Sunday, May 31, 2009


I guess is time to start giving some peeks about my project, well I have to say that this is pure teamwork Kumiker will be in the colors (thank you so much Juan and take care of what you eat).

Kumiker and I will start defining the mood and setting over the week.
This is not the final art, there are many changes to do but I wanted to share this because this week I will advance more pages of my first own creator project and I will start my networking to see who is interested in printing this in Europe.

Remember guys that the prologue of Blam! will be showcased in COMIKAZE THE ANNUAL.
3 pages showing the main character and after those 3 pages THIS PAGE IS NEXT in the story.
I want to finish at least 15 or 16 pages over June.

Wish me good luck!!
yeaph please keep coming your prayers to me and my Family this week is really important for us.



Por fin de nuevo regresan los Gallos a primera!

Ahora espero que rompan esa maldicion rara de ir a primera y regresar a la primera A!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Luchas Night!!! Cibernetico

Around two weeks ago I had the chance to draw something for the wrestler Cibernetico and I got to say that He was so nice with all of us, He was in a hurry at the moment of the program but promised and gave his work to return after the event to sign some stuff and have a follow up of the program and ... Wow!!!
He respected his word very rare in the medium.

He was really nice and humble!!



My recommendation of the day!
Friendly Fires with the song Lovesick, If you like Block Party or Rapture you may like this one!
This is an old song I like from them Jump in the pool.

I am probaly sounding nonsense with this recommendation in terms of how to label it, for me it sounds like that punk regaee that was common in UK over the 80s for instance The Gangsters, or the David Byrne stuff, just check it...

Golden Silver with the song Arrows of Eros
Magistrates with the song Heartbreak

Peeeeeaaachesssssss with the song MORE new track!
Same new album...TALK TO ME


Blam! in Clay II

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blam! in Clay.

Chicharo a very good friend of mine was so nice to start working in a sculpture using Lilith the main character of my comic BLAM!.
He asked me for a color guide and these are some advances of the piece..
It is just Awesome!!

See you when I can..
Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I will be absent for some time, mainly because there is not telephone ergo internet home so I will check my emails once or twice a week.
If I solve payments and stuff soon I will kick around here as usual.

Please just keep your prayers towards me and my Family.We still need them and really hard.

Plus I am looking for work so if there is a decent proposal or if you can lead me to a nice american or european editor, just let me or let him know I exist.:)
I am moving with some editors I know but it is always great to have more contacts :)
I can not work for free or only paid with the royalties so If you have a decent proposal just be respectful of my work, I am a professional and I am not looking for exposure of my work. I want work fairly paid because I believe it is the fair thing to ask for.
Or even if a company overseas on in Guadalajara or Monterrey or Mexico wants my services I would be even open to the idea to change my place of residence.

Be good guys!

Voy a estar ausente un ratttooootttoooteee, principalmete porque por ahora no tengo ni telefono ni internete en casa lo que implica que por ahora me veo reducido a checar mi correo una o dos veces a la semana por un ratito.
Si arreglo los pagos del fono pues es otro cantar y me reincorporo a las actividades como siempre.

Le pido como siempre sigan rezando por mi y por mi familia la verdad seguimos necesitando esa ayuda y pues de antemano muchas gracias.

Otra ando buscando trabajo asi que si tienes una propuesta pagada o si ahi me puedes dirigir con algun buen editor en Europa o en Estados Unidos pues se los voy a agradecer mucho. yo ya me estoy moviendo con mis contactos pero bueno no es malo tener mas contactos digo yo :)
Solo un favor con respecto a las propuestas no puedo trabajar de a gratis o ser pagado a nivel de regalias, si tienes una propuesta solo te pido que seas muy respetuoso de mi y de mi trabajo, soy un profesional y no estoy buscando exposición de mi trabajo como pago. Quiero trabajar y que este justamente pagado porque creo en verdad que el trabajo y la calidad lo valen y ademas por no puedo trabajar de a gratis con la situacion que tengo ahora.
O si hay alguna empresa fuera del pais, o en le pais en Guadalajara o Monterrey que quiera tener mis servicios pues diga y estoy abierto a la idea de cambiarme de estado.

