Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cover Work

Today was bizarre I wanted to buy some material to start cutting some paper and start Rocket Girl 3 (I have advanced some pages and I am almost done with inking add)and the guy who owes me some money never arrived).
So it seems I ran out of money and I need to wait till next week to have money to buy the material specially rapidographs.
I am showing you guys a piece that will be the Cover of a Magazine in my country over April.BTW The amazing Renato Guerra from Openhaus Studio colored the piece but I will loaded here till it is published. :)
As soon as my editors tell me more I will spread the word!

Be good!!


PS:If I can in a couple of days to load the process of work...
I am also working in a short horror story to be printed over a month...
Tomorrow if possible I will work of the new printed work of many friends stay tuned!!

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