Monday, December 07, 2009


I guess after the Convention in Guadalajara: COMIC GARAGE that I am attending this weekend, I will be away for a while, I gotta a lot of things to do and to give myself some time alone that I am in need to pull myself together again and keep in track. I just need some space to think.
I will keep checking my mailbox, probably I will not answer the messages over the BLOG for the week, as soon as I return from Guadalajara I will catch up with things, so just bare with me.I will be updating the gallery and blog but without writting that much, so see ya later with all the scope of the Convention that I will attend, I am so eager to see my fellows and buddies.

A Hug and just keep me on your prayers!

Por lo menos hasta que regrese de Guadalajara en la Comic Garage pues voy a perderme un rato, para acabar cosas y darme un tiempo para mi que necesito a solas.Si voy a seguir checando mi correo, tal vez no voy a contestar mensajes por esta semana ya cubriendo lo de Guadalajara lo hare asi que pues tenganme paciencia.
Estare actualizando pero casi sin comentar asi que pos ahi nos vidrios ya les contare como me fue en Guanatos con mis compis!
Un saludo y pos de nuevo pido ahi sus oraciones jovenes!!


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