Sunday, July 31, 2005

Do you really want to hurt me?

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Today was a really odd day!!
I still need to catch up some mails I owe to Nik, Chuck, John..well so many!
Btw Timothy Shadow where are you I haven`t heard from you in ages? (send hellos to Kristin)
Well I went today to the confirmation of religion of my brother (He is getting married in a couple of Months), funny but the place was crowded, I was even doing some numbers and Wow! you can not believe the figures I wound up.
Well I finish a page from El Clan so that means I am starting page 3 soon this next week, I am still coloring some stuff from Luchador!!.
I am contacting some nice artist this early part of the week.
Kino thanks a lot for the words.
Gerry drop me a mail also...:).
A person contacted me to start talking about doing some business about design,I hope it gets solid because it is not a kind of deal taht makes my projects off.
I already thanked the nice guys over the Company which gave me the gig (60 images of a coloring book for children). Thank you again.
Now this next week is only to put all the translations and the work and start sending mails to the Spanish company who is checking my work.
I am also trying to have an interview with a music band that is really cool!!
I also work in some design oriented to open a T-shirt business, I only need the capital to start the first pre-dummy and see how well it goes!

Great day to you guys!!

Love life: hahahah same stuff different day!! :)


Saturday, July 30, 2005


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This is my favorite group ever in music.
Hey keep me posted on any news from this group, They are producing a new album now...I just can`t wait!!

Visit their place

Also the old album Bett Gibbons did some time ago is Beautiful!!

Great day and see you tomorrow!!


I wish I had

I wish Posted by Picasa

Ohh boy!! I am coming from buying the tickets to go to the Luchas (numbers 68 and 69 quite sarcastic the last number ,right?...:).
I would give you the insights after Friday.
Love life keeps the same IN LIMBO mode, I am sometimes a little confused and missing not a person but the feeling. (does it make sense?..I hope it does).
I am trying to reach some money to open a business (for the family Mom sometimes is with her ups and downs) and also to make money to travel to Spain and other to New York and ask for a work.
There is only one thing that makes me feel down a bit I do not want to be a wasted artist, I mean I am creative and I have all the fire to keep in track and make a very stable career but I am only waiting for my lucky break that gives me the stability that I am in need and also to be able to stop my teaching soon.
I have sent some thank you notes and ask to some Editors to see my work, and I am full speed with my projects (With my teams and friends and from my own) and see them in print soon.

Great day to you guys!!

Trivia is still on!!

In Mtvla.
I saw part of the concert that Audioslave gave on Cuba (I never expected to hear the voice of the lead singer Chris Cornell so affected, there were parts He was shouting :( ).
I also saw one of the White Stripes and it was amazing!!


Laughing my pants off.

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I am going to buy today some tickets to go to "Las Luchas" (Mexican Wrestling) MY FIRST TIME EVER!!!, a friend of mine invited me and We really want to see "Luchadores" figthing and see blood. :).
The Wrestling is in a week or so.
It will also help me to have some aspects to use in the comic Nik and I are doing...what I have to do for research!? :)
If I can have pictures of it I will let you know and show.
I have been going out and just hang out with friends this week(not all of times so great I admit), Today I will send mails to some friends and I also need to send some thank you messages to friends.
I will also use the day to continue with Luchador! and El Clan.
Anna, Cute Anita have a nice vacation time.

See you later on!!


Friday, July 29, 2005

I miss the torch of your flaming lips

The Flame Logo ©2005 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez Posted by Picasa

This is the rough of the final Logo for the Story "The Flame".
I even think in having this logo in gold letters in the grey cover I did a couple of days ago!
This would also make a great T-shirt!!!

Have a great day!!

I am also available for comission work and Cover Artwork!
Contact me off.


Dark shadow pale soul

Robert Wiene

Hey guys If someone can help me get this movie "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" from 1920 and directed by Robert Wiene, let me know.
Also I want to get "The Golem" and "Faust".

Today I woke up really late and started sending some mails to people.
I will update this post in case something good comes my way.

Great day and keep smiling!1

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Thursday, July 28, 2005


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I was thinking about the design of the Cover and also the perfect way to have something done with that hard talk that Miller does but at the same time to have my own voice over IT.
I have noticed that Glam! is coming again into the fashion and I was thinking also in the new video of FisherSpooner (incredible music!), then I realized that the perfect way is to use the contrast in color but in the opposite direction of Miller.
A little of Andy Warhol and Phycodelic 70's design and voila!
I almost forgot that I wanted Kerubin to become my own Barbarella and I use the color pallete from that comic.
See ya!!

