Monday, December 27, 2010


Year is coming to the end and I will keep this brief as possible.

Thank you to all the guys who come here and see what I do with my teams of work and my friends.

This year was half good and the last part really shitty but as knowing I do not get anything by complaining, I got to say that I hope new people get into the comic medium soon, sadly the medium is almost zero, at least in my country, only full of great individual efforts or group efforts but not an industry per se,so I really hope more people wanting to create comics and investing their own money come.

If you have the talent but you lack of discipline, you will get nowhere.
If you like drama or like complaining about why is difficult for you to break, more people are in the same line trying to work it out or to change that, which one do you want to be?, OPEN YOUR OWN DOORS (That is I guess the best advice I can give, do not expect someone else to solve what you do not want to solve, just do it! :))
And back to the first part, If you work in your talent and skills and practice everyday that will take you somewhere. No work and no practice equal to No career.
Comic work is not divided into indy or mainstream, the only logic in comics is art well done or not.

About me and plans, well I have 2 plans there, so I hope over mid Jan to talk about them, working on that as We speak.:)

I wish you a good New Year!


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