Thursday, October 01, 2009


Please guys read and help!!!
Thank you so much in advance!!

Hello Guys!
I'm sure some of you may have heard of the devastating floods that happened here in the Philippines, specially Manila and surrounding areas. A lot of comics guys, old guys and younger guys, lost their homes/properties or at least had them really badly damaged.
Colorist Jay David Ramos and veteran Rico Rival got their homes completely submerged in the flood waters and lost everything. Other guys affected include Steve Gan, Noly Zamora, Jun Lofamia, Danny Acuña (some of whom may be familiar to you guys as artists who worked on DC's war and horror stuff in the 70's.).
Other artists of the younger generation affected include Gilbert Monsanto, Carlo Vergara, Joanah and Melvin Calingo, and these are the people we've heard of. Many people are still incommunicado due to downed phone and power lines.
With another typhoon coming in shortly, things are not looking promising as many places are still flooded.
Anyway, we're holding an auction to benefit these guys, to help them get back on their feet. As of now, two items are up, with more items to be added soon. Some of you guys might be interested in the original art here, or you might know someone who might be interested.
It would be much appreciated!

Gerry Alanguilan.


Forever said...

There are spaces in the link that need to be removed for it to work.

antonio said...


thank you for reporting this and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ON THE AUCTION!