Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays to all of you!!

I am working and really busy but I wanted to say Thank you at the end of this year, it has been so great and so bad in many ways but I can not complain.
I am working in the pages I owe to Sean, Nik, Dan , Victor and David.
This time I didn´t want to write down what has been going on over the days because I normally sound like I am just being lazy and giving excuses in terms of not showing any work lately to my writers,(in fact this is the first day over the last fifteen days I had had time to start checking my mail) but I got My GrandMother´s death (yeaph another member of my Family, weird year in fact My father´s Mom) over my travel to the convention and as you can see I have been and I am still busy with family stuff...
So this distracted me a bit on the work but now I am working on the delayed work.

Be good!!!


ps:I am loading some inking pieces I did for practice.
Be good and enjoy!!


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