Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Love for Dummies. Healing in gold terms.

Golden Tarot Posted by Picasa

Well I had a coffee with you know who, and to be honest I do not even know why I accepted the coffee. I was talking some time that it was really hard for me to see her as a friend and for a strange reason I continue feeling the same, I can treat her as a friend but it would be like lying to myself. Although I have that crossed emotion I wanted to try to see her as a friend.
I also made a division in feelings One thing is what logic says and the other is what my heart feels, I decided not to go out ever with her and not to become a friend. It would be just painful by now, I now that eventually I will become a friend but not a close one or not now.
I guess I wanted to prove my point and try to deal with the punches.
I feel something incredible for her but She doesn`t so well I hope someone else makes me have that same or a bigger feeling I had for her.
We were talking about my last 3 months with no contact (all the family problems,job and my feelings) and I really undestood that I am not important to her well to the point to see me as a Man.
I have to point out that I was not trying to ask her again about a chance, I never had the intention to ask, beg or return to a pointless situation.
I have to say that it is a big punch to my ego (Because as I said some time after what happend with her I really felt uggly,a dork and without personality..and I couldn`t understand that If I am a nice fella why I just couldn`t make her vibrate in the same frequency..She told me that I am not the problem that it was just that She couldn`t see me as a man and She was looking only for a friendship) and more than that I was sad that I just couldn`t make her feel what I am feeling for her. But as June has been writing lately :The things are or are not.
I just wanted to verify what to do so I am now taking my feelings for her in a little box and I will put them in a corner and hoping that that feeling goes away.
I feel fine I really thought it would be hard but as you guys know I was prepared since long time ago.
So well I am opening a new book and a new page and I really hope that the right one shows up soon.
I am fine today and tomorrow I will see what it goes with my studies I hope to have and find good news about it and well try to see what I can do and give to all the things the same priority.

About Caramel eyes and Cute girl no sign so for now I am resting my case. If something happens I will tell, but as I told a friend If one of these girl had been interested they would have already reached contact.

See you and wish me luck for tomorrow!!

ps:I really need a hug today.


Life is scary sometimes..

Fatty Posted by Picasa

Hello well these 3 weeks have been a real hell, I never expected to see so many changes around and trying to contrast myself was really harsh.
Did I tell you guys about the teacher who came to visit me?
Well as I said He is going to help me to get my Bachelor in Architecture (so many problems in that time that I just couldn`t finish the the last tramits and paper work), well today He will investigate what is my situation with the Institution and tomorrow I will look for him and see the way to fix everything if possible (so please keep me in your prayers).
I have to say that I feel a little scared because it is like my trip to the past and I don`t want that part of my life to be erased and not being able to get what I work so hard to have I need to close the circle and start seeing a different perspective.
It is scary to confront my old fears indeed, I love my career but I love more my calling for the artistic way but being honest to do what I want I really need to close the circle and finally try to finish my last part of the studies that means residence, social service and my curricular worshop to get my certificate, It everything goes well by mid term of next year I will have the paper in my hands.
Family is much better now well in fact my Mom, I really hope also to finally nail with Pro comic work over these next months so I can get an steady income and not to care about money.
Sorry If I have been a little blue all this time but I guess I got lost for some reason (I mean loving my calling and not having an steady comic work,well love life sucking as usual but I decided just to start solving parts of my life by parts and I hope everything will come together by itself).
I have so many plans.
Today I have a coffee with You know who (I am just giving myself a chance to see her as a friend so if today doesn`t work in that way I will decide to stop seeing her).The other people well no sign of them.
I am a happy guy and I want to keep that vibe.

Well see you later on or tomorrow at night!
Best to you guys!!


ps:About comic work (Nik! Pedro! I am starting to pack up the proposals to Spain and some contacts in USA so I think that by Friday Next week to have sent everything so now will be just a matter of time and luck).
I need to keep the work really fast and to be able to finish El Clan the third week of September.
I keep working on Rocket Girl and project that I have on my desk.