Here is the Cover of BLAM!

Kerubin in short terms is what Marylin Monroe should have become If She were smarter and I guess hornier!! :)

Great day to you guys!!...JESUS ANTONIO


The Flame Cover©2005 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez Posted by Picasa

Well some time ago I had in hands this Gothic Story "Flame" that I have written and I am tempted to draw (in a couple of Months I am sure).
I decided to draw the Cover of this Gothic Story and this is the final cut!
I still need to work on the logo so I hope in a couple of day to finish the logo.
Below is a detail of the piece.

June I am a bit better I am still feeling like dumb because I can not really undertand how far selfishness can come up from a persona and to try to understand it happens that is not that easy!.
Hopefully tomorrow I will invite finally with date and everything to the girl I like.

Probably it might sound weird but I want someone to give me as a gift a Tarot set (it has to be given away and brand new).I am planning one of the stories I have in mind since ages and I need to do my research.
If Someone wants to help me out let me know.
I am interested in the Celtic Tarot, The Raide.Waite (1910) or the one that Alejandro Jodorowsky produced a year ago (He hired one direct relative of the first artisan producing the oldest Tarot known).

Trivia time.
If You can tell me the movie ,a little sypnosis and the year(German title) in which I am basing my story you will receive a Color Copy of this Cover free. (You only pay the shipping cost) :)

Great day to you!!


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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mom I see the monsters!

2 Posted by Picasa

Dadicus right here is the other character I was missing!!
Trying to keep my head busy I prefer to do this, the pages of El clan and coloring Luchador! the pages of the great work of My amigo Nik Havert and I.

Take care all of you!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Sing me something soft, something delicate!

Dadicus! PhantomPosted by Picasa

This is the first one Dadicus!!
I hope to have time down this week to finish the other!
Have a good day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Dust in my heart.

Dusting Posted by Picasa

Hello guys!!
thank you so much for the new fellas posting (Well not new I know them form other places but it is always great to have more into the gang)
Wondy missing your posts!
Ohh Well yesterday I got blue, I went out with a girl and I have to say the girl is really nice but so vain that it was only a waste of my time and I really got a bit blue. Even today in the morning I was a bit down but to cheer me up ...I will draw for sure!! :)
I am starting finally the pages of El clan with the great Victor Alos, Nik and I will start some new stuff so stay tuned.
I am waiting for Pedro`s script and well organizing the plans for Luchador! and Rocket Girl!!

Ahh the drawing I was dusting my room and I found a sketch of Sly I did some time ago and IT would become a gift to a person that is really nice but only when I get some monye to send it I will do it for sure!!
See you guys!!
I hope next week to continue with the new installment of BLAM!


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

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BLAM! logo,script and art ©2005 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez. Queda prohibida la reproducción total o parcial, por cualquier medio, sin la expresa autorización del autor Posted by Picasa

BLAM!Written,Filmed and Directed by ©2005 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez
Title:"Good girls go to heaven and Bad girls go everywhere.."

Panel one.
Kerubin is jumping to the back part of the car.

Kerubin:I need to cover my ass!!....literally..dammit!!

Kerubin 2: Finally something to cover me!

Panel Two:
Kerubin shouting:Who the f*ck are you? Show up!! Mom told me not to shot and talk to strangers..

Caption:Why the joke? why the joke?I am so stupid to shout at nowhere to no one and expecting to be listened.. I am so stupid!

Panel Three: What do you want from me? Where in Hell are you prick? Where are...

Caption:Silence ooh ohh!! .no shooting!....there is silence!!!!!..Oh My God!

Panel 4

Sniper: I am just here Martha..
Kerubin:Hey!! How do you know that?..Nobody calls me like that...ANYMORE!
Sniper:I used to be more than "just nobody.."

Caption: Why me? Why me?


Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO


BLAM! logo,script and art©2005 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez. Queda prohibida la reproducción total o parcial, por cualquier medio, sin la expresa autorización del autor
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Written,Filmed and Directed by ©2005 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez
Title:"Good girls go to heaven and Bad girls go everywhere.."

Kerubin at the middle of a shooting speaking to herself:

Caption1:Holy Crap!? What I am doing here naked showing pink? And not even knowing who is the jerk shooting at me! F*ck I shouldn`t have left home.!!

Caption2:3 days ago I was home resting watching TV eating cookies, now I have seen 2 bodies and 1 explotion. Dammit!!

