Friday, June 30, 2006

Animated day!

Please please enjoy this incredible piece of 2 minutes in youtube...It is from the greatest cartonist from the 1920's Winsor Mccay and his great animation The Centaurus done in 1921!!
And Yes, is a SILENT MOVIE!! YAY!!!

Today was shopping day I bought some compacts and a new t shirt of Rey Misterio Jr.!!!
I am listening 3 CDs
Wondy! I got the movie I was waiting to watch so next week I will have doble matinee!
Old Boy and Lady Vengeance from Tartan Films!!!

Have a great day all of you!!


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Discombobulated Groupie for the Underdog

I learned a new word today and also I liked the new title Wondy set on her blog.
I woke up today discombobulated I just couldn´t sleep early as I was working in the political strip for next weekend to have room to finish the Essays I have to do. Well I woke up with a nice surprise I was offered a job teaching so I am starting the mid days of July and it is not interfering with my regular job, studies and my comic work because it will be in the morning 7 ó clock so that means to wake up before six to have time for the buses. Did you remember there was a time I had 3 jobs at the same time? Well now it will be 2 but it is nice, well 3 if I take in consideration my friend who I am teaching twice a week, the great part is that the money coming from this course and hoping to have more ahead, will be used to pay my Official Web Page also the great part is that the job comes from people around helping me, so I am grateful!.
I am in a third of all the mails I owe so expect one soon! From comic work I just received nice surprises but I will talk about them when I have things signed or concrete things not to jinx everything up!
Nik, I am so sorry for the long delay but I definitely write soon!! sorry, sorry!!
Jen, I saw you posted something I hope to see it today later night!! Thanks in advance.
Ratas, where are you? Betsy I am invoking you; Cindy, I am half the book and Shantalona what is wrong with you? not even a sign from you? Kisses to you ratitas.
Kino for god´s sake! I lost your mail address send me a new mail to reply!! I am so sorry also with you. :(
Great day!!

ps:Talks from Lemuria (chit chats about comics and life) are coming again with the incredible Jose Ramon Gallego and I, so stay tuned. :)


My Little Conspiracy XXXIV.

The 1st Anniversary of La Kodorniz is NEXT SUNDAY! And what a better way to celebrate this than to have an special number aside the regular humor magazine you enjoy everySunday, I normally wait for Sunday so you can see the new work but this time is really special and I want to show the celebration piece I did for this ocassion, Imagine the pieces of the rest of the incredible artists over the place!!

On another note the second chapter of the New Serie of the Creators of Calico Electronico is almost arriving.
The second chapter of HUERFANOS ELECTRONICOS will be showcased first to the members tomorrow!(No I am not a member so I will wait for the day after) I guess that by July 1st everybody will be available to watch the chapter :)
Info in Spanish:
YA LLEGA!!! YA ESTÁ AQUÍ!!!La esperadísima continuación de la NUEVA serie de de los creadores de CálicoElectrónico!!!Llega el 2º Capítulo de HUÉRFANOS ELECTRÓNICOS!!!Quiénes serán los seleccionados? De quién era la voz del final del capítulo?...y, sobre todo, DÓNDE ESTÁ CÁLICO?
Si eres socio, este viernes día 30/06/06, podras ver el preestreno de este segundo capítulo de la nueva serie Huerfanos Electrónicos.

Great Day!!


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Alley And The Abandoned Tape.

finally...mixtape is ready to roll into your speakers, computer,car, ipod, heart, teeth, tongue and lungs.produced by david trumfio,mixtape is the past, present and future of los abandoned.
loyal fans and new audiences alike will get a solid foundation of what losabandoned are all about after listening to mixtape - an album conceived by the idea of the band's knack for mixing different musical styles and making it their own.
plus, who doesn't love a mixtape full of different songs intimately chosen just for you? you can hear some of the new songs available for your listening pleasure on our my space page:

The guys are really nice and move a lot!!
Hope it helps as usual!!


Anniversaries Ahead

I have sent the work for the NEW strip of Bodoque kind of early mainly because I will be busy writing the Essays of the books I mentioned earlier what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.
You already know that the new strip will be shown next SUNDAY
CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.
And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..I am honored to be among them every week.
This week the boys are on vacation while people will be voting so they invited a person for next want to see Who? Well you need to wait for next Sunday and If you are my friend living in Mexico I guess tomorrow You will find out :).
Great day!!!
(Yes, the link is in Spanish).If you are a spanish tongue speaker, please promote this work done by me EVERYWHERE :) :)
Thanks in Advance!!Remember I decided to have a permanent space for Bodoque and all in SPANISH!
So be my guest and enjoy!

The Formula Is that There Is No Formula

I am coming from Las Luchas and well it was in the overall quite good specially the fights that Amapola and India Sioux were(I still do not know why I like those girl fighters) and then the Primetime fight with El hijo del Santo, Maximo and Dos Caras Jr vs Black Warrior, Tarzan Boy and Sangre Azteca. I really enjoyed it!!.And later as usual I went to eat hamburgers with my friend.
I was telling her about something that happened to me some days ago but I will talk about it later on..:)
I have more things to say but later in the afternoon now I am directly to my bed.

Afternoon update:
Back to normality and reality... my teacher started to show up again and well I have to work on the Essay over tomorrow and I told him I will send it by Friday night and guess what He wants me to read? a second book of Industrial Design and also write the respective summary...mmmmm...well back to normality...I am finally working some hours today at night in the Mural for the office of my the way did I say that my nephew is finally home!!..He is just a peach!.
I am now working in a celebration piece for La Kodorniz aside my usual political strip!!
So hopefully by tomorrow to send everything their way. Long live to La Kodorniz!!
Also I am starting checking and reviewing some paper work and things for the Official Site that a great designer and friend will have for me in some months! Yay!!

Great Day!!


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Divine World Of the Dusted Dreams.

I am listening now "I touch myself" of the Divinyls (a very old group from the 80´s) and I just woke up late knowing I need to start the Essay from the book I read and to start my Monography over Thursday. Today is going to be spectacular because I will see El Hijo del Santo, Maximo, Amapola and India Sioux fighthing at night.
Dusting my room I found this piece a great friend has in his house, in fact I did it and use all my knowledge to draw and ink the piece, He even has a colored piece!.
Now I am listening "Frankie goes to Hollywood" god... relax ..don´t do it...relax..don´t do it!!
This is one of the pieces I feel happy with the result!
If something happens I will let you know guys and I am now waiting for the game Spain v France!! I guess you know who is my favorite, right?.

Great Day!!

