanks for reading the space!!

ps: After I wrote this my house and the street where I live suffered a shutdown in the energy...hahahahaha...damn!!.Thanks God the day is over at least for me because I am going to my bed!! :)

Love for Dummies: Ni pa´tras ni pa´ delante.

Ni pa´tras ni pa´ delante means "I can Neither advance nor stand still".
I probably didn´t mention anything earlier because to be honest I was feeling a bit dumb about the situation.
Well about a month and 2 weeks ago when I was having that hard dissapointment not on Glossy lips it was more like a dissapointment towards me and the image I built of her, and hard to admit but I was still having those hard feelings for her. I got the nerve to invite her somewhere again mainly to know and let her know what my feelings were. I still do not know If I did right I only followed my damn tiny heart.
Well She replied She had a coffee that day but after the coffee with a friend, She would have time to go out with me, so She swore She would send me a text message as soon as She was done with her other appointment.
In fact She did it, She told me to wait for her in a mall near where She was about to be, I was on time as usual. What it was my surprise that She was with a friend (yeaph!! psyco girl was there), as you might understand I really felt stupid because the idea was to be alone with her and tell her everything I was trying to say over the past months, as you can understand I was not in my enviroment not even in the mood after that, so I just became silent and well I took it in the good way and I asked them to accompany me to buy some things I was in need, all the time from there on I was with them I was just quiet and honestly feeling a bit stupid for being in that situation.
Glossy lips asked me many times times why I was so quiet and a kind of disgusted and also said that it is not good to keep things on your chest that it you want to say something to say it...ahha!! right!!.
I just told her that in fact that I had something to say but it was not the right moment and well after 2 hours and a half Glossy lips and the other one said goodbye and left me in a bus stop near the mall.To add something else while I was in the bus heading to my place I received a text message from her "What is wrong with you?..If there is something I can do for you just let me know and I will try to help in the way I can..". Obviously after that lame day I decided not to invite her out ever again or to say how I feel for her...I mean...What for?
Do you understand neither?????????
The following days as you might understand I tried not to see glossy lips in fact I was really successful (damn I am just repeating the scheme!!!).
This is the part that I can not even understand, 4 weeks ago I saw her while going to one of my classes and the first thing She did was to hug me, and She also told me that One day She was looking for me upstairs where I am supposed to be but because it was closed the door that day She didn´t want to interrup me and told me that She has been thinking about me lately, She hugged me twice and We even had that kind of hand play again... I just don´t get it!!.?????.
What I have been doing all this time after that is not to try to look for her or even want to create an encounter.
She has sent me two text mails, one to say Merry X-mas that I didn´t answer because I didn´t want to do so and a second one two days ago wishing me "A great X-mas time with my Family" and ending the message with the TQM (tqm, means "te quiero mucho", in English can be like "I love you so much", in this part another disclaimer when you write a person tqm can be as a friend or as something else, in this case I will think negatively and I will think that it is as a friend), I finally replied her second message telling her "The same to you and your Family and "tqm".
It hurts to write this but as I guess this is just my closure for the situation...and I have again that feeling of being dumb.

Have a great day!!


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Esa Oscura Dulzura de Amar

This is one of the projects I have been delaying because of things that were beyond myself, I am trying to get done with it before the end of the year to keep myself busy for at least the first part of the year with Rocket, Luchador and the special project that is still in approval. I still do not know If I will ink it (probably yes). Victor Alos is the writter and I am having fun with the art and I hope something bigger comes from it over the time.
Victor.... this is the Cover of the Story probably won´t be in use but this gives me the chance to know how I will ink the work on the panels.

Victor aqui te muestro la portada que tal vez no utilizemos (bueno dependera del editor) pero me da la idea de como voy a entintar el trabajo de viñeteado.
Por fin me pongo en marcha :).

Have a great day!!


Evil pure Evil.

I was yesterday watching some horror movies as usual and Today I was working in my thesis I went to the College where I studied and I was using the computer of my advisor while We were talking about daily life and just gossiping.
Tomorrow same situation, it will be used to polish my Monography (Thesis) seems that I have advanced a lot and I only need the first checks ins to know exactly what to change or correct, I also need to talk over the weekend to my friends to see If they can help me pass and process the plans into Autocad, so I can continue working on my comic stuff and the Monography (from what I know I guess I had advanced 60% or more from my Thesis so hopefully this week I will know what to change so the first week of January to concentrate on polishing the paper).
Today is the Birthday of my Dad, there are no big plans so probably a normal supper time with all the tiny family reunited.
I also sent a mail to one of the places Fabrizio kindly suggested me (thanks Fabrizio!).
I am loading this time the Cover in Pencils of a plan ( David Braña in the writing and I in the art) We have for the future, it is a Manga violent idea called Evil War.
I am working on some stuff to show to Nik and to Victor so expect more work loaded in the following days!!
Have a great day!!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