Caption3:15 minutes ago I was trying to get the dirt and blood out of my body and now I am just shooting at nobody! I hate cleaning someone else guts and brain matter...Damn!

Caption 4:3 years saving to buy this car and now it has become sh*t! and running away from I do not know who?!

End page one.


Silence the menacing thread

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Morning comes with great zips of Champagne to says Cheers!!

Did you know Alfred Hitchcock did also Silent Films?
Well He did that and it is called the British Era.
Mr Mark Duguid gives a very good description of that period.

"The silent pictures were the purest form of cinema" - Alfred Hitchcock (in Hitchcock-Truffaut)
Alfred Hitchcock's first nine films as a director were made in the silent era. And although he was the first British director to embrace sound, with his tenth film, Blackmail (1929), he never lost his fascination with the power of storytelling with images.
The young Hitchcock served his directorial apprenticeship in Germany, where he was able to observe directors like F.W. Murnau and Fritz Lang, at the height of German expressionism. That movement, with its highly stylised lighting, design and performances, and its attraction to dark and mysterious subjects, would have a lasting impact on the young director.
It was in Germany that he directed his first two films, the dark melodrama The Pleasure Garden (1925) and The Mountain Eagle (1926, now sadly lost). His third, The Lodger (1926), was perhaps the most noticeably expressionist of all his films, with the style well-suited to its story of a misty London haunted by a vicious serial murderer.
The Lodger seems now to indicate the direction of Hitchcock's later career as the 'Master of Suspense', but the director's silent career also produced two comedies, including the charming The Farmer's Wife (1928), the fascinating boxing melodrama The Ring (1927) and the skilful The Manxman (1929), his last fully silent work.
The legacy of Hitchcock's silent days can be seen in much of his later work - in the legendary shower sequence of Psycho (US, 1960) or the opening of Rear Window (US, 1952), where the camera slowly glides past each window of an apartment block to spy on the inhabitants - and he never lost the desire to tell stories in images rather than words.
Mark Duguid

btw The photo is from one of his movies Champagne!

Great day and stay tuned I have some stuff to load later on!!..


Monday, July 25, 2005


BLAM! logo©2005 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez. Queda prohibida la reproducción total o parcial, por cualquier medio, sin la expresa autorización del autor.Posted by Picasa

Well I as said in the morning that I was dusting some scripts and ideas I used to have having a Pulp Noir Story I did some years ago, sounds funny but today I started to gather the weak links and the gaps and I guess I have a nice Pulp Comic called BLAM!

If there is an editor interested, let me know and contact me off.

Well this is the first installement.
I will do something similar to what Travis Charest has been doing with a comic strip that He is developing little by little.
In a way something similar to what I did previously with Fool (Fool will be printed soon by a nice friend and guy..hello to you by the way).
I will show the process of developing the script and pages and I will only show 6 pages with a semi preview of the character Kerubin and what She is.

I designed and drew the logo!

I also started again to color some other pages of Luchador!!

Well have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Love for Dummies. Kiss the Frog and wait.

I never Knew I Could Love Anybody Posted by Picasa

Love For Dummies: It was never meant to be together (at least not now!)

Well sometime ago since I left to Monterrey to the Wedding of my cousin I was about to say what it was new on the situation.
I guess I remember telling you guys that she called me to thank me about the flowers I sent to her, well the same Friday that I was traveling to the Wedding She called me to wish me the best on my trip.
When a person does that I have to confess that it really makes me have mixed feelings because You do not do that with a person that wants to be more than a friend.
When I came back on Sunday I was tempted to call her and let her know I was home (thing that I didn`t do because there was not a point to do so).
Monday came and I still do not know why (my heart knew for sure!!) and call her to her cell phone telling her that I wanted to see her on Wednesday.
She agreed.
Wednesday came and I waited for her, She was dressing in a sleeveless black sweater and jeans and her eternal ponytail, as a coincidence I was also dressing in black with Jeans.
We took a bus and went downtown and stopped in one of the benches near a church and We started talking.
This is the overall of the Conversation.
She said that She was missing me lots, that missed my voice and having someone to talk to and In a way I got some extra points and that She in her own way thought of me as a relation but not in the level that I needed or wanted.
She told me that there were days She loved me and days that not and that it was not fair for me, so She was telling me She was thinking of me but not as a relation and more as a friend.
In this point of the Conversation I have to say that I was really happy (not about the words She said) but more about that She finally took a decision sad it took her that long.
I guess that in a way I was more than prepared to listen to those words in fact I was feeling how a big loadof weight was out, I just told her that I was not really happy about the situation but I was happy to know now how to move and what to do.
She says She wants me around that She doesn`t want me to become a stranger or nothing.
I kissed her!! (I have to confess that the first time I kissed her I didn`t feel any fireworks or sparks around, probably because I was so dissapointed at her and it changed my perspective and the expectations, so well I decided to kiss her over and over in fact 4 times, I have to say there were so tender kisses and hugs and I still felt nothing after the kissing well not what I was expecting for.)
I have to say that I am thinking in becoming a friend or not, I just told her that I need time to recycle everything and think over.
I feel fine now having the circle closed I also have to admit that I do not know If I would like to open the circle again some time in the future when things become different, well who knows?...
I am now free and checking my options.
The only sad thing is that I really felt love for her... about now loving her(I do not really want to think about it).The only thing I know is that I closed everything and I am now changing my cassette and try to see her in another way.

