Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am a bit busy over these days...
Yesterday I got the script of something really good, as soon as I have the permit to talk I will let you know about this comic. From what I know I have to finish over Mid June.
Plus over this week I still working in the SMASH project from Mike Sarrao, I got a week or two behind schedule because I got the screen of my computer crashed plus over the week I lent the computer to my Dad and one of his friends infected the computer so over Friday or Saturday a friend will check it just in time to start sending work to the project I am.
I am also working in the new Comikaze Cover, this is really really fun in a way this is a kind of obscure cover. As usual I will have the great Renato Guerra in the work.

What else?
I am still going to the dentist the good part is that I already paid all the treatment. 3 or more appointments with the dentist et voila!
I am working a cover for the american market and I hope over the weekend to get done with it and send it to Hurakan.
Federico Blee will be doing some work with me, a cover and something special!!

It seems I will attend one convention over a month I will send more information soon (I got a nice proposal and I am not paying anything there).

Have a great day!!!


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