Friday, August 22, 2008


Work I am doing over today and tomorrow!!
For an Architecture Company!

It took me about more than 26 hours to get done with it what it means I used part of Friday, part of Saturday and part of Sunday.
I am not really satisfied with the final result, to be my first architectonical perspective and I glad in some aspect and I hope to get better in timing and also in the technique.
I hope my friend gets the approval and I will charge him a decent rate for every work done.
I a not still sure about charging my whole fee for watercolor work, I need to consult that with my pillow, He was a bit concerned that it took me a lot of time to do it (in his own eyes and even for me I was expecting to get done topping at least 16 hours but not it took me a lot).
I am giving him the piece at 7 pm and I need to be wise not to waste time and get rewarded properly!
Have a good start of the week!