Thursday, June 28, 2007

Holy Cow! Great Colors!

Oh My God! I opened my mailbox today and I saw a message from Mike the Editor of the Luchas Anthology and what is my surprise that this drawing, done by truly yours, will be colored by the amazing friend of mine RAUL TREVIÑO!!!!!!.(In case you do not know from him, I really doubt it, He is a former professional working in his own creator series: La Danza de la Conquista for the Spaniard market and working as a colorist for Marvel).
I am so happy because this will be my second time working together (The first time If you remember was an experiment of drawing a Thor for our own blogs just for the fun of it).
Rulo, Mike and you Viejo (Paco Espinoza) THANK YOU!!!!
I will send more info as soon as I have it!!! :)


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Other Mystery.

Mexico 2-0 Brazil!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!


Luchas Night, Thesis and other Mysteries.

This has been part of my life in pictures from last weekend and this week.
I hope over Sunday to update this post telling what it has been going on!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bollocks, Monography and Art.

I am really frustrated and concerned, I was about to finish this week my Monography (at least the written part), because I found 3 new books defending my position and because the number of pages started to grow and grow I am expecting to get done with the written part by Friday.
I already asked for a permission to be absent in my job so I can have the following two days to finish the written part, tomorrow my friend and partner will continue helping me with the Autocad plans so He can have the load of Autocad plans by Monday or Tuesday, so I can print them in the same week before Friday.The object of study is really simple but all the work behind the design is what is taking me ages.
I still need to work in some details from the Facade and from the electrical plans and I am designing some special lamps for the office...
Also I have some comic artwork but I can not share it now because I am waiting till part of it is printed and the other well as soon as I am done with my thesis to take again my regular comic work schedule with the plans you have read previously.
Wish me luck, If I am absent the following days sorry!!
The images: An ID card from my client and part of my Monography and some plans from the same office and Monography.
Be good!

La Lucha de Bachan.

Les recuerdo a quien este en la ciudad de Mexico este Sabado 30 de apoyar a Bachan!
Un abrazo!
Have a great day!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Se armaron los Madrazos!

I have a horrible headache because I haven´t slept properly: my thesis and something I was comissioned to do last Friday.
See ya tomorrow!!!
Have a great day while I am heading to my bed!


Friday, June 22, 2007

Luchas Cover.

Paco Espinoza and the editor or a magazine invited me to draw the Cover (due to timing matters I jump into the boat) and this is the result. I will talk about the magazine as soon as it is printed and how to get it!!!
I hope over Monday to load the result aside some other stuff.
Have a great day!!
Yes, I am still busy with my thesis, in fact I was lurking around a second hand book store and I found a delicious book called Textos de David Alfaro Siqueiros, and it is about the thesis I am defending in terms of a Art - Object and Usage.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blue Demon Jr Signing.

This is the recent Newsletter from Blue Demon Jr.
He has a signing so in case you happen to be in Mexico City over June 22nd Go to his own gallery!
Have a great day and good luck to Blue!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Battle of Bachan.

Bachan that is a great guy, artist and person is suffering Leucemia so this is to help him, sadly I can not help economically or with art, because I am busy with my thesis but I hope this helps him!.

Post in Spanish!
Normalmente nunca hago esto pero creo que tiene un buen fin asi que me hago eco de la comunidad del comic aqui en el pais (Jose Miguel seria mucha molestia que tambien nos ayudaras a promover esto, te lo agradezco de antemano) cito al buen Oscar y a Antonio Torres.
Bueno...pues como muchos ya han de saber el buen Bachan se encuentra delicado de salud, lamentablemente le acaban de diagnosticar Leucemia, por lo que varios artistas han unido esfuerzos para apoyar a su compañero, dejando atras sus diferencias personales y artísticas, ya que este Sábado 30 de Junio estaran subastando sketches y originales a beneficio de Bachan por lo que se esta solicitando su apoyo a todos los que vivamos aqui en el D.F. y área metropilitana, asistan o avisen a alguien que si pueda aistir, recuerden es por una buena causa, además de que en dicho evento se contara con la presencia de grandes artistas como Oscar Gonzalez Loyo, Humberto Ramos, Clement, Micro, Betteo,Paco Herrera entre otros. El evento será en la Tienda Kong ubicada en calle Colima # 143 esq. Cordova en la Colonia Roma, el teléfono es el 10546094 Asistan amigos, ademas de que recuerden es para apoyar al buen Bachan creador del Bulbo, no estoy seguro pero creo que el donativo es de $250.00 y a cambio recibes un pliege con Sketches de los invitados....mejor hablen a la tienda para mayor informacion.......
Have a great day!!

