Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Saturday with Clotario Demoniax

I am coming back from the theater and I watched a delightful dark comedy called The Repugnant Story of Clotario Demoniax based on the book of the same name written by Hugo Hiriart, I have to say that it was amazing the way that the actors perfomed with the puppets.
Sadly that from the 3 presentations they had to cancel one because there were not enough people so They had to wait for more people to fill the theater (only 30 people or less went to the show I attended), so sad how people in my town do not acknowledge good perfomances.
The Sceneray was so smart and I was so impressed with the actors, I am still in doubt if they were from Tijuana or Mexico city because my girl and I heard the two versions. Despite the electricity shutdown and no good audio the presentation ran out so fast and I can really reccomend the Play so If the Play and company are near your area go and attend it!!

I will also try to learn more from Hugo Hiriart and try to read the book!!

Have a great time!!


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