Sunday, November 30, 2008


DTU celebrating its first Anniversary with an Incredible Show, check the matches!
Yo le recomiendo a la raza que si quiere ver Lucha Extrema se lance ese dia a Hidalgo, yo se las recomiendo cabron!!!!


Long Time No Do... IV

I already finished the water color work that will be the base for the pencil work that I will do tomorrow!!

Be good!!


Long Time No Do... III

Well I need to add some extra layers of color and tomorrow the detail in pencils!!

Be good!


Long Time No Do... II

I am in about 30 percent done of the piece, I hope today to get done with the water technique and tomorrow to spend it with the detailing of color pencil!!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Long Time No Do...

Well I am going to a Luchas Match next week and I said to myself why not to do a cartel or poster piece and also practice my coloring that I have not been using for a while!!

When there are some posters as carteles or publicity for an arena I try to use always photo reference... simply because in my opinion is the right way to give respect to the wrestlers...I will post the final piece when it is done!!!
So I am loading the process in some photos I hope you like this!!

Be good!!


About Children. Part Four.

This is the colored version that Federico Blee aka Toon did!!
Beautiful beautiful work!!!

Gracias cabron!!! :)


First Follower!! First Card!!

Firstable thank you so much again amigo Aaron Sowd for the amazing piece of art you send my way!! It is already framed as you saw, and I am just grateful and grateful for having you as a friend!!
(I stole his scan of the piece and I am loading it here :) ) Enjoy!!

Thank amigo Norihiko for being my first follower (I set the mode of followers also to see you reads what I write) so gracias amigo!!!

Wishing all of you (Aaron, Nori et all) a nice day!!


Friday, November 28, 2008

Requiem por el Toreo.

This December 3rd in Arena Lopez Mateos will be maybe in my humble opinion the Wrestling match of the year.
Many things that very day....the return of Canek to the Wrestling field after his knee surgery, and having him against Dos Caras and El Galeno del Mal (Dr. Wagner Jr), plus many wrestlers from Toreo Cuatro Caminos, like Villanos.
In fact a nice match (They say Scorpio Jr will be back also that day to the Wrestling but his Father said some days ago that He was hoping He did not wrestle after the sickness due to the medicine He was administrating after the matches without prescriptions).

So I will be there second row with La Klau!!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008


This is the amazing color work of Antonio Torres!!

Gracias Tocayo!!


Monday, November 24, 2008


Les dejo este cartel de un evento que sera en unas horas en la Galeria del mismisimo Blue Demon Jr y que estara por cerca de 2 meses.
Blue Demon Jr. hace una invitación a todo el público, para asistir a la inauguración de la exposición “Sin Límite de Trazos“, que se define como una Muestra colectiva de trazos técnicos con colores rudos.
Martes 25 de Noviembre, a las 14:00 horas en la Galería Blue Demon Jr. (Alvaro Obregon 250, Col Roma, México DF).

Vayan Banda un chorro de artistas noveles y ya establecidos!!
Ademas me han hecho el honor de invitarme para mostrar una pieza (si ven una del Mistico en acuarela y goashe ESA ES LA MIA!!!!).

Suerte y gracias Rosalba por la invitacion!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Los Supersabios.

En mi opinion personal Los Supersabios hecho por German Butze es sin duda la mejor historieta que ha salido en Mexico en arte y sobre todo en el desarrollo de historias.
Me pasaron la informacion del Museo de la Historieta y la comparto con gusto!!


Luchas Night!!!! VIP or Sort of..

I am coming back from a Luchas Event that I was invited, it was kind of private and in fact problably four of the Wrestlers that I can say are amazing as professionals as human beings.
Blue Demon behaved so nice with my nephew and Los Villanos were so grateful that in the ring They had the detail to wave and point at me in a gesture of thanks, also the Amazing Dr. Wagner had the detail to pose for some of the shots and was really nice as usual..
A very good event sad the cold was really harsh!!!!
And also some thanks to Luis Aragon, and to the organizers of the event...I had a really nice day!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

About Children. Part Three.

This is also another piece done by other of my teams of work. I loved the description The colorist TOON gave me and this is the result, hopefully I will see this days the final colored piece!

Be good!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

About Children. Part Two.

I am showing the ink work and the amazing color work of KUMIKER, We are trying (all my teams of work) to have a different approach to the work and in that way to make editors know that We do not have really problems to work on different styles.

Have a great day!!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Expect news soon about this. I am invited to the Exposition that the finest illustrators and comic artists in Mexico will display with their work in Devotion and Celebrating the Death´s Anniversary of El Santo. Organized by the fine people of COMIKAZE.
Pleople like Humberto Ramos, Edgar Clément, Patricio Betteo, BEF, Bachan, Paco Herrera, Mauricio Herrera, Luis Fernando, Luis Sopelana, Renato Guerra, Eva Cabrera, Pepe Quintero, Jesús Antonio Hernández(truly yours), Luis Roiz Carcass and more are displaying art.
Me han invitado a la exposición donde gente de la talla de Humberto Ramos, Edgar Clément, Patricio Betteo, BEF, Bachan, Paco Herrera, Mauricio Herrera, Luis Fernando, Luis Sopelana, Renato Guerra, Eva Cabrera, Pepe Quintero, Jesús Antonio Hernández(yo merengues), Luis Roiz Carcass y más por unirse. Esta exposición organizada por COMIKAZE en honor del Aniversario Luctuoso de la Muerte del Santo.

BATMAN. Renato´s Process.

This is the color process that my incredible friend and colorist of my work (I am grateful to him) RENATO GUERRA did of the Batman piece that is the Poster of Comikaze 3!!



Tuesday, November 11, 2008