Un gran saludo!!


ps:I will respond post as soon as I can, just be patient with me and I will send you a note or respond when I can.
ps:Aguantenme voy a responder mensajes lo mas pronto que pueda, sean solo pacientes que lo hare cuando se pueda.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


This is something I am doing right now for next Tuesday!


Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well today my room got flooded and hopefully everything will be fix over Monday or Tuesday, in the meantime I am just trying to have fun drawing a cover of Lucha I need to finish this following week!



Damn! I had to work today in the Evening and I missed the Birthday party of nephew Carlos. 3 little years.
The nice Fito Martinez made me a favor and did some dummy covers using my nephew with a mask!!
Thank you man!!




I am showing you here what I did for Federico Blee and how He transformed the drawing with his color work!!


Thursday, May 14, 2009


Esta vez me da gusto presumir el trabajo de Eva Cabrera muy buena amiga y sobre todo una artista muy chida y profesional.

RECUERDEN SU WEBCOMIC (Berenice Muniz y Eva Cabrera son los cocos de este concepto que esta bien chido)...INK PAWA!!

Esta vez PINCHE COMICS tiene la tercera historia de LA LEONA su personaje!
Raza de Monterrey si ven la portada tomenla...ES DE A GRAPA!!

Felicidades Eva!!



My amazing friends Rene Cordova, Alberto Carrera, Novita, Mennyo and Fers are showing off new look for their Website.

Good Day!



Federico Blee a great person, friend and artist and mana finally decided to work on his webcomic so MAY 15th will appear the first weekly page of SEEDS.
Plus a little surprise with the first page so thank you mana!!

Good luck to you Federico!!!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This time only songs of Kaliman and Lucha and surf .....I wanted this time to have fun!

Visteme de Kaliman by Yucatan a Go Go (I have to be honest I did not know about the song till last week).

Mi Abuelo Luchador
El Santo by Botellita de Jerez
Misterio by Sr. Bikini
Pirakor by Los Elasticos
Olvidemos el Romance by Lost Acapulco.

Special mention with El rock de la Pajara Peggy by Las Ultrasonicas

Other...I really like the music of Instituto Mexicano del Sonido this is the most recent track of them.
Escribeme pronto
El Microfono

Thank you so much for the prayers and keep them coming!!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Noticias.-Hoy acabe una sorpresa que veran en esta semana en un Webcomic, y pues estoy ahora trazando la ciudad del la imagen del Mazinger Z y esta semana acabo tambien la PORTADA de un nuevo proyecto de Lucha que el buen Fito Martinez esta levantando...

Favor especial si saben rezar por fas recen mucho por toda mi familia esta semana y si no creen en la rezada pues les pido que nos echen mucha vibra y nos deseen suerte por fas!!

News.- Today I was done with a sorprise that you will see for a Webcomic over the week, and now I am working in the building for the image of Mazinger Z that I am doing, plus I will finish this week the Cover for a New Lucha project that the nice Fito Martinez is doing...

A special favor If you know how to pray I would ask you to pray for my Family and for me over this week, and in case You do not believe in prayers please just send us good vibe and wish us luck!!Thanks!!



Antonio Vega passed away yesterday. Maybe you wonder who this guy was?...The vocalist of Nacha Pop one of the best groups of La onda madrilena or in Mexico del rock en Espanol.
La chica de Ayer
El sitio de mi recreo (My Playground) it is for me one of the best songs written and makes me have the chills everytime I listen to it
The same song with Miguel Bose.
They got notoriety with the new generations again with the song Lucha de Gigantes that was part of the soundtrack of Amores Perros. Antonio Vega and Nacha Pop are more than just a song that is why I link some of my favorites from the group!
Lucha de Gigantes

Something more recent with Antonio Vega and Amaral

Sad Day!


