Sunday, August 09, 2009

MUSIK 37!!!!! GLAM!

I hope to load a daily post on Glam music Over this week...Glam that I love specially from the 70s and some new try outs in the present.
This first post is for probably the most difficult of all of them, sad He as a person is something different as his music.
I do not endorse his behavior..what did He do?..just google it!
In my case I will only set some of the best songs from him that I like from GARY GLITTER!
Probably this is maybe the most notorious song from him

Other good stuff.
Funny to see how this Glam period set all or part of the Heavy Metal and rock pop from the 80s, a nice combo from the 70s.

Only two notes, probably the same situation happened to Bowie and Queen they were in the middle of a movement like Glam and they move fast from it, and the last for me KISS is not a glam band.

Glam in the present...(funny but now it is quite difficult to label a band as Glam so I am uploading some bands that recognize they have that kind of background)

Glasgow Glam Bangers..check their music is really awesome


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