Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Little Conspiracy!

I haven´t had the time to post any more news about comic artwork recently so I hope to get back to giving some news on work from friends.

Mario Guevara is penciling THE LONE RANGER AND TONTO and I have to say that it is a must to have...his angles of camera are amazing and delightful!!!

Rulo aka Raul Treviño has printed the second album of "La Danza de la Conquista" edited by Norma Editorial and from what I know He is working on the third album already!!! Go and get your copy!!!!

The Compa Rene Cordova is as usual working for Knickelodeon Mexico and starting to work in the third issue of Republika Lucha...and You will hear some incredible and amazing news about Republika Lucha soon!!!

Sergio Bleda will be in The Expo comics in Barcelona and promoting his compendium for the 10th Anniversary of "El Baile del Vampiro".
Go and find him, He has some especific timings for signings!!!

Have a great day!!


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