Have a great day!!


Say Cheese!!!

I wanna Family like this!? Posted by Picasa

Yesterday I had the chance to watch The Baloonatic of Buster Keaton co-written with Eddie Kline a nice movie, it has some beautiful moments with a Baloon and a cannoe.
Btw Buster is the little fella in the photo.
I am finally on vacation (One week) and I feel so great, I will use this week to prepare the plans and pages of Nik, Pedro and Victor and hopefully one idea I have around gets solid.
About the gig tomorrow when I send the disc I will say what I was doing all this time but without giving specifics.
Expect a Love for Dummies by tomorrow or Today called "It was never meant to be."
After watching Sin City I also dust my notes and found a pulp story I did some time ago, I need to update it and see what I can do with it I even got the name of the story so Stay tune If I decide to do something down the road.


Sunday, July 24, 2005

Vengeance served cold!

V for Vendetta Posted by Picasa

This is the new movie I am expecting to watch!!!

The trailer was showcased today!!


I smell the Stink of Love!

Wow!!! Posted by Picasa

My God!! I am coming from watching the movie and is incredible!!
I still do not understand how in hell Robert Rodriguez can come up with some crap and suddenly having this Masterpiece full of Miller`s design and a beautiful bad mouth script respecting the comic by itself a lot is always thanked!!
When Quentin Tarantino and Rodriguez work aside is so beautiful!!!
hahah I enjoy that many people after some minutes watching the movie left the place to see that was so PRICELESS!!
If you read the comic some years ago You can even recognize every single panel used.
Also I have to say that this is the Best Cast ever done in a Comic Adaptation!!
This movie made my Day!!!!!
Is not for every taste.
I love that every character is playing to be the smart moth*r f*ck*r!!
Damn a beautiful noir pulp story!!!

Have a great time!!! Because I did!!


Saturday, July 23, 2005

Apri gli Occhi. Abre los Ojos.1997

Apri gli Occhi Posted by Picasa

Yesterday I saw this movie!!!!
Do you remember that weird movie that didn`t really work well called Vanilla Sky?, well in fact it was a remake of THE GREAT movie "Abre los ojos" (Open your eyes).
Where the incredible Alejandro Amenabar tells a pulp science fiction movie that is full of incredible spins off in the story.
Guys don`t watch Vanilla Sky come to the real source and enjoy "Abre los Ojos".
There is an incredible acting of Eduardo Noriega , Chete Lera, Fele Martinez, Najwa Nimri and Penelope Cruz.

Nice day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Chaos After The Silence Of My Liberty

Havok Posted by Picasa

Kino here is your Comission!!

Hope you like the concept on it!!
My idea was to set everything in Chaos!!

Great day and see you tomorrow guys!!


With all Due Respect.

Another Review Posted by Picasa

Well this is maybe the main character that Oscar Gonzalez has created.
And I have to say that I was one of the guys buying this comic when I was really young and it really marked some nice moments in my childhood. Over time my taste change dramatically but I have to admit that I can enormously respect the work that Oscar has done with his concept Karmatron (I won`t spoil the concepts He uses in the comic because there is no need ....respect is the word and I am sure Oscar and his work and the years trying to update and update this concept has giving him a place to be remembered).
Btw I have to admit that He has a different style that is not compared to anyone, He developed a simple cartoonish and effective line of work.
I can not really say much Karmatron is a weird mix of Star Wars, Transformers, Robothec, Mazinger Z and Anime and Parchis.
I have to admit that now is not even remotly part of my taste but My heart speaks now He is one of those guys to respect a lot!!.....and to wish him all the best.

Have a great time!!...JESUS ANTONIO