Saturday, May 31, 2008

Luchas Night!!!! En mi casa y con mi gente!

I had a very good night with my Family!!!
Dr. Wagner Jr. rules!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!


Luchas Night!!!! Mmmmmm!

Last Tuesday I was in Las Luchas and this time the Luchas Arena was full in half, happens that there was a soccer game on the same night and many people decided not to go.
I was having more expectations about Axel (The grandson of El Santo) and well at least from this show I am now that wowed about Axel skills!!
The match I liked the most was where Silver Dragon and Fuego Latino wrestled.

Have a great day!!


Friday, May 30, 2008


I still dunno how in hell I forgot to mention that I finally bought the new cd of PORTISHEAD called 3.
It is so amazing, go and buy your copy!!!
My recommendation of the day!! Yay!!!

Have a great day!!


Where are my $%&!)(# Comics?

Los Vatos de Monterrey de !"&%)(# Comics estan haciendo esta convocatoria y como son cuates y se portan chingon con el que aqui escribe,pues les pongo esta convocatoria, supongo que es para la gente de Mexico (porque el tiene apoyo gubernamental), tons si vives en Mexico y tienes el nivel pos aqui esta una muy buena oportunidad.


Pura Raza!!!!

The amazing fella Lordcoatl made this design with a photo taken last time I was in Guadalajara with the compas!!
Thank you Lord you made my day!


Bad Luck indeed!

Today in the morning I was watching my daily amount of news on TV and it was shown a Coverage of a short film that won a prize,and an interview with the guy who won, this guy is from Tampico (I gotta say that He poorly defended his take and participation on the shortfilm and the broadcaster simply beated him up).Well, He won an award for the best Online Annual Short Film from NFB in association with The Cannes Festival 2008

The catch? Well...

To his bad luck many people started comparing his Short Film to another done in Spain two years ago from Francisco Cuenca Alcara and that short film was participating in the Notodofilmfest 2006. (some people say that this is also based on a movie done in 1961 called 30 historias).

And now this 24 year old guy is in big turmoil...
What I can only say is that TERRIBLE BAD LUCK and TIMING for the boy in Tampico!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This is the final piece drawn and inked by me, in case you wonder why there is no background, I guess I left the drawing a bit open so my friend artist can color and add whatever He wants to.
Expect teh color piece in some weeks from now!!
I even did something subliminal with the piece :).

Be good and enjoy the piece!!



It finally made it!!
Today I bought my copy of SuperLuchas Grafico 3 where the Pin up of Dr Wagner jr done by me IS!!!.
Work of the pin up is done by truly yours and the color work is done by the amazing Raulman aka Raul Manriquez (I finally got my word fullfiled to him) .
20000 Copies distribuited in MEXICO and some parts of USA!!!
Get your copy!!!!

Por fin llego!!!
Hoy compre mi copia de SuperLuchas Grafico 3 donde esta el poster hecho por me.
Trabajo de ilustracion hecho por mi y el color fue hecho por el increible amigo Raulman aka Raul Manriquez.
Por fin cumpli mi palabra con el amigo Raulman por fin

Compren su copia!!!


Next Friday!!!!! Bien Bien Bien Bien!!!

Hohohohohohohoho DR.WAGNER JR is coming this Friday to my hometown!!!!!

Bien bien bien bien!!!

Have a great day!!


Monday, May 26, 2008

Toque de Queda.

Mauricio Matamoros is a journalist who has a blog into the Toque de Queda site and He was so nice to make a review of COMIKAZE!
Congratulations to the editors of COMIKAZE (yeaph also my friends :) )
It is great to see this kind of feedback...Expect from my part new art work in the next issue of COMIKAZE.

Yeaph He misspeled my name but...what the heck!!!!! :)

Have a great day!!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Iron Man. 2008

You know I do not normally watch movies based on Comics (seems I have a tendency to get dissapointed when the character is not handled the way I wish it were) but.......Gosh!!!!!!
From long time I can gladly recommend one based on Comics,Marvel Films are doing with the movie something really great to see and enjoy!!
And they respect the character fully!!! Yay!!!!!
Watch it and yes as many others have said wait till the very ending of the movie to see the final final!!!

Have a great day!


Cover Work

This is the Cover work I am doing to support a new Comic and aside many other authors that are working in pieces using the main character, this will be shown over a Vampires´Convetion in Mexico City over the following month from what I can remember, so this is my take and The ARTIST that will color this piece is a very great friend of mine..thank you in advance for coloring this piece pal!!!
Expect news as soon as I have them and The final piece in the following days!!

Great day!!



Last Saturday I went with my girl and my Father to a Huapangeada (mexican music from La Sierra)in La casa del Faldon (A Community Center close downtonwn), I have said many times I like this kind of music, my Father is from la Sierra Queretana and it was a nice idea to send my Father to the event.
We ate nicely and had a great time, even my Father dared to dance Huapango so that meant He enjoyed the time there!!!!

