Sunday, June 12, 2011


While waiting really late at night for the time to take my bus, I decided to browse some tv channels and I bumped into one of the most beautiful pieces of work I have seen, it was broadcasted by Channel 22 a semi-cultural channel controlled in part by the goverment.

This movie in spanish is called "El más alla" and I have to agree that probably the best way to translate would be "Ghost Story", the movie done in 1964 and directed by Masaki Kobayashi, the four stories are strong and beautiful. Probably I will say something really bad, some weeks ago I started to watch Dreams (1990) from Akira Kurosawa and I have to say from the story "Crows" the movie falls, We can see that the movie is not round at all, the first part of Dreams is sublime, there is a scene of Kabuki theatre that is simply beautiful,but it is not round as a whole, on the contrary Kwaidan is a really full and round movie, some people might say that is not of horror... horror or suspense the movie is really well written and amazingly directed.

Four amazing strong tales in all the ways, probably my favorite is Hoichi.
The black hair
The woman of the Snow
Hoichi: The Earless
A cup of Tea

This is a must to see if you like suspense.