Sunday, February 28, 2010


I haven´t had the time to write this long for many reasons, not having time to or something worth to comment on plans and what is has been going on over my career and personal life.
Suffice to say that as I stated somewhere else, I am again starting from scratch in all these deparments of my life.
This week will be interesting because I am finaly taking my time to advance on many projects that have been set away or procrastinated for zillions of reasons, now Blam! is becoming more real than expected and I gotta thank Diser for being part of this project specially for the friendship and also because He is helping me to close circles (He also knows what I am reffering to :) ).
Well as I was saying this week I am starting my part of a short story I wrote and Diser and I will draw and also Diser will be involved in the design and the color of the short story.
My plan is to have this short story and many more to come to work as webcomics, these little stories will be also part of Blam!.
I was thinking that the best way to show the tone of Blam! without spoiling the story will be by using these stories and in the meantime We prepare the big preview of Blam!
There are around 8 or 10 pages already written and partially drawn so this month I will finish the preview of Blam! aside the short stories. We want to call the attention of a nice editor who publishes this.

So guys be prepared in the following months to hear about Blam! and other projects I have my hands on.


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