BLAM! 2007-2008

As you know I didn´t plan to blog before tomorrow but I have been trying hard to push myself and get involved in all the projects I have been delaying because of my thesis and life stuff.
Since some time ago I have been thinking in an Erotica comic to sell over France, Denmark, Germany and Spain and well long time ago I posted the first two pages from the comic on the blog.In fact and If I can... this will be also a comic to be published on Argentina just depends If the guys from Argentina get interested on it, I am saying that because as this will be an Erotica Action packed-Violence Comic might be difficult to digest for some people, I do not have a specific time to print this because this will be done as soon as I am done with all the projects I will be working next year so If I get this published over the end of 2007 or 2008, it will be cool!!.
The comic is BLAM!: SKIN.
Yeaph! I inked and drew the Cover.
Yeaph! I am also writing the story!!.

Dear Friend if you are around and you know a good publisher from France,Germany,Denmark or Spain (and Italy..thanks Fabrizio!!!) that might be interested in publishing this strip just give me a shout out and let me and let him know about it.

Have a great day and enjoy the piece!


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Niña Mala.

Jeremy Vincent Adolphson has been a great friend over the years and He asked me literally a year ago and months to do something for his amazing collection, well this is my first take of two I will send him, I still need to ask the great Jeremy for a favor that I hope He can help me get.
Enjoy the pic...Yes, is the profile of Ambar my horror story.

As you have seen I am trying to catch up with delayed work, the next people on my list are
Victor Alos (We have a great vampire story) .
David Braña (We have a great gore manga story).
I hope to have everything done before the end of the year and I am starting the paneling of the work I am doing with Nik and I still need to see what is the scope in one Horror Anthology I was about to participate because of a situation far away our possibilities.

The work has been delayed from all the parts (specially me because I haven´t had the time to get done with a script, a short story and to see the situation of the inking of a great story by Ron Fortier).
And also I am still waiting for the approval of something really great from a friend of mine and great person...well time will tell!!


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The nice guys of Newsarama have set their typical annual set of Xmas cards from publishers and artists and for a second year They have honored me having my Xmas card from last year...AGAIN on the place!!!!!!.

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New Music in my walls.

Well yesterday I bought these 3 CDs to enjoy at home while I am ready to celebrate my Xmas, Morrissey is probably one of my favorite solo singers and The Best of Morrissey is a must to listen, The Futurheads NEWS AND TRIBUTES is a CD I highly recommend If you like David Byrne or Bowie or Franz Ferdinand this is a must!!!.
Powerman 5000 DESTROY WHAT YOU ENJOY is a great disc If you like Sex Pistols or nice experiments like The bravery this is a great CD sad that in some parts sounds like Rob Zombie (I love Rob Zombie a lot but I say this because I guess the vocal player is the brother of Rob Zombie so at times has some of those Zombie tunes).
I was not about to post today but I had a glad surprise it is my next post!!
Jimmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy TTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! The same to you!!!!

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Friday, December 22, 2006


This is my last post till X mas so I want to wish to all my friends to have an incredible Xmas time!
Como este es mi ultimo post hasta despues de Navidad solo les quiero desear a mi amigos que tengan una increible Navidad!

See you after the 25th!!

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I was cleaning my room (yeaph!! I am done with it!!) and I found this Cover that will be the alternate Cover (I wish We can sell this to a European printing company because this will be the European Version).
I still need to eliminate the E on the Cover and draw an ! sign.
The Blue Cover that is next to the posting area is the American version, and in case We (Nik and I) nail a company on Japan I already have another for them.
In two more Saturdays I am talking to a person I met, I can call him friend to manufacture some masks with my design so We can wear them in the conventions that will be attended by us (I already have NO plans to go anywhere at least from the first part of the year..mainly because of the sickness of Mom but If the stars line up right I will travel as I planned it.)

Have a good night and following the last post till Xmas!!

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Perdido en mi habitación.

This is my last post of the day and I was into the nostalgia time so enjoy this music that made part of my childhood.

Perdido en mi habitación
No es serio este cementerio.
La fuerza del destino
Mujer contra Mujer (version 2001) Ana Torroja without the Canos.
Cruz de Navajas

There are more songs from Mecano that I like but for the day it is okey!!

Have a great day!!!