Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An ice cream and a medal.

Well I am finally loading the images, and one of them is going to be all over my town in the following days...I was told to have some changes in the poster work and The promoters wisely told me that the black background would be the best option for the next batch of posters they ordered to be printed.So I didn´t sleep at all and as soon as I finished the art I send the piece to the printers.
So I am loading both versions and hopefully I will load pictures of me and the posters in the street.
I came from my downtown to buy a new lace for a medal that I always hold on my neck and I ate a delicious ice cream of Mamey (that is my favorite ice cream)!!
Nice day indeed!!!
Have a great day!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Luchas Night... and My Artwork!

Well today was amazing at least the last part of the day!. I had a nice time with the big part of the show, as some of you know I am really fond of the female wrestler Amapola, and this time the show was great because Princesa Suhei, Amapola, Dark Angel and Marcela gave a great show!!.El Corsario beated the shit out of El Toro and El Toro lost his was good not the best but good enough to enjoy!!.
Then The Match of Dos Caras Jr, Corleone vs El Terrible and Hector Garza was really fun.
This day was so special because for the first time I saw my artwork as part of the publicity in my hometown, it was so funny to see some guys taking pictures of The poster I did!!!.
I feel just proud and grateful to the people of The Arena (Thank you!!).
I and do really see myself working in those posters for many many years and more to come!!!
Have a great day!!
I will load the piece from the poster in a couple of days with some other photos of my hometown!! :)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Moving Panels.

Avengers 4!!!

Have a great day!!


Mighty Swords

This is the group and the program that dragged me into comics!!! :)

Have a great day!!


Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Iron Beast.

This time These recommendations are the ones done by my girl.
I have already heard some of these bands in the past when I was in high school and in I was telling her because I really do not listen to them in a daily basis so I can really like when I listen to them once in a while.


I really like the taste of my girl ....I can gladly recommend Kittie and Otep in case you like Metal.
In fact when I was in high school and college I loved to study while listening to that kind of groups...funny times!!!!

Have a great day!!!


Holding pieces of life.

The work that Michael Hughes is doing is really naive but really great!!
Please browse over his albums and photos!!.
I really like it!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

La Mascara.

I am still waiting for some information to come my way to sent an image so in the meantime let me load the other piece I was working some days ago.
Have a great day!!


Facing the golden paths.

I will talk more later as soon as I send some info, enjoy the piece!!
I wanted to give this time to the image that old fashioned style similar to the Tarot cards of the 19th Century.
Have a great day!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thank you so much Michael May!

I was checking my daily mails and I then decided to browse over the net and I found this article written TODAY by Michael May.
I can only say THANK YOU for being so nice commenting on our project Rocket Girl, I can really understand many of the issues you mention in terms of the story and that is the great fun of it, because some of the plans in the story are to make the reader believe some things you mentioned and there are some obvious things that We are still working on it, I know that after these couple of years Nik has grown as a writer and I have as an artist so I know that RG3 will be more solid than the 2nd and I am sure that number 4 will be even more superior than the 3rd, and thank you thank you for being so kind with me and my artwork.
And as I told you I really want you to keep around with us, because this is our baby in many many ways and as I have said to Nik several times over the years I see myself doing Rocket for the long long future aside all the work I am planning to do!!!
Have a great day!! and Michael thanks again you help us to be better!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Who cares?

Today was really good I was advancing more in the comic load of work I have and I had to wait for some paper work to come from my school.
I am showing a photo with some of the work I am working on (work that I can show for now) with some proposals I have to do to some people with the help of the Family members that became my partners on this.
I was also talking about plans with one of my best friends about our own Architecture and Design Office in fact our patner that is a nice person and a good designer is already working in the Corporative design and paper work that will represent us over August-September.
So I can not complain at all.

Have a great day and hopefully I will load these pieces soon on the blog...aside the comic work I am doing...!!!
Be good!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A good day...yeahp! a good day!

I am coming back from buying my tickets for the next Luchas Day and also from sending the Cover work I was working on..let me put it this in an OFFICIAL WAY!!,
Starting this week I am the former Illustrator of the Poster work in the Arena of my Hometown!!! Yay!!:)
As I said to a friend of mine over the days I am not looking for Fame, I am looking for The Prestige of being the designer of the Arena, I have two pieces to show.
This is one of the strongest pieces in terms of design that I have done but was rejected totally (I understand why, economical matters mainly) the lesson is that I learned the direction of the future Cover Work done to them. The other was approved immediately so as soon as I work another one in a more classic way and receive the approval I will start sending the pieces to the printer.
I am just grateful to these persons and I can see myself doing great things with what is the plan, well I need to work in the piece that was not approved and with my Comic Work.
I can not load the approved pieces yet, I will wait till everypiece is already in the streets only as a matter of respect to the Arena, but for sure I will load the rejected pieces before here!!.

About my thesis I send some extra paper work to see what is the situation.... as usual seems the guy checking my paper lost them so I need to send 3 papers more and see what is the resolution but from what I felt and heard I am really close to finally get the approval and start the hard work on my thesis.
So I can not complain at all!!
I also checked my grade from my English Exam: I got 97 of 100!!!!! hohohohohoho!! The easiest exam ever!!!

Have a great day!!


Monday, May 21, 2007

My own installation.

Since some years....sorry firstable Heather congratulations on your ending of your studies...I wish you a great change of life!!!.
Well since some years I have been tossing the idea of having an installation artwork and it seems funny but in less of a month I will be able to show some pictures, so as soon as it happens I will talk about it!.
I am done with page one of ROCKET GIRL 3, I already work in the panel sequencial of 5 pages of THE UNWANTED, I am doing now an 8 page preview paneling work of THE LAST CHANCE. I also did the Cover work that I needed to do for this weekend and it will be part also of my own installation and plans in my hometown. I haven´t gotten paid yet, seems my boss didn´t pass the invoice on time to be paid. Gets on my nerves but what else can I do? such is life..:)
I am also giving some money to start a business to get some money selling clothing, I also have to talk about money matters for the new business I am starting with a great and loyal Family, We are offering art and design development for Wrestlers so If you happen to be a Wrestler or you are a friend of his/hers, let him or her know that We can help him/her on any matter related to design and different products like T-shirts, poster work, design of costumes, etc and hopefully in the short term... toys!.
So We have a meeting over this week or next so I am busy as hell and also in some hours I am checking what is the scope on my thesis approval to know my timings to start working.

Have a great day!!


Where is Waldo...I mean Me?

I was browsing the net and I found this video of 5 minutes from the last presentation of Dr. Wagner Jr in my hometown, I was there if you look I guess you can see me there!!!!
Enjoy the moment!!

Have a great day!!


Sunday, May 20, 2007

From Pleasure to Lust.

I woke up really late today, so now I need to go really fast to the Stationary and buy some items to start drawing some poster work that I need to do.
Craig please send me a mail to know If you are alive because I took the decision to modify the Cover of New Nation, I will work in a pencil piece full of action instead of the one I did.
Dan, I have good news and over Tuesday finally send some work to your way.
Sean I am sending something over the week and Nik I finally started Rocket Girl!!!:) :)
It was funny because I haven´t had time to check my mails and till today and tomorow I will catch up with them plus the hilarious thing that happened to me some weeks ago is that I bought my airbrush but I still need to buy my air compressor. hahahaha!! I haven´t gotten paid so I will need another month to be able to buy it. because the school where I work lost my check of least is the word that my boss used....:).
I guess I have also good news to David and Victor!!!

About my thesis well tomorrow I will know what is the scope with it!!
Have a great day!


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Los Amigos Invisibles.

This is a weird recommendation because this is the only single group from this genre that I like..I have to say that the first time I heard of LOS AMIGOS INVISIBLES was in a West 54th Sessions Concert done over 5 years ago If I remember well
and the first single that got my attention was "En Cuatro"(I am including the commercial video check the girl ESTA RICA, RICA, RICA!!! :).
Enjoy their site and La gozadera from Venezuela.
They have a new cd that I recommend!
Have a great day!


Friday, May 18, 2007

Queens of the Screamo.

Finally my friend Pedro L. Lopez informs that the presentation of his book SCREAM QUEENS, HORROR, BIKINIS Y SANGRE will be on June 8th in La Fnac de Diagonal Mar in Barcelona at 8 o clock in Avenida Diagonal 3/35 08019 Bcn. Good luck Pedro!!!!!!!!

Por fin mi amigo Pedro L. Lopez informa que la presentación de su libro “Scream Queens, Horror, Bikinis y Sangre” tendrá lugar el viernes 8 de Junio en la Fnac de Diagonal Mar en Barcelona a las 20 horas sito en Avenida Diagonal 3/35 08019 Bcn.
Pedro te deseo lo mejor de lo mejor!!! Te mereces estas cosas y mas por venir, solo espero que un dia ya podamos meter a una editorial nuestro IN NOMINE!!

Have a great day!!


Luchas Plan.

I am coming back from the meeting and I can say is that it was even much much better than I expected.Now, I am in works of a plan with people in The Arena of my hometown. I won´t say anything yet, I will post images as soon as I have something to show off from this plan that I had on my mind since some years ago, what I can say is that I am grateful of the things coming my way with these guys.
This is not about money in fact I will get zero but from what I heard I will obtain some help in some aspects for the help on this plan. I am really excited, for me sounds like a good deal.
Stay tune for more info!!
Tomorrow I am starting my teaching, so I am only giving classes on Saturdays. I am so happy to have finally some time for me and my thesis and my plans!!
Next Monday I will see what happened with my thesis progress and I also need to collect some money people owe me.
See you over the weekend!
Nik I am starting at night the first page of Rocket Girl.
Dan I need to hear from you I finished the panel work of The Unwanted, so I am ready for the sequentials...!
Have a great time!!



Thursday, May 17, 2007

I was one of those fools

I was one of those fools that could not watch this movie till yesterday!!! I have to say that I really really like it, this is maybe one of the best works of Miller in terms of storytelling and great scenary setting and character adaptation from the director. I really liked the way the comic was respected.
I am still intrigued how in hell they will adapt Family Values because to be honest it does not have that spark of all the previous works done by Miller.
Watch it If you, as me, are one of those fools who have not watched it yet!!

Have a great day!!


Naughty thoughts.

I was searching for the right studio in clothing for my comic AMBAR that will take place in the earlier 19th century and I gladly found some risque pictures taken over the 1920 and 1900 sad I can no show the full photo but I really loved the pose!!!.
I will have tomorrow an important meeting with a person so as soon as I get good news I will talk about them...I am sure I will bring great news!!
Have a great day!!
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Kap is coming to Mexico in an Exposition that El Museo de la Caricatura in México D.F is displaying!!! Kap enjoy my country!!

Kap viene a México!!!. Que disfrutes mi país!!!!
¡Cuate, aqui hay tomate!
El próximo miércoles 23 de mayo por la tarde, en el Museo de la Caricatura de México D.F. se inaugura una exposición antológica sobre el dibujante catalán Kap, bajo el título "Kap y la nueva caricatura catalana" se podrá ver una selección de las viñetas, chistes y caricaturas que éste dibujante ha estado publicando durante los últimos doce años en la prensa catalana.
Más de 130 dibujos entre chistes políticos, humor blanco, humor negro, tiras cómicas, caricaturas, y otro material gráfico salido de la pluma de Kap, que estará presente en la inauguración y realizará también una charla en la Universidad Nacional.
El Museo de la Caricatura está situado en el antiguo Colegio de Cristo, un bellísimo palacio en el centro histórico de la ciudad de México y es una importante institución dedicada al arte de la caricatura y el humor gráfico a cargo de la Sociedad Mexicana de Caricaturistas. En la calle Donceles número 99 se puede visitar la exposición permanente, dedicada a la historia de la caricatura mexicana: "La Caricatura en la historia, la historia de la caricatura", inaugurada el 27 de abril de 1995, que reúne más de 1500 caricaturas originales con lo mejor del género, de 1826 a la fecha. El Museo de la Caricatura fue inaugurado el 19 de marzo de 1987, por el presidente de la República, Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado, quien entregó las instalaciones del Antiguo Colegio de Cristo a la Sociedad Mexicana de Caricaturistas (SMC), cuyo presidente era Pedro Sol, con la finalidad de que sirviera como museo y resguardara las obras realizadas por los caricaturistas a lo largo de la historia. Hoy, sigue bajo la dirección de José Luis Diego Hernández y Ocampo (Trizas), actual presidente de la SMC y director del museo.

Para más información, dirigirse al Museo de la Caricatura
Calle Donceles 99
Col. Centro Histórico
C.P. 06020, México, D.F.
Tel/Fax: 5702 9256 y 5704 0459

Have a great Day!!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007


And this is my other recommendation...It is really great to see the way that He is reinventing himself DOING THE SAMO SAMO (The same all sh*t)..about the tunes as you guess those are really similar to IAMX thing that I like.

Even this edited video seems a bit hard for some people..
THIS IS A MARILYN MANSON VIDEO so stay away from the link if You are not fond of his music.
NEW SINGLE HEART SHAPED GLASSES. There is another full legth version of 8 minutes.

Have a great day!


The Cribs.

This is my first of two recommendations I have for today. I remember listening to this guys If I am right with an album called Martell. This guys have a new track call 'Men's Needs'.


Luchas Night!! And mixed emotions!

This time We arrived a little late because We were doing some stuff that I can not comment :), after that We enjoyed the Night or at least part of the night, all the matches were good in special a small flying tournament done and I was impressed to see some people I wanted to see doing their stuff, people like Stuka Jr, Flash, Maximo (He didn´t wrestle as He knows but He gave a nice show), Leono (sadly for the second time He hasn´t fight as He knows how to), Astro Boy, and Super Nova, but definitely the best of the night were Stuka and Super Nova (amazing wrestlers!!!!).
The bad part is that Blue Demon Jr, Mascara, Mr. Aguila (He used to be so incredible specially in his flying acts and for a strange reason He is not anymore putting heart on his work always looking as lazy and disenchanted as possible at the speed He is going I can predict his retiring soon) and Damian were the same wrestlers about to fight the same night in Celaya (a place 30 minutes far from my town) what it meant that they really didn´t wrestle properly and took care of themselves a lot in fact, many people got angry and left the show as soon as the match ended. It was sad, I hope that the next night will be really much better than the last one. In their defense (wrestlers) I imagine how difficult is to fight two times in a day but at least If they were putting some heart to the fight people should have understood.

We ate tacos after the show and those were delicious!!
Have a nice day!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A fine day.

Nik!!!! In case you read this before receiving a mail from me...I am up to the idea you wrote, asked her If We can do something for her when you see her again.
Nick...Remember to contact Le Chat Noir to see what is going on!!!
About life today was the birthday of my nephew sadly He was with his Mom in another state for vacation and sadly I was about to go this weekend to visit him but I will not be able to do so. I am waiting eagerly the time pass by and have him at home soon.
I am coming back from the Luchas and I have to say that the Premiere match was really a waste of my time, I will load pictures over tomorrow or next day.
I am also sending a proposal to some people in my town tomorrow so wish me luck!
Great day and see you soon!!!


Monday, May 14, 2007

Toys for Boys.

I haven´t bought toys since many years ago but when I saw these pictures..damn I really want to have this toy at home!! Makes me wonder If this is a real size piece...:D. Make me happy and give me this toy (just kidding...!).
Talking about toys I bought today a toy I was saving for long:
Finally I got my airbrush!!!!
I am giving details of this toy in case someone wants to buy it too! :)
Airbrush Millennium Set.
Double Action, internal mix,siphon feed.
I bought this airbrush to use it in the Cover work I still pending from KILLOLA))))!!!
Expect some news over this music cover poster over the month!!
Be good!!
See you in a couple of days!!!

Stars and Shapes.

After the aggresive palette of colors from last post I decided to load the Cover I did this weekend, it is a gift to a person and I am really happy with the result (I will show pictures of the person receiving the gift when I get them).
Work in pencil color, goashe, glue over carton board.

Have a great day!


Mi Cadaver Exquisito!

Esta es la pieza que será la número 15 del Cadaver Exquisito! La verdad queria que se distinguiera de los demás y decidí utilizar el formato que David Lafuente utilizó. Si hubiera tenido más tiempo algo más trabajado hubiera salido, pero para ser el primero estoy contento.

This is the piece that will be number 15 in El Cadaver Exquisito!. To be honest I wanted the piece to be distinguished from the rest so I decided to used the format David Lafuente used.
If I had had more time I would have worked more the piece, but to be my first I am fairly content.
I wanted a Psychodelic approach on the piece!

Have a great day!!


Hey guys I am making this official!!!!!!
Sean Taylor an amazing guy and friend that one of his virtues is to be really open minded and truly yours have this project as our new baby. Sean has so many work published on his path and now is getting wide exposure being the Writer of Dominatrix from Gene Simmons Comics, and edited by IDW Publishing (I only have great things to say to the guys at IDW) He is also the Writer of a 12-page short in the comic Gene Simmons House of Horrors from Gene Simmons Comics and edited by IDW Publishing ( Art by Jon Alderink and Capullo,images).
Good news will come soon.

This is great because this means that ROCKET GIRL written by My amigo Nik Havert, THE UNWANTED written by The genuine friend Dan Deprez and now LAST CHANCE SCHOOL FOR GIRL written by the nice and great fella Sean Taylor will be the only load work I have for the american market for this short future.
I will mention my plans in Europe as soon as something is concrete.

News down the road:
I will post the sequentials and proposal of The Unwanted in the following weeks and I will talk about where this project will be displayed and it is a great place If you ask me. :)
And this Friday I am starting to draw page one of ROCKET GIRL 3 !! So stay tune!!!
Have a great day and thanks again Sean Taylor!!!!!



Next is expect the next panel!
El siguiente en este Cadaver Exquisito soy yo asi que esperen una viñeta más!!
Have a great day!