Friday, October 16, 2009

Bad News in a way.

Some years ago, I bumped into one of the best writers and friend and boss I have ever had.
Nik Havert is one of a kind, a true friend and a person who made me co-create Rocket Girl.
He has been over the years so understading to what it was on that time over my life and We were trying to start issue number 3 as it was our idea, We decided that instead of procrastinating any longer the next issues of Rocket Girl it was better for me and for him to take myself from the interior penciled art, so from now on I will become only the Cover Artist of Rocket Girl.
Really hard for me to take myself away from designing the interiors but I guess it is the best movement for now, My agenda is a bit busy and hard to follow, I mean I want to see more issues of Rocket Girl done and keep with Nik the dream to keep the stories of Polly Harris aka Rocket Girl on track.
So this is more or less my intention, from what He told me He is planning to reprint issue number 1 and issue number two again with TWO NEW COVERS done by truly yours.
I will also work in the pinup work and the COVER OF ISSUE THREE and the upcoming issues from RG.
So I guess over the following weeks and months before ending the year to give you some good surprises in Cover Art terms with Rocket.
We still have some projects hopefully We will find a way to make them real over the years.
I hope not to be over with the interior work of Rocket Girl I will force my amigo Nik to write me down some short stories so I can keep drawing her.
About the color work I will keep my word on something I promise and in case that person can not continue I have already the solution.

Be good and well long life to Rocket Girl!!
As soon as He tells me again the name of the new penciler I will let you guys know.


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