Wondy wrote on her blog
"Why can the person I love not realise that I'm trying to better myself? I am trying to find meaning in this humdrum life. If I want to write, whether people are interested or not, I will do so. Life isn't about walking on eggshells and watching your Ps & Qs. I will say what I want and do what I want."

That is the tiny problem We always have: to watch to the outside and not the interior, the outside is always messy and difficult to understand do not understand what makes others happy, understand what makes you happy and nurture yourself, We do not have to please anyone but ourselves. In the moment We are full and happy We share to others our happiness.
Just accept the strenghts and flaws of you and the other. ;)
Kisses Wondy!!
And I totally get you, You know that!! By the way I looking for Marebito to watch!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Green Dreams and White Chalk.

England 1 - 0 Ecuador
Portugal 1 - 0 Netherlands

Italy 1 - 0 Australia
Switzerland 0 - 0 Ukraine 3 in shoot outs!

Brazil v Ghana
Spain v France! I am waiting for this game!

Charcoal, Gold Squares and Gold Circles.

Did you know this is maybe the most expensive portrait ever sold?... and that it is done by the incredible Gustav Klimt, last week was sold for a huge amount of money. Well this weekend was the longest ever and I just had time to rest, I already read a book for the Workshop about Industrial Design and now I have this week to start an Essay about the book and in two weeks it will be shown by my teacher in his classes. I was thinking in starting my Monography yesterday but I just couldn´t and I hope by Thursday to start writing the body of the Monography and stablish the parts, in fact I will work next weekend on the design of the mural that will be in the Law Office of my Brother where I will decorate the spaces. So expect the results over next week.I am still thinking in a horror story to write for the Anthology where I was invited.....mmmm... think..think..think..:).
Yesterday, I was forcing myself to design a logo of one of my Stories and I finally got it!!,the difficulty was to see the Logo upside down or in front and it is the same design, I am proud of what I did!!!!. So expect some news on the project Ambar and the Logo, in some months.
I already responded half the mails I owe so If you haven´t received yours I am working on that over today and tonite very late nite!! :)
Great day!!


My Little Conspiracy XXXIII.

Igor Medio musician and creator of La Familia Castañon passed away in a sad accident of traffic.

Young Ronins is the new work that Victor Santos (great artist with very good style) is doing for the Editorial Soleil, Yes, the one where Humberto Ramos is having also some work.Well Victor Santos is premiering his web site with from the comic. So enjoy!

And Victor Santos I wish you the best with your project! :)


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Within You is The Domain Where You Will Find Peace.

As usual my compass in terms of what is on fashion is Wondy! and by checking her link today I found this amazing artist. Kozy n Dan.
Art By Kozy n Dan
From what I read is the plastic artist of many covers from Postal Service (also one of my favorite groups, that is also what I will do to become the artist of a band :) )...Thanks Wondy!!


Lost Prophets
Primal Scream is great although this new single Country Girl is not my fave!
Editors have a new single called Blood great one!

Sometimes I do not normally talk about music in spanish done in my country because to be honest sometimes is too pop or commercial but I have some favorites in my country but only because the majority of the work they do is quality.
Colaborativo Nortek
El gran Silencio
Salon Victoria
Panteon Rococo.
Chetes (this guy was in a group I guess Zurdok Movimiento sad this group is no longer together, I am not sure if He is in Vaquero.)
Benny Ibarra (This guy is what James Blunt is or was in UK but believe me this guy has done incredible music over the years as has a proposal in terms of music).
Many people are talking about Porter (to be honest I still do not get their music but so many people is talking about them so probably I am just wrong).The same happens to me about Panda, I still do not get them, they have the misfortune to sound horrible over TV but in concerts they sound kind of good.
I do like a lot...
Austin TV some stuff from Bengala...and Cafe Tacuba is always pure quality!

Have a nice weekend all of you!!!


51 Times 51

The new issue 51 is OUT!!!!!!
You can see the greatest minds and friends artists working on the place and more than 25000 people checking the page everyweek!!
As always new artists and old ones are joining the Fun!!
Visit it and Check BODOQUE that is written and drawn by truly yours!! You need to scroll down a bit to get my strip.If you can promote our link I would really appreciate it!!! (link in full spanish)

Version in Spanish:
El nuevo número de la Kodorniz esta ya en linea!! 51 y casi 25000 personas visitan la pagina cada semana!!!Visiten el sitio y mi tira politica BODOQUE
Si quieres linkear nuestro link the La Kodorniz en tu sitio nosotros encantados y te lo agradecemos.. !!!A great Hug..!!

Por cierto quiero agradecer a la gente que se pasa por este blog porque ultimamente minimo unas 700 nuevas personas pasan por semana por aqui y se los agradezco de corazon. Gracias

By the way I want to thank people that comes to this blog because I have seen in recent weeks that normally 700 new people come by week here and I really thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thanks!!


My Little Conspiracy XXXII.

Dámsmitt is the new work of Kike Benlloch and my great friend Manel Craneo and it was shown some days ago over the Expo in Barcelona. DIBUKS the great printing company of Madrid is editing this beauty. Manel and Kike have great and big plans and soon will be published in some other European countries.

I am including the brief summary that it was done by the kind people of La Carcel so you can understand the value of this new comic. Sadly the review is in Spanish.

Review in Spanish:Menuda sorpresa me he llevado al leer Dámsmitt, la nueva obra de Kike Benlloch y Manel Cráneo. Tenía puestas esperanzas en ella, pero debo reconocer que en la monstruosa pila de tebeos que tengo por leer, el álbum que ha editado primorosamente dibbuks se quedaba un poco perdido, ahogado por la supuesta superioridad de autores mucho más renombrados.Metida de pata hasta el colodrillo, proclamo.Porque la obra de Benlloch y Cráneo se merece estar entre los primeros puestos de lecturas recomendadas de este salón, con una atractiva historia de un extraño y desconocido país donde el servicio de correos es centro no sólo geográfico del lugar, sino lugar común de diferentes historias que confluyen sobre él. Los autores juegan con pequeños detalles que van construyendo este extraño mundo, anacrónico e insólito, muy del gusto de las fantasías de Perucho, en el que los autores van dejando infinidad de flecos sueltos que deben ser completados por el lector, que pasa a ser un elemento activo de la historia. Un extraño sujeto de pasado desconocido, inventor aficionado de artilugios a medio camino entre la alquimia y la tecnología, una situación política dictatorial, un hombre que es rechazado por su pasado gitano… ficciones y enigmas que sólo tienen en común ese lugar donde las cartas se cruzan de forma anónima, escondiendo historias que nunca serán conocidas. No se puede decir que Dámsmitt sea una obra redonda, pero tiene esa chispa que despierta la curiosidad, que estimula la imaginación con intrincados misterios que nos llevan a pasar de página siempre con la sorpresa a la vista, con la duda de cuál será el camino que tomará la historia en la siguiente viñeta, sabedores de que en parte, será imaginado por nosotros. Una estructura difícil y complicada, muy arriesgada para unos autores que no se habían estrenado en la narración larga, pero que pese a los traspiés, pasan con nota más que solvente, con un excelente trabajo gráfico de Manel Cráneo, de estilo personal y sobria puesta en escena, pero perfecta para la historia de Benlloch.Atentos a estos autores, darán que hablar. (3-)

Another review but sadly is in Catalan

or this one in Spanish.