Have a great time!!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bedeteca de Beja

More information here!!


Have a great day!!


Friday, May 23, 2008

WWE: Querétaro.

Firstable I need to thank many people from Superluchas and via one of the Ocampo Brothers, Arturo Oropeza,and specially Jose Miguel Alva Marquina gave the chance to attend WRESTLEMANIA:The Revenge Tour in Queretaro!. I was in the 6th Row with my girl!!!!!!.
The show was amazing in terms of all the enviroment and quality of the paraphernalia.

These are the matches that I liked:

1- Súper Crazy versus Paul Burchill.

2- Mickie James and María versus Beth Pheonix and Katie Lea.

4- Mr. Kennedy versus Snitsky.

6- Jeff Hardy versus Carlito.

7- Shawn Michaels versus Chris Jerichó.

8- John Cena versus John “Bradshaw” Layfield.

9- Triple H versus Umaga con Pedigree.

Thank you so much for the invitation!!!

Compa Rene I missed you there!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

RepubliKa Lucha. 3

I have kept to myself many of the comments I have about the amazing title Republika Lucha, for me is the best Comic published nowadays in my own country, they have a very good balance of what it is commercial and what quality means in all terms, in fact I can say that is without a doubt one of the most perfect teams of work I have met in my professional life.
Why haven´t I commented this before?
Simply because this team (Alberto Carrera,Mario V, Nova, Lalo, Mennyo and of course RENE CORDOVA,my compa, and everybody around) are in fact my best friends and besides being my friends there are just a top professional team I have the honor to be involved with.
They have finally announced that Number 3 will be published soon and there is a very good surprise for the next issue, probably involving me in a degree?
Who knows!? Well I know but this is the fun of it!!

Expect number 3 of Republika Lucha soon and another surprise!!!!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Art Book. II

These are going to be probably the only shots of the piece I am working for the Art Work so I am sorry in advance.
I am planning to work the background in a separate piece of paper, now the work will depend on the colorist, hopefully the piece will be done by early Friday.

From what I know this book will be Awesome in many senses and from what I can infer (this book has the plan to be worldwide available) so stay tuned!!

Have a great day!!


Are you a mess with your pencil work?

This is not intended to become a tutorial on how to work pencils, it is more like something I wanted to share to everybody and specially to rICH (thank you in advance amigo, at this point I do not know it this will be worthless or worthy so just bare with me pal). In the past I used to work mostly 99 percent of my work on a desk and now I work only about 20 percent on a desk, mainly because I discovered some tips on how not to screw with charcoal the pieces of work.
Firstable the basics, many people say that the right way to work a piece of work done in pencil is from Top to Bottom and from left to right, what it means that when you attack a piece of paper the first would be your Top Left part and the last one will be your Bottom Right (I agree totally to this method because it is the most effective and if you are methodical this is your best way to work) but in my case knowing I get desperate and I like to work different parts of the page at the same time I found out that the best for me was to buy a tablet a bit bigger than my area of work and I found out that I can rotate the piece so I can work without screwing the piece.
The other classical tip is to use a white or blank piece of paper so when you are using the pencil you do not destroy your previous work, this so effective and this is the way I normally work, I am a mess honestly and I always start from Right to Left and from Bottom to Top, Why? ...Search me? maybe because in my case I was lefty but because in my country there were not good conditions or facilities for lefties, My mother forced me to use my right hand what it meant that I am for some things Ambidextrous, so for me the piece of paper has been so effective over the years.

Maybe your question is...Even if I use a piece of paper to protect the piece I screw the piece with the force of my hand and the piece of paper itself?
Right here is my risky tip and advice (here is my warning because for many this tip will be a blasphemy but for me it is really good).
As knowing I work from Bottom to Left I try to work the pencil work as tight as possible and then when I am satisfied with the area of work I spray a light layer of polymer (the cheapest is to use your house hair spray that works to prevent that the contact with your hand and the pencil work destroy your art). Why it is a blasphemy simple because as soon as you sprayed the piece with hair spray there is not any chance anymore to change anything what it means that If you screw the page you need to rework everything from scratch.

When I was in Architecture I bought some dust pad (some pads with eraser made into dust) so what you do is to spread and dust the piece with the pad and work. This is very effective when you are using rulers, I have never applied the eraser pad for the purpose of freehand work so If someone has the experience let me know...t be honest I did not like the dirt to clean for every architectonical work done with the eraser pad...but who knows maybe this is the thing for you!!!

I hope that my terrible manners in terms on how I work are effective for some at least in this way you can learn about the incorrect way to work, it works for me!!

Have a great day!!