Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I normally hate to write about this stuff in fact I kind of hesitate about doing this but as knowing that the nice Steven did that on his site I guess I can post it here.

Pat amigo the only thing I know is that I really appreciate your friendship and that you have a true friend here.
I do not normally use this word but I love you brother and you know that!!!

This is the post that was posted in a blog, please guys send him some love and please help him..he is one of the good guys around.

ps:do not comment here, just send him love and lots of love to his place.

One of our favorite artists, Pat Carlucci , is terminally ill with lymphoma. It is deeply sad for us at 5finity and all of Pat's many, many fans. If you would like to donate to help with Pat's care during this difficult time, please send a check to:

White Plains Baptist Church
c/o Bill McDonald
PO Box 156
Pomfret, MD 20675

Please write Pat Carlucci in the Note section.

You can also send donations directly to Pat via his PayPal account at
Thank you


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