Amigo Manel Great Luck to you and Kike!!!And thank you for having you as a friend, for the help and the copy Amigo Manel!!!


Saturday, June 24, 2006

First Claws and First Guts.

Be nice with me this time!
As you know I am self teaching myself to color in Photoshop and this is my first took me many many hours specially because I have a very old version and many things I am starting to learn by just clicking so be nice I hope in some months to really master and tame this beauty!! Also I guess the scan is much better than the penciled version I set some time ago!!
Great day!!

Sounds funny but I am proud of this flat baby!! :)
Great Day!!
JESUS ANTONIO Posted by Picasa

The Abandoned Times of My Redemption

opening for Mexico's classic genre-bending rock band,MALDITA VECINDAD! (GUYS!!LA MALDITA VECINDAD RULES!!!!)
Monday, July 3rd Seattle,WA - Showbox
Tuesday, July 4th Portland,OR - Roseland Theatre
Thursday, July 6th Fresno,CA - Rainbow Ballroom
Friday, July 7th Sunnyvale,CA - Barcelona Club
Sunday, July 9th San Diego,CA - House of Blues
Sunday, July 16th Austin,TX - Antone's Nightclub
Monday, July 17th Houston,TX - Meridian
Tuesday,July 18th New Orleans,LA - House of Blues
Wednesday, July 19th Memphis,TN - The Complex
Thursday, July 20th Nashville,TN - Ibiza Nightclub
Friday, July 21st Charlotte Tremont Music Hall
Saturday, July 22nd Washington,DC - State Theatre
Sunday, July 23rd NYC - SOB's
Tuesday, July 25th Boston,MA - Middle East Downstairs
Thursday, July 27th Chicago,IL Club Volkan
Friday, July 28th Indianapolis, Indian CommunityCenter
Saturday, July 29th Kansas City, Beaumont Club

The Westchester Bar Saturday, July 8th 5630 W. Manchester Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045$10/18+/9PM $7 WITH FLYER, find it on our myspace page!also playing: Nefalim, Pet
be sure to check up on the Tour Journal page all julyto hear all the beautiful gorey details of life on theroad...

Hope this helps guys!!!

Great Day!!



I have sent the work for the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.
You already know that the new strip will be shown next SUNDAY
CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.
And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..I am honored to be among them every week.For next Sunday you will have only one page and in the same Soccer Theme!.Great day!!!
(Yes, the link is in Spanish).
If you are a spanish tongue speaker, please promote this work done by me EVERYWHERE :) :)
Thanks in Advance!!
Remember I decided to have a permanent space for Bodoque and all in SPANISH!
So be my guest and enjoy!

Green Dreams and White Chalk.

Argentina 2 - 1 Mexico! Rafa Marquez well said... We played with the heart but We couldn´t score enough and define the games!

Green Dreams and White Chalk.

Germany 2 - 0 Sweden

Two goals of Podolski!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Green Dreams and White Chalk.

June 21
Ivory Coast 3 - 2 Serbia & Montenegro
Netherlands 0 - 0 Argentina
Iran 1 - 1 Angola
Portugal 2 - 1 Mexico Why, Why, Why!!?

Czech Republic 0 - 2 Italy
Ghana 2 - 1 United States
Croatia 2 - 2 Australia I think it will be the last game of the referee ever lousy work!!! :)
Japan 1 - 4 Brazil

Switzerland 2 - 0 South Korea
Togo 0 - 2 France (For a moment I thought I was watching in the first half a Deja Vu of Mexico versus Angola!!) :)
Saudi Arabia 0 - 1 Spain!!!!!!
Ukraine 1 - 0 Tunisia

Germany v Sweden
Argentina v Mexico I keep my comments till tomorrow!! by the way my brother finally taught me how carrileros work in the system of Mexico.

My Little Conspiracy XXXI.

This is one of the cases I wished I knew more about some people´s work and this is a good example I just remember to see 3 or 4 images from her some time ago and it is a little too late for more, Asun Balzola, one of the most important girl illustrators of Spain having so little work in the comic industry received el Premio Nacional de Ilustración y el Apel·les Mestres.
A loss She passed away recently. If you my spanish friend send me a link to enjoy more of her work I will appreciate it..distances.distances...arghhhh!!
Sorry Carcel for stealing but I am healing :).

On another note I want my friends in Spain to buy El Batracio Amarillo it is a great magazine of humor and with many friends over so many that I am afraid of mentioning and to screw it up by forgetting a name! :)
Buy el Batracio Amarillo!!! Thanks guys at Batracio for being so kind with me I do not deserve it! really!! :)


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Justice has its own terms and times.!

I still do not know how a poor spirit can have all that rancor to make gossips be his sword, I was a bit upset and down because my friends (that I really loved them and I know they love me) know who I am but when poisonous lips affect what I have tried to achieved for so many is not really fair.
Now I am with a little mild headache after the talk I had with my friend and boss (She is just an angel :)), there are some resolutions but only time will tell. Now what matters is that this weekend I start my Monography and from this weekend I have 2 months to get done with it and tramit my degree in Architecture, also I am myself teaching Photoshop (so many artists and friends are being so kind to help me so that means that if everything goes well in about 6 months I will start showing results in my artwork here and printed work.
About the other topic well some of you have always assumed I am into the spiritual matters and Yes! I am! but sometimes I rather not say anything because I was and I am and I still working first internally so I can be myself in all the levels the same without loads and contracts I do not want.
And for a funny situation a friend of mine started teaching me about meditation and talking to my angels etc, and I am learning in baby steps. I am not telling to believe I only pass the info :) so you know why I am happy. I mean spirituality knocked my door some time ago and I am just trying to be coherent with myself.!!!
Bottom line, I am a nice person in the overall but for the first time I won´t make anyone to stop my Path, I am starting to know it and I am happy with it . If Justice means to defend myself I will do so!

Great day to all of you!!

I will work on something over the weekend so expect new art!!


About music well yesterda was quite good while explaining a friend of mine the situation that I had in my job. I decided to buy some compacts.
David Bowie
Lacrimosa (this is first time listening to them I am in a serious way)

And I want to recommend some groups that I have been listening lately as my brother says pure noise :), He says that because for him is the same guitar rythm and drum beat for Indy but I like it and I see the differences.

Vaux, this french group is amazing!!
Asian kung Fu Generation
The Zutons.
The Kills
We are Scientists


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Justice I just want Justice!!

Maybe it will sound really different my comment today but in the rest of the week I will reveal part of the situation that is happening now in my job, I just won´t say too much because I do not want to warn anyone but well again a situation in my work needs the Daemocles Sword and I really want Justice!
I do not get it sometimes We work really hard in the coherency in all levels and a poor and lame spirit comes to destroy it, but I just had it.
I was praying to my 3 angels for Justice and tomorrow I will get it!!. Yes, I have them and are beautiful!!.
By the way it seems the perfect way you can help me please pray in the ways you know for me and tell Ezekiel, Malakias and Samael to be with me and to open the walls , I am not seeking for revenge I am seeking for Justice!!
This gives me The Meme for you.
What is the name of your angel(s)?
Ezekiel, Malakias and Samael.
What is the color of your aura? Blue normally and today to be honest red.
What is your mission? I keep my answer for next week :)

Have a great day and pray for me!!


ps:About the Box script seems that is not so original the idea so I will write another one, my friend the editor gave me a great explanation and gave me so many references that I really appreciated it...that talks incredibly about his in a sense was a good exercise to keep my mind working.

Do you?

Well today it is quite important in a sense, firstable amigo Nik sorry for the absence but I am checking the timings to talk and today after watching the soccer game (I will talk later about it :) ) I went to have my final deposit (You know I was saving and saving and saving for some years ) for the 2 trips I want to do over this year and next, one to Spain and visit my friends and to do the same over USA.
So that means that from now on all the money from my work, and comic work will be devoted to me: buying clothing, books, the brand new next official web page that will be soon , a new pair of glasses, art supllies,traveling and start spending some money on me. :)
I just have to make a final deposit to pay the taxes that is for next month and I am ready to start scheduling. On another note a great friend from Spain is having a new comic so expect the promotion over tomorrow and tell you about him. Also another friend in my country will consider me as a collaborator from now on in his own studio and that is good news in terms that I am going to be able for next year to make people see more work done by me on my own market, lousy and hard market but my friend wants to change the scope. I will talk about him as soon as We have a project in common to talk, He knows I have projects already scheduled and He is fine with it!!!.
I also have some proposals to make over the weekend in my country and overseas so well not saying anything till everything is concrete and solid!

So Have a Wicked Day!!!

Ps: Nik I saw you did the the way I like Rey Misterio Jr, Randy Orton, Edge, Foley ohh my so many to mention..:)
And I am expecting to go to the Luchas in Tijuana that are extreme...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Little Conspiracy XXX.

I do not normally have the chance to talk about my friends that are developing a strong and great voice over the medium. So what a better way to do it now. Rulo (Raul Treviño, mexican and regio!!!) has his baby called La Danza de la Conquista.
Order a copy!!!!

And this a great friend and an artist who wants me to be better everytime...for him I started my admiration to Alex Toth and to understand the importance of using a brush...Amigo Sergio Bleda I am taking all your advices in count. Ahhh I almost forgot his Baby "La Conjura de Cada Miercoles" was edited over Croatia with the title Zavjera Srijedom . Congratulations Sergio!!.


Green Dreams and White Chalk.

Togo 0 - 2 Switzerland
Saudi Arabia 0 - 4 Ukraine
Spain 3 - 1 Tunisia

Costa Rica 1 - 2 Poland
Ecuador 0 - 3 Germany
Paraguay 2 - 0Trinidad & Tobago
Sweden 2 - 2 England ( probably the best goal of the cup done by J. Cole!)

Ivory Coast v Serbia & Montenegro
Netherlands v Argentina
Iran v Angola
Portugal v Mexico.
I only hope Lavolpe stops his stupid strategies!!

Novus Ordo Mundi.

I will devote again the space to promote friends or to recommend sites I normally enjoy to read.:)
Kino send me an email I just can not find your last mail...Kino!! Kino!!!

Borja Crespo
Javier Olivares
Planeta Pop

Teddy Kristiansen
Dave Johnson (my favorite site in terms of design)
Jeff Matsuda
Mike Wieringo
Casey Jones
J. Scott Campbell
Sun of Gelatometti
Bill Sienkiewicz

LARRY DEMPSEY (You have nothing to thank my friend :) )
Wondy the Ginger Storm!!
Pinky June

Holy Spanish Sequential Manuscripts

Strange Corners
The lovely blanket of my inner orange desires!La Chula Nuala aka Bonita Annita.
El Gato de largos bigotes
La peregrina Missgps
El absurdo bigote fino Gonzalo

Great Day!!

The Box.

Well I was invited to collaborate in a horror anthology for a nice friend in USA and besides my comic and illustration art, I just decided that would a nice opportunity to get those stiffy fingers out of the box again and write a horror story I wanted to tell since some time ago. I guess another artist will be in the chores of this story. I will keep you guys updated on that.
I still need to edit some parts just in terms of the number of pages for the Comic but I liked the result. Wondy read it some hours ago and liked it!
The story dedicated to The Strange Corners guys, June et Wondy!