Designing other kind of stuff.

I am really busy with the thesis so I will be brief, One of my best friends and also my partner of the Architecture office We will open over September wanted a new set of ID cards and asked me to design them.
This is the partial result because I erased some personal info. He is proficient in electrical wiring and installation so I guess this card suits him really good.
I am absent and in case I load new work it will be out of my comic work (I will try to load some of the stuff I am designing for my Monography).

Be good and see you in some days!!


Monday, June 18, 2007

De 2 a 3 Caidas.

This is the Convention and Colaborative I will be part over September in El Centro Cultural de Toluca and I have to thank José Miguel Alva and Rafael for giving me the chance to be part of it. :)
I am already sending this message to some friends and people I admire (native artists) so I am sure this will be maybe one of the strongest Shows of Luchas and Art ever.
I am eager to see Clement over there I do not know him personally but his art is really incredible!

Yes,I am absent because of my thesis.

Have a great day!!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Madman with A Wiseman.

I guess that by now you have read about this: Marilyn Manson and Alejandro Jodorowsky together!!!
To be honest I am really thrilled and eager to see the final result!
The plot in case you haven´t heard is a Pope raping a girl (Can you see the metaphor used in this symbology?, and believe me you are really far away from the point if you think that this is about religion, is even more profound the metaphor..).

Who is the Madman and who is the Wiseman?, probably both of them are wise or mad and I really want to see the result!
I still need to look again in the old movies of Jodorowsky done in his years living in Mexico.

Have a great day!!



Antonio Torres is our incredible colorist for the project EVIL WAR that David Braña and I have in works as you can see He made some good color decisions.
These are just simple sketches just wait to see the real work for the project!!! :)

David un favorsote creo que con esto podemos ver que dicen los editores y si ellos necesitan secuenciales del proyecto y cuantas paginas como minimo solo te pido que me tengan paciencia tanto tu como Antonio porque tengo 15 o 17 o 20 dias para acabar mi tesis asi que espero tengas en cuenta los tiempos para que se los digas a los editores ya todavia tengo que acabar unas paginas al buen Victor Alos y luego seguimos con Evil War en mi lista de trabajo.

Amigo David tenemos un proyecto ganador asi que nada mas es de paciencia.
Tocayo te luciste!!!!!!

Please enjoy the color work done by Antonio Torres, done by Me and written by David Braña.!!!
Great day!!


La Lucha se hace o se hace la Lucha.

I never expected to have some news about my artwork and Luchas but surprisingly I do have them.!!!!!
Over this week I will know the new Poster work I have to do for the Arena of my town so expect news and new art about it soon (as soon as the work is displayed on the streets) and also I guess they will use my artwork in a TV show from my hometown at this moment I do not know my involvement in the project but it seems that I will have my art displayed on it from what I was told.
I have two more news about expositions and my art.
Over two months or so I will have an exposition Lucha related in my hometown in the most important museum of my city, 4 of the most incredible Lucha photographers in my town and I (in the illustration and Art work) will have an exposition. It will be called "5 views of Lucha Libre" or "5 miradas en la Lucha Libre". And I was kindly invited by one of the photographers that is organizing the event so expect news in the moment that I have them.
Also another exposition Lucha related will be showcased in Toluca a city near Mexico DF and in this exposition done also in the most important places of Toluca will be displayed the art of the most important designers, comic book authors and illustrators from my country. I have the month of September as the proper time for the Exposition so I will have more news about this exposition soon but from what I heard big names over the comic industry in my country and the best graphic designers are attending.
So I am grateful to what is coming!!!!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Luchas Night...not as it was expected!

