Friday, September 10, 2010


I have been without reporting lately!

This is more or less what I know...

The cover of Comikaze is done and the incredible friend and artist Renato Guerra will color the piece.

There is a Lucha Book soon on sale on my country and We are preparing a special design for it, part a illustration to be a Second Cover of the Book (The pieces done by Elizabeth Gil and I will be numbered and really scarce.)

I am working on a short horror story I wanted to write since long time and well you have seen some advances here (GOTHIKKA). Still pending some news regarding this.That is linked to Blam! my other project.Hurakan will be coloring the covers..Thanks carnalito

I finished the proposal of SMASH, only pending a Cover that will be done the second or third week of the month.Hurakan is doing an amazing job, in some weeks when Mike and I have everything done We will figure out the way to show this to people.

Right now taking 7 days or 10 to finish a surprise 4 page story that will be printed in Mexico.

The classes of Ilustration 2010-2011 starting in October.

A killing project with a very good friend of mine but I will not talk till We have the right things to say concrete stuff, We already have the formal display of the work just waiting to connect the dots properly.

There are some exclusive prints that Hurakan and I will have over next month.

In talks for the logo and possibly something else for a Heavy Metal group.

In talks with a friend of mine to work on a book.

I am again kind of free so if there is Cover Artwork of Illustration Work you want to comission me...thanks in advance.


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