See you!!....

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Dogma Icarus III

Dogma Icarus

Now holding my hands you take me to the shore and stepping on the sand you asked..."Do you want to fly?".
I never thought about it and I just said "No, never!"
Then you turned your face and told me you could create happiness in little pills.
You told me to believe and just the phrase got stuck in my ears
"Always believe tomorrow will be the day".

Great day!


Can you see my Aura?

Man Ray Posted by Picasa

This is another example of Man Ray and his great technique of overexposition.
The piece is called The Donna.

I have so many things to say but later I will take a nap.
The best to you guys!


Monday, August 29, 2005

Overexposed to be seen in the palid DADA mood.

Man Ray Posted by Picasa

I continue feeling a bit bad but let`stalk about art to cheer me up.
Thanks for the words Dear ladies!! I am going out for a walk to stop thinking nonsense.

Well about modern art I love some movements a lot.
Art Noveau
And I quite like some part of Impressionism and Surrealism, funny is that I discovered that one movement had some of my favorite artists, in fact one of my favorite photographers is in that movement: MAN RAY.
I loved the way He overexposed the photos to the grade of creating a halo around the figures.

Well the movement I was talking is the DADA movement.
Europe, 1916-1924
Dada was a protest by a group of European artists against World War I, bourgeois society, and the conservativism of traditional thought. Its followers used absurdities and non sequiturs to create artworks and performances which defied any intellectual analysis. They also included random "found" objects in sculptures and installations.The founders included the French artist Jean Arp and the writers Hugo Ball and Tristan Tzara. Francis Picabia and Marcel Duchamp were also key contributors.The Dada movement evolved into Surrealism in the 1920's.

Funny indeed!
Great day!


Sniff! Sniff!!

Sniff! Posted by Picasa

Second one!
Now I will call the acrylic off for some weeks I need to keep track into the work I need to finish.
Luchador!, El Clan and In Nomine.

Well hope you guys like it!!

My recommendation If you have time watch The Navigator done in 1924 with Buster Keaton.
Did you know that Harry Houdini named him as Buster after a fall Buster Keaton had at the tender age of 6 months and no fracture was suffered.?

Have a great day!!
I am still a bit blue and angry.I am even planing to go out to a hill near and scream my guts out and continue with my meditation.

Take care and chill out!.


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dogma Icarus II

My First Acrylic Posted by Picasa

Panel two:Voice off

I can control my dream ...I can control my dream, now everything is in colors and I see the beauty of your face battling against the water,your beautiful eyes makes me forget myself.
You look like a little lost mermaid, you can not sing but the power is on your eyes.

Have a great day!!

ps:btw This is my first Acrylic work ever.


Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dogma Icarus

Dogma Icarus Posted by Picasa

Well I need to start how this thing will work.
I was thinking about the idea of having a weekly comic strip that I can send into the Asocciation as a proposal.
Well I also watch the movie Lucia y el Sexo (a beautiful movie) and I got the idea of taking my concept of Dogma Icarus.
Dogma Icarus will be based in 3 aspects.
1.-No script (I do not even have an idea of how the next panel would look like, I want to use my creativity to solve the storytelling, I want a combination of Little Nemo,Kaftka and Magic).
2.-This time I will show off all my guns..I mean I will attack this project in all the artistical way possible for me so that means I will use all the techniques I really want to show people I can draw and paint, so this will be a great experiment and also a great way to gauge my level as an artist and writer.For instance I normally used esfumino for my pencil work and this time I wanted a combination of my esfumino work and my pencil technique, I have to say that I was about 6 years without using that way to draw so I am still rsuty in some areas but as soon as I get my timing you will see the difference.
3.-Freedom. I want to explore certain styles and this project will give me the chance to feel free.I want to create something really crazy and also using the way I have been feeling lately.