Monday, May 11, 2009


Bat for Lashes with Daniel (showcase version)
Sonic Youth new single Sacred Trickmaster

I am linking again Bestia the song from Hello Seahorse a very good mexican band...

I miss tHE hIVES

Retro stuff
The motels
The Outfield



Para saber donde comprarla pues pueden pedirla en los Comicastle o en VID pero a mi gustaria que si se las pidieran directamente a los de Comikaze les ayudan mas!!
¡Puedes comprar números sueltos de Comikaze y recibirlos en tu casa! Los primeros tres tienen un costo de $20, mientras que el #4 y el # 5 cuestan $30. O mejor, suscríbete un año (4 números) por $180 (incluye gastos de envío). Escríbenos a para mayores informes. EL NUMERO UNO ESTA AGOTADO!!!!!!


Sunday, May 10, 2009


I never expected to recommend someone that has been for me quite plastic, Maria Jose is a mexican singer that used to be in a very commercial group then made her first solo album that was okey, I gotta recognize that She has a very good vision in terms of her first album, I guess lack of promotion was the key factor of not having two singles or more..but now She is getting retro and is having an album full of Covers from the 80s I have to say that maybe this is going to be a real hit for her, it is well done.

This is the original version done by Melissa over 1984 much powerful in terms of the voice but as I said the Cover of Maria Jose is really good and I wish her great sucess with this new album!.

And this is the original italian version done by Loredana Berte in 1982

My other recommendation Domino records has Juana Molina from Argentina and I like her music since some time ago... quite different check it out!!



Primer Aniversario COMIKAZE

Esta es mi foto favorita del evento y aqui tambien quiero darles gracias a todos los de Comikaze y sobre todo mencionar dos personas que faltan en la foto bueno tres ademas de David que no salio en la foto.
Faltan en la foto los increibles amigos y profesionales de Renato Guerra y Eva Cabrera que sin ellos esto tampoco seria posible COMIKAZE asi que Felicidades a todossssss!!
Las demás fotos del evento las veran en un rato mas en el blog de Comikaze!
Un abrazo y mil gracias por confiar en el proyecto!

ps:Yo extrañe a la Klau que no pudo ir..:(


Amigos pues por fin puedo dar las noticias y esto es mas o menos lo que se.
Desde hace mucho tiempo he querido escribir,y hacer el arte de mi propio comic y por fin lo voy a estar haciendo realidad. Antes habia hecho historias cortas pero esta vez por fin tendré la oportunidad de hacerlo ya en una basis formal.


Asi que el Preludio de Blam! se encontrara en las paginas de LA ANTOLOGIA DE COMIKAZE EN BLANCO Y NEGRO, y pues me ayudan los increibles amigos de Comikaze para introducir el personaje al mercado en español.
Sobre la Antologia les aviso que gente como Bef, Betteo, Renato Guerra, Eva CAbrera, El Mudo, Aramburo, Sopelana, Cuervo, Alex Medellin etc, serán parte de esta celebración asi que que mejor modo de celebrar un Año de Comikaze con un número de Antología con puras historias de Comic, esperando se vuelva anual esta celebración de Comikaze.
Cuando haya una lista definitiva de los autores presentados en la Antologia lo avisare oportunamente...SI YO FUERA USTEDES EMPEZABA APARTANDO MI NUMERO DE ANTOLOGIA DE COMIKAZE AQUI..[link].
La antologia es en Español.
Y bueno retomando Blam! los amigos de Handbangers estan moviendose fuerte para que Blam! como parte de las historias de autor que Handbangers tendra en sus manos (Como ejemplo Federico Blee comienza su tira semanal llamada SEEDS y que también es parte de Handbangers)pues empezara a circular en un tiempo mas, lo que puedo decir por ahora es que tengo ya listo las 3 hojas de preludio y esta semana acabo con 4 mas del inicio formal para la historia en Handbangers atengos con las noticias cuando este algo formal aviso.

