Monday, February 18, 2008

Luchas Night!!!! Different place..A great place!!

Last Saturday was my Luchas night!.
It was in a different place this time instead of being in the Arena it was in La Plaza de Toros Santa Maria.
And I have to say that the show was incredible at least 3 of the 5 matches being the two last ones the best of the night.
I do not normally do this but I guess it is the proper thing to do I have many people to thank to Sr. Carlos Maynes and Don Javier Montes for being so nice with me this all the times I go to Las Luchas and also for this good Saturday I had over there.
Los Villanos and Magadan as usual behaved so nice with me, my brother and his wife and as I have to thank Dr. Wagner that had the incredible detail to sign the Mask of my little nephew.
My nephew did not go this time because He was again sick of temperature and flu same as my other nephew!

Have a great time!

I am busy so sorry if I am again absent for some time!!


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