Dogma Icarus
Written and Drawn by Jesùs Antonio Hernàndez Rodriguez

Panel one:Voice off
Today for the first time I saw you in my dreams, and you were just walking without hurry to the shore, wet and fragile you are.
I can see your lips and those are telling me something but no voice comes from them or from the dream, or probably there is sound but I just can`t take my eyes from your beautiful sight.
I am drowning...?
I just say to myself ...I do not want to be hurt..and I remember this is my own dream.

Have a great time!


Friday, August 26, 2005

Numerology: The step back

Numerology Posted by Picasa

Ohh My God!
When I saw this picture I just couldn`t wait, The photo is an amazing storyteller of what this Presidential Period has become.
Well let me put it in this way for our President this period has been a great Pachanga (party) where the only invited ones are ...He and his wife.
What a beatiful photo to describe also what The goverment said over this week that the battle against Poverty hasn`t been working properly. So ironic to have the president having a torta and aside him a boy, you see the ironic part isn`t it?.
A new book is on the market accusing the Presidential Family of Corruption I honestly hope the book is full of lies because If it is not it will become a big punch to the hope of people in my country.
Problems with Guerilla still and aside the violence in the north.

Great Photo indeed!

Have a good time!


Disolve the lead into my tears sweet Kariatides.

Athena Posted by Picasa

When I loaded Athena or Athenea (sometimes I forget what is the proper language to use), I had in mind to draw the piece using The Kariatides and try to play with a sexy girl in two costumes, the armor and the clothes in fashion.
Well I finished the piece that will now be called Kariatides and voila!
I still need to show the inked version but until next week.

Have a great life and time!!


Love for Dummies. Healing.

The Healing Tarot by Jennifer Elizabeth Moore
Posted by Picasa

Lovely image isn`t it?

I was thinking about what June said and I wanted to give a more deep explanation, probably the explanation is not for her is more for me. I want to see some aspects of my writing and when I read it twice I normally find something that I was looking.

I think going out with you know who as friends might be difficult.It is hurtful maily because is like going to a party and not being able to drink or eat as you wish, it is also like battling in love for someone who is not even paying attention to you and for hard and sour I say it is not worthy

for the other girls im not sure about them.Don't settle for second best with anything though.Just an observation here and it might be a culteral difference.That is also something I do not want to do... to get the second prize and also make someone feel they`re the second prize. I mean nobody likes to be the second plate around, that`s why I am dividing these options, sounds funny but you know how is love obviously you have one that you feel attracted more but that doesn`t mean is the right one, don`t you believe me? (remember my 10 months dating you know who :D ).

You do seem to be always the one doing the chasing so to speak.I was seriously thinking about what you said I guess it is also a cultural thing, but also it has been the way that things turned.
Sometimes woman like men to be just a little mysterious and unavailable.Yeaph! I can play the misterious card also but it doesn`t work to everybody and normally to the girls I like is a signal that probably I am not interested when I do that and it is not the idea.I also agree that has to be 50/50.

Be friendly by all means but maybe make it seem like you have other commitments.That is also the point I guess I lost the Formula about the standars, sometimes when I act like that I scare a girl away, also it is part of my personality to always do the things with passion and some people do not want that.I am serious when I say I lost the Formula so for now the only thing I am doing is to show what I am and keep my thoughts about them for me.

I dont know what its like in Mexico but i know in lots of countries for some reason we woman always seem to want the guys other women have. Right here is the same for a strange reason when happens that I am available nobody really takes me seriously or viceversa they take me so seriously, but as soon as they see I have a relation everybody shows up.In my country girls look for protection in most of the cases but things are changing very fast in my country and well for what I have seen now people in general get into relations for solitude,protection or payback and I do not want that I only want to share.

Hope you can understand what im saying.I hope I understood my Dear June.
Good Luck I am so happy you are enjoying life a lot. The happier you are The merrier I am.