Ahora vienen los agradecimientos a la gente que me esta echando la mano con el proyecto.

En primer lugar al chido del Kumiker que sera el colorista formal y letrista del proyecto de Handbangers, mil gracias por la confianza Juan y gracias gracias.
Jorge Tovalin me apoyara en la correción de estilo es decir eso y mis faltas de ortografías, tengo muchos problemas con las comas y los puntos etc, asi que pues le agradezco al amigo hermanin la ayuda.
Elizabeth Gil se encargara de ponerle letras y al diseño del Preludio que saldra en la ANTOLOGIA DE COMIKAZE y se lo agradezco tambien a ella mucho tanto la ayuda como la amista.
A la mana del Federico Blee ya que el se encargara de algunas cosas de diseño y alguno trabajo de color orientado a la promocion de Handbangers y Blam!!!
Y tambien al chicharo (gracias por la visitada ayer) el estara trajando en una escultura de Blam! usando a Lilith el personaje principal de Blam! asi que buzos con la información.
Por ultimo antes de que se me olvide muchas gracias a Jacque y a Israel por irme a visitar a la presentación de Comicastle,se los agradezco mucho mucho!!!


This is the first time I will write, draw and ink my own work in a comic book way. I have worked in short stories in the past but this is my first time in a longer way.

The story starts in a 3 paged story that will be showcased in black and white in an Anthology that Comikaze will print in a month or so as part of the celebration of the magazine that Renato and me are the former cover artist.In the Anthology there will be many more artists giving short stories around 14 or more, people like Bef, Betteo,Renato Guerra, Eva Cabrera, Mudo, Aramburo, Cuervo,Alex Medellin, Sopelana...etc (I am missing names sorry..when there is an official announcemente in internet from Comikaze I will let you know).
For now the Anthology of Comikaze is in Spanish and helps me to introduce the my character of Blam! in the spanish market.

Aside that, there are some good ideas from Handbangers that will have the project Blam as part of its roster of Self-Creator Stories.Aside some other news coming down the road with Blam!.

I have done 3 pages of introduction for The anthology of Comikaze and I am next week ending the next 4 pages that will be in Handbangers.

I want to thank the people who is going to be involved in this project with me.
Kumiker will be the former colorist and letterist of the Story when it is released by Handbangers. (thank you so much Juan amigo).
Jorge Tovalin will help me checking my horrible ortography in spanish. I will do the translation in English.
Elizabeth Gil is helping me for the Anthology of Comikaze in lettering the Prelude of Blam!Federico Blee will be around some design work done for Blam! in Handbangers and some coloring for the Handbangers promotion.
Chicharo will start working in a 3D model of Lilith the main character of Blam! more infomation about it pretty soon!!!


Friday, May 08, 2009


This is something I am doing basically for fun and keep my head in another place for the moment!

Be good!


Thursday, May 07, 2009


Be good!



Amigos parte del equipo de Comikaze estaremos en dos sitios el sabado que entra dia 9!!!La primera sera en COMICASTLE MATRIZ de FELZ CUEVAS 920 locales E y F!De las 12 del dia a las 3 de la tarde.
Luego como siempre nos desplazamos a la tienda BADABING del chido del Giacomo ESTOCOLMO 18 ZONA ROSA cerca del ANGEL DE LA INDEPENDENCIA!
Desde las 5!!!Oras si rieguen la voz y ojas me apoyen con comprarme mi sketchbook 50 pesitos!


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

MUSIK 21st.

I will recommend something a bit different this time...
The Cure but in a moment that not everybody expected to see them..without make up!!

Other of my favorite songs from them!

The Shins. Turn on me

The Killers. Spaceman.

I just love this remind me a lot Fisherspooner...
Empire of the Sun
This is the new video filmed in Mexico from Empire of the Sun