Today was really weird because the night was expected to be much much better, it was a very good show but not as I was expecting it.
I can say that the highlights of the night were as usual Okumura,Alex Koslov and Sangre Azteca they really fought incredibly well.
And the main show was ok... Dr Wagner Jr was good but for a certain reason I can not understand He was like absent minded in fact He was bleeding after a hard hit on his head done by Atlantis.
The audience me included normally shout our hearts out cheering "Wagner" "Wagner" but not today I arrived with my normal voice at home and that is really not common after coming back from a show displayed by Wagner.
As usual I bought my mask of Dr. Wagner :) and He kindly signed a copy of the piece I did for the Arena.
So it was a good day but I did not enjoy it as I normally do, maybe I am pmsing!!! :)
Have a great day!!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Hey guys, a little update on the things that I am doing, yesterday was funny I had a good time with my girl and I also received a phone call from Dan , I already talk to him about the timings for THE UNWANTED by the way I am looking for a professional colorist for the project, I have one person on mind but I will talk to him over the days and in case He is not available I will look for one... I still need to talk to Sean and Nik about the timings specially knowing that these 15 or 20 days I will be concentrated with my Thesis.
The word on the thesis is this...I have about 20 days to show 3 printed versions of the Monography to start the check ups and in case that is accepted the only missing part will be an oral exam based on the Monography and ta da!!!, Over the Weekend I went with my girl to buy some books to base my Thesis and I am missing the plans so hopefully this week I will be done with the interior design of the office and I will have the plans done over this week or next and a couple of interviews to show as my analog samples to contrast my own work and the work of others.
Today was just a bit boring I went too early to the school were I teach to send a paper to tramit another payment (June), they still owe me part of April (missing papers from what I was told), then I visited the people in the Arena to ask them what is the new work... I didn´t see them but I sent them a message with a person, after that I went to a school to look for information for my Thesis.
The great part is that after going to that school I had to wait over 2 hours to go to the public school were I teach, I didn´t have enough time to return home and take a nap so I decided to take a route that crosses the entire city and I had my nap over the bus...1 hour of great sleep!!
Have a great time and see you over the days!!!
Yeap!! Tomorrow is Luchas night!!!

Thanks to all the people writing comments over the days I hope to respond soon!! :)


My Little Conspiracy.

This is the new printed work of Paco Najera called Retazos ( from what I know it is a compilation of work done by Paco long time ago... more info soon!).
Vero Rosado was so nice to draw this sketch I requested some days ago, I am just grateful to what She did to me I really like it!!!!, I am sure that her work will be evolving more and more and only with the practice and with the time. Gracias Vero!!!
Have a great day!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

The Brunettes.

This is my recommendation of the day!!!!
Have a great day!!

My Little Conspiracy. THE BIG BATCH. UPDATED!!!

I updated this part because Veronica Rosado found that the work where She participated as a colorist had a press release
Yeaph those Valiant characters!!! So congratulations Vero!!!!.
One of the most incredible friends I have is Sergio Bleda and will be showcasing a special edition of El Baile del Vampiro celebrating the 10th Anniversary of this project, so The best of luck good Sergio...I will send news about how to get it as soon as I know more!!!
Editorial Planeta DeAgostini will be the publisher!!!

Remember that La Kodorniz is always there...hopefully after some conversations with Magnum I hope to continue my work with them by August and some other stuff.(LINK IN SPANISH)

This is a mail I received, sorry the info is in Spanish....

Cursos intensivos de verano
Estimados amigos, Estos son los cursos intensivos que os planteamos este año, esperamos que sean de vuestro interés.

Técnicas artísticas de animación

Animación para niños

Introducción Setup 3D

Para cualquier información:

Ars Animación Film Animation Studio & School Plaza Soledad Torres Acosta 1, 3 28004

Madrid Tel: 915 317 388

Another of my best friends Pedro L. Lopez told us that today is the presentation of his own book "Screems Quens,Horror, Bikinis y Sangre", and I hope his presentation was a blast!!!:)

The best of Luck to you Pedro!.

The presentation was in la Fnac de Diagonal Mar sito en Avenida Diagonal, 3-35.

Superveronikilla or Veronica Rosado is a great artist girl and colorist that I hope someday to meet face to face and has decided to open her new blog, so good luck to you in this blog world!! :)

And the last part The amazing friend Paco Nájera was interviewed by el Pais in relation to his third album of Tartessos "Odisea en Iberia" and is also sending a link to a radio interview He had in MP3 format, so Wow!! Paco I hope great and better things keep coming!!

The article in el Pais.

Radio interview

Have a great day!!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

I don´t care at all.

Guess what?!!!!!!!!!!!...I finally got the approval to start the paper and tramit work from my thesis..what it means I will have 15 days tops to polish the Memory or Monography and then I will start having some specific dates for check ups and hopefully after paying tramits and tolerating more people´s chit chats I will get my Bachelors sooner than expected!!!
Have a great day!!
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