Situation:Nobody has called.
Today I was to have a date with Cute girl but no call,nothing so I guess I will call the odds about her for now.

Great day and see you later!


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Disolve that wavy hair into my tears Athenea.

Advance Posted by Picasa

Well this is my third card, it is not alreay done I still need to ink this aside the other one.
so until now I have three cards.

As you have noticing from the past I really want my pieces to be as slick as possible and also elegant.

See you tomorrow and hopefully over next week to start loading more work I will do on my weekend.

Funny to say this but I feel so plenty just drawing...I am waiting for some responses about some proposals.
Tomorrow If I get paid :) I will buy some material to start painting.

Great day to you!


Be My Muse..Make me believe in love again.

Sarah Bernard Posted by Picasa

Before getting into the topic the photo that is loaded here is of the Muse of Alphonse Mucha the greatest Sarah Bernard, actress who was the inspiration of Mucha!
I am loading this piece because today I want to draw something with a romantic feel and using Art Noveau, funny to say this but I have to recognize that my primal influence in terms of drawing girl is Mucha!
Great day to you and see you later..If I finish the drawing early I will post it later on or tomorrow!!


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Love for Dummies. Third Front.

Love Posted by Picasa

I set this front to the last also to add new information.
Well I met this girl that is really nice Let`s called her (Plucky smile), She seems to be nice and in the overall is a devoted girl in many ways.Attractive,short with black straight hair and a nice smile.With some issues in her Family.
I haven`t mentioned her because in this case I can feel She feels something for me but for funny that it sounds it is difficult to imagine myself with her and not because of her is more about her Beliefs.
She is nurtured full in spiritual fears and also very limited in some areas, I am not saying She is a bad person on the contrary she is quite nice and that kind of girl to even think of getting married and be steady.
One of my concerns is not to affect her I mean it is hard for me to tell her how I think and what are the things that I do not believe any longer, I do not really want to scare her.
I am really fine with my way of thinking but I know and I am sure that the way I see life might be difficult to bear to her.
One day She told me She was talking to a person and She said She wants to be with a guy who She can tolerate his errors and try to deal with them...I never never heard that kind to see love in a person.
A person told me to try to know her and see If there are some stuff that I can get attracted but as I said previously I do not know how to see our dates because also something I do not want her to be is my trampolin or the shoulder to cry.
I will try to know her better for sure.

About you know who She called me today in the afternoon as you might know in another time I would have immediately call her and try to see her, this time No.I haven`t even tried to call her, She called me to go out as friends (I have to say in her defense that I ask her first to go out )
She wants me to be friends and I do not know yet If I can move to that format. Everytime I see her my heart just burst in happiness, really really sad.

Caramel eyes hasn`t called the same with Cute girl.
I was thinking in what June said about trying to meet Caramel eyes with more people, the problem is that I see that really difficult to do because They do not gather so frequent.

Great day!!!
Good to see you back Cute Anita!!


The Iceberg I hit yesterday.

The Times Posted by Picasa

Yesterday I was feeling awful I was all day long just sleeping trying not to think that much about everything, now the day started quite funny (I entered to the bus and the driver was a friend of mine so he didn`t charge me the ticket so I took the bus for free)and I am sure the week will be incredibly better.
I was trying to figure a way to start moving my art and start having that economical stability I am in search to move my plans, I decided not to overcome any longer my papers for the ending of my career (I still need to ask next week what is my situation with the school and see how a teacher can help me there..I am starting next week to prepare some stuff from the course He wants me to prepare).
I am again bombarding people with my artwork so they know I am available so wish me luck!
No money from the company yet... well the guy who passed the voucher told me today or tomorrow I will receive the money in my bank, I need the money to buy material and start sending my submissions and a paper to get paid from a gig I did recently.
"Caramel eyes" just vanished I haven`t heard from her, neither from"Cute girl".

I am starting again to draw...I need to finish some pages of El Clan so next week I will start loading more work of it.
Luchador! continues in works I need some material I ran out of to continue properly.

Maybe what brought me down was that I took a bus yesterday and I saw a guy singing in the bus nothing special till I saw his hands and were sliced (that kind of cuts you make when you want to commit suicide), and later on some clowns entered to the bus and I felt really bad because one of the clowns had a knee really in bad shape and I admired that He didn`t stop his performance even seeing his face of pain.

Well now I am feeling good and in track so see you later!!
I couldn`t go Las Luchas but well next time will be for sure :)


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I`ve been thinking

I`ve been thinking Posted by Picasa

Some minutes ago a teacher from my career and a nice friend left home, He wants me to help him put in order his class oriented to give guys the chance to graduate by having that class.
the plan is to enter next year on that class and finally receive my certificate of Architecture (many things aside personal decisions,money and comics have taken me away from closing the circle).
I also had nice news a friend of mine was offered a place in the staff in the school where I give classes, the only part that perturbs me a little is that I have been working for over 5 years in a freelance way to the school and never offered a place over it (I am really happy for her indeed!!), so I am going to see the coming of my teacher as a signal to close that circle and trying hard to stop giving classes and also try to find a nice business doing my art and comic work, so I will be busy this week trying to elaborate a way to get the things I need soon.

I forgot to mention that I am again in my regular regimen and I am eliminating my only vice (I do not drink or smoke but my only vice was to drink soda in big quantities), well I am on my second day and hopefully stop drinking soda forever.
I need to lose some weight to start buying new clothes when money arrives my place!

See you later on!!


Monday, August 22, 2005

Disolve that little flame into my eyes.

Card Two Posted by Picasa

Well this is the Second image of the Series of Cards I am doing for a plan I have in hands.
As you can see I combined some elements.
A robot
A fairie
A Ballerina
And the Tarot Card of the Fool
And Voila!

Below is the First Card that is opening the set!
I still need to ink this piece!

Have a great day and see you tomorrow!!



Disolve that little Knowledge into my ears.

Card One Posted by Picasa

Well this is the Opening Card that I posted previously but now it is in full size.
Inked and drawn by me.
I hope by the end of the year to have the whole set and start running an idea I have.


Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby inked piece by me! Posted by Picasa

This is the piece almost done I am thinking in inking the speed lines or not.
Well I am quite happy with the result.
I learned many things about the way The King used to work.
I hope I did a decent job on this one!

Great day!...JESUS ANTONIO

All started here.

My First Comic Posted by Picasa

A year ago I posted this but now that Jason and Dadicus are nostalgic :) , I decided to repost this and have fun!

Well I am showing you the first comic I received and the one that made me decide to become and artist. I received this comic with some others in a poor X-mas but believe me it has been the Best X-mas ever!!!And it was drawn by the incredible artist Don Heck.I am still a true believer that Don Heck is one of those guys who needs more recognition in the work He did!!

Below is the original version in Spanish that is still in my hands!!

If someone can help me GET the original version in English I can find a way to compensate you!!

Great day!!

My first comic Posted by Picasa

Starting my free week and sleeping a lot.

Our Hospitality!! Posted by Picasa

I woke up today a bit late and started to check my mails!!
Nik I already saw yours!!! Hahahahah You make me giggle and laugh with the last comment thanks for making my day!! Expect the answers today or tomorrow.
I normally go to Las Luchas with a nice friend of mine... Today She called me to say She can not go so I guess I will go to the Luchas alone!
I do not say ..till next day yet!
Because I have new work to load so expect it!!
June Good luck today!!

Great day to you guys!

This time I am recommending the movie Our Hospitality done and directed by Buster Keaton in 1923 and it is a romantic flick about a feud of two families (The Canfields and the McKay), the story is set in the earliest 1810 so it is big drama and nice angles of camera!