The Box©2006 Jesús Antonio Hernández Rodríguez
Page One
Panel One. At the distance We have inside a bar the bartender and owner of the place talking to one of his clients.
Owner: Ha! Yeah! Last time I heard the same I just couldn´t stop laughing…!
Panel Two: We have in the perspective of the bartender and bar how a man enters from the front door two packages.
Owner: Pascual…! Great to see you here… it has been ages since last time you were here..
Pascual waves his hand saying hello to the Owner and shaking a bit worried.
Pascual: Hello …! Please give me a straight shot of Tequila…please..!
Panel Three: Now Pascual is sitting on the bar and is putting his packages at his own right aside the other guy that the Owner was talking in panel One.
Owner: Pascual I was talking about you to this guy (Alberto) and I was telling him how great you are at telling stories…
Pascual: Me? Which stories..? Not because I owned a bookstore means I am a storyteller..
Owner: C´mon you always have something funny to say..!
Panel four:Pascual is starting to sweat that kind of cold sweat while ordering a new shot of Tequila.
Pascual: Please just give me another shot of Tequila..
Pascual literally drinks that shot at one shallow.
Owner: You are not celebrating anything right? What is wrong with you? Do you still have those economical problems you once told..?
Pascual: Just shut up! and give me another shot of Tequila!
Panel five:Pascual drinks his third shot of Tequila.
Pascual: Can you promise to tell in the story I will tell you know?
Owner: Do you mean NOT to say a word?
Pascual: No!!! I want you to spread the word!!
Guy aside Pascual: Why?
Owner: C´mon that is not you, the one who is talking..
Panel Six:Pascual takes his packages and starts opening them.
Pascual: Say to everybody the story I will tell now… warn everyone..
Panel Seven: Pascual opens one of the two packages and We can see a Jack in the Box.
Pascual: This is the reason of all my fears!.

Page Two
Panel One: We have a kind of Flashback telling the story of Pascual.The penciler has to draw what it is explained on every panel.
Pascual: Well some months I was broke after the problem my wife had with her health too much money spent on her recovery and just for nothing, I beg God for her recovery and never happened. My daughter and my son couldn´t help but just seeing her Mother dying in hard screams of pain. It was a relief When She was gone!!
Panel Two:
Pascual: With all the debts I had I just had to sell my bookstore and now the bank was asking for their money back and the only way to pay was the house, I didn´t want to do it because it was my inheritance to my two children, but I had to do it the bank just took my money and my house…
Panel Three: The only thing left was an old book that nobody saw me take while the eviction guys were at my house.
Panel Four: I was so frustrated and I just took the book to an antique store and sold it for quite a small amount of money, enough to deal for some months..
Panel Five: But I saw this Jack in the box on that antique store and I asked for the price, maybe you are thinking I was crazy for asking for the price of something when I had other priorities but I just wanted to please myself as a prize for all the nightmare my life became since months ago.

Page Three.
Panel Six: I just thought my strike of bad luck was over because the owner said I could take it for free because nobody has ever liked him and for him was to get rid of something He was not really happy with to have…!
Panel Seven:
I arrived to the hotel where We were staying now and I was showing off my prize and the money I received for that old book.
Panle Eight:
I wanted to see if the mechanism of that Jack in the box still worked and I tried to put it in function when suddenly the manivel started to move by itself.
Panel Nine:
The Jack in box had a melody and the Jack lips started moving and a gritty funny voice came from it.
Jack in the Box: Just three wishes, just three wishes, give a nickel and I will grant them. Beware to what you wish. Just three wishes and a life time to thank.
Panel Ten:
My daughter and my son were really laughing at the toy and We didn´t even get scared or something like that and my daughter hold my arm and told me to give him the nickel.
Panel Eleven:
I still do not know why but I just wanted to keep the prank and put a nickel in one slot the box had.
The Jack in the box started the melody again and that gritty voice said.
Jack in the Box: Three wishes, three wishes, no sorrow, no fear you will get what You deserve here!. What is your first wish?
Panel Twelve:
I started laughing and asked my children for the appropriated wish and only one thing crossed our mind.
All:MONEY!! We want to be rich!! Just MONEY!!
The Jack in the box moved again saying: Granted!

Page Four
Panel One: Next morning the curse started, I opened the door of the room where my son was to say goodbye, and the only thing I saw it was my son dead with his eyes wide opened in complete fear.
Panel Two: My daughter just screaming while seeing the scene. Of course We got rich, I just could not remember the insurance I paid some months ago in case my son died..I was in complete sorrow and regret... the insurance company was about to give me all that money at the expense of the life of my son!!! I just couldn´t believe it!!
Panel Three: I just returned from the funeral with my daughter in just pain and only one idea on my head: to destroy that Jack in the box!.
Panel Four: I found the jack in the box in the room where my son died and again suddenly the Jack started that horrible melody and that gritty voice again.
Jack in the box: Two wishes, two wishes, no sorrow no fear You are getting what you deserve here. Which is your second wish?
Panel Five: I didn´t expect that horrible toy to say that, And crying out loud I only screamed out:
Pascual: I want my son back!! I want my son back!
Jack in the box : Granted!!
Panel Six:
Now I listen the scream of my daughter next room and I thought the worst, I just came as fast as I could when I saw her coming toward my arms.
Daugther (screaming in total fear): What have you done!!? What have you done!!?
Panel Seven:
From the door it was my son back..He was back but I just could not expected how….
Panel Eight:
My son trying to enter to the room in total decomposition and screaming:
Son:You!! Why did you make me return!!? Whhhy????
Panel Nine:
Hitting the wall trying to enter while my daughther was trying to stop his entrance.
Every hit was becoming harder and harder…
Panel Ten:
I just entered in panic when I saw in the bed of that room again that Jack in the box and again for the last time I heard that melody and that gritty voice.
Jack in the voice: One wish, One wish, no sorrow no fear You get what you deserve here…which is just last wish?
Panel Eleven: Oh My God!! I just want him TO LEAVE!!
Panel Twelve:
My daughter was all in tears and a blunt silence surrounded the place, no more knocks or hits on that door…no more…He was gone!!

Page Five:
Panel One:We returned to the present scene and the owner of the Bar and the guy aside were mute they just could not believed what they had listened while Pascual asked for another shot of Tequila.
Panel Two:After drinking his shot of Tequila
Pascual: I am so sorry but... can you give me a moment?… I am so sorry!!
Owner: No…No problem!!
Panel Three: Pascual taking his two packages the two guys still with no words to say.
Pascual: Let me put myself together…I need to go to the restroom.
Owner: Please go!!
Panel Four:
Pascual is heading to the Restroom and The owner is really dubious to what He just listened
Owner: Do you really believed to what….?
Panel Five:The sound of a gunshot is listened over the bar and it was coming from the restroom.
The owner and the guy at the bar ran fast to see what it happened there.
Panel Six: Close up at The owner and the guy at the bar.
Both: Holy Crap!
Panel Seven: we see a down shot to the hand of Pascual full in blood and one nickel and next to him The Jack in the Box.


Have a Great Day!!


Monday, June 19, 2006

No pasa nada, no pasa nada! En la segunda se los lleva la chingada!

As you know I like and learn to respect Luchas from my country everything started as my research for The Luchador! the comic I am doing with my amigo Nik Havert and since some time ago I have been liking some incredible fighters.
I also want to publish some Covers Showcasing the fighters that I really like.
I hope a kind person can direct me with one of the editors of these magazines so I can tell them some ideas I have in the short and long term... so right here is only a tibbit of what it can be done.Dr. Wagner is my favorite fighter!.

Bueno amigos aqui les muestro algo que he tenido en mente desde hace un tiempo y pues si alguien me contacta con las revistas de Lucha de mi pais para empezar a platicar y decirles que ideas tengo se los agradecere mucho. Y como un homenaje para el Dr. Wagner que es sino el favorito mio el que realmente me agrada como persona..

A great Hug.


Number Please?

Long time without talking about one of my secret loves...Silent Era...
These two movies I will recommend today I had the chance to watch them yesterday at night and they are some of the few Hal Roach movies that doesn´t really fit into the cheesy cliché directing He used to have.
With the work done with Harold Lloyd there is a transition from the amateurish films and soon about 1920 found like the formula of work with Hal Roach and two beautiful examples are:

"Number Please?" done in 1920 and directed by Hal Roach and an assistant, the lead actress as usual the lovely Mildred Davis.

"An Eastern Westerner" done also in 1920 almost same cast filmed by the incredible Pathé studios.

Have a glorious day!!!!


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Meme and Noir.

5 Things In My Fridge:
Oaxaca Cheese.
Carnitas called Migajas (fried mexican meat)
Diet Coke.
5 Things In My Closet:
A S_ _ ll
My tarot set
5 Things In My Bag:
Markers for writing on a whiteboard
A book of English
A Dictionary
Some papers with telephones on them.
A ticket
5 Things In My Car:
Ha I don't have a car - I'm a Bus boy! (Damn Wondy I love you for being a simple pedestrian :) ).
5 Favourite Sayings:
Pinche Pendeja/Pendejo.
In theory...
Fuck off!
5 Favourite Movies:
Metropolis ...Ha!
Cinema Paradiso
7 chances
When Harry meets Sally (or viceversa?? I just do not remember now)
My addition to this Meme:5 Favourite mexican fighters:
Mr. Aguila
Blue Demon Jr.

Great frigging Day!!


My Word an Angel and Death

I am paying my duties and this is something I promised to do several, several months ago. This is the design of a nice poca madre tipo Paco Espinoza and his creation El Angel de la Muerte. (Angel of Death).
The design is a little cartoony because I wanted to respect his line work.
In case you ask me what about the project The Luchador! written by the great amigo and writer Nik Havert and hand painted by me that I was talking last year well...
It Is in works I hope by the end of the year to have very good news on the matter.
I hope you guys like it and tomorrow I will load another piece of work Lucha-related!!

Great Day!!

Gracias por esperar Espinoza!!!


Green Dreams and White Chalk.

Japan 0 - 0 Croatia
Brazil 2 - 0 Australia (Brazil did not deserve to win, played so bad and got just strikes of luck!)
France 1 - 1 South Korea

Togo v Switzerland
Saudi Arabia v Ukraine
Spain v Tunisia

50 Times 50

The new issue 50 is OUT!!!!!!
You can see the greatest minds and friends artists working on the place and more than 25000 people checking the page everyweek!!
As always new artists and old ones are joining the Fun!!
Visit it and Check BODOQUE that is written and drawn by truly yours!!
If you can promote our link I would really appreciate it!!! (link in full spanish)

El nuevo número de la Kodorniz esta ya en linea!! 50 y casi 25000 personas visitan la pagina cada semana!!!Visiten el sitio y mi tira politica BODOQUE
Si quieres linkear nuestro link the La Kodorniz en tu sitio nosotros encantados y te lo agradecemos.. !!!

A great Hug..!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Green Dreams and White Chalk.

Portugal 2 - 0 Iran
Czech Republic 0 - 2 Ghana
Italy1 - 1 United States (hard and weird game so many people out and the elbow hit!)

Japan v Croatia
Brazil v Australia
France v South Korea

Friday, June 16, 2006

Tamales Oaxaqueños

Back to normality...!
I have sent the work for the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.
You already know that the new strip will be shown next SUNDAY
Where??? HERE!!!!

CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.
And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..I am honored to be among them every week.
For next Sunday you will have only one page and in the same Soccer Theme!.Great day!!!
(Yes, the link is in Spanish).
If you are a spanish tongue speaker, please promote this work done by me EVERYWHERE :) :)
Thanks in Advance!!

Remember I decided to have a permanent space for Bodoque and all in SPANISH!So be my guest and enjoy!


Green Dreams and White Chalk.

Ecuador 3 - 0 Costa Rica
England 2 - 0 Trinidad & Tobago
Sweden 1 - 0 Paraguay

Argentina 6 - 0 Serbia & Montenegro
Netherlands 2 - 1 Ivory Coast
Mexico 0 - 0 Angola
(horrible game..why to wait now for the points when you had full stadium of mexicans and playing against 10? why to wait to the last 15 minutes for the changes?)

Portugal v Iran
Czech Republic v Ghana
Italy v United States

Fire and Air.

I didn´t work on my Workshop this week thanks to the messy week my teacher had.:)
I just watched the game Mexico v Angola and I am really upset at the way the selection played....! :) Now as usual We need to wait for the results of other games to see If We pass to the next part of the Cup. Dammit!!!
Well tomorrow I will have my workshop as usual and I am helping a friend to study English , He will teach me Autocad and on Sunday I am going to the movies so If I see an interesting movie I will have my regular review here.
I received some praisal from a friend of mine that is a solid professional inker and I am really proud.
Also wish me and my piece the best of Luck in the Exposition of Almeria I am really proud of what is happening with my work and believe me I have really big plans ahead!!

Great Day!!!


My Little Conspiracy XXIX.

Monday 26 of June:11:00
From June 26th to July 1st in the Biblioteca Pública Francisco Villaespesa (C/. Hermanos Machado, s/n. ALMERÍA) The V Campaña de Difusión del Tebeo has an
Exposition of 50 Years of Trueno. Homage and Original pieces from El Capitan Trueno.
And maybe you are wondering what is the Big Deal!!
Well I am one of the Expositors,so a piece done by me will be on the Exposition!!! Yay!!!!

Spanish version.
Lunes, 26 de junio:- 11:00 h: Inauguración de la Exposición ´50 Años con Trueno. Homenaje` y Ediciones históricas originales de ´El Capitán Trueno` por la Delegada de Cultura, Ana Celia Soler

Great Day!!

JESUS ANTONIO Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Love for Dummies: Too High or Too Low,Too Big or Too Little.

Bonita Annita wrote:
Human motivation is so complicated. It´s difficult to walk on somebody else´s shoes, because they don´t fit your feet so you can´t really go through the true experience.

Now I have another question so you guys help me have a wide perspective on the matter. After reading what Annita wrote but also a conversation with one of my best friends (girl) today in the afternoon,We were just analyzing a situation.
I was telling her that I am for the first time really good and feeling plenty but that I do not really understand the motivation of a girl in terms of what She expects from me or from life. So We talk about some people We have in common and there was a situation that was worth to analyze ,I know it is kind of vain but is the way society work at times, I hate this perspective but I wanted to mention this so You could understand my point.

Well... this guy..I will talk..well..He is not the best looking person in the world and besides that The close-minded perception He has from life has made him fall into these circunstances.
1.-To aim high in terms of a girl, He always aims to have the beautiful girl or to the one that always treats him like shit or the one that is really out of his reach. So We were talking that We have limits call them genetical aspects or even social status.
2.-To prejudice people, He thinks that If He can not understand your values You can not be part of his life and you are just a sinner(literally!!!).
3.-His own image of himself is really different to what He thinks it is, I mean I know He has some bigs issues to solve in terms of the conception He has of himself. Sometimes acting as a big jerk just to hide the little and few nice things He has.

So I was telling my friend that this is the first time that I do not know If I am just aiming too high or too little. When I was commenting this She kind of giggle telling me that I could have any girl I want but the right girl has not arrived yet. I have had many kinds of girlfriends I mean for me the social status or the way you look is NOT the priority. I have to say I have the stereotype I really like but for me is more about If I feel comfortable with the person and If I enjoy her conversation and If this girl is really heading to an specific place or goal and If I like the way her saliva and liquids taste.
So my question is.... maybe am I having more problems to find the right person because at the same time I have not these kind of social standard fringes (status, look,etc)? Or maybe because while being afraid of being hurt I had became just picky?

I was also talking to a friend that I need to learn to have people around my life without having big or little expectations on them and learn in not feeling hurt, and try to make people to get closer to me even If I do not have the same direction so I am working in letting myself just flow and be...

Have a great Day!!!


Love for Dummies: Man of Little Faith.

MMMMM Yesterday I was waiting for my teacher who told me that today We will finally agree on the information for next class of the Workshop it was what I did not want, because that means I will not sleep well tonite working on that but what the Heck! :)
I was really hesitant to call this post a Love for Dummies but yesterday I was really angry, firstable the call that I received and later on the attitude of Red Head that is still in my group and at times She is like playful or sometimes is defensive...not that I matter really I mean She just decided She does not want anything with me but Has never happened to you to see the person you like or love destroying herself or himself or even worst without direction and You can not do anything. Sounds funny but yesterday while it was the call-conversation I was wondering..Why are you calling me? What does You know who want? Why after all this time and just having such a vain conversation? or in the class I was wondering Why is red head looking at me in that way If She does not want anything? .
Probably Ego but yesterday I was a bit upset, but I remember the lesson I had some time ago from a friend who told me from both situations "If the lesson She has to learn is to screw the things up just let her be but be really far..really far from her" now I am really much better and happy!.

Have a great day!!


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Green Dreams and White Chalk.

Brazil 1 - 0 Croatia
South Korea 2 - 1 Togo
France 0 - 0 Switzerland

Spain 4 - 0 Ukraine
Tunisia 2 - 2 Saudi Arabia
Germany 1 - 0 Poland

Ecuador v Costa Rica
England v Trinidad & Tobago
Sweden v Paraguay

Sweet Dying Chants In My Sour Ears

Yesterday was really cool, I went to Las Luchas and I really enjoyed the semi last fight. I guees it was Mascara and Brazo de Platino VS Los Villanos (incredible pair and workteam!!).
I also enjoyed the fight with Sagrado and Volador.
And the fight with Mistico and Wagner was really good, now I want a new toy I saw a beautiful Wagner official mask and it is 40 bucks, so I am starting to save money to buy it next time He shows himself down my state.:)
I haven´t heard of my teacher and I am a little concerned because If We do not use today or tomorrow to get done with the notes We will work really hard on the night of Friday and Saturday to pull the class and to be honest I want to rest my proper time of the night.
Today seems like a good day I will keep you guys informed.

I am recommending now to listen:
Magic Numbers
Nelly Furtado with her new single Maneater.
I am not really fond of Regaee but Matisyahu is Awesome!!

Update number one:
Some minutes ago You Know who called me (newbies check in the archives to see Who You Know is :) )..She wanted to know where I was up to.... Since Feb that I did not know about her..I still do not get why a person who doesn´t want to be with you still just calling..and after the harsh argument last time...I do not understand the process maybe is just me,maybe She wants to be nice but I do no see the point I still do not know If She was(were) about to ask me something but I just answered so cold that probablay I just killed her idea with my attitude. Girls...girls..girls!!!

Great Day!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Human Remains Meme.

Funny Meme!
Taken a picture completely naked?MMMM...not really at least not me.
Danced in front of your mirror naked? Yeaph!
Told a lie? Yeaph!
Ever had a one night stand? Yeaph!
Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? Damn!! yes!
Made out with someone of the same sex? Nope and not interested.
Seen someone die? Yes.
Kissed a picture? A picture and a 3 paged pictorial
Slept in until 5pm? When...this month...seriosuly Yes i have.
Had sex at work (on the clock)? Hahahahah Yeaph!
Fallen asleep at work/school? Las Saturday in my workshop
Held a snake? Nope
Ran a red light? hahaha nope.
Been suspended from school? Of Course!!
Totaled your car in an accident? No
Pole dance? Lap dancing counts? ...nope
Been fired from a job?Well not really I was pressed so hard but they never could hahahahaha
Sang karaoke? Yeaph!!
Done something/once you told yourself you wouldn't? Forgiving...
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Yeapph!!!!!
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Nope
Kissed in the rain? Yeaph!!
Sang in the shower? Yes!!
Gave your pussy, tits, or cock a nickname? Hahaha can you actually do that???? hahahahah Nope hahahahaha
Ever gone to school without underwear? hohohohoohohoo Yeaph!
Sat on a roof top? Yes
Played chicken? I guess but I always lose I am terrible palying and following instructions
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Nope.
Broken a bone? Yes.
Mooned/flashed someone? Yes
Had sex with your socks on? Yes
Shaved your head? Yeaph and that costs me a relationship hahaha dumb girl..hahahah
Slept naked? Every night
Blacked out from drinking? Not really I am sober guy
Played a prank on someone? YYYYeeeessss!!!!
Had a gym membership? I used to...
Felt like killing someone? You did not ask in what way!! ahahahahaha
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? Yes and I do not like to see that
Cried over someone you were in love with? Ohhh many times,
Had sex more than 10 times in one day? Hahahaha ten no way
Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? Of course I live in Mexico
Been in a band? Group yes!!
Subscribed to Maxim? I want to but I recommend the UK version.
Taken more than 10 shots of alcohol? Nope
Shot a gun? Yes
Shot a bow and arrow? Nope
Played strip poker? Nope
Tripped on mushrooms? Not really
Donated Blood? yes
Video taped yourself having sex? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH nope!!
Eaten alligator meat? and snake and rat and deer...Ohhhh My God I am Hanibbal
Ever jump out of an airplane? No and I really want to
Have you been to more than 10 countries? Nope but is in my list.


My Little Conspiracy XXVIII.

It was shown this Year Book done by my Hose the AACE over the Convention in Barcelona and it is showing the most relevant work done in tebeos over Spain over 2005 similarly to what Glenat used to do in past times, I am including the information in Spanish!! Great People like Sergio Bleda, Tirso Cons, Mel, Fritz, Victor Santos,Alvaro Pons collaborate on this summary. Great magazine go and Buy it!!!
The Cover was done by Paco Rodriguez..a beautiful cover!!!!
Spanish translation:
“Anuario de la historieta: 2005” editado por la Asociación de Autores de Cómic de España.
El “Anuario de la Historieta:2005” cuenta con articulistas y estudiosos (de la talla de Pepe Galvez, Toni Bois, Toni Guiral, Alfons Moliné, Helio Mira...), con entrevistas a dibujantes de especial relevancia durante el pasado año y artículos (sobre cómic USA en España, Manga en España, cómic europeo en España, cómic español en España, derechos de autor, salones de cómic, cómic y cine, cómic infantil, weblogs...) que intentan analizar todo lo acontecido en el mundo del tebeo durante el 2005.
Este anuario, ilustrado por autores asociados a A.A.C.E. (como Victor Santos, tirso Cons, Mel, Fritz...) y cuya portada ha sido realizada por el dibujante Paco Rodriguez, trata de cubrir un vacío editorial que existe en este pais desde aquel, ya lejano, “1993:Un año de tebeos” publicado en su día por Glènat España.

The great Paco Najera is also giving me a sneak peek of the new collaboration in Muy Interesante Junior 20 this time talking about the founders of Rome, Romulo and Remo..great work Paco!!!
The Spanish Version:
Solo una nota para informar de la aparición de una nueva historieta de Paco Najera en la revista Muy Interesante Junior, concretamente la numero 20, en la que Paco nos cuenta una historia sobre los fundadores de la antigua Roma, Romulo y Remo, titulada "Dos bebes y la loba capitolina".
A great friend Diego Cara is letting me know that the new issue of Tebeolandia Number 4 is available over Spain so go and buy it!!!

Great Day!!


Etna da luz azul a Dante

Today I am going to Las Luchas to see fighting Mistico, Wagner, Atlantis and Black Warrior, I still do not know If I could take some photos because I have not my camera yet. If not for next time!.
These past two days were just to rest my teacher hasn´t come to talk about next Workshop class so I hope that tomorrow He will be home to talk about it. With all this mess with my computer time passed so fast and I am at half the course what means that only 9 classes more and the Workshop will be gone and 2 weeks after that I will finally send my Monography that I have to start this weekend.
Everything is quite good I need to use this week to catch up with mails and talk about future plans!!
I am about to finish the pencils of the Cover of Fair Blues and hopefully next week to start the inking.
I am starting to work in a teaser ad for Rocket Girl.

In my country is very common to celebrate the Day that celebrates your name, in my case today is San Antonio de Padua´s Day (maybe the word will be namesake to describe the Day). In the past at home We used to celebrate the day big time and today I have no big plans...if somethings happens I will let you know...
Great day and Enjoy it!

PS:The title is a Palindroma.


My Little Conspiracy XXVII.

This is the take that Raul Treviño did for the Thor We both did (You ned to look in the Archives to see my take), I am really happy about the great things that are coming from this friend Regio (from Monterrey) and I am sure more things are coming his way from what I know He is working in number 2 of La Danza de la Conquista his Opera prima and Who knows where He is going to stop.:)
Buy his new Comic La Danza de la Conquista printed by Norma, and I guess in few months to have the English Version.
He edited a video with the process of the printing.
Go and check in on his blog:

Have a great time!!


Monday, June 12, 2006

Green Dreams and White Chalk.

United States 0 - 3 Czech Republic
Italy 2 - 0 Ghana
Australia 3 - 1 Japan


Brazil v Croatia
South Korea v Togo
France v Switzerland

Great Day!!


Golden and Purple Colors.

I was thinking in what to say because nothing so big happened, maybe Yes, in fact on Friday I went to visit some friends of mine and I had a session of Radiesthesia. (I won´t talk much on the matter, but I can say it was really good the moment). By the way did I mention that Third Death also talks about it...funny how life links things.
For God´s sake!!! "Old Boy" the movie I was waiting to watch got its own way to my hands so I am expecting to watch it today or tomorrow so expect a review...Wondy if there is a way I can get a copy of Lady Vengeance let me know...!
Tomorrow I will go to the Luchas again and and by the way this gave me the perfect story to talk about..
Last "Luchas" time I didn´t go well I went...the story is quite dumb.
Two weeks ago My friend reserved the second row that meant that the show was about to be incredible because Mistico and Wagner were fighting that night, happens that I couldn´t leave early the school because it started to rain cats and dogs, really hard,So I had to wait so a friend of mine could take me nearby with her car, well rain stopped a little but the situation was just chaotic, so many cars, so many crashes, and water and rocks so my friend took another route to go, some wrong decisions and We still do not know why but We were 7 km far away from the starting point and the car in total mud, so We got stuck for 3 hours until her husband arrived to help us and the kind help of a guard that helped us too.
Well me full in mud went to Arena only to tell my friend what it happened, the people in the Luchas place were so nice I think I really looked so badly that they let me get into the last minutes of the last fight to see my friend, and Well I found her and We were just laughing at supper time (We ate hamburgers) at my bad steps over the day. So that is how I went but I didn´t.
But destiny is even greater because Mistico and Wagner are going this time so this gives me the chance to recover last time!! Yayyy!!!

Have a great day!!