Our Hospitality 1923 Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Full Metal Alchemist. Posted by Picasa

Long time not recommending something...If you can see Full Metal Alchemist do so!
I loved the design on it! Costumes and The Robot are really nicely drawn!

Have a great time and see you tomorrow!

Figuring out the Secret Code

1942 Posted by Picasa

Yesterday after posting my regular blog a friend of mine (from college) asked me to go out and just chit chat and talk about things to catch up. I haven`t seen him over a year and I said okey, and We spent part of the night downtown just trying to figure out The Secret Code of Understanding Women, it was really fun to see another soul lost in finding his own figure of salt to adore.
I am drawing something that I will post tomorrow night (hopefully).
As I said tomorrow will start my two weeks free so I am determined to finish 3/4 of the Story El Clan done by Victor, continue coloring Luchador!, paint the poem I wrote some time, organize my papers and start sending the proposals to some companies in USA and Spain that have already given me the permit to do so.
Have a great time and see you tomorrow!!:)


Saturday, August 20, 2005

Love for Dummies. Pissed off .

Love sucks? Posted by Picasa

Well I promise to get into the third front soon but I really wanted to just take this out of my chest, probably and as usual I am over reacting and for sure making a big fuss about nothing.
Well today it was my last day of the course I was giving, I will start my new courses in about two weeks.
I had some lovely groups this time and in special that one where the second front is(Now I will call her Caramel Eyes...June I am starting to learn from you! :D ).

As a brief summary We agreed to have a coffee last Monday and well She canceled it because it was rainy (do you remember? right? ), She also told me She`d call me over the week to agree to see eachother over that same week...thing that didn`t happened.( Today I learned from what She said that was busy as hell preparing her classes and studying for the exam).
I was done with all the grading and all the group agreed to have lunch in a place near there and eat "Carnitas" (fried meat in oil and salty water, I need to say that I didn`t like the flavor of that meat at all).
It was really a fun time with everybody over there and also another teacher that I am starting to call friend because I am starting to know her a bit more was with us.After the meal some of the guys decided to play pool (thing that I haven`t done in ages, by the way money has`t been deposited on my bank account..well...).
I was taught by the owner of the place on how to hit the ball with the stick, and He was also glad to help the girls and Caramel Eyes was with us too and taught by this horny nice guy.
I have to say that everytime that passes I am really liking her, she likes to enjoy life a lot and well She was wearing a blouse with my favorite soccer team on it. She even has that kind of sense of humor similar to mine.She started telling me about her courses and how busy She was, while We were playing I was staring at her and just thinking and thinking mainly in how to react about asking her why She didn`t call me, I have to also add that she is having some kind of rapport with a nice guy (I am sure this guy also likes her), funny but when I see that kind of things I just blocked myself and the things I was thinking to do I do not normally do it.
Sometimes I am thinking that I am invading teritories that are not mine, I mean me a guy out of the blue trying to have a coffee with Caramel Eyes to tell her how my situation is, when a person says to do something and later on is not done I always get that feeling of "If she were interested She`d have already called or excused at least...".
Returning to the point while She was playing pool (gosh! she is really attractive) I was thinking about asking her again for the time to talk, but I agree to myself that It was not the right place to do so, I just decided not to mention anything about the whole situation and enjoy the time.
The teacher friend gave us a ride and I left first, I just kissed them goodbye (teacher and Caramel eyes) and left. I just didn`t mention anything and I do not know what to expect.
I am terrified in a way and it is getting for me harder and harder to speak myself up,because when as situation like this happens (The cancelation) for me means that maybe I am not even part of her Universe and I do not really want to alter anything, I really like Caramel Eyes but I do not want to deposit any feelings to her yet.
I feel now quite dumb .lost and my second chakra just hurts.I know myself a bit to know that I won`t call her or ask for the time to talk again,not for a long time at least.

What to do Dear Abbies? :)